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  1. Nice. Laramie is a great place to be in the summer! Excellent, excellent mountain biking at Curt Gowdy State Park and at Tie City and also at Vedawoo. There are hundreds of miles of trail in the Snowys too. There are quite a few lakes around Laramie that have fish. Big tout in the Plains lakes and there are a lot of high mountain lakes with fish, too, in the Snowys. There are many, many steams in the Snowys that have fish and the Laramie River can be great at certain times of the year. I would suggest at least a day trip to Saratoga, as others have mentioned. Hot springs is neat and there are actually a couple good restaurants there, plus the drive over the mountain is grade A scenery. Hiking at Vedawoo is a must if you come to Laramie. Imo it is the highest quality bouldering you can find anywhere. It's so unique and awesome. If you like fishing a lot, I would suggest doing a day float on the upper North Platte River. It goes through a beautiful canyon as it comes out of the mountains. Pretty costly, though - I don't know what your budget is. I'm not giving any more info than that! You have to explore for yourself.
  2. Biden is the most corrupt mother+++++er om the planet. Please let hunter be a witness. Please, oh, please.
  3. Bob

    God Bless Trump

    Lol. How many illegal immigrants is too many?
  4. Obama hated the poor and wanted to raise their utilities and gas to a burdensome level. Trump is a champion of the poor and the free market.
  5. We need more threads on this topic.
  6. Linder from UNC would not be a bad choice either. He's beaten Wyoming how many straight times?
  7. I'm pulling for SF because former Poke, Mark Nzocha, plays on special teams for them. It would also be nice to see Andy Reid win one. I'm fine with either team. Mahomes needs a haircut.
  8. I see zero, I repeat ZERO, appeal to playing +++++ing Memphis, directional Floridas, UAB, East Carolina (which like Boise is not a state), Temple (wtf), etc..
  9. lol. I didn't mean to do that. So, is there anything in the video that you disagree with? I'd be interested to hear what and why
  10. Snow boarding in November? Bring your rock board
  11. A much younger Rock y did coaching Laramie so it's far fetched, but not impossible. Bohl and Rocky would probably get a kick out of coaching together