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  1. Education wise they are both CSU schools. There are a handful of schools in the top tier of the CSU system SJSU, FSU, SDSU, Cal Poly, and couple others. These schools are well respected in California, and are likely to get you into the job market quickly in their top programs. Schools like Cal state east bay and Stanislaus, are fine but are full commuter schools and probably draw very few students from outside their immediate area. Nobody is falling over grads in pure amazement because of either school so what do you want to major in and where do you want to live. San Jose is the 10th largest city in US, with a giant tech scene, is really close to San Francisco and Santa Cruz, has some of the best weather on the planet, and a very limited number of sheep. I lived in Modesto about an hour north of Fresno on the 99 freeway. Think of it as a smaller nicer Fresno. I would rather move to Tijuana than back to the hell hole that is the central valley. But to each their own.
  2. SF-SJSU02

    Adidas partners with SJSU with apparel deal

    Not a huge deal, but interesting that Addidas is trying to get into the MWC market. If only we could have had a uniform deal with the Power Rangers.
  3. SF-SJSU02

    SJSU Spring Game Marketing

    Yep high end food trucks are very popular right now in the bay area as whole. So yes getting the popular ones at your event is a big deal. As far as opening concessions, we have food trucks inside our stadium for our games. So in a way this is like opening our concessions.
  4. SF-SJSU02

    SJS Hopes It's Found Its Own PJ Fleck

    SB nation has been doing these for all of the MW teams, I thought they were fair to SJSU in this article, although the title is likely there to draw clicks. Interested to hear what the other schools fans have thought of their articles.
  5. SF-SJSU02

    Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    So the solution here is to add a top team that can win the MWC season and tourney, and take the 1 bid that we get? Yes that is going to solve everything. The MWC needs it top 3 schools to get back to the top, its middle schools to win OOC games, and SJSU to continue on their upward trajectory and become one of the middle teams winning respectable OOC games.
  6. SF-SJSU02

    FBS quarterback rankings 1-130

    Love is likely not going to be the starter for SJSU. He was a walk on who backed up Potter while he was hurt so they could prevent burning the red shirts of a true freshman, and a JC transfer that had 4 years to play 3. Love has a strong arm but is not very mobile, based on the new OC and the type of O he says he wants to run, a mobile QB is important. They simply grabbed the only QB left on the roster with stats. However no matter who starts they will lack experience.
  7. SF-SJSU02

    Kaepernick Signed.

    If I was doing my job at the same time, then yeah I am sure I could. My work doesn't make me stand up every morning and salute the flag, as if the NFL is some sort of nationalist poster child. So yeah if my work said you have to salute the flag every morning before we start and I sat down, I doubt I would be fired. But my work is not a ridiculous spectacle like the NFL, where beating dogs, locking women in bathrooms so you can sexually harass them, cheating, shooting yourself, and domestic violence are all ok, as long as you thank America for it to start with. Brady could wipe his ars with the flag before a game and the NFL would love him for it because he makes them money. Kaep is not making the rich NFL owners buckets of money so he is dropped.
  8. SF-SJSU02

    Kaepernick Signed.

    Kaepernick has a right to protest, and is probably a good guy. He at least does a good job donating money. However I think he bounced between publicity stunt and actually protesting and that made people mad. Kneeling is fine, pig socks? That is just a way to get on TV and a way to piss off white America. You might get a bunch of white people to agree that cops are treating minorities unjustly, but publicly shaming them with pig socks, yeah a lot of people wont find that funny. He also really pissed people off when he stated he doesn't vote. Basically you care enough to protest where you get credit for it, but not where you don't and where you can really make a difference. He needs the media to stop paying attention to this, and as soon as they do he will get another shot. I don't think he handled all of this perfectly but protesting should not cost him his job.
  9. SF-SJSU02

    Nevada @ SJSU

    Nevada has the better team, but if they come in looking tired or unmotivated then we can make you pay.
  10. SF-SJSU02

    SJSU just lost their best recruiter.

    Yeah I would be laughing too if the shoe was on the other foot. However poaching coach's like this from other MW teams is a bad habit for the conference to start. It is one thing to shuffle around between seasons especially for promotion but this is just not a good way to do business. It will be interesting to see how he does for FSU, see if you stole somebody good or not. Both of our D-Lines need a bunch of help.
  11. SF-SJSU02

    SJSU @ Boise State

    Don't worry, most of the crap comes from a couple of Fresno Trolls that just make stuff up, or at least seriously exaggerate it. I guess it is more fun to focus on us than their own team! good game and good luck in the tourney!
  12. SF could be fun after the Warriors finish building their new stadium. Lots to do for fans traveling in, 3 airports with public transportation options into SF, and lots of hotels with varied price points. For SDSU, UNR, UNLV, SJSU, and Fresno it would be a fairly easy drive, so that could help the numbers especially if a couple of those schools are having a good year. Of course this would be more expensive for the Mountain west if Vegas is covering all of those costs. San Diego would have a similar appeal just without the brand new basketball stadium. Considered going to Vegas this year since my team finally has a pulse but it is way too expensive. Sorry but I have been to SLC, and it would not excite me enough to go. Reno would be fun, but isn't the airport a bit small? might be hard for those to fly in that need to.
  13. SF-SJSU02

    Bleymaier "Fired" as SJSU's AD

    I never loved the hire from the start lots of reputation, little action. He was a safe hire and his results were very hit or miss. New President, new AD, that's often how it goes.
  14. SF-SJSU02

    Bleymaier "Fired" as SJSU's AD

    I could have guessed that FB4C would be the first SJSU fan to post on this. We all knew this was coming the only shock is that they did it now and didn't wait for his contract to expire in June.
  15. SF-SJSU02

    SUDS @ Sparta

    Clarke often gets himself into foul trouble as well. If another player is having a good day he is unstoppable. If not, it becomes 5 on 1