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  1. True. At least we have the Reno game to look forward to. One of the few teams Sanchez doesn’t have a losing record to I think
  2. It’s pretty deflating when you know you’re seasons over after game two.
  3. Ah, gotcha. Well if you ever need a local restaurant recommendation I’ve probably tried most of them.
  4. You live in st George @Meister_Rebel? I thought I was the only rebel fan in this city. And yeah viva chicken is good if you’re into rotisserie . The problem is, I’m more of a fried chicken kinda guy...
  5. I don’t think most unlv fans would be opposed to this.
  6. If we could just get rid of that black wall...
  7. Just couldn’t resist that slow ball over the plate
  8. Sorry, you opened yourself up for that one.