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  1. My point is that blaming ESPN+ for increasing costs to watch college sports in not valid. The various P5 schools realize there is money to be made and, if ESPN+ wasn't there, the individual P5 schools would jump in and charge high fees for viewing. Just like the PAC tried to do with its conference network. Greed abounds.
  2. If a school doubled its recruiting budget, its fans would cheer in glee. Having the possibilities of ESPN+ for Non-P5 schools generates support from fans and is a great recruiting tool. Recall it was the recruiting threat of the Longhorn Network that drove TAMU so beserk that the Aggies withdrew from the B12. Tulsa ranks #2 in AAC because of its strong olympic sports program. TU recruits nationally and internationally for its olympic sports. ESPN+ will be a great recruiting boost for its olympic sports as well as football and basketball. ESPN+ will be put in place for football and men's basketball. Does each school put in the equipment and staffing for these two sports.....and then let everything sit idle for the rest of the year? I don't think so. Perhaps New Mexico State's AggieVision is the better comparable than Longhorn Network. Then too, like the Longhorn network, academics and general university happenings will probably be part of ESPN+. Bite in the ass? A bite in the rear end is not having a broadcast outlet like ESPN+ to compete with P5 conference networks. With its $7M TV contract, each school should have both more money for implementing ESPN+ and still have a whole lot of money leftover for coaches salaries, recruiting costs, and athletic facilities. My guess is MWC is going to receive an enhanced TV contract with monies and support that will more than cover the cost of implementing ESPN+ for each MWC school.
  3. Greed exists throughout mankind. It has already happened in your lifetime. The University of Oklahoma charged its fans $50 to watch the South Dakota football game a couple weeks ago on PPV.
  4. Do you have a link? I have not seen anything about Aresco regarding renting, leasing, or buying broadcast equipment. The Aresco statements I have read have been broad and general without specifics, that AAC conference officials and ESPN are working with individual schools but ultimately it is up to each school to figure out how it wants to go forward. Student volunteers are a must to make it work financially. That we can all agree. It would be nice if Aresco would be more specific about costs and the process of each school building its broadcast facilities....but he hasn't. He has been pretty mum. If I were an AAC AD, I would visit Memphis U and UCF as both schools have broadcast facilities in place within their communications department and visit other schools like the MAC to see what they have done and what all this stuff costs.
  5. It is vitally important to the MWC that SJSU becomes a consistently good sports program. The Arkansas win reminded me of when SJSU beat an undefeated TCU team. The SJSU stadium was rocking and rolling that evening. Good luck to SJSU and hope to watch you in a bowl.
  6. Aresco indicated that outside assistance will be hired for AAC ESPN+ football games and all conference championship games excluding football and basketball which will be handled by ESPN/ABC. My guess here is that Aresco is seeking broadcast quality as a priority over reducing expense for ESPN+ football games and olympic conference championship games. It will be up to individual schools to decide their arrangement for broadcast facilities and equipment. ESPN will provide some money (unknown how much as it was not publicly released) and technical advisory assistance. UCF and Memphis, both with large entertainment industries, are pretty much already set up.
  7. Wasn't that basically the PAC strategy in developing its own conference TV network? It appears that hasn't worked out so well.
  8. SMU 41, TCU 38 Poor Jared! Talk about throwing a flame at the most inopportune time.
  9. Two very good defensive teams and two very inconsistent offensive teams on display this Saturday. It was about the most physical game I have witnessed in a long time. Both teams were motivated and came to play. My observation is that Wyoming's wide receivers are a much bigger problem than quarterback. Wyoming's WRs dropped or failed to catch about a half dozen very catchable passes. Add those muffed passes to Wyoming's QB statistics and they would look similar to TU QB passing statistics. Penalties took away a couple completed passes for Wyoming, one was for a long gain. So I don't view the Wyoming QB as critically as some Cowboy fans do. Tulsa has solved its QB and WR problems that has plagued the team the last two years. The issue this year is TU's young offensive line which includes one senior, three redshirt sophmores, and one redshirt freshman. They could not consistently block Wyoming. Is it a question of lack of experience or lack of talent? Who knows? I think or guess that TU's defensive backs became a little too smitten with themselves and/or quit respecting Wyoming's QB and the completed passes for huge gains at the end of the game resulted. Tulsa will be off next Saturday. It could not have come at a better time to recoup. WIth 3 wins in the bank, Wyoming should become bowl eligible but, as a few Wyoming fans have already stated, each game will be a challenge for the Cowboys. Tulsa? With a strong AAC/West without any weak teams plus UCF and Cincinnati for division crossover opponents, Tulsa may end up with its third straight losing season and Coach Montgomery, in the last year of his contract, would be likely fired. There will be a lot of pressure from Tulsa alumni and donors to go after Todd Graham who had a super successful run at TU. The best news is that Wyoming's offensive guard who was taken off the field by an ambulance after taking a hit was medically cleared to fly home with the team. A few years ago, a Tulane player, Devon Walker, took a hit at Tulsa and has been in a wheel chair ever since. He controls his wheelchair by blowing into a tube. A hush fell over the Tulsa fans at the Wyoming game and I am sure they were thinking what I was thinking.....I hope this is not a repeat of the Tulane player. Some things are not nearly as important as we think they are. He graduated with a BS in molecular biology from Tulane and then obtained his masters in the same field after his inury. Quite an outstanding individual to not give up. FROM WIKIPEDIA Devon Walker was injured on September 8, 2012 during a game against Tulsa when he graduated in May when he collided with a Tulane teammate and injured his C4 vertebrae. He was paralyzed from the neck down.
