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  1. Weren’t you also the one who got threatened with legal action for posting pictures of CSU volleyball players butts? Or was that a troll job also?
  2. Rebels are much more creative with the play calling than the previous two staffs
  3. Why would it have UNLV signage? edit: never mind I thought this was just about the practice facility
  4. Hamilton is a pretty good scorer himself. They should both probably be starting
  5. Over the past 5 years unlv basketball has total number of conference wins of 38 which averages out to 7.6 per year wyoming basketball has 45 which averages out to 9 per year unlv football has a total number of conference wins totaling 15 averaging 3 per year wyoming football has 18 averaging out to 3.6 per year unlv basketball over the past 5 years has finished in the top half of the conference once, 6th once, and bottom half three times wyoming has finished in the top half once, 6th twice, bottom twice over the past five years unlv football has finished in the to
  6. I didn’t spend a lot of time researching this so it could be inaccurate but it looks like unlv’s record vs Wyoming in basketball the last five years is 8-3 and the two teams have only played twice in football the last five years??? And the record is tied 1-1
  7. So far hardy seems like he’s regressed. He definitely doesn’t look very comfortable playing point anyway. I’d say Marv should move him off the ball more but we don’t have any other guards
  8. Defensive intensity looks decent. Hopefully they can keep it up
  9. It seems like we are always good for one wtf win every year
  10. I can’t even seem to find a radio stream. They’re doing the football game instead
  11. This thread is awesome! I need to lurk in the non sports forum more often
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