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  1. Darn that sucks. I really wanted to see him back next year.
  2. And there will be more non UNLV fans than UNLV fans posting in said threads
  3. How’s the knee? Looks like it didn’t keep you down long
  4. Good game CSU. This is the second best team in the conference in my opinion, and one that could steal a bid in the conference tournament. Roddy is a hell of a player. Not looking forward to facing him for three more years
  5. We haven’t had a guard like Hamilton since tre Willis junior year
  6. We are going to lose this game, and it will be because csu was the better team and outplayed the rebels. But the fouls are 19-9 right now, and CSU plays pretty physical defense.
  7. This is getting tough to watch
  8. Good game Reno. You’re guys shot well in the second half
  9. Coleman has played like crap
  10. We’re giving up too many offensive boards on defense and taking too many threes on offense