  10. SEC and B1G have TV power and can flaunt it with the various broadcast outlets. Not so the B12. Recall that FOX dumped the B12 Championship Game that it was broadcasting every other year in conjunction with ESPN because FOX was losing money on it. Can you envision the SEC Championship game or the B1G Championship game + tv games being dropped as what happened to B12? B12 threw ESPN a bone? Really? Oklahoma State had the McNeese game and now KSU on ESPN+, which is 1/3 of OSU's home games. My guess is you are going to see more of that for all B12 schools and see it sooner rather than later. 1/3 is not too different than AAC's 1/2. I cited AAC and B12, the two conferences with the two newest contracts with ESPN, not for monies involved but the direction of broadcasting--from linear to digital via ESPN+. I did not make any other comparisons including monies involved. The Big 12 is only marginally interested in ESPN+? Really? All Big 12 public announcements out of the commissioner's office are totally opposite of your statement. To repeat myself, the B12 does not have the TV cache that SEC and B1G have. That, and throw in the fact of the Longhorn Network, the B12 has never even come close to developing a conference wide TV network that it desparately wanted as SEC, B1G, ACC, and PAC. Big 12 simply has no bones to throw to anyone. The B12 commissioner and the B12 Athletic Directors have been touting the ESPN+ as a "conference network" that is better than the other P4 conference networks because it allows much, much, much more programming for each and every school. I am going to repeat something I posted previously. Oklahoma State built a $9M studio and broadcast facilities located in T. Boone Pickens Football Stadium. OSU was producing programs but could not get them broadcasted. Why? FOX Sports Southwest and FOX Sports Oklahoma carried programming from Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and the Oklahoma Sooner Sports Network. There was very little space left for Oklahoma State and their programming. Not true anymore with ESPN+. Oklahoma State is absolutely delighted with ESPN+. Oklahoma State will now have more programming available to its fans than the Longhorn Network and the OU Sports Network. Oklahoma State is also thrilled because now its strong wrestling program, almost totally shut out of tv broadcasts, will have each and ever wrestling match on ESPN+. And my hope was realized. Based on an article in the Oklahoma media, all sports telecasts will be archived for later viewing. The various media in Oklahoma have had a ton of articles regarding the shifting of OSU/KSU to ESPN+ and many articles about ESPN+. There was one interesting story. ESPN introduced ESPN2 but it wasn't being picked up by the various cable and satellite outlets. So what did ESPN do? ESPN shifted some of their top games from ESPN to ESPN2! This shifting of the OSU/KSU game to ESPN+ is historic....it is the first true college game of national interest from linear to digital. As the article stated, today there is no differentiation between ESPN and ESPN2. So ESPN is using the same strategy for ESPN+. There is even a bigger indicator of the shift from linear to ESPN+. Many of the better B12 basketball games have shifted to ESPN+ this season. For example, the Georgetown at Oklahoma State basketball game will be on ESPN+. The shift to ESPN+ is happening quicker than any of us every thought. For the Non-P5 schools and TCU and Oklahoma State, ESPN+ is a game changer and gives all schools a more equal footing to school like Texas and Oklahoma. SMU will benefit greatly from ESPN+, and I suspect that is the source of your angst. ESPN+ helps close the recruiting gap between P5 and G5 schools. ESPN+ will reduce the recruiting advantage the PAC with its conference network has over MWC currently when MWC renegotiates its tv contract. The AAC has greatly benefited from ESPN+ and so will MWC. It will be interesting to watch this ESPN+ play out. I just wonder, for example, if more spaces on linear TV will become available to the Non-P5 schools as P5 games are shifted to ESPN+ similar to SEC, B1g, PAC, and ACC games shifted to their conference networks? AAC increased its linear tv broadcast about 50% in its just completed contract and I have to think TV space made available by the conference networks played into this. I am guessing ESPN+ will make more linear tv spots available for G5 schools. The AAC has greatly benefited from ESPN+ and without a doubt so will MWC. All the benefits realized by AAC and B12 from ESPN+ will also be realized by MWC.
