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  1. Safe is a relative term. If you get the virus your odds of survival are only like 99.9%. But, yes. The hubris of mankind is astounding. Thinking we could stop a virus that spreads like the common cold. It's be funny if the consequences weren't so tragic.
  2. lol. He was elected president of the United States. In fact not overrated. You have TDS
  3. Seeing Zlatan and AC Milan destroy the Europa League this year is not even fair. I watched some of AC Milan and Celtic (my favorite team, them, Rangers and Liverpool). Wasn't a fair fight!
  4. He's a great guy. In Borat 1 he paid an entire Romanian village a pittance to let him stand there and call their young women prostitutes.
  5. I fell asleep at halftime. What happened to the big, tall, slow, white with a good arm CSU QB? Dead from covid?
  6. Yup. He and 99.9997% of others his age that get the virus. So badass. But we are not Zlatan.
  7. WE'RE going to shit on Boise!
  8. Have not seen one, but I see a lot of "NOPE" signs, where there's a depiction of Trump's signature blond hair and the word 'nope' under his hair. I don't see any sort of Biden/Harris demarcations, just nope to Trump, I guess. Really highlights the point that the Democrats really don't have an agenda other than get rid of Trump, first and foremost and lastmost. If they win it's going to be a disaster with , naive clueless idiots like AOC, Bernie and Kamala truly running this country.
  9. My gosh you lefties are an miserable lot. You’d probably complain about a blow job
  10. If you want Crazy Uncle Joe to put you under lockdown and significantly raise taxes and kill your 401k, well, that's your prerogative. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/29/us-gdp-report-third-quarter-2020.html
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