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  1. That is a good question for which i do not have a good answer. It is a question raised at Haith's hiring by most Tulsa fans. Tulsa's previous Athletic Director was an assistant athletic director at Notre Dame. It was a perfect fit, as Tulsa is a private school maintaining its strong Presbyterian heritage and roots, a situation similar to Notre Dame. The current Athletic Director came from the Eastern Michigan University. Tulsa's overall athletic program continues to have success that would not be expected from this tiny school But the current Athletic Director was the one who hired both the current basketball and football coaches, the most visible sports programs. The ire of most Tulsa fans today is directed at the current Athletic Director.
  2. Nevada crushed California Baptist 90-55 whereas Tulsa struggled to beat California Baptist 82-79. The Tulsa coach drives me nuts. Tulsa will go on a run, the coach calls time out, and substitutes two or three players...and sits down the TU players that were making their shots during the run. I have never seen a coach who substitutes wholesale so often during the game such that the team cannot get into a rythm. Tulsa does not have a tall line up and their outside shooting is streaky. Nevada should win and it would not surprise me to see a larger margin than 15 points.
  3. Utah State is looking very, very good. If USU, FSU, and UCF win all their remaining games, it would not surprise me to see either USU or FSU in the NYD6 Bowl.
  4. Too bad the viewership is not available for both games. I don't understand why this data is not available. But the signifcance of the Split Screen telecasts is that super aggressive AAC Commissioner Aresco and the AAC has kicked PAC out of USA's most lucrative market. The South TV region accounts for 37.7% of USA population. Aresco cleverly negotiated these Split Screen telecasts, it appears, into AAC's first TV contract. So what Aresco is doing is pushing ACC onto the national ABC telecasts....by pushing PAC out of the way. Nine of ACC's 12 schools are in the lucrative South TV market. Here is the USA population breakdown from Census.gov. Northeast: 17.5% Midwest: 21.1% West: 23.6% South: 37.7% B1G added Rutgers and Maryland because the Midwest population is declining. In the meatime, the population is growing in the South. Regarding your statement most South fans were watch Georgia/LSU, you have no data to support that statement. Certainly, the Georgia/LSU game had a large TV audience. But the AAC has its fans and now has many TV telecasts drawing more than a million people. And the AAC has done this going up not only SEC but BiG and Big12.
  5. The Massey Ratings for one year are irrelevant. The issue is over a period of years. UConn, ECU, and Tulsa are struggling with their football programs. UConn fired their old coach and ECU soon will. Tulsa will probably give its current coach one more year. It is a coaching issue at these three schools and not an issue of not being able to recruit quality players as these three programs are proven programs that are competitive. I have no clue what is going on at Tulane. MWC has New Mexico (3-5), AFA (3-5), CSU (3-6), Wyoming (3-6), SJSU (1-7), and UNLV (2-6). These six programs are irrelevant or headed to irrelevancy.....and not just for one year. Whether a new coach can turn these programs around, who knows?
  6. All data taken from Sports Media Watch WEEK 1 WKU/Wisconsin, 1.409M, ESPN SDSU/Stanford, 596K, FS1 Army/Duke, 503K, ESPNU WEEK 2 TCU/SMU, 1,076M, ESPN2 WEEK 3 Georgia State/Memphis, 790K, ESPN WEEK 4 Washington State/USC, 1.644M, ESPN FAU/UCF, 1.295M, ESPN Penn State/Illinois, 1.170M, ESPN WEEK 5 UCLA/Colorado, 840K, FS1 Memphis/Tulane, 738K, ESPN2 WEEK 6 Georgia Tech/Louisville, 996K, ESPN Utah State/BYU, 617K, ESPN WEEK 7 USF/Tulsa, 1.170M, ESPN Arizona/Utah, 1.011M, ESPN WEEK 8 Colorado State/Boise State, 420K, ESPN2 WEEK 9 Miami/Boston College, 1.360M, ESPN Utah/UCLA, 701K, ESPN Indiana/Minnesota, 335K, FS1
  7. With the Temple/UCF Thursday game probably getting very high ratings, the AAC now has the #1, #2, #3, and #4 highest ranked Thursday G5 games on ESPN. Games involving Tulsa are ranked #2 and #3. Tulsa's lowest ranked Thursday game against Houston of 562K ranked ahead of California/Arizona (406K, FS1, Saturday), Kansas State/Baylor (317K, FS1. Saturday), and SDSU/Boise (269K, ESPNU, Saturday) played that same weekend.
  8. Given all the (monopolistic) advantage P5 schools have given to themselves, any G5 victory over any P5 school is a very strong accomplishment.
  9. It is interesting to observe the comments on the Temple/UCF game. UCF is being criticized by MWC fans as being a poor team because the Knights did not win by a big margin. MWC fans refuse to recognize that Temple has righted its ship from the beginning of the season and is now a good football team, beating Maryland at Maryland. The Temple/UCF game, like many AAC games, was a competitive game of two good football teams. The AAC has depth, unlike the MWC, and you are not going to get so many runaway winning margins in the AAC. The bottom half of the MWC teams cannot compete with the top half of MWC teams, so you get runaway large winning margins in the MWC, for example, Fresno 27, Wyoming 3. Mutang's data documented this. This is not true in the AAC. The lower half of AAC football teams are capable of giving the top half a strong tussle on any game.
