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  1. It keeps coming back to me that the republicans would have been better served to bring Garland to a vote and then just vote him down.
  2. 3 pods, 4 teams in each pod, 2 games in each pod. 6 games total. This would be done each week. For the record I think it's stupid but I'm open to be convinced otherwise.
  3. It looks like the plan is 4 teams and 2 games per pod. Multiple pods.
  4. Won't have to worry about Ted Cruz being nominated for the Supreme Court.
  5. I didn't pay a lick of attention to Biden prior to the election in 2008 (didn't vote for him and Obama then or in 2012). Definitely didn't give enough shit about him to look up his voting record. We don't know how Trump would have voted if he had the opportunity. My guess is he would have been all over the map. As to the Biden vice presidency and his influence, I doubt there was much. VPs don't matter much in my opinion.
  6. Did you get a friend request on Facebook from your doctor afterwards like I did?
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