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  1. I’d take Jay Hill. He’s done great at Weber.
  2. And this is after a win. Can you imagine what it will be like after the next loss
  3. How does he not have to sit out a year?
  4. That was a bad loss. No denying that. I also didn’t think k state looked all that great either
  5. That was such a talented team rice had that year. Too bad it ended the way it did
  6. That’s because he’s white
  7. I’m surprised Jonah hasn’t played late here. Especially that last possession of regulation
  8. Speaking of ignorance... Kruger’s name would pop up almost every offseason for p5 schools. @Ernie Baer can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe he turned Oregon down and turned Oklahoma down a couple times until they made him one of the highest paid coaches in college basketball
  9. True. At least we have the Reno game to look forward to. One of the few teams Sanchez doesn’t have a losing record to I think