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  1. Bob

    Mike Bobo admitted to hospital

    Hope he's OK. j/k hope he's out the whole year and the Rams lose every game
  2. Like I said. All CSU has is this stadium to chest thump about. They suck where it counts - on the football field and basketball court.
  3. I guess I see weed as a much bigger problem.
  4. Weed is rampant. I went to visit my brother, who is going to CU med school, and has to live in Westminster and commute because a 700 sq ft. house close to his campus in the middle of the Aurora ghetto costs 350k, and both neighbors of his town house were smoking weed outside! +++++ing trashy and gross. My wife who finished a pharm rotation at medical center of the Rockies said that 95% of the people that end up there (mostly trauma patients) were high on weed at the time of their incidents. It impairs as badly as alcohol and CO has embraced it full force. CO is a lost cause
  5. That looks like my kind of place. ha ha.
  6. Just like all of CO, it's a neat place to visit for the afternoon, but how the hell anyone lives there anymore is beyond me. The traffic, the identical-looking housing, the big box stores with the chain restaurants.. oof. And the weed and drugs? not a family-friendly place whatsoever. it's too much . The whole state has lost its soul. Plus it's so expensive! Not worth it . And everyone's either from Massachusetts, New York, CA or Mexico. How are there that many high paying jobs that everyone lives in a mansion? Does everyone just trade bonds in their basements? It's like every independently wealthy person in the US decided to go smoke weed in CO. Not a superior lifestyle and not worth it
  7. Is sony lubedick on the BOD? That's some real cronyism there
  8. Until all the fans left after halftime
  9. Bob

    Oakland Raiders and CSU

    This is kind of off-topic, but not really. I was at water world with the kiddos and wife and was on the look out for college gear and I saw literally no college gear whatsoever. Plenty of Raiders tattoos and gear. But I did conclude that a Venn diagram of Denver and Mexico would be one circle.
  10. At least CSU has their stadium. .. that's all they have lol
  11. **Channeling inner Dr. Dre**
  12. Bob

    BYU vs UNLV - new series announced.

  13. Bob

    Yo Jalapeño, you got some 'splainin' to do...

    Boulder is damn pretty. Why do liberals have to invade all the nice places?????
  14. Bob

    Yo Jalapeño, you got some 'splainin' to do...

    Found this on Deadspin: As for Denver itself, it is now the Promontory Point of High-End Douchebaggery: a place where all the worst people from the West Coast and all the worst people from the East Coast have converged. It’s nothing but tech bros, tech bros disguised as nature bros, and junior Lance Armstrongs. As a result, Denver is now nothing but high rises for rich dickheads pretending to be hippies and smug native Coloradans complaining about the rising cost of weed. You are L.A. of the Rockies now. And the rest of Colorado isn’t much better! All of its cities suck now. Denver is a nightmare future tech hellscape. Boulder is like if you took Berkeley but also made it Disneyland. Colorado Springs is a bad mix of weirdo running freaks and meth heads and angry military guys. Fort Collins is a bum-+++++ farm town. Pueblo is the meth capital of the entire goddamn world and is routinely overrun by locusts, and yet is somehow the most tolerable city in the state. It’s a goddamn tragedy, is what it is. The state with the most amazing natural beauty in America is otherwise defined by 15,000-seat megachurches where a guy in shorts encourages people to “think of Jesus as your workout buddy.” https://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2018-denver-broncos-1828078886