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  1. 18 hours ago, retrofade said:

    Please tell us more about the rampant torture of children.

    No one in the whole +++++ing world thinks masking kids is a good idea except for white American liberals stupid pricks like you. Drug overdoses up, suicides up, suicide attempts up. Assholes like you have ruined some children’s lives through lockdowns and social disruptions. Pluck you

  2. On 6/20/2021 at 10:31 PM, Stealthlobo said:

    Right. And it also depends on the definition of millionaire. 1 million in a 401k vs 1 million in a Roth IRA. Liquid vs potential. Etc.

    Yup. Lotta millionaires with not that much in the bank out there

  3. 1 hour ago, bornontheblue said:

    There is a huge difference between aerosol particles and snot and  spit droplets that come out of your face when you breathe. Humans do not breathe out aerosol particles which are very tiny and can be suspended in air, but rather tiny droplets. There  is a huge difference. Without a mask they get projected out from you and can be breathed on by others before they fall to the ground. When  You put a mask on the radius at which you project out these droplets ( not aersol particles) is contained to you. It works for the same reason your mother told you to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. We all debated this a year ago , you fool!  why haven’t you learned this by now 

    Dude. This isn't going to work for you (because you are part of a cult, Cult of the Masks), but let's try to think this out logically.

    Two identical populations. One wears masks at a much higher rate than the other. They perform the same. Masks really do catch the spit and droplets like you say, yes. The one population whose spit droplets are caught by masks performed no better than the other population's spit droplets that were not caught. What is the only logical conclusion?? Spit droplets ARE NOT the main mode of transmission. 

  4. 2 hours ago, sactowndog said:

    Sitting in the airport struggling to read my phone as my glasses fog up and I can’t help but think what idiots some Republicans are.  

    lol. All the stuff that is fogging your glasses is called water vapor, and if you had an active case of covid the virus would 'ride' on it. You can literally see and feel how it's escaping your mask into the air.

  5. 5 hours ago, HR_Poke said:

    I just wish people wouldn't be such assholes to each other, and it would make this whole thing a million times easier for everyone...

    You just wish that the people that are being told to lockdown against their will, close their business against their will, miss once in a lifetime events against their will, wear masks against their will, be vaccinated against their will, have their children wear masks against their will would just quietly and politely take it. OK.

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  6. On 9/16/2021 at 9:18 AM, bornontheblue said:

    You are an ignorant fool. The virus is not spread by aerosols. Humans do not breathe out aerosols dummy!

    You expel snot and spit droplets out of your nasty unmasked mug which is the primary means of spreading the virus. Masks are not and have never been touted as 100% effective , but they keep your nasty disease ridden filth contained to your own nasty face. 



     What do you think aerosolized means? Hanging in the air for extended periods of time on WATER VAPOR which you breathe out. +++++ you're stupid. And masks do not contain even close to all the water vapor you breath out. Where do you think all the air goes that you breathe out when you wear a mask?

    You basically can't get the virus outdoors. Hmmmm wonder why? Maybe because the sun kills all the aerosolized virus and the wind carries it away?

    Wonder why the CDC recommends opening a window in a room. To circulate air that has aerosolized virus.

    It's weird that people don't get the virus at football games where everyone is screaming and spitting and shouting without masks, but do while sitting at home reading a newspaper while their spouse watches TV. It's not the droplets that quickly fall to the floor, dummy.

    weird that similar populations where one has a mask mandate and on that doesn't perform identically, see LA County and Orange County, CA. The only logical, scientific conclusion is that covid is spread by aerosols and that masks do jack didly shit in containing aerosolized virus. 

  7. 23 hours ago, AndroidAggie said:

    sure they do, my boy!  of course they work to slow the spread.  they do indeed stop aerosols. not all aerosols are the same size, and even a t-shirt can block aerosols up to 2um in size.  the coronavirus is .1um in size, but it doesn't just exist alone as a point in space.  n95 masks protect up to about 90% of aerosols down to .3um. and even homemade cloth masks do a great job stopping droplets.  all these things help.  nothing is 100%, and i'd be foolish to ever argue otherwise.

    lol at your outdated article that mentions Mongolia as a success story, which had the highest case rate in the world a couple weeks ago despite 98% mask usage. Nice one! fail. covid virus size is .06 -.125 mcrons. N-95 mask holes are .3 microns. water vapor molecules are as small as .1 microns. The margins of a mask along your face are ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE larger and freely let water vapor molecules in and out. It's not rocket science. Where the  hell do you think all the air goes after you exhale and where do you think all the air comes from that you breathe?


    Why don't people get covid outside? Because the aerosolized particles are wisked away and diluted and killed by uv light. Meaning aerosolized particles are how it's transmitted. Why do they tell you to open a window in an enclosed space (all CDC stuff)? Because they are saying that aerosolized particles fill a room and you suck them in and get covid because your worthless mask is worthless at preventing that. This is why people don't get covid from going to a football game, but you do at home. 

