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  1. And you sound like a dummy who still wears a mask like a good little sheep
  2. Yeah. It was hard to not go hog wild, honestly. But you know they want you to impregnate them so they have a better chance of making to America. Russian women are hot. There are a lot of STDs there. you don't want to get anything nasty. And honestly ,Russians stink. Not sure if it's their diet or what And I doubt it's any different now. Those women just want out of Russian. If you are German or American or not from a shithole country they want you.... badly.
  3. Shit. I did two semesters abroad there probably 11-12 years ago.
  4. All the women wanted to marry me. Not even joking. Women would solicit marriage to me all the time, and I'm not exaggerating one bit. Those poor girls just want out of that country.
  5. I lived in a building that looked exactly like this. They all look like this. This is a Krushovka - five story shitholes built by Xrushov. You know you had a good one if you had a kvartira c'balconom. an apartment with a balcony. All of these appear to have those. These guys are big pimpin'
  6. Now he can be reincarnated as a deadly virus to cull the world's population per his own wishes.
  7. Thought you guys loved Wooster
  8. Only people that were/are afflicted with TDS cry BDS
  9. lol I thought this thread was being argued under the assumption that Gonzaga should have joined the MWC. Thread title: Gonzaga Should Have Joined the MWC. The MWC would be light years better than the WCC if Gonzaga were in the MWC. As it stands now they are about equal. WCC would reveryt back to the utterly irrelevant church gym school league they were before Gonzaga became Gonzaga. Gonzaga should invest in themselves and join the MWC.
  10. MWCboard any time someone points out Biden's failures: BDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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