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  1. This KSL-TV article is not the same thing over and over. It contains a profound nugget of information I have not seen anywhere before. That is why I posted the article. "Stadium's Brett McMurphy reported on Monday that the AAC and BYU were very close before the AAC's last television deal in 2013. According to the source in McMurphy's report, they had too many demands and wanted to be treated differently on TV rights than the other members." The highlighting in blue was done by the author in the original article. No wonder. Its a profound piece of information. It was the only highlighting by the author in his article. So, I don't think it can be said that it will never happen. Regarding this new info in that article, everyone knows BYU has told AAC no to AAC membership. But based on this new info in that article, AAC is also telling BYU no on the basic issue of revenue sharing. How many times have I read posts on this board, over and over and over, that BSU's $1.8M cash grab is not fair? Aresco is building the AAC and, in his own words, "we are going to do it the right way." My guess is that an AAC with BYU would raise the payout per school for all 12 schools.
  2. If BYU were to eventually join AAC, it would keep the MWC in tact and not lose a current member. So it is very relevant to MWC. In addition, an AAC with BYU might just get that P6 designation and an annually secured NY6 bowl. This is good for MWC because it eliminates AAC and MWC (Boise State) from having to fight each other to secure a NY6 bowl spot. A P6 AAC would make a NY6 bowl an annual destination for MWC.
  3. If it should pass that BYU joins AAC, it would be good for MWC as it would keep the conference in tact and not lose Colorado State or Air Force to AAC. Both schools have been grumbling of late of late night starts. Neither school would be not so distant a geography, with the state of Colorado bordering Kansas and Oklahoma. AAC membership would provide BYU access to being in a NY6 Bowl and the AAC Conference Championship Game which drew over 3 million tv viewers. The recent Memphis/SMU game on ABC drew 2.95 million tv viewers. This is more than BYU's game with Southern Cal, also on ABC. 8/29: Utah/BYU, ESPN, 1.68M 9/7: Tennessee, ESPN, 2.17M 9/14: Southern Cal, ABC, 2.67M 9/21: Split Screen, UCF/Pitt and BYU/Washington, 2.55M 10/19: Boise, ESPN2, 571K 11/2: Utah State, ESPN2, 592K 11/9: Liberty, ESPNU, 166K BYU must be given the chance to be part of B12 in 2023/2024 and get that out of their mind. This also applies to UCF and other AAC schools wanting to be in B12. If I were a BYU fan, I would oppose AAC membership 1,000% because the AAC does not have a binding grant of tv rights. Why join a conference like AAC that might fall apart in the future after just a few years after joining it? This is Aresco's greatest problem and Aresco is getting nowhere until the grant of rights is signed by all existing AAC members. This is also true for Colorado State and AFA. So everyone has to go thru that 2023/2024 potential realignment period. In the meantime, AAC needs to stay at 11 and play unbalanced divisions which allows the AAC Conference Championship game to be played in 2022 and beyond. At a minimum, I could see an affiliation like ACC has with Notre Dame. Even mighty Notre Dame quickly discovered it could not have access to good bowls without having a conference affiliation or relationship. And Notre Dame helped ACC secure better bowls. As an aside, Southern Cal and Stanford on BYU's schedule are not home and home. They are 2-1 deals. This is why, in part, schools like Idaho State, Toledo, Liberty, and UMass appear on the BYU schedule.
  4. Thanks for sharing. The two sports announcers are basically saying the same thing as the author of the KSL-TV article.
  5. AAC should stay at 11 teams with two unbalanced divisions until 2023/2024 when conference TV contracts run out. BYU might join AAC if it doesn't get into a P5 conference. Evidently, BYU was close to joining AAC in 2013 when the AAC TV contract was $2.1million per school. The author states that it has been estimated BYU makes $800,000 to $1,200,000 per BYU Telecast. With the new AAC contract $7M per school, the difference in monies is not so great, but the BYU/ESPN contract amount has never been confirmed. AAC will play with 11 teams in 2020 and 2021. There is only a 2 year gap to 2023 and 2024 and B12 expansion would probably be determined a year before 2023. AAC can retain its Conference Championship Game with 11 teams and two unbalanced divisions. As stated by a BYU poster on the AAC board, scheduling with unbalanced divisions is no more difficult than scheduling within a 11 team AAC conference with no divisions. SHOULD BYU CONSIDER A MOVE TO THE AAC? by Mitch Harper, KSL-TV, June 24, 2019 "College sports fans brace yourselves. News surfaced over the weekend that the University of Connecticut was leaving the American Athletic Conference for the Big East Conference." "The Cougars name is, of course, being tossed around as a possible replacement for UConn as a football-only member by various outlets." "But again, would BYU be interested?" "Stadium's Brett McMurphy reported on Monday that the AAC and BYU were very close before the AAC's last television deal in 2013. According to the source in McMurphy's report, they (BYU) had too many demands and wanted to be treated differently on TV rights than other members." "Holmoe and former BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall expressed early in independence that the independent path was not sustainable. But now BYU's AD has shown no signs of wavering from independence in recent years." "BYU's partnership with ESPN has never been lauded as a financial boom for the Cougars. Bronco Mendenhall said in 2014 the biggest value to the BYU-ESPN partnership was the network helping BYU get games as an independent. The first ESPN contract has been estimated to pay out BYU $800,000 to $1.2 million per home game, but those amounts have never been confirmed." "BYU is going to want options. Ideally, for BYU, the next TV deal with ESPN is a short-term one that pairs up with when Power Five TV contracts expiring in 2023 and 2024 and give the Cougars improved matchups and payouts in future bowl seasons." "BYU's goal with independence back in 2011 was to use the independence platform as a launching pad into a Power Five conference and to gain access and exposure." "BYU needs to remain a FBS independent for the time being. The scheduling aspect of independence has gone better than anyone could have imagined as the Cougars continue to line up home-and-home's against Power Five programs. The money is significantly better than the Moutain West days but also would appear to be higher than programs in the Group of Five today." "Stay the path with independence for now and then re-evaluate options when TV contracts are up in 2023 and 2024. A move to another conference prior to those Power Five TV deals expiring would be premature on BYU's part and that is a move the Cougars can't ultimately afford."
