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  1. I'll just assume Kenny Foster is always injured. It's the safest bet.
  2. It may have an effect, but the game changer is AF has had progressively bigger and bigger linemen as they have bent the rules for the size of cadets. The cut blocking is not as vital as it used to be.
  3. Buck was like the CO 4a player of the year, or something. I believe the kid can play and we've been hearing about him in camp. Thanks for another CO stud.
  4. on your mom, yes. Condoms wouldn't be a thing if they had the efficacy of a mask vs a respiratory virus!
  5. Just every single RCT ever conducted before covid confirmed masks don't work for respiratory illnesses. But OK. lmao
  6. Or, it could be that masks don't work. Yeah, let's go with that, because that's what all the evidence points to for months, no, YEARS on end now.
  7. It'll be nice when the CEOs of Phizer and Moderna are in a jail cell with Fauci
  8. wtf are you talking about. Roughly twice as much since brandon has been in office, moron
  9. But there were 500k part time jobs created. This economy is healthy, I tell ya
  10. Is this not what "inflation" is when the White House, the media, etc. talks about it?? " Core inflation is the change in the costs of goods and services but does not include those from the food and energy sectors. Food and energy prices are exempt from this calculation because their prices can be too volatile or fluctuate wildly. Core Inflation Definition - Investopedia https://www.investopedia.com › ... › Macroeconomics"
  11. Food, gas, appliances for example, literally twice to three times as much.
  12. Do you understand how inflation is computed? Certain items are omitted like, energy and food. The calc is a joke to start with and then when the dems start cherry picking things even further it's even more of a joke. Like you
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