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  1. I've never heard of Chris Childs, Nate Williams, Ricky Sobers or Armen Gilliam
  2. UPDATE: For CSU Stadium Financial Naysayers

    It's easy to beat projections when you intentionally set the bar low. I would have been shock if you didn't meet the low expectations. It's all by design...
  3. New recruiting style

    recruiting ranking = yawn
  4. I take the day off and enjoy a day of snowmobiling and this is what I come back to?
  5. The MWC needs AF. Plain and simple. We're the MWC's only national brand
  6. My dream is to take a crap on that blue field
  7. Question for BYU fans

    I watched St. Mary's wreck them and it just caught me off guard seeing these extreme hairstyles. My mind immediately went to Jamaal Williams, former BYU RB, whose every square inch of arm skin is covered with tattoos. This is not the clean cut image BYU is thought to uphold. I know there are a lot of homeless BYU posters here and was hoping they could shed some light on this subject. Just curious!
  8. Question for BYU fans

    I've never seen this shade of hair before What is this? This is revolting Do they call this "The Onion"?
  9. Why are the basketball players allowed to have extreme hairstyles and why do a lot of the football players look like common thugs with tattoos?
  10. SUDS has better athletes that can't fit inside of fighter jets.
  11. Wyo at CSU

    He's good like that only every other game. It's uncanny how he can take every other game off. He'll be 2nd team, I bet
  12. Wyo at CSU

    CSU played like cornered animals. Fun game
  13. Nevada @ Wyoming

    Nice thread! Super entertaining. Nevada and Boise fans crying about reffing when the fouls were basically equal. Muscleman is not a likeable person and is allowed to act like a rabid Chihuahua without ever getting t'd up .
  14. Nevada @ Wyoming

    You guys in Reno have no trouble jumping on and off of poles