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  1. Because politicians, bureaucrats, school boards and county health Nazis are like lemmings. Follow each other right off the cliff.
  2. The preponderance of evidence that is coming out. Read tyhrough everything I've posted in this thread.
  3. Dude, his arguments come from data that is straight from the horse's mouth (government agencies). The data is what it is. And the only reason I care is because it's a slippery slope everyone is sliding down. What else can they make you do in the name of "safety". All I want is for no one to infringe upon me or my family. Especially now there's a vaccine for those who want it. You know, freedom. The vaccine mandate shit is ridiculous.
  4. The King also lets people make decisions for themselves, first and foremost.
  5. Yeah, had it in March. It was a cold for me. Whole fam got it, mom, dad, siblings, my kids, except for my wife who got vaxxed. Too bad she was coerced to get vaxxed and was robbed of getting superior natural immunity.
  6. But you won't get sick since you are vaccinated. Why do you give a shit? Oh, and btw, you are a vector, too. Vaccinated people are passing the virus in droves. I am not, however, since I have natural immunity.
  7. Larry Elder for governor!!!!!!!! Hell yes
  8. The vaccines prevent death (for now, maybe indefinitely with indefinite boosters), but they really suck at preventing the spread of the virus. As long as there is the virus out there Democrats will try to seize your freedom. And we were promised by the CDC Nazi, Wallensky that you would not get covid if you were vaccinated. Any talk of "well, it wasn't meant to do that, it was only meant to prevent death" is moving the goalposts big time.
  9. sure. I don't give a shit about any of these people. There are 330 million people in this country. Still doesn't change the fact that you have a 99.999% chance of surviving covid if you are a 30 year old. You can find whatever you're looking for and put it in the spin cycle. SPIN SPIN SPIN.
  10. Love all the anecdotes of Republican hillbillies dying of covid after bashing the vaccine. Priceless. Unmitigated fear porn.
  11. LMAO here it goes again. People are losing their shit. This is the first step and lockdowns will be here by the fall. This is what you get with democrats. Assholes wish for you to be in bondage. https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1420103951890980874?s=20
  12. You should ahve put the school name by the QBs.
  13. as you said she is the best ever. the GOAT! She thought that someone else in there would have given her teammates a better chance to win. lol. Mental issues. lmfao. She should have declined the trip to Tokyo if she was not in a suitable mental state to compete. The situation is ridiculous.
  14. Mental. Issues. Has to be the most Millenial/Gen Z thing ever. Cost her teammates gold medals. Whatever. I'm sure she'll be able to pick herself up somehow to win the individual all around and make sure she keeps the glory on herself.
  15. Mental issues. lmfao. She just tarnished her legacy big time. screwed over her teammates more than anything
  16. about that 17 year old breast stroker winning gold?? Remarkable
  17. The libero is fine, but what do you expect from a bunch of 6'3'' women?
  18. Rugy 7s last olympics was my favorite. The Fijians are so much better than everyone else.
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