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  1. BobbyBoSox

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    We got screwed on this deal. We made $2.25mil on the VaTech game. That was like forever ago. $800k is the kind of payment Nebraska would make to an FCS school in 2010. I think we got a nice 7 figure payout for the MSU game in 2011? That deal made sense. This doesn't. I like playing Oregon, but not this much. Other schools that we have not played OOC. AU, ASU, Cal, Stanford, UCLA, USC, CU, Nebraska Come on, we don't have to go dumpster diving in the Sun Belt or give away the house to be on the same field. These games are 6+ years away. This is a bad deal anyway you look at it. +++++ OU.
  2. BobbyBoSox

    UNLV to Join P5

    UNLV could be a juggernaut. And I guess inevitable is arguable. You could say the same thing about SJSU though. Both schools are located in Large Metropolitan areas. For different demographics, they both could pull a CRAP load of money. They both have the ability to significantly improve their mediocre academics. (Yes, I realize each school has a couple of Great programs, but each school has several underachieving programs too.) The trick is getting a school prez & AD that really know what they are doing. Over the next 100 years, I guess there is some chance of that happening but looking back on historical performance, it's no guarantee. So until you get some leaders that have a vision, plan, and the guts to pull it off, let's see what you can do in the money sports of the MWC first. I don't ever see SJSU getting there (or even competing in the MWC) and I think UNLV is 20+ years off. So let's not count that chicken 20+ years before the P5 egg hatches.
  3. BobbyBoSox

    2018 World Cup

    I'm with you. I will root for Costa Rica and Panama b/c they are out of our confederation. I actually like the style of ball CRC plays. But Mexico, screw them. I hate that squad. I hope they eat crap. Go Sweden. Go Iceland!