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  1. What's to stop Nebraska from saying vball, girl's CC is open to compete this fall. They would be giving equal opportunity to women. I don't see an issue
  2. I quit watching for political reasons
  3. Good for this kid! I'd try my best to get to a situation where they'd let me play if I were in his shoes. NM has a wannabe dictator for a governor. Loony Toons have commandeered this county.
  4. Are you kidding me? Biden would take 100% credit for "getting a black female into the Oval Office". Nothing would be a bigger feather in his cap. He fancies himself as a benevolent civil rights activist and in his perverted mind he would have "changed the world" or some shit and it would be 100% because of him all because he ceded his position to a black woman, half-black, whatever. He's so stupid i can see it
  5. If Biden wins, my guess is that within 9 months on the job he'll resign. And it'll be according to him "for the good of the country".
  6. Lol. Quite the opposite. The only way we'd have football now is if we did what Sweden did and let the virus run it's course. Like many countries, they failed to protect the old, yes, they and we should have done that better, but Democrrat governors did their best to kill the elderly. I suppose you have a similar mindset to those in New Zealand - take the maximum precautions, nothing is too great a burden to make sure we are safe. Safety is paramount. We cannot lose one life to the insidious virus. Well they went 100 days with no new cases (while essentially becoming atotalitarian government-controlled isolated nation) and a couple days ago they had four new cases and went into stage 50 lockdown and everyone is in a panic. How many years are they going to carry on like that. Contrast that with the Swedes who are literally living normal lives again!
  7. It's crazy that you still can't see that in a nation of 330 million people where ~3 million die each year that 200k deaths (many of which are would have died this year anyway) of really old, really sick people is collectively insignificant. Sure there are some tragic deaths, but there are tragic deaths each year from myriad causes. Young people are not dying. It's not that sad that a bunch of 80 year olds are dying. It's not something that we can afford to destroy society over. Bend the curve? Outside of like one or two hospitals for like a week the curve didn't need bending. Gosh, get a grip.
  8. I think you're wrong. People know that Biden's health is so fragile that should he be elected that his VP will likely be president at some point.
  9. At this point I'd be down for Wyoming and BYU playing a 12-game series. #desperate
  10. I feel like anyone that pushed the COVID scam over the past 6 months should stfu about being angry or butthurt right about now. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR STUPIDITY
  11. No football is a wet dream of yours. Your utopia would be everyone hiding in their basements in hazmat suits. Congrats! your side won
  12. Stupidest comment of the year. Congratulations.
  13. Hey, retard, it's been know to non-retards for quite some time that flu and other viruses cause myocarditis. I know you @retrofade @SJSUMFA2013 are retarded so you probably didn't know that. Now carry on believing every bit of fear porn the media is feeding you, sheep. Bahhhhh bahhhhh!!!!! Myocarditis Myocarditis is inflammation in the middle, muscular layer of the heart. Most cases stem from an infection, usually from a virus that causes stomach flu or the common cold. Mild -myocarditis may go unnoticed, but severe, sudden cases can cause severe heart failure and rhythm disturbances. https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/when-an-infection-invades-the-heart