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  1. Bracketology Update Feb. 19

    As long as we get more than one team in, I don't care what the seeds are.
  2. Eric Musselman’s Likely Landing Spots

    Tad Boyle on thin ice? He's doing more with less this year and has 2 top 15 wins. Boyle is beloved in Boulder.
  3. The Face of the MWC, Craig Thompson, Speaks

    Very curious about who he considers to be unworthy.
  4. ....and our bowl opponent is 7th place PAC-12 school. Uhg.
  5. Boise term sheet deal... how would you vote

    I'm guessing that if you asked the average college football fan living somewhere back east to name all of the members of the Mountain West Conference, it would go something like this.... Boise St......(pause)........San Diego St?.......(long pause)...........What was the question again? So no, you can't let Boise walk but it totally sucks that they have completely different everything from their conference mates. Would I schedule them in the non conference, of course. Just like I wish we'd schedule BYU.
  6. MW Bowl Games

    Doubtful. With all of the players that have sat out bowl games in the last 2 years, I think we will see that more and more going forward. Please send the Cowboyz anywhere but Boise.
  7. RANK 'EM!!! End Of Reg Season

    Boise St Only beat San Jose St 27-10 somehow Beat San Jose St 52-7 Beat San Jose St 42-14 Beat San Jose St 61-10 Beat San Jose St 59-14 Beat San Jose St 41-13 San Jose St's lone FBS win 20-17 Air Force Beat San Jose St 41-20 and later, lost to UMass Only beat San Jose St 37-26 New Mexico San Jose St
  8. TURD of the YEAR- only FBS win

    The didn't trail one of the 3 worst teams in the country wire to wire.
  9. Kick Wyoming out of the MWC

    Don't kick us out....we will voluntarily withdraw.
  10. Kick Wyoming out of the MWC

    No argument from me. This is so much worse than the UNLV loss last year or Eastern Michigan the year before. Bohl is 4-19 away from Laramie. I realize that it's hard to win on the road, but Wyoming has had some gigantic stinkers on the road under Bohl.
  11. Wyoming vs SJSU

    Holy crap. Your right. 3 in a row.
  12. TURD of the YEAR- only FBS win

    20 point favorite. SJSt had coughed up 43 ppg going in. The 2-10, opposing coach gets a Gatorade bath. The crowd of 17 rushed the field on us. Lost 4 of 5 to close out last year, going to lose 3 straight to close out this one. Nice.
  13. MW Championship Game Scenarios

    10-3 don't mean shit when you lost of lowly old Wyoming AND were a slump buster.
  14. MW Championship Game Scenarios

    That one win was against your asses.