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  1. Lol. You little puss. You’re not even man enough to get married and start a family. oh, wait, you’ve got doggies , so that makes up for it. Bet your parents are so proud
  2. Hey man, homosexuality feels as wrong to me as any number of 'sins' or crimes. Homosexuality is so fuggin nasty and repulsive to me it makes me cringe. I don't understand how any man could think it's a good idea to stick his C*** into another dude's sweaty, hairy poopy butthole. I've tried to understand it and just can't. It's feels... just... wrong. It's the way I feel and I can't help that. I don't have to accept or promote the gay stuff. It's a free country.
  3. It's a sin and sinning is bad, it degrades traditional values, weakens real families, every kid deserves a mother an father, promotes militant homosexual activism, is a mockery of nature.
  4. You are probably correct. He’s a statute that can’t press anymore
  5. There is PLENTY of “Moroccan” DNA in the Spanish population
  6. JFC. Just play Ronaldo. He's earned that right
  7. Two teams, ethnically the same
  8. Congrats! What a memorable day for you. Too bad you have to throw away your shoes since they came in contact with that nasty blue carpet
  9. Wyoming is sooo disappointing this year. Sorry, guys
  10. Dude is fast, but seemed scared to run. If he were willing to take an occasional hit it would have turned the game
  11. Maybe the worst QB performance in MWC championship history. The garbage time TD may have saved him from that distinction. I would have to look. Boise crowd kinda sparse too
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