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  1. Birth control turns otherwise pleasant women into fat, ornery bitches
  2. It s been so +++++ing cold this April and May I pray nightly for more coal-fired plants to be constructed and fill the atmosphere with beautiful CO2
  3. Bob

    Troll Derby

    I would have to say that I'm a strong contender this year
  4. I did not know who this guy was. Some of his works are good, but many I found to be very unappealing. They are just random geometric shapes piled on top of one another. I don't see the genius
  5. It was a toss up between 'getting a pic with the reproductive diagram' and 'moving there from CA'. Those are both extremely worthy options. They ought to just call CSU CSU-California or CSU-New England or CSU-Texas. Buchncha asshole there now. And you forgot 'going to foco to go to Costco' for the Wyoming people. Please fix that
  6. Congrats, Joe! Tremendous accomplishment. my wife graduates pharmacy school tomorrow. It's been a long four years...
  7. Because guns are the only thing that kill people
  8. Bob


    Joe from Wyo's mind temporarily inhabited his body it seems lol. I've never heard anyone else talk about Meteetsee before
  9. Bob


    China has committed atrocities to industrialize and enrich their country. Trump is making them pay the price when no one else has the power or balls to make their authoritarian rulers pay for their crimes and lack of morals. I am in favor. Anyway, the current manufacturing infrastructure is currently not in place to fill the price void that is caused by these tariffs, BUT if we stay the course and don't freak out and repeal them then our manufacturing sector will recover and be able to offer these products at an almost as good of price as the chinese and it will greatly benefit US citizens and bring much-needed manufacturing jobs back to the US
  10. Trump is getting more and more popular because their lives are getting better
  11. It's Title IX b.s. On the men's side the winning program is probably the program with the most scholarships to give.