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  1. Awesome pickup. If you want to include hardy and diong I’d say coach otz has done a decent job recruiting so far
  2. We need some size for next year. I think all those still in the transfer portal are gonners
  3. You can add Derrick Jones Jr to that list as well.
  4. You bitches are amazing at........well nothing really.
  5. I expect slow, slappy, and boise s to be all over this thread.
  6. There seems to be some jealous people in this thread
  7. Does anyone know if they will be streaming the press conference?
  8. They have you don’t they? With the unlv coach search thread you should be able to cover that easy.
  9. I didn't know Hamilton was. I thought that was new. So how many players do we have left?
  10. Seems like a decent hire to me. A young up and comer that probably would have more attractive offers in a year or two if he keeps winning there. He was known as a good recruiter when he was at Iowa state, it’ll piss their fans off, and he plays uptempo. That’s a lot of boxes checked on my list. He not a big name splashy hire, but either was Chris beard when we hired him and it seemed like a lot of the fan base wasn’t happy with that hire either.