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  1. sounds like this delicious in Idaho
  2. Just don't eat the fake meat stuff. You'll start growing boobs
  3. It's time for Craig to ride off into the sunset. He's washed up
  4. I asked my daughter to add two three digit numbers and she did it some crazy ass way, probably what was shown above. I don't know. Seemed stupid. She had no idea how to "stack" the numbers and add the columns. So I showed her, and she thought that was way easier.
  5. If I were as fat as him I would have gotten the jab
  6. Um, we have Fauci to blame for the whole pandemic. Gain of function... funding... lying... perjury. Dude belongs in prision. Plus the AIDS fiasco. The man is a brutal murderer and psychopath.
  7. It's just because it's Fauci. It does show a lack of compassion and understanding.
  8. Fans want him gone, but his contract is massive and still has too many years. So not that hot. ugh
  9. Apparently he let flies eat the faces off of live beagles. What a +++++ing asshole. Belongs in prison for life. This is your lord and savior that you've been taking orders from https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/medical-advances/578086-bipartisan-legislators-demand-answers-from-fauci
  10. or because that guy brutally mocked his father for four years on the one of the most popular TV programs in America.
  11. Not the point. The point is the virus can't be stopped, curbed or controlled. Everyone will get infected one way or the other. There is nothing man can do to control it and still have a functioning society. Protect yourself with the mRNA therapeutics if you wish, but let people make their own choice and get on with life. So what is the point of lockdowns, masks, mandates, vax passports, etc.??? To be fascist and exert control over people and to have a false sense of moral superiority? yup, that's what it boils down to
  12. I like trout filleted, breaded (crushed town house cracker, garlic salt and pepper, paprika, a little bit of green herbs), egg wash of course, and sauteed. Those are big 'bows. well done!
  13. Another wave is coming to the USA. Much of Europe is experiencing, or beginning to experience another wave right now despite being highly vaccinated, for the most part. Europe has portended what will happen in the USA. Get ready for more people to lose their +++++ing shit and possibly lockdowns for the more libtarded parts of America. It's coming
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