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  1. I know the whitehouse saying covid is over is going to be hard for you. lmfao
  2. The CDC as of a few hours ago said vaccinated people still needed to wear masks. WTF changed all the sudden?
  3. The Dear Leader attempts to speak English. Anyway, we all know the SCIENCE changed because the White House thought this would be good PR for them, or something. Probably to distract from the dumpsterfire that is America right now. It helps to have the existing bureaucracy work for you and not against you 24/7
  4. We need a poll. What MWCBoard member is most likely to wear their mask, alone, outside while fully vaccinated. My choice is a tie between @Del Scorchoand @TheSanDiegan
  5. LMFAO at the CDC. It's almost like they have no +++++ing clue and have been making shit up from the start Go SCIENCE! We love you!
  6. Gas crisis, border crisis, inflation crisis, unemployment crisis, housing crisis, crisis with our closest Middle Eastern ally. Wow! The Biden presidency has been an abject disaster. I'd say he's shitty like Jimmy Carter, but that would be an insult to Carter
  7. Being a landlord is not rent seeking. I think you are confused
  8. I own quite a bit of RE. I am a real estate professional according to the code as I materially participate in this activity plus I am an agent, but I am phased out from deducting passive losses against ordinary income if that is what you are talking about.
  9. So all the money I pay for materials, repairs, contractors, etc. payroll, taxes, which is not insignificant, is not creating new wealth. lmfao
  10. I'm sure Mexico's decline was due to something else, but ours is due to vaccines!
  11. wut? Running a legitimate business vs. being able-bodied and not working because you can make as much as working by staying willfully unemployed.
  12. Mexico and USA have the exact same curve as far as deaths, but we've vaccinated way more.
  13. Why go to work when you can make more sitting on your ass.
  14. works super well when your n95 mask gets damp from your breath, tard-o
  15. Masks don't work Part One Million. This time from an industrial hygienist with 9 patents in HVAC. Turns out COVID is spread almost exclusively by aerosols. And, we (I), already know that no mask can filter aeorols the size of covid 19. Masks are useless and if you wear one you are an oppressed sheep.
  16. you have to be retarded to think that masks cured flu. Scandanavian countries that DIDN'T wear masks also saw a similar reduction in flu. So I guess the power of masks is so great that they cured flu even in countries where they didn't wear masks. educate yourself:https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/your-mask-protects-me
  17. So many superspreader events and no uptick in cases? What gives. No one wearing their masks. I was told these neanderthals would be dead by now https://twitter.com/DaFeid/status/1392084826132414470?s=20
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