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  1. Not Jesus, it will be a transgender named Rosia.
  2. I hope it's an illegal immigrant that digs his grave and covers his coffin with dirt.
  3. I've to get a Rocket City Trash Pandas hat.
  4. Love minor league ball. I go to a bunch of Arizona Fall League games.
  5. Not necessarily. A party like that would attract a lot of independents and conservative democrats.
  6. Small government republican getting involved.
  7. BABY DADDY GRILLED CHEESE Double slices of sensual american cheese on a thicc potato bun LOVE ME DADDY One studly beef daddy patty, topped with one slice of slice of american cheese, pickles, diced white onion, house gayoli, and shredded lettuce I LIKE CHICKS Fried chicken daddy patty topped with house gayoli, mustard, shredded lettuce, and pickles
  8. https://www.gayburgers.com/ MEAT BETWEEN BUNS? SEEMS PRETTY GAY ALREADY. LET’S MAKE IT GAYER, AND FOR CHARITY.* *100% of proceeds go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center For Homeless Youth
  9. Since you've never been funny before you can understand my confusion.
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