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  1. It's almost like it's ok to be OK with his policies and not be OK with his personal life.
  3. You're a +++++ingidiot. The data you referenced is from 1851 to present. Satellites have been around since the 60s? They even say in your source they've basically made up 2/3 of the data.
  4. "Due to the scarcity and imprecision of early offshore measurements, ACE data for the Atlantic hurricane season is less reliable prior to the modern satellite era," So in other words they made most of the historical data up. And wouldn't you know it, it's the opposite of the logical conclusion one would think based on the only reliable, verifiable metric that's consistent for the reporting period - landfalling hurricanes. But they've got a narrative to adhere to
  5. lol. OK. So the country that has bar none the best continuous weather record on earth doesn't count? Do you want to post a graph that has headings so we know wtf the info is referencing and a link to the source info?
  6. Not necessarily true, either. But I don't blame anyone for thinking so the way people are bombarded with climate change propaganda.
  7. uh, no. http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/hurdat/All_U.S._Hurricanes.html
  8. Not to mention he looks feeble. Is he up to the task physically? Say what you want about Trump, but he exudes energy
  9. My evidence was from before it got politicized so it's more correct.
  10. 99.9% of people sneeze in their elbow or into their hands pointed at the floor. What civilization do you live in
  11. Oh, look, scientific evidence that masks are ineffective. https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/04/commentary-masks-all-covid-19-not-based-sound-data "In summary, N95 FFRs on patients will not be effective and may not be appropriate, particularly if they have respiratory illness or other underlying health conditions."
  12. No one has ever sneezed on me in wal -mart or sam's. Maybe like once in school someone sneezed on me. It's pretty ingrained in our society to cover your coughs and sneezes. The fact that walmart, costco, sam's and grocery stores all around the country remained open and were(are) packed when few, if any people were wearing masks, yet the "pandemic" already peaked and is receding is pretty good evidence that masks are(were) unnecessary.
  13. When is the last time you saw someone cock their head back and sneeze into the air in public?
  14. I can't remember the last time anyone sneezed or coughed on me in public. Oh wait, it's never happened in my life. If you want to wear one go ahead, if you want to stay home go ahead with that too. Let people make choices for themselve.s