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  1. My lord, Democrats are barbaric. Pretty sickening
  2. Thankful that the game is in Logan so I can watch without getting a migraine.
  3. I literally can't watch Boise on TV when they are at home. The blue field is too hard to look at and is so stupid it offends me.
  4. So CSU to a severely depleted AAC? LMAO!!! Go for it
  5. Congrats to the Dogs! Showing the Pac what's up. One loss and ranked dogs roll into Laramie to face the undefeated Pokes in October. Can't wait.
  6. lol. I rarely if ever post on this board. BYU is a university of losers
  7. Do you understand that to make a word plural you just add an ''s''? Geezus. No need to use an apostrophe. An apostrophe is used to indicate possession or a contraction. You have shit grammar and that is a sure sign that you have an IQ well below average.
  8. the most BYU thing ever. Straight embarrassing.
  9. No one in the whole +++++ing world thinks masking kids is a good idea except for white American liberals stupid pricks like you. Drug overdoses up, suicides up, suicide attempts up. Assholes like you have ruined some children’s lives through lockdowns and social disruptions. Pluck you
  10. Bob


    Yup. Lotta millionaires with not that much in the bank out there
  11. Dude. This isn't going to work for you (because you are part of a cult, Cult of the Masks), but let's try to think this out logically. Two identical populations. One wears masks at a much higher rate than the other. They perform the same. Masks really do catch the spit and droplets like you say, yes. The one population whose spit droplets are caught by masks performed no better than the other population's spit droplets that were not caught. What is the only logical conclusion?? Spit droplets ARE NOT the main mode of transmission.
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