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  1. Seriously?!?!? A whole 17 posts to this game thread. Not much of a rivalry I guess.
  2. Izn't trying to "wow people with coolness" the foundational principle of mezzage board chatter? A Wyoming fan doezn't agree with your take that Wyoming should be ranked and the best you've got iz to make fun of an arbitrary zcreen name? Oh wait, forgot. Being a dipzhit is another foundational principle of mezzage board chatter.
  3. This gave me a pretty good laugh...and I'm a Wyoming fan. The AAC has snagged 3 of the last 4 NY6 bids, winning twice. If anything, there might be recentcy bias, not east coast bias, involved in the rankings "love" received. My guess is that they are going to snag another bid this year. It sucks that the MWC NY6 bid hopes all fall on Boise every year. If Boise isn't in the mix, neither is the conference. Someone else has to step up and win consistently. As far as AAC additions, they should be looking at App St.
  4. 1 Bosie (but definitely not top 25 in the country) 2 AFA 3 Wyoming 4 Azturds 5 Utah St 6 …....who knows, who cares
  5. at 11pm on a Saturday night?
  6. They are probably the 6th best team in their conference.
  7. A one loss Cincinnati (Ohio State) is easily in the NY6 over a one loss Boise (BYU) or a one loss San Diego St (Utah St). A one loss Memphis (Temple) AAC champ vs a one loss MWC champ is debatable. A one loss Navy (Memphis) AAC champ is in a better position than Memphis.
  8. Pokez

    Rank ‘Em

    1 BYU (2-0), 2 Boise St (4-0) 3 San Diego St (4-1) 4 Air Force (4-1) 5 Tulsa (2-0) 6 Wyoming (3-1) 7 Utah St (3-1) 8 Army (0-2) 9 Colorado (1-1) 10 Colorado St (3-1) 11 Fresno St (2-2) 12 Hawaii (2-3) 13 San Jose St (1-4) 14 Nevada (2-3) 15 UNLV (0-5) 16 New Mexico (0-5) 17 New Mexico St (0-3)
  9. TVW is not good. That's why he lost is starting job. He has come in against some garbage teams since then and been passable. This is terrible news for the Cowpokes.
  10. Embarrass? I don't know. Piss away the conference's hopes and dreams? Yep.
  11. Cincy/SMU won't play until CCG potentially.
  12. It truly is The Year of the Mountain West when THAT UNLV team goes on the ROAD and gets the conference ANOTHER P5 win.
  13. Marcus Lindsay might do them like his older brother did.
  14. The elusive first FBS win in a year is in sight. Just have to win a road game at the last team you beat. The ultimate playing for pride game....in week 7.