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  1. hmm wonder why all these people are wearing masks? hmmm. Could have something to do with bacteria, which covid isn't
  2. It isn't and that wasn't my point, even though the principles of capitalism are throughout the Constitution. My point is that liberal justices seem to be motivated by causes other than interpreting the Constitution.
  3. This is one of the greatest displays of trolling I’ve ever seen
  4. The Left treats the SCOTUS as a legislative branch anymore. Maybe conservatives should too
  5. Or Oprah. I'd take Oprah over the typical leftist who typically has a healthy contempt for the Constitution. There is a slim chance Oprah would be pro capitalism.
  6. Since Biden promised a black woman, maybe he'll choose Conddleezza Rice.
  7. Aggies kill the monkey, finally. Never thought I'd see the Aztecs rebound so poorly.
  8. lol. You totally have one of those signs don't you
  9. lol. Libtards are the most intolerant hypocrites I know. You know you are a raging racist and a bigot if you have one of those "In This House We Believe..." signs.
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