  10. I agree. It appears to me that Houston is the best AAC team.
  11. The game began 7:30 PST in a state with almost 40 million residents. 128K? Another reason contributing to the low viewership is, as your data illustrates, there is a gulf between the top MWC teams and the bottom MWC teams. Who wants to watch a noncompetitive game? Fresno 27, Wyoming 3. The primary point being missed is that the AAC has shown, given a comparable broadcast platform similar to B12 and PAC, the AAC is capable of cranking out some good viewership numbers, something the MWC has not proved.
  12. Week 4: FAU/UCF, 1.295M, ESPN, Friday Week 7: UCF/Memphis: 2.99M, ABC, Saturday Week 7: Wyoming/Fresno State, 128K, ESPNU, Saturday
  13. This data illustrates the noncompetitive gulf between the top half of the MWC teams versus the bottom half. MWC conference games are not competitive but often times blowouts. MWC has two teams with two P5 victories, SDSU and FSU. AAC has five teams with five P5 victories, UCF, USF, Temple, Cincy, and Houston. The AAC has an inventory of competitive conference games that boost TV ratings.
  14. I did not post the ESPN TV ratings. That was another person. I do find them interesting and follow them weekly. Regarding your statement that I have put in bold, I never said that. The one thing just about every poster agrees is that each conference has their own geography, and that geography is irrelevant to other conferences. Besides, your statement is nonsensical. AAC would have to start games 10:30 PM at night in order to fit into the western TV time slots. Any conference, whether P5 or G5, will succeed or fail based on its fan base within its alumni and geography.
  15. College sports is a business. One cannot have a short meeting in an airport and successfully build a conference. There was probably never as deep of marriage of arrogance and stupidity as there was at the Denver Airport. The failures of that meeting was based on the inability of those present to recognize their current weaknesses and to forsee the troubles emerging beyond the horizon. These mistakes were compounded by not hiring a MWC Commissioner with extensive TV experience like AAC Commissioner Aresco who worked in sports programming or an associate or assistant commissioner from a P5 Conference, probably someone form BiG or SEC. The negative fallout of that meeting continues today. The MWC was not able to attract Gonzaga, and the MWC will probably lose both its PAC bowl opponent and the Vegas Bowl as the PAC would love to have a P5 opponent. The current MWC TV contract is low both in dollars and exposure. How does one begin to strengthen the MWC? First, send Wyoming to where it belongs, the Big SKy Conference. This is an artificial program pumped up by a state legislature willing to spend millions of dollars on it. BUt the Wyoming state legislature cannot buy MWC a tv audience, so, in a sense, the other 11 MWC schools end up subsidizing Wyoming along with its state legislature. This leaves MWC with 11 football teams and just stay at that number and abolish the divisions and play 9 conference games. This increases the matchups of more attractive games for TV, that is more games among SDSU, FSU, UU, and BSU. Second, make AFA football only. This action, along with dumping Wyoming, opens up two basketball slots. Third, the MWC should recognize its weakness and invite BYU for its olympic sports. MWC needs to swallow its foolish pride. So some kind of arrangement similar to what ACC has done with Notre Dame. This not only adds a strong basketball program, but provides a mechanism to pry Gonzaga from WCC. Remember how PAC invited Colorado, thinking this action might priy Texas and Oklahoma away from B12 into PAC? It didn't work because the Longhorns wanted their TV Network....but it was a good strategy. The MWC could send out two invitations, one to Gonzaga, and s second conditional invite to one of the more prominent WCC teams or Seattle University or University of British COlumbia. Tell Gonzaga that if they refuse to accept the MWC in a stated period of time, then the invite goes to the second school. Gonzaga will lost two top opponents from the WCC, BYU and whatever. The idea is to make Gonzaga's continued membership in WCC untenable....by killing off the WCC ESPN TV contract. In fact, go to 14 basketball schools (if the TV money is there) and invite 2 more of the better WCC schools and just kill that conferene, period. The MWC then sort of becomes in basketball terms the "Big East" of the West. AAC just added Wichita State which has played in the NCAA tournament each year from 2012 to 2018, a total of 17 games earning about $27 million for its conference. What if MWC could do this with BYU and another basketball school? Hmmm......$27 million X two basketball schools potentially equals $54 million. Is wyoming really worth $54 million to its MWC members? Fourth, fire your Sun Belt Commissioner and hire an agressive knowledgeable commissioner like the AAC has. There is more turmoil ahead. One last point. MWC fooled around, consumed by its false importance, and let WIchita State slip away. If the MWC continues to fool around with BYU with MWC' foolish pride, the MWC might just drive BYU into the AAC. Finally, a thank you from yours truly to all the Airport Boyz. The decisions made at that time were greatly unsettling and fraught with danger for the Texas Schools and Tulsa. But it has placed those schools in a much better position than the WAC, MWC, or whatever materializes out west could ever hope to offer.