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  1. Bob

    David Woodward 3rd team AP All-American

    not sure who this is
  2. Bob

    SDSU at Cal

    You should update your signature because it's likely not correct anymore. Or you could leave it as a relic of your golden era
  3. Bob

    SDSU at Cal

    your little run in the sun is over? for both sports
  4. Bob

    Rank um basketball

    Seems really, really high for Boise
  5. Bob

    Rank um basketball

    What is wrong with Deshon?
  6. It's been terrible for due process. It's pretty sickening to hear people say "I believe women". Why is a woman inherently more believable or trustworthy than a man?
  7. Bob

    SDSU vs USD

    Wrong, SleepingMidgetsFan. Facepalm was given because of the whiny, woe-is-me nature of the post.
  8. Bob

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    you must be really +++++ing short to rub shoulders with Mussleman
  9. When you get a top 10 pick, you'll understand, son.
  10. Bob

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    I doubt it, honestly. The P5 bullshit has seeped into basketball too now
  11. Bob

    Wyoming vs SC

    Justin James is probably the best player in the MWC. He is saddled with the worst coach
  12. Bob

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    That's going to look positively +++++tarded
  13. He didn't look as good as McNichols who didn't play in the league. So who knows?
  14. Bob

    You Thought San Jose Football Was Bad

    That's a lot of asians