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  1. So what’s UNLVs record going to be over the next couple of weeks?
  2. Juiston is anything but a me first, hero ball kinda guy.
  3. Is that what the problem was? I haven’t heard
  4. I hope he’s not out for long though, because we can really use him
  5. This team is turning into a pretty good defensive one
  6. I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious...
  7. That’s two in a row for him! Does that mean the curse has been lifted?
  8. Can’t make a layup to save their life but the effort, intensity, and defense all looked pretty good
  9. I’d love jay hill. He also has shown He can take a mediocre program and turn them into a success. I also wouldn’t mind Brady hoke who also showed he could turn a program around but the AD seems dead set on hiring a coordinator.