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  1. Leftists and feminists were offended all over the internet
  2. Yup. That was terrible journalism. That was a pretty big F up. Not fair to CSU to print that when it wasn't true
  3. I think she did go from like 120 to 117 so it was a great investment by the husband.
  4. In all seriousness, I hope his operation goes well and lives a long and healthy life. I know I'd trade my team's successes with Fresno's in a heartbeat.
  5. All he does in win win win win win no matter what what what what
  6. Are you Tedford's son? Don't take it personal
  7. He looked half dead on the sidelines of the last game. I'm not surprised
  8. Moore is single handedly getting Jason Garrett fired!
  9. https://footballscoop.com/news/update-on-colorado-states-search/ One stunning thing we’ve heard as this search begins is that Colorado State has never hired a black head coach…in any sport, ever. That, folks, is a bit mind-boggling. Wow. Just wow
  10. A ball like this should provide the necessary contrast