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  1. i'm here. where are the rest of you +++++ers? You Cowgirl fans afraid of being destroyed by your betters on national TV? I thought so.
  2. Our journey to bowl eligibility begins this week. Wyoming will be the first of three victories we achieve as we regain our rightful place in the middle of the MWC!
  3. Sorry that we're too awesome for you to deal with. We beat UNM by two, and scored 28 points on Boise this week.
  4. Will you please let Bob Bowlsby know to stop calling us? It's rather unbecoming.
  5. I've got the following: Clavell Omogbo Carvacho Paige Nixon
  6. It's honestly tough to keep our players motivated playing in this trash league. CSU would have the same record if playing amongst our peers in the B1G or Pac-12.