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  1. Bob

    BSU's NFL Tape

    Sucks Gallup has to play with Prescott. He'd be 50% more productive with a better QB throwing to him
  2. better than losing 27-0 to ohio and that's not how it worked, fool. Wyo had the worst record out of bowl-eligible MWC teams and was therefore left out. nice try.
  3. But there is no three billion to spend. It was a three billion dollar tax break, out of an estimated 30 billion that Amazon would have paid. What a moron. If I lived on Long Island I would be sick. My area would have just lost out on 25k good-paying jobs and 27 billion in tax revenue. She literally thought Amazon was paying no taxes and getting three billion from the NYC government. Heard it on Rush. She might be the stupidest person on the entire planet. Unbelievable!
  4. CA is just extravagantly right people and illegal mexicans
  5. LOL. It's cyclical. Your time in the gutter is right around the corner, little guy
  6. AF beat Wyoming a couple years ago. They started off the game 26-0 or something. It's seared into my memory. MAybe I'm not understanding your post.
  7. Bob

    UNLV at Wyoming

    This feels like a year UNLV can win the tourney on their home court
  8. Let the mother+++++ers wither and die on their wcc vine
  9. Anyone from NV calling Wyoming 'ghastly' is high comedy
  10. Fine by me, except CO must pay and vow never to come here in the summer time.
  11. Hyperpartisanship is interesting. A lot of "new age" issues have come up and torn the country apart. 150 years ago no one thought gay marriage and abortion were good things