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  1. BobbyBoSox

    UNLV at Boise State

    I thought your team played very well. Good looking shooters! But be warned, we have the unique ability to make our opponents look very good!
  2. BobbyBoSox

    ph90702 UNLV Head Coaching Candidates

    Yes it is.
  3. No, we are not adding UCD. Yes, we need to dump SJSU. We probably should dump Hawaii. Here is a another conference for ya: SJSU Hawaii UCD NM State Then, you go poach: N. Texas UTSA UTEP Rice Texas State There is a nice little 9 team conference for ya. A western version of the Sun Belt. Now, schools who want to move up have a place to go.
  4. BobbyBoSox

    Kellen Moore Named Dallas Offensive Coordinator

    I think you just wanted to beat JeffKills to the punch.
  5. BobbyBoSox

    Air Force vs Boise State

    ltc, congrats on the win. That is a good looking young team you have.
  6. BobbyBoSox

    SDSU going to the spread

    Isn't this just a nice way of saying You are reverting to the triple option?
  7. BobbyBoSox

    LOL @ UNLV Basketball

    There he is! I was hopin' you would pop up. Congrats on the Big Win!
  8. BobbyBoSox

    #10 Nevada @ Boise State

    I am having trouble imagining JJ dunking often. That image just doesn't fly.
  9. BobbyBoSox

    #10 Nevada @ Boise State

    cody +++++ing martin What a fun game to watch though. I thought we played about as well as possible. I thought Nevada didn't play well. Hence, it was a close game. Not impressed with the reffing. They seem to get all the calls they should call. But then threw in a bunch of phantoms. I know others are not impressed with Nevada but I am. I don't think people understand how strong and quick the Martins are with 6-6 frames. That's pure power coming from the perimeter. It's overwhelming! And they are wiry compared to Caroline. Porter had a really nice night. I am not sure JJ has ever dunked before. That was cool. Haney was terrible. He probably cost us the game. Congrats Wolfpack. Hope we can piss you off at your place.
  10. BobbyBoSox

    Fox gives up Big 12 Title Game rights

    Alright, you hooked me. UW would be the 2nd best team behind Clemson. But the rest of the ACC would own the PAC12 with only exceptions being UNC & Louisville. The ACC has not been good in years' past, but this year, they were very good. IMO, better than the Big10. While Wazzu would still be fine against most of them, the rest of the Pac12 would get slaughtered by the likes of BC & NCstate. That is how BAD the Pac12 is now.
  11. BobbyBoSox

    Boise at SJSU

    Wow, you guys need self-esteem coaching. Asking for 2 wins is NOT being greedy! With what I saw, you guys will finish with 3-5 wins IMO. You will shock a couple of people. But you really need some annoying fans to attend. Or any fans to attend would help.
  12. BobbyBoSox

    Boise at SJSU

    At least SJSU finally fielded something that resembled a coached BB team. I thought they looked better than Wyoming or SDSU. I really like their Freshmen.
  13. I posted this elsewhere and thought I would share it here: So, the main question is, "What would a win against Nevada look like?" I really like this team. I just can't see it. D Caroline-Has to be Whacker or RJ. I like RJ better but he has to learn to play within himself. Caleb-I really think we have to guard him with JJ or Hobbs. I like Hobbs craftiness but he is 3" smaller than Caleb. I just don't think JJ is quick enough to pressure/contain Caleb. But I believe Rice will use Marcus on Caleb. It's a mis-match. But Marcus handled Justin James from Wyoming. Who is the same height and little quicker than Caleb. (Though not nearly as strong physically or mentally.) All the other matchups, I really like. It does not bode well that we don't match up well against their 2 best players. Here is the saving grace: If we pressure their shooting, we could force them into a bad shooting night. And we do rebound better than FSU. (Caroline had a steak dinner on their glass.) O We must attack the rim! If we do that and get them in foul trouble, this could get interesting. Oh, and we have to nail our kickout 3's. I am having a lot of trouble seeing this happen though. It will be fun to watch to say the least.
  14. BobbyBoSox

    #10 Nevada @ Fresno State

    I actually recorded that game and watched it late. WOW! Caroline is a frickin Beast! I really like Bittner but I thought a one point Caleb going to rip off Sam's arm, bitch slap him with it, and hand it back to him. That was just an unfair matchup. I am completely jealous of Grimes. NV may not win the conf tourney b/c Grimes may be the best player in that tourney by then.
  15. BobbyBoSox

    DRF Interview

    I feel dirty for reading this entire thread and laughing.