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  1. Natural immunity is better. No need to get the vax if you've actually had covid. PCR tests don't count, necessarily (they are dog shit and give false positives like The San Diegan's mom gives STDs). Need to have had an actual case. "our data indicates that—compared with mRNA vaccination—natural infection induces a more robust humoral immune response in unexposed subjects." https://www.mdpi.com/1999-4915/13/10/1972 “While vaccinations are highly effective at protecting against infection and severe COVID-19 disease, our review demonstrates that natural immunity in COVID-recovered
  2. Eh, whatever. It's one of the nicer venues in the conference.
  3. looks like an office building for a company like Vox or HuffPost
  4. Is this the one where the people put a dead bloody pig in the guy's car are set up signs around town saying "x miles to the murder's house", etc.. Never mind. I was thinking of this one https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/31844847/the-disappearance-dolores-wulff-family-suspicions-41-year-search
  5. So it’s not 37x higher like you said? Lol
  6. You got me. For young males covid causes myocarditis at only about twice the rate of the vaccine. 450 per million vs 215.5 per million vs the vaccine. Excuse me. The covid vaccine is an incredibly unsafe vaccine in terms of vaccines, btw. https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/how-to-lie-using-statistics-ontario
  7. Crazy. I was beginning to feel bad for the new crop of pharmacists. Was wondering what they would do for a job. The market seemed very saturated
  8. Assuming your 5 year old is healthy, they probably have about the same chance of developing myocarditis or pericarditis from the vaccine as getting hospitalized from the virus. There’s really no benefit to the vax for a child. So therefore the dems will totally go ape shit and mandate them for kids everywhere to go to school
  9. What is the source for this? It doesn't agree with one of the people I follow. He claims there are slightly more "breakthrough" cases in San Diego than unvaxxed. I know there are more vaxxed, so in San Diego, at least, the unvaxxed are getting covid at a higher %, but still. It's far from the BS that was fed about 100% efficacy, and still means that if you are vaxxed you are absolutely a vector for covid. Plus I've read stories that if you are in the hospital for anything but covid and you are vaxxed they do not test you, but if you are unvaxxed and are being treated for anything you are auto
  10. So most everyone on MWCBoard is on the side of In-N-Out in this case, but is OK with people losing their job if they won't get the jab. lmfao
  11. like the new jersey governor who said "+++++ the Bill of Rights" when drafting his lockdown rules, then said it was above his pay grade to know about things like that. . N.J. Gov. Says He ‘Wasn’t Thinking of the Bill of Rights’ When He Imposed Strict Social Distancing Guidelines https://www.yahoo.com/now/n-j-gov-says-wasn-142939828.html
  12. What do you not understand about vaccinated people being vectors for the disease and unknowingly infecting others just the same as unvaxxed? Smdh. You in favor of putting people out of jobs and livelihoods because they will not take a vaccine does not make you correct, moral, righteous or virtuous. Spare me the good person malarkey. I guarantee I’ve given orders of magnitude more real actual money to real actual people as an act of charity at this point in my life than you will in all of yours
  13. Vaccinated are getting and passing covid basically just as much as unvaxxed right now. Happening in Israel, Vermont, the UK, Denmark etc… anecdotal: every person in my wife’s place of work and every spouse but me got vaxxed. So like 16-20 people in all. 13 have come down with covid in the past two weeks including my wife. Some pretty sick. The vaccine doesn’t do shit at stopping transmission after a certain amount of months. Just doesn’t. There is good protection for about two months. But after that lololol. the mandates are evil. It is a personal choice. Period. It doesn’t k
  14. Sorry about your dog. I'd be sad if mine died.
  15. LMAO. All you assholes grave dance on every unvaccinated person that dies. That is in poor taste. I say that it's not a tragedy that a chronically ill 84 year old dies, while pointing out that the vaccine he took to keep from dying from a specific virus didn't really help and this makes me a crazy uncle. lmao. You guys on this forum are as fascist as you say Bronco country is.
  16. It was a boy who thinks he's a girl raping an actual girl. I guess, ultimately, if this boy-girl thing that did the raping really wanted to rape this girl it would have found a place to do it, but the policy sure made it easier for it to find a time and place to commit the crime. Certainly the boy-girl person didn't have to think twice about entering a restroom he wasn't supposed to. Not being allowed into the girl's room was a barrier that didn't have to be broken, but should have been, in the rape process.
  17. why? Pertaining to Powell or the fact that his covid vaccine didn't really protect him? It's not a great tragedy that an 84 year old died. rip Mr. Powell
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