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  1. this type of thing is going on everywhere, but pandemic if the unvaxxed, indeed
  2. Isn’t it time for you to hide under your bed til they tell you it’s safe to come out?
  3. omicron is just a test to see how much control they have over you. Probably total control over most of you lmao
  4. A great article by the incomparable el gato malo: https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/a-pandemic-so-bad-that-if-we-stop Pandemic of the century of the millennium in Sweden Was pretty much a nothing burger there
  5. hmmm. So because he didn't try to stop the murder he goes to jail for a long long time. Even though he had no idea wtf was going on. harsh
  6. How did they get the video off of Bryan? Why would he save such a video. Sorry not familiar with this case.
  7. I only watch MWC football. I have too much other shit to do on the weekends than to camp out in front of the TV and watch college teams that have zero connection to me and my school.
  8. It would be nice is the Dawgs could get a win over Santa Clara. That would be a really good win. We shall see. Some interesting games tonight
  9. There we go, Pack! Way to right the ship
  10. You think it’s good for BLM protesters to burn cities and loot? You think it’s unreasonable for people to be upset by that? You think it was “white supremacy “ for a kid to want to protect his, and it is his in fact, community when everyone that should be protecting it failed? Lmao. If that’s white supremacy then literally everything is
  11. You seem too smart to subscribe to crap like this. This author really wants us to believe that a non white person would not have been "granted the privilege of self defense". @mugtang posted an article in this thread where a black man was also acquitted of charges in a very similar case - just like Rittenhouse. Self defense is now white supremacy. lmao. +++++ing trash article.
  12. post what browser you use or your desktop? Not going to post my desktop
  13. Maybe if the dumbphuck didn't do all in his power to shut down the fossil fuel industry we wouldn't have to do this. Let's go Brandon
  14. CSU truly has the worst fanbase in America.
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