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  1. Hypothetical time. Let's say the big boys from teh PAC do in fact defect to the B1G and the remaining schools merge with the remaining schools of the Big XII. What do we call it?
  2. Not that I've heard. In fact Arizona and ASU are mandated by ABOR to play NAU once each every 3 years. We actually play them more often than that.
  3. Along with a pre-season B1G/PAC-12 basketball challenge in Vegas.
  4. This makes the most sense to me. Schedule OOC games against each other along with a few more bowl matchups. What the PAC needs to do first though is turn the PAC-12 Network over to FOX.
  5. Mug needs to buy it and straighten that shit out.
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/will-americas-no-1-qb-recruit-quinn-ewers-give-up-7-figure-nil-offers-for-one-more-season-of-texas-high-school-football-200803437.html Ewers is in a position academically where he could take one core English class online, graduate from high school early, and enroll and be eligible at Ohio State for the 2021 season. The family expects that course to be completed in time for him to take part in preseason camp, which begins Aug. 3. The Buckeyes' quarterback situation is wide open heading into the season, as none of the three scholarship QBs have thrown a college pass
  7. azgreg


    B1G means Big Ten. Your link states Big XII.
  8. That's not a map of AAU schools. https://www.universityreview.org/list-of-public-ivy-schools/
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