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  1. Fuuuccccckkk! So close. Aztecs got out played. Lucky bastards
  2. No. Moore still would have had the DOG SHIT offensive coaching staff that UW had (and still has)
  3. Uh. no. JA was amazing . Go drown yourself.
  4. I haven't watched it, but this indicates that the critics have to be PC while real people think it's funny as shit.
  5. Spartans are going to shock the world!
  6. The montana schools would have to grow their revenue by a lot to be MWC worthy.
  7. I listened to the whole thing. Rogan beat Sanjay like a rented mule.
  8. OK. I guess everyone that doesn't agree with your opinion should lose their job. cool. Even those with natural immunity, which is better than the vax. OK
  9. k Increases in COVID‑19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s10654-021-00808-7.pdf So why the mandates? Unless you think like @SharkTanked, to preserve the medical capactity, then if that's the case we also need to make illegal anything else that one voluntarity does to put the capacity of our hospitals at risk, like drinking, smoking, riding motorcycles, swimming, lifting weights, going up and down stairs.
  10. weird. I would have thought you would have a job writing propaganda like this:
  11. What don't you understand? I can get you up to speed.. maybe .
  12. Not most of the people on this board. If this board is an analog for anything we're +++++ed@! Not sure why you are talking about anything, but cases, but OK, tard. Because I wasn't. Why is Vermont experiencing a surge in cases they are the most vaccinated state in the USA? Why did Maine experience a huge spike a couple weeks ago? I've been told a million times vaccines stop the transmission of the virus?? Do a high vax place like New Mexcio, Rhode Island, Oregon.
  13. That's a nice area. The family cabin is in area 11
  14. Agree. I would go on a murderous rampage if this happened to my daughter. Edit: I've been thinking about this. What motivation other than political would these people have for covering this up?? Did they fear what this would do to the "transgender movement" in this country?
  15. This Loudon County school district has been in the news CONSTANTLY. Sounds like a bunch of bleeding heart liberals got elected to the school board in a red county and it's like oil and water.
  16. Wow https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/loudoun-county-schools-covered-up-rape-prosecuted-a-concerned-father-to-protect-its-transgender-agenda
  17. Are you attributing this to CA's vax rate? Because Vermont has the highest vax rate and their case rate is through the roof. Maine, too. What's your point? Not much of a correlation, is there?
  18. lol. What you cited is from a study in April and May of this year, moron. VE wanes SIGNIFICANTLY with time. But you are in a cult and have your fingers in your ears going LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! Does this chart mean nothing to you? Do you even understand what it is saying? Can you read English? Furthermore there are major shenanigans with "breakthrough" case reporting. CDC cult dipshits covering their asses. Sure vaccines are effective against hospitalization, somewhat, but not very effective at stopping the transmission. Vaccines don't contribute to herd immunity, basic
  19. Which is even worse! Water vapor is a way more powerful GHG than cO2. Why do these rich assholes hate the earth!
  20. How much carbon did those assholes burn for their vain pleasure ride ????!!! Why do they hate the earth so much
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