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  1. SF-SJSU02

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    Saying that cowboy means both genders seams silly. In the picture posted above the lady is refereed to as a cowgirl. That said, I think if you are assuming that the slogan only means you want white men at the school you are being equally silly. I am sure the rest of the campaign will have this make more sense, and it appears to me to just be fake outrage to get somebody attention. Looks like it is working.
  2. Some people smoke their whole life and don't get cancer, thus smoking clearly doesn't cause cancer . Football more than hockey has collisions leading with the head. Creating rules to limit this, should be a priority for the NFL, since players are their main assets and loosing them early in their careers cost the league money. Do I think that people are sue happy, sure, and I am not sure these ex players deserve any money. However being made appropriately aware of the risks before you do something is fair. Also to further debunk the myth of attacking football, my nephews soccer league is talking about making all the kids wear helmets to protect their brains when they head the ball. So this is going far beyond the sport of football.
  3. SF-SJSU02

    NCAA Compliance at its best!!!

    To be fair those bottles of water are like 15 bucks a pop. Talking big money here folks!
  4. SJSU has played Davis a few times in recent history. For an FCS school they travel OK, but thus far they really have never brought that many fans. The game will be on a Thursday before a Holiday weekend, so it will be interesting to see if that helps or hurts the number of travelers.
  5. SD would be fun if it could not be at Qualcom. My vote would be the bay area, few ideas Bring back a bowl at ATT park in SF. Play the best person we can get. Work with the Pac 12 to have a bowl in Berkeley at Cal's Stadium. Easy to get to from all Bay area airports, and Cal could have an automatic bid if they are eligible. Even if Cal is not in it I imagine that Pac schools would show up well to this game as it is close a destination, and fairly mild weather. Could do something similar at Stanford, but logistics are not as easy there
  6. I think SJSU will be one of the harder teams to predict this year in terms of the cellar dwellers of the MWC. Last year was bad, but the amount of injuries were out of this world. Forcing a not good team to play backups at key positions most of the year. When the team was closer to full strength they hung with USF for about 3 qtrs, beat cal poly 34-13, and Wyo. Now we have an OC with experience, and fingers crossed a healthier team. UC Davis might be better than Cal Poly but they are not traditionally a good FCS team. So I would guess it is unlikely SJSU is the one to lose this game, but would believe they are as likely to have this be their only win, as they are to win 3-4 games.
  7. I hope the answer is nobody. It is never good for the conference when this happens. SJSU won't be good, but bad SJSU teams have beaten better FCS teams in the past. Word or Portland might be pretty good and thus catch even good teams by surprise.
  8. But if you just gave everybody 5 years to play the NCAA would have less to regulate. How would we know they are important if they can't impose their will on a bunch of 18 year olds!
  9. SF-SJSU02

    Top QBs for 2018

    Sounds about right, Aaron was playing much better before he got hurt, but had way to many moments where he looked like a Freshman QB. If he can slow the game down in his head and make better reads I am pretty sure he will be our starter and we could see some strong improvement. I highly doubt Love will be in the running for starter. He has had a handful of starts and really just can't seam to stop turning the ball over, plus his style doesn't really fit with the type of offense SJSU wants to run. My guess is it will be Aaron or one of the RS freshman, with Love handling the #2 spot due to experience.
  10. SF-SJSU02

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    SJSU rested and did not play some of their starters, and I am guessing AF did the same. That is the problem with these late season Out of Conference games, no reason to play them hard when a more important conference series is looming.
  11. SF-SJSU02

    Is the PAC12 on the verge of blowing up? Power 4?

    So if these schools are smart they would add UNLV, why because they have a struggling basketball program that has done little lately and one of the worst FBS football teams in the country? Col st makes little more sense, should they just get these schools because they have new stadiums? Not sure that matters enough. Sure I guess if the Big 12 wanted to get a school in CA and could not pull away a pac12 school then SDSU makes the most sense. However I am not sure how much value that is. Do CA students really need a Big 12 school to be recruited by one?
  12. Love started the season as #1, and ended the season as a backup. It is highly unlikely that he will be the starter this year. Aaron did some things right and some things wrong, they will need more out of him next year, and that is why his spot is not locked down. He played injured for much of the season, and just being healthy could help him improve. Our Offense will look very different we have a new O coordinator.
  13. SF-SJSU02

    In Defense of SJSU's Terrible RPI

    Looks like a league where Zaga and St Mary's go the tournament and everybody else stays home.
  14. SF-SJSU02

    In Defense Of SJSU Basketball Attendance.

    When it comes to bay area sports at any level people only show up if the team is winning. Even the SF Giants stopped selling out their games last year when they started loosing. The other struggle is Bay area Traffic, it is bad and getting worse every year. I would love to go to more SJSU games, but I work and live in SF, If I get off work at 5 I can not get down to SJ in time for a 7pm game. We are talking about a 50 mile or less drive. As you can imagine this keeps a lot of bay area grads away from these games, unless they have something super compelling to watch.
  15. Education wise they are both CSU schools. There are a handful of schools in the top tier of the CSU system SJSU, FSU, SDSU, Cal Poly, and couple others. These schools are well respected in California, and are likely to get you into the job market quickly in their top programs. Schools like Cal state east bay and Stanislaus, are fine but are full commuter schools and probably draw very few students from outside their immediate area. Nobody is falling over grads in pure amazement because of either school so what do you want to major in and where do you want to live. San Jose is the 10th largest city in US, with a giant tech scene, is really close to San Francisco and Santa Cruz, has some of the best weather on the planet, and a very limited number of sheep. I lived in Modesto about an hour north of Fresno on the 99 freeway. Think of it as a smaller nicer Fresno. I would rather move to Tijuana than back to the hell hole that is the central valley. But to each their own.