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  1. Bob

    2018 World Cup

    Just want to chime in and say Neymar is the biggest bitch in the history of soccer. He embodies why many American hate the game
  2. Bob

    2018 World Cup

    At least he didn't rip off his shirt and flex in front of the cameras for 3 strait minutes
  3. Bob

    2018 World Cup

    And made a recent semi final
  4. Bob

    2018 World Cup

    Uruguay has some big time recent wins. BYU is a bad comp as BYU just sucks now
  5. Bob

    2018 World Cup

    Fact! Imagine every NFL RB and DB as soccer players. We would crush
  6. Bob

    2026 World Cup

    I thought Met Life had a turf field?
  7. This does not deserve main board treatment
  8. Bob

    Kids get the last laugh in Obituary

    Not harsh enough. This woman can burn in hell for abandoning her kids
  9. Bob

    Transgenders Beat Other Girls

    Pretty sickening.
  10. Bob

    UNR in the top-5 early

    No. Not me. I can see that Reno is obviously way more talented than the rest of us.
  11. Oh, I got one. Nevada's crappy erector set football stadium
  12. Is Reno the most benign college ever? I mean, none of those choices evoke any sort of emotion whatsoever
  13. Bob

    UNR in the top-5 early

    Ok. I'm tired of hearing about Reno this and Reno that
  14. There's a new boss in town. And their name is Reno.