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  1. It’s canada day
  2. Looks like Woodbury to UVU. https://www.ksl.com/article/46574134/transfer-notebook-unlvs-trey-woodbury-commits-to-utah-valley-amid-byu-interest
  3. LOL. What? So you didn't start this little kerfluffle with a dick response to a question that wasn't directed at you? Seriously could you do UNLV fans a favor and quit making every single rebel thread about you. I know its the summer doldrums and all but it would be nice to read a thread without you turning it into a qwelish vs the world thread.
  4. Wow! What’s with the personal attacks? I thought you were above that and only posted FACTS!! I seriously don’t think I’ve ever engaged you on this forum and mostly ignore you and this is why. You’re shtick is tired and old. Get a life
  5. No that was a serious question not an attack. I get the vibe by some of his posts he is a “player (basketball) in Vegas” that’s why I asked. And then you wonder why know one likes you... you’re kind of a dick. Don’t be so salty.
  6. Awesome pickup. If you want to include hardy and diong I’d say coach otz has done a decent job recruiting so far
  7. We need some size for next year. I think all those still in the transfer portal are gonners
  8. You can add Derrick Jones Jr to that list as well.
  9. You bitches are amazing at........well nothing really.
  10. I expect slow, slappy, and boise s to be all over this thread.