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  1. Uh... I didn't think it was TIC, and wasn't offended at all, because it's probably true...
  2. Idaho rarely ever kicked the crap out of Boise State. They won their fair share sure, but lopsided victories were few and far between.
  3. Isaiah Bagnah Not a lot of "sleepers" in this class, but I have a good feeling about this canuck. He had a lot of attention from some pretty big programs for playing north of the border (which might disqualify him from the discussion?). More than a few analysts commented that had he played in the states he would have been SEC bound. I'm pretty excited to see if he can live up to the reps of a few other Canadian Broncos, (chief among them, Tyrone Crawford). Sheds blocks very naturally, very quick for his size, and hits like a Mack truck!
  4. Recruiting numbers are a crapshoot with multiple variables. What the services decide to do with players above and below him can affect his ranking just as much as his own merits. Being an all American on a list or two sure can't hurt though. Wouldn't surprise me if he did get a bump though.
  5. He was named to the USA Today all American second team. https://usatodayhss.com/2018/2018-19-american-family-insurance-all-usa-football-offense-second-team
  6. Ya, but USF was playing their backup QB as well, and he was a 3 n out machine. Dude couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. One of the more frustrating games I've ever tried to sit through. Memphis has a legit shot.
  7. Boise played like crap, and still beat the zebras and USU. USU was lucky to even have a chance at the end. USU is a nice team that did more with less, until they ran into any team with a pulse. Boise State can play like crap and still beat teams like USU. This was your best chance to win on the blue in well over a decade, and it was gift wrapped. Best of luck winning there in the next 20...
  8. That was pretty tame to be labeled "smack talk"... I guess some vaggies are sandier than others. (Shrug)
  9. Ut oh... Forecast for Saturday in Boise is 30 and snow showers.
  10. I should fit in ok then right? I don't detect many "decent human beings" on this forum. I mean that with an s guy actually hates the statue of liberty...
  11. My cousin played basketball for BYU last year and the year before. I rooted against them every game. I'm obviously a flaming Boise Homer. I'm waiting for Boise State to start a creamery so at least one college in the US will have a decent one. When that happens, I'm sure I'll have a favorite.