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  1. Yeah, they wouldn't get the 1,000 plus Wyoming fans at their games every other year.
  2. Jackson is the best WR in the conference.
  3. Bob


    what a garbage schedule. Reminds me of BYU's
  4. The farm animal thread got locked??
  5. Nope. Until you actually beat them you ain't usurped nothing yet!
  6. Just shows how valuable McMarion really was! He was a great QB
  7. Hawaii for getting their fecal chucks rammed back into their anal cavities all game long.
  8. No way Hawaii is this good. Just imo
  9. Boise USU Wyoming SDSU AF Hawaii Fresno The rest, who +++++ing cares.
  10. I would have to retire from this board without my beloved Falcons in the MWC. Anyway, I'm tired of Calhoun. Does he speak for AFA and its fans? He's kind of a jerk and a whiner and looks like Kody Brown from Sister Wives.
  11. This describes liberals. Lonely, no friends, aggrieved, unpopular, unambitious