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  1. Political Cartoons and Memes

  2. Kudos To Fresno State

    If i caught that fish, i'd hang it on the wall and name it "Diego"
  3. Kudos To Fresno State

    Fish, Sparta's favorite dish #MWchamps #BannerSeason
  4. Kudos To Fresno State

    I am frickin' lazy. and not the brightest bulb in the chandelier either. And even I would know better to keep my mouth shut about the #BandDorkBeatdown I can tell the ppl at the tech companies I know to search for footage of CSUf trumpet players getting slapped around SS. But we know it was you is b/c YOU told us so! yeah yeah mug, i know #LEAVECINCYALONE
  5. OT: 2017 Video Games

    In anticipation of the ND, I went on a Salmon Run Bender yesterday/last night and well into the morning. A really good score is about 190p, for me the avg is more like 150i-160ish. 13 hours or so later: T-minus four hours
  6. Kudos To Fresno State

    I'm open to declaring a truce in The Troll Wars. I had no idea there was meaning behind @Cincy's user name until now. #ProudDad #LikeFatherLikeSon
  7. OT: MWC school towns dining and entertainment options

    The place where it all started for ole kuz was in The North Bay. I'd spend summers at my Grandma's ranch on The Sonoma Coast. The big trip into Petaluma every Monday included a burger at The Henny Penny for lunch. I had to eat the lettuce and tomato before i could touch my burger. To this day I take the same approach to every single meal. It always has to progress least favorite to favorite, one item at a time. Luckily for you guys, or me, or nobody, I'm not as rigid when it comes to reviewing food. Don't know if change will be for better, but will def'ly be easier.
  8. Hugh Jirracist

    "If i had a(nother) daughter, she would have looked like Kate Steinle" - Donald J Trump #MMMM #VirtueSignalPie
  9. Hugh Jirracist

    TMW when retrotard realized my seven year old daughters are tougher than all the males in his family combined #GonnaNeedMorePies @retrofade
  10. Hugh Jirracist

    I betcha if retrotard took a pie to the Football game he'd find a way to keep it dry @retrofade
  11. Hugh Jirracist

    parades are like football games, sometimes they get rained on
  12. Hugh Jirracist

    Show offs: @retrofade #retrotard