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  1. hmm wonder why all these people are wearing masks? hmmm. Could have something to do with bacteria, which covid isn't
  2. It isn't and that wasn't my point, even though the principles of capitalism are throughout the Constitution. My point is that liberal justices seem to be motivated by causes other than interpreting the Constitution.
  3. This is one of the greatest displays of trolling I’ve ever seen
  4. The Left treats the SCOTUS as a legislative branch anymore. Maybe conservatives should too
  5. Or Oprah. I'd take Oprah over the typical leftist who typically has a healthy contempt for the Constitution. There is a slim chance Oprah would be pro capitalism.
  6. Since Biden promised a black woman, maybe he'll choose Conddleezza Rice.
  7. Aggies kill the monkey, finally. Never thought I'd see the Aztecs rebound so poorly.
  8. lol. You totally have one of those signs don't you
  9. lol. Libtards are the most intolerant hypocrites I know. You know you are a raging racist and a bigot if you have one of those "In This House We Believe..." signs.
  10. A couple thoughts here. Timing - this is as big of an admission of defeat as anything I've seen from the democrat party. They know it will not be pretty in the midterms so they have to get this done asap and secure a liberal judge. They know a red slaughter is coming. The timing of the retirement is not an accident. Secondly, it's probably going to be either Harris or Michelle obama. ewwwwww. Harris makes the most sense because they need somewhere to hide here to save the party the embarrassment of her getting +++++ing wasted in a presidential election.
  11. ha ha. I played. If you don't think being stronger, faster, having more strength in your hands and grip and being able to swing the bat faster doesn't help immensely, I don't know what to tell you.
  12. The people that took the steroids and those that allowed it are morally bankrupt and should not be in the HOF
  13. More strength equals better bat speed, more bat speed equals the ability to wait longer to swing, which equals better contact and more hits, especially more extra base hits. I'm not buying steroids wouldn't help immensely in baseball.
  14. It's crazy how much steroids help performance. I knew a kid who I used to go to the gym with in college from South Dakota and he did steroids in HS after his junior year football season. He went from being a run of the mill varsity player (honestly a very very average natural athlete) to all state and played at Black Hills until he quit presumably because he could not continue to take roids in college. I have wrestled kids on roids. The gains in strength and speed is unreal. I also know a kid from Cheyenne that was lineman of the year in WY that did roids. He went from being a good player to a
  15. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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