    We all wore masks everywhere and still got sick? Hmm wonder why?

    How many do you know that dutifully wore their masks, but got sick anyway? and were FLABBERGASTED

    Use your brain. You're smarter than this.

    23 hours ago, AndroidAggie said:

    well, not to be a dick, but your original point was a facetious facebook meme trying to paint points like mine as circular and foolish.  by laying out my points straightforwardly and from start to finish, i demonstrated it's NOT circular.  so -- no.  no dancing on my part.

    You had some mindless post where













    stating that the the vaccinated needed to be protected form the unvaccinated. Therefore I posted a meme with sound logic that you still can't even begin to refute.

    23 hours ago, AndroidAggie said:

    ok, sounds great, man.  the vaccine was never intended to stop you from spreading the virus, it was to help keep you from contracting the virus.  or, if you DO contract it, provide your white blood cells with the instructions necessary to do a better job fighting it.  you're arguing a point i didn't make.

    OK. You've been gaslighted. You and you tribe buy everything they feed you. The vaccines really shouldn't be called a vaccine. More like a therapeutic at this point. They don't stop the spread of the virus very well after a period of only months




    23 hours ago, AndroidAggie said:

    wrong.  you are a vector only if you contract the virus; which you have a good chance of avoiding if you take the vaccine!  get vaccinated, my dude!  you can't spread what you don't have!

    You are really going to sit here and tell me vaccinated people don't contract and pass the virus???? Do you live in a hole in the ground? Why did the CDC say everyone needs to wear masks again regardless of vax status (retarded, but that's what they said)? This is an admission that the vaxxed are vectors of the virus.



    Breakthrough COVID Cases in Mass. Now Approaching 30,000


    Do you know what a breakthrough case is?

    Vaccinated people don't get or pass covid must be why half the people in FL that are getting mCAB. dude. everything you say is wrong.

    And nothing says you aren't a vector for covid if you are vaxxed like Thailand, Iceland, Mongolia, Israel, Gibralter, and other highly vaxxed countries that are setting record breaking cases rate in recent weeks. Again. Try using your brain.




  8. 8 hours ago, bornontheblue said:

    You are an ignorant fool. The virus is not spread by aerosols. Humans do not breathe out aerosols dummy!

    You expel snot and spit droplets out of your nasty unmasked mug which is the primary means of spreading the virus. Masks are not and have never been touted as 100% effective , but they keep your nasty disease ridden filth contained to your own nasty face. 



    Retard alert

  9. 14 hours ago, AndroidAggie said:

    It is not that hard. 

    It goes like this:

    Nothing is 100% effective and the virus is more deadly than the common flu. It also has the wrinkle of being transmissible before being symptomatic. So that makes it a public problem. 

    So we do what we can. Together. 

    Masks slow the spread of moisture droplets 

    Physical distance makes those droplets harder to reach other people 

    The vaccine, those who can take it, have antibodies that don't guarantee imperviousness but give a great fighting chance if you get it after all

    The more everyone does those things the less risk there is the virus mutates and overcomes the droplet thing, the distance thing, and the deadliness thing. The less people buy in to the public health angle the more likely it is my personal choice to vaccine will be rendered ineffective thanks to variants. 

    I sympathize with people who are resistant to government mandates for vaccination. However, i'm pissed that we got to this point. Very. 

    Quibbling over CDC messaging and pointing out Fauci inconsistencies like some sort of Big Government conspiracy is juvenile to me. 

    So don't try to rearrange my position to look stupid to you in order to feel justified in your position, Bob. Just set aside your "can't order ME around!!" petulance and realize that we are all in this together. 

    Get with it, Bob. We need you. 

    masks do not work to slow the spread, but whatever. Spread by aerosols mainly, as is painfully obvious, which masks are not capable of stopping, whatever, ugh. It's not about that.

     You danced around the original point. The vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus very well after just a few months. If you are vaccinated you are a vector for the virus. The only reason one would take the vaccine is to protect oneself from hospitalization and death (great do it if you think you need it and are comfortable with it), which protection also wanes with time. The virus will run unimpeded over all of humanity regardless if you or I get a vaccine. You taking a vaccine basically has no bearing on weather anyone else will get the virus. There. Stop. Whatever else you wrote is pointless. You still really think this thing can be "controlled". lololololololol

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  10. Just now, TheSanDiegan said:

    I think it's sweet that @Bob is defending the Clintons... I bet if she was here Hillary would want to give you a big, wet kiss,  Bob. Maybe even slip you a little tongue and whisper sweet nothings in your ear about having a three-way with her and Pelosi.

    Enjoy your net meal! :D

     I see it's tin foil hat time ! !! @retrofade

    5 minutes ago, TheSanDiegan said:

    Trump tried to elicit foreign help in winning an election


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