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  1. Lmao, ok you pathetic byu tool
  2. Who needs that when you've got the boise state fanbase?
  3. So glad you continue to post on the MWC board. Do you hang out in HS parking lots too?
  4. lmao you +++++ing lost it the second he committed.
  5. It's not. Just a flash in the pan, if you can even call it that. UNLV fans are all lathered up by defeating North Texas and a chit Utah State team. Truly pathetic.
  6. +++++ the Rankulator! Two teams Wyoming defeated far above Wyoming
  7. Anyway, crazy it ended like this. When Backmeier signed, Donk fans were talking insane amounts of shit saying that there would be Fiesta Bowls every year and blah, blah blah
  8. Really sucks Boise did this. I was hoping they'd just lie there choking on their own vomit for the rest of the season
  9. Most of those are CSU. They should fold their program or drop down a level
  10. My Lord, this is one of the most difficult decisions I face each week!
  11. Gifted 5 TOs against a putrid team and can’t even blow them out. Lol at this thread
  12. The chick ref had some huge boobs
  13. It’s just not fair for CSU to be expected to compete with teams like these!
  14. The Rams first offensive possession with the backup:
  15. The QB ‘s helmet says “GRIT”. It would take grit to not quit on the bunch of losers he’s got for teammates
  16. Nice defensive effort so far. If the score holds, This would be probably the second best win for the conference behind Wyoming’s victory over Tulsa
  17. Not sure whose fans are worse and more fairweathered, sdsu or csu. Toss up
  18. 4.5 point underdogs?? That means NOTHING to these csu rams!
  19. Boise trying to play football:
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