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  1. Bob

    MWC BB Title Game

    Not impressive. That's like dunking over a midget
  2. Bob

    UNLV at Utah State

    This is going to be a bloodbath.! Usu better prepare themselves for a beatdown
  3. Bob

    2018 attendance update

    Yes, we educate and civilize you greenies
  4. USU doesn't deserve to have a good team
  5. Bob

    2018 attendance update

    Geez. All I asked was a simple question
  6. Bob

    2018 attendance update

    What does the non-tarped off section hold at QUALCOMM?
  7. Bob

    Fresno State 3 TD favorites over Wyoming

    Fresno is going to rip Wyoming's arms off. The score will be like 21 - 0
  8. Bob

    2018 attendance update

    The Wyo game will be well-attended, yes. Pokes fans actually travel. NM and Utard state? I would bet those are sparsely attended in terms of actual butts in seats
  9. Bob

    2018 attendance update

    you guys pump your attendance figures.
  10. Bob

    2018 attendance update

    Same for UNLV and Utah State.
  11. Bob

    Boise State 4**** commits 2019

    man +++++ you guys
  12. Bob

    Boise State 4**** commits 2019

    This recruit is low IQ?
  13. Bob

    wyoming @ hawaii

    yeah. I don't remember this, either. But it makes for a good Donk story. As for the game, Hawaii by at least two TDs. I'm hoping for some mid-season firings among the offensive staff.
  14. Bob

    New Mexico Screwed

    This is my understanding. Don't the lobos return basically their whole team from last year. They were good last year and I've never heard of this JaQwan guy