  6. I was surprised to find the above post in this thread as I did not put it here. Isaiah Hill, the point guard from California, has proved to be a stud. Tulsa has verballed one player for the 2020 class, 3-Star Keshawn Williams, and has 2 more scholarships to give. Keshawn Williams is a 6-2, 175 pound guard from Chicago. His offers include Colorado, Colorado State, DePaul, Kansas State, West Virgina, Loyola of Chicago, St. Louis, Missouri State. Williams is the third ranked player in Illinois high school basketball. Other recruiting class rankings Memphis, 1 Cincinnati, 44 VCU, 51 (Might end up in AAC someday) Houston, 62 Utah State, 65 SMU, 69 Fresno State, 70 ECU, 78 Colorado State, 80 UCF, 89 NM, 92 Temple, 98 Tulane, 100 I did not go below 100. Wichita State is not listed but they had their 2 best recruiting classes ever after it was announced the Shockers were joining AAC.
  7. Unranked 3-4 BYU 28, over ranked #21 Boise State 25 Oklahoma and the 7 Dwarfs. Clemson and the 13 Dwarfs. Boise State and the 11 Dwarfs.
  8. There was another bowl game between BYU and Tulsa that I remember well. What I remember is BYU pretty much controlled the entire game and won. Tulsa was not competitive in that game. Towards the end, a BYU player intercepted a Tulsa pass and had clear sailing for a touchdown. He ran the ball about 10 yards and then kneeled on the ground, thus giving up a sure thing Pick 6. Tremendous sportmanship and a class act, for sure.
  9. I don't follow Learfield so I am not real familiar with it and how it is compiled. But since joining AAC, Tulsa has won 16 conference championships, second to Houston for most in the league in that span, and has had 18 second place finishes. Tulsa finished as the top ranked conference school in the final Learfield Cup standings in 2016-17. Tulsa U's olympic sports facilities are very nice. TU has hosted the NCAA Mens' and Womens' Tennis Championships. TU and the city of Tulsa have hosted NCAA Golf championship.
  10. PAC-12 SHOWING NO SIGNS OF ENDING REIGN AS CFB'S WORST POWER 5 CONFERENCE, Bleacher Report, By David Kenyon, January 2, 2019 * Lowest nonconference winning % among P5. * No conference has missed the National College Football Playoff more than PAC. * PAC-12 network is not available on DirecTV, You Tube TV, or U-Verse. The lost revenue is enormous. * If selling equity in the PAC TV Network is such a wonderful idea, wouldn't we see other P5 conferences doing it too? * The PAC Conference Championship Game struggles. The PAC attendance average is 47,000 and has never exceeded 60,000. (The 2018 PAC Conference Championship game drew 35,134 and the AAC Championship Game drew 38,831). * This year's PAC Conference Championship Game drew the lowest TV audience among P5 despite the absence of any competing P5 Championship game. 2018 Conference Championship TV Ratings: SEC, 17.5M B12, 10.2M B1G, 8.7M ACC, 4.2M PAC, 4.1M AAC, 3.3M (80% of PAC and 79% of ACC) MWC, 1.0M AAC = POW6R
  11. The fact that the MWC will do no streaming in the upcoming TV contract implies that there are not enough dollars in the contract to cover production costs. So the MWC must be as MWC Commissioner previously stated and quoted in the Coloradoan that the monies will be less than what Hawaii receives in its current TV contract which is $2.3 million.
  12. 2019 Boise State Football Opponents: AFA, 7-2 (Beaten by Navy, 34-25) Wyoming, 6-2 (Beaten by the worst team in America) Marshall, 6-3 Hawaii, 6-4 BYU, 5-4 (Unranked team that has lost to 6-4 Toledo & 4-5 USF) Florida State, 5-5 (Coach fired mid-season) Utah State, 5-4 Portland State, 5-6 Colorado State, 4-5 New Mexico, 0-5 UNLV, 0-5 Western MWC Division not scheduled: SDSU, 7-2; NV, 6-4, FSU, 4-5.
  13. Boise plays in a much easier conference. Reminds me of the moniker of the old Big 8. Its Oklahoma U and the 7 dwarfs. When Nebraska became a power house, then the moniker became Oklahoma and Nebraska and the 6 dwarfs. If Tulsa was in MWC, Tulsa undoubtedly would be bowl eligible.