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  1. +++++ Biden to hell. There’s a special place in hell for ppl like him. it’s funny 1. You guys believe the global warming fairytale. 2. It’s a joke that anyone thinks anything WE do is going to make a difference when China and India are building two new coal plants per month. When Africa finally gets industrialized? Lmao. anyone that actually cares about the environment should LOATHE “renewables”. But you are all interested in virtue signaling more. all biden is doing is ruining lives. America last! As always. +++++ this place. There’s a few good ppl here, and
  2. Ascribing fringe far-right groups to MAGA and Trump in general is incredibly dishonest. But it's what you do. How many Trump-organized rallies previously occurred with NO violence or civil disobedience whatsoever? Dozens? Hundreds?
  3. Duh. Makes sense. One group has a long history of violence, while the other previously didn't.
  4. No, neither are a just cause for rioting and committing illegal acts. So you think that because of slavery, BLM is justified in burning buildings, smashing cars, assaulting policemen, and ruining small businesses of people that did NOTHING directly to harm them. You think it's ok for people to commit crimes, riot, loot, burn, smash and grab because society at large ostensibly did them wrong?
  5. Kiss my ass. You are the biggest +++++ing hypocrite of them all. You spent all summer condoning BLM and ANTIFA and telling us how righteous their cause was as they burned and looted our cities and destroyed lives and businesses. I can't imagine how happy you are deep down this all went down so you could come out of hiding and gloat and profess your moral superiority, all while your side has had a corner on the market of disgusting political/social actions. You're the fascist. Tell me, how fast would you sentence every Trump voter to one year in a re-education camp?
  6. Oh yeah, he's your prototypical trump supporter. NOT. He tries to cozy up to ANTIFA, gets rebuffed and then pretends to be a proud boy maga. He doesn't exemplify Trump supporters in the least. He's a deranged individual. Nothing more. Just like the Buffalo Guy, who's a paid actor to be at any and all protests (including a shaman at a GLOBAL WARMING protest) no matter the cause. It's obvious there are a lot of sick people out there that show up whenever, wherever there's trouble. You piece of shit.
  7. Let's hope so. I think the nation needs a long pause. Gridlock will be a positive for once.
  8. Oh, so he's not a MAGA Trumpist? OK, glad we're on the same page
  9. I'm sure the dems will try big immigration reform. Amnesty. Raise capital gains. Raise corporate taxes. Raise taxes on the wealthy. un cap MC wages. Expand entitlements. reparations. student loan forgiveness. Reverse trump tariffs. who TF knows. Anything is on the table
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