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  1. According to 24/7 Sports this class is ranked 36 nationally and 4th in the PAC. More importantly we have a QB coming in from Servite in CA (Noah Fafita) that looks really good.
  2. He was my first choice.
  3. I don't disagree. the thing I heard was teh team wanted to use the camps to get in with all the Arizona high school coaches. Our in state recruiting has been bad for a long time now. We haven't had depth for a long time now. Rich Rod's and Sumlin's recruiting was garbage so Fisch inherited bare ass cupboards.
  4. Every school has them. Alabama has them, Georgia has them, Arizona State had one and signed a linebacker from it.. Arkansas had theirs the week before ours. We usually have it during the off season but we held a lot of camps instead.
  5. Didn't sign anybody. How did yours work out?
  6. And now we've lost our backup QB for the year after losing our starting QB last week.
  7. I know this is a Mountain West board but there's very little options for talking West coast college football so here I go. I've been following Arizona football since about 1981. This is the worst Arizona team I've ever seen. Worse than the Mackovic era and worse than the Paul Wolfe Washing State teams. Unbelievable.
  8. America has a nearly 40% obesity rate. I can't put my finger on why. Oh...
  9. Some of the food selections this year. Hot Cheeto Cheeseburger Dole Whip watermelon taco Flaming hot Cheetos pizza The loaded brick
  10. Me and the wife are headed to the Arizona State Fair after work today. This will the first fair without kids in over 25 years.
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