  11. This is also how I feel. ESPN+ gives the non-P5 schools exposure not available on linear TV. Regarding increased costs for ESPN+, yes, that will happen. But who cares whether one pays a fee to cable or satellite TV....or to ESPN+? In the meantime, ESPN+ will provide many more telecasts of football and basketball games not otherwise available via linear tv. Generally, a cable or satellite subscription with some kind of sports package will run $100/month. So, for the four football months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec), the total cost for college football season is $400 and $1,200 for the year of 12 months.. For the time being, ESPN+ is $50/year. I watch linear TV for two reasons, news and college sports. The news, whether liberal or conservative, is garbage and I no longer watch the news like I used to. So, for me, it comes down to college sports, primarily football. As soon Big 12 and AAC put most of their programming on ESPN+, I am giving up linear TV. In talking with friends, most of them feel the same way. My guess is that once ESPN+ is up and running with lots of good programming, cable and satellite TV subscriptions are going to take a huge dive right away.
  12. AT&T EXPLORES PARTING WAYS WITH DirectTV Wall Street Journal, By Shalini Ramachandran and Drew Fitzgerald, Sept 18, 2019 AT&T is exploring parting with its DirecTV unit, people familiar with the matter said, a sharp reversal from Chief Executive Stephenson's strategy to make the $49 billion bet on the satellite provider a key piece of the phone giant's future. AT&T acquired DirecTV in 2015 for $49 billion. The company's shrinking satellite business is under a microscope after activist Elliott Management Corp disclosed a $3.2 billion stake in AT&T last week and released a report pushing for strategic changes. Elliott has told investors that AT&T should unload DirecTV, the Wall Street Journal has previously reported.
  13. (The AAC TV contract and now this moving of the OSU/KSU football game indicate what is to come in the future, maybe much sooner than anticipated by sports fans. Both AAC and B12 are touting ESPN+ as their conference network, not only equivalent to PAC, SEC, ACC, and B1G conference networks but superior because ESPN+ allows for many, many more sports events to be telecast as well as coach and player interviews, playbacks, etc. as well as general college information and academic programs. ESPN+ allows each college to have its version of the Longhorn Network.) BIG 12 EXPLAINS MOVING OSU VS KSU TO ESPN+ Heartland Sports, by Pete Munde, Sept 18, 2019 Some Big 12 fans are outraged Oklahoma State (3-0) and Kansas State (3-0) on Sept 28 has been moved to ESPN+. Why? I am not sure why. All signs pointed in this direction when the deal was announced at Big 12 Media Days. TV networks know the cable bundle is dying and want you to pay for their own digital properties. The more quality content they put on these, the more people who will pay for it. The Tulsa World reached out to the Big 12 for comment on the decision and associate commissioner Bob Burda replied via email: "In talking with our ESPN partners, it was agreed that there is an opportunity to continue growing the new Big 12 on ESPN platform in this first year." Burda added that the conference was approached by ESPN to add inventory to ESPN+. The OSU vs KSU game was eligible to be moved and the Big 12 signed off. ESPN wisely saw the game as an attractive way to promote its digital platform, which it is. None of this is changing any time soon, in fact, this is the wave of the future. When the cable bundle ultimately unravels, you will pick and choose everything to pay and watch a la carte. So it is probably best to just get on with it.
  14. All data as published by Sports Media Watch (SMW). Many games are not reported by SMW, primarily ESPNU and CBSSN games. Mountain West Conference Home/Neutral Site Games: 8/20: Colorado State/Colorado (Denver), ESPN, 1.28M Mountain West Conference Away Games: 8/31: Fresno State @Southern Cal, ESPN, 1.65M 8/31: Boise State @Florida State, ESPNews, 1.19M (Hurricane forced game to ESPNews. The 1.19M TV viewership must be regarded as remarkably strong given the game was forced to ESPNews. TV viewership would have been very, very higher if the game had been kept on ESPN. Second game in a row where weather disrupted a BSU game. Last year is was Boston College in the First Responder Bowl.) American Athletic Conference Home Games: 8/31: Ole Miss @Memphis, ABC, 1.88M 8/30: Wisconsin @USF, ESPN, 1.8M 8/29: UCLA @Cincinnati, ESPN, 1.63M American Athletic Conference Away Games: 9/1: Houston @Oklahoma, ABC, 5.44M 8/30: Tulsa @Michigan State, FS1, 939K Brigham Young University: 8/29: Utah @BYU, ESPN, 1.6M
  15. Playing 9:15PM/9:30PM football games on a Thursday night makes one wonder what BYU really brings to the table. Just wonder what the TV ratings will look like for this game. Fans can sleep in Saturday morning after watching a late Friday night game....but Thursday? I find it interesting that ESPN selected Colorado/Colorado State for the late Friday game....over BYU/Utah. For AAC, does it really want to play 9:15PM/9:30PM late night Thursday games in Provo? It appears to me that playing good non-conference games and keeping conference schedule to 8 games has a better payoff in TV viewership and building a program and conference than adding BYU. I am no longer so sure about AAC adding BYU as I once was. Stay at 11 for the next few years and let things (B12 Expansion, 8 team National Playoff) sort themselves out....and then AAC can decide about membership additions, if any. As an aside, AAC continues to build. Tulane had a very good win against FIU.