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  1. Another swing and a miss. There are literally sinks with counters in K-3 classrooms in our elementary schools. Now go drink some toilet water.
  2. You think I'm so dumb that I didn't give my children lotion straight away. K, dude.
  3. I'd knock your ass on the floor if I ever saw you.
  4. wow. Lotion? no way? really HAve you experienced basically zero humidity, cold, windy weather? You don't understand and don't try to tell me you do, you CA boy. Cortizone helps, but you can't use that as a long term solution. Plus it's a genetic thing, I guess. I suffer from dry skin, too. +++++ you, as well.
  5. +++++ you. You think it's OK for kids to be made to wash their hands so excessively they bleed? It's a blessing to the world you don't have kids. I would feel sorry for them. I'm done with you, you creep.
  6. Replay? I watched it this morning. USA wins
  7. Turkey's got some babes. I've never met a Turkinh chick before. Turks look like Iranians, who have hot women.
  8. His record is like 10-5 as coach. Not good enough for Team USA
  9. Can’t switch schools to escape this. No private schools here. But glad you are calling my children pussies because the teacher makes them scrub their hands til they bleed and they have no choice.
  10. Sinks in the classroom with the teachers watching dipshit
  11. Now they say you need boosters. Exploitation of fear is good business. $$$
  12. Explain why schools with NO MASKS did as well as school with masks, moron.
  13. I'll tell you what my kids hated more than masks was being forced to wash their hands so often they cracked and bled. Even after I talked to the teachers and principal they would not relent on their asinine policy. That's pretty much child abuse.
  14. What if. I told you. Masks didn't do jack +++++ing shit. To slow the virus? You're a bitch if you wear one. Mask non-compliance is how this is going to end. I bet all of you mask-wearing sheep would stick a dildo up your ass if the CDC told you it would keep you safe.
  15. Bull shit. Each kid I know that had to wear a mask hated it. Absolutely hated it.
  16. Hope you feel good about robbing this guy of his legacy. Great work, bro.
  17. Still wrong, you and your ilk irreparably poisoned society with your fecklessness
  18. No mention of FIJI RUGBY! My favorite team of the Olympics. Heroes
  19. Greg Popovic is a shit coach. Need a real coach. He's presided over most of the losses in the past two decades.
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