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  1. Based on my Facial Recognition software scan, its BSU President Kustra minutes after the $1.8M cash grab.
  2. For SDSU, Jack of all trades and master of none. That SDSU has a combined winning percentage second only to Ohio State is not a documentation of the athletic prowness of SDSU. Rather, it is an indictment of the MWC where the bottom half of its teams are noncompetitive. 2008 Frisco Bowl: Ohio 27, SDSU 0.
  3. BASKETBALL RECRUITING RANKINGS TOP 100 PER 247 SPORTS: Nine of 12 AAC schools are ranked in the Top 100. The exceptions are Tulane, USF, and Cincinnati. Memphis 1 UConn 19 Wichita State 38 Houston 58 Utah State 60 SMU 65 Colorado State 71 UCF 80 Fresno State 82 ECU 83 Tulsa 84 Temple 93 BYU 95
  4. BASKETBALL RECRUITING RANKINGS BY AAC DIVISION PER 247 SPORTS TOP 100 ONLY: AAC/West Division: Memphis 1 Wichita State 38 Houston 58 SMU 65 Tulsa 84 Tulane AAC/East Division: UConn 19 UCF 80 ECU 83 Temple 93 Cincinnati South Florida
  5. Tulsa is trying to get its house in order regarding its basketball and football coaches. This is the last year of the current football coach's contract. If he doesn't produce, he is out and many Tusa fans are very much in favor of hiring former Tulsa football coach Todd Graham. On the basketball front, Frank Haith, the current coach, has caught a tremendous amount of flak from dissatisfied Tulsa fans. Haith had one more year left on his contract and it was feared by Tulsa administration that this would put Tulsa basketball recruiting at a severe disadvantage. Who wants to commit to a school where the sports boards are full of posts to fire the coach? So Tulsa extended Haith's contract for two years (at a reduced salary) and replaced two assistants with former Tulsa players known for their recruiting abilities. Tulsa now has 3 former players as assistants. These two moves have paid off on the basketball recruiting front. Tulsa has put together a strong recruiting class, based primarily on transfers and includes three 4-Star players. But the best recruit is probably 3-Star Emmanuel Ugboh, Center/PF, 6-11, 250, Iowa Western JUCO. Ugboh's offers included UCONN, Miami (FL), Pitt, Washington State, Arizona, Kansas State, LSU, Nebraska, Ole MIss, Rutgers, and others. This Tulsa class will not be highly rated because it includes 3 transfers and one JUCO. Two of the transfers were formerly recruited by Tulsa. Three recruits resulted because of coaching changes at other schools. This Tulsa class could be the 4th best class in AAC behind Memphis, UCONN, and WIchita State. But let's see if Haith can coach these players to success??? The depth of AAC basketball with several strong teams plus the TV exposure provided by AAC's new TV contract probably helped Tulsa with recruiting. Every recruit's parents and family will be able to watch their son play via ESPN and ESPN+. Other P5 conferences cannot use lack of TV exposure to recruit against AAC any more. TULSA BASKETBALL FINALIZES BEST SIGNING CLASS IN RECENT HISTORY, Tulsa World, May 7, 2019, by Kelly HInes "In the past 50 days, Haith and Shea Seals, the lone remaining assistant on the staff, hit the recruiting trail hard. The result was one of the best signing classes in recent history, including a trio of 4-Star prospects." "Five players were added by the Hurricane during the spring signing period: Arkansas transfer guard Embery-Simpson, Georgia Tech transfer guard Curtis Haywood II, former LSU guard Brandon Rachal, junior college center Emmanuel Ugboh and Kansas high school forward Josh Earley." "They join November signee Isaiah Hill, a point guard from California."
  6. Since the Poinsetta Bowl due to lack of interest in MWC football, it is definitely Boston that is the far better site for a bowl. 2018 Frisco Bowl: Ohio 27, SDSU 0. It is 1,374 miles from San Diego to Frisco. Okay, then, you got the better of me. I admit Aztecs won't travel to Tulsa but will travel to Frisco.
  7. 2018 Frisco Bowl: Ohio 27, SDSU 0? Hmmmm. Would that be those Aztecs from SDSU in the MWC? Goodness gracious, it is! Why are the Aztecs doing1,374 miles from home?
  8. Potato Bowl played outside....in Spuds CIty....in December....versus the MAC? Naaaaahhhh! AAC adds another bowl against P5 opponent! Speaking of not giving a single fxxx.... Holiday Bowl in San Diego? Copper Bowl? Freedom Bowl? Vegas Bowl? Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego? That's 0 for 2 in San Diego, MWC's primary warm weather site. Do you realize that nobody in San Diego give a singe fxxx about MWC football? MTN TV?
  9. And, according to Stunner, BYU is not renewing with the Hawaii Bowl after 2019.
  10. I agree. Of the 4 bowls in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area, the Frisco Bowl is the weakest. Move it to Globe Life Field, which would be a great setting for an AAC/BYU bowl game, if indeed that bowl comes to pass. Anyway, we should have an answer to this riddle by end of May.
  11. Holiday Bowl? Copper Bowl? Freedom Bowl? Las Vegas Bowl? Poinsietta Bowl? MTN TV?
  12. BYU has played in 7 bowls since 2011 when the Cougars withdrew from the MWC. Four of those seven bowls are no longer in existence or have new conference affiliations locking BYU out. If BYU is to upgrade its bowl possibilities and opponents, the Cougars will need to look east. 2011: Armed Forces 2012: Poinsettia (No longer in existence) 2013: Fight Hunger (Renamed Redbox Bowl. Locked out due to PAC/B1G agreement) 2014: Miami Beach (Now Frisco Bowl, AAC VS At-Large) 2015: Las Vegas (Locked out due to PAC/B1G/SEC agreement) 2016: Poinsettia (No longer in existence) 2018: Potato
  13. The Vegas, Hoiday, Belk, Gator, Music, Arizona and Outback Bowls have made changes for the upcoming 6 year cycle. Three new bowls have been added, Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, and Fenway Park. The hardest hit bowl may be the Independence Bowl. More changes may yet occur in this bowl cycle when final announcements will be made end of May.
  14. This is probably too nice of an arena to pass up. For example, the Boston College/Boise State bowl game was cancelled shortly after it started due to bad weather. Probably move an existing bowl to Globe Life Field and rename the bowl. Nothing is fixed in concrete or sacred any more. The Cotton Bowl Football Bowl moved out of the Cotton Bowl to Jerry's World. If that bowl can move, any bowl can move.
  15. Aresco publicly stated that there are talks and a proposal for an AAC/BYU bowl game. This would certainly be a very nice site if that game does in fact materializes. But who knows? Globe Life Field would be a half way distance between the eastern AAC schools and BYU.