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  1. Looking like it could be: https://247sports.com/Player/LaTrell-Caples-46046561/
  2. Ya, but USF was playing their backup QB as well, and he was a 3 n out machine. Dude couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. One of the more frustrating games I've ever tried to sit through. Memphis has a legit shot.
  3. Boise played like crap, and still beat the zebras and USU. USU was lucky to even have a chance at the end. USU is a nice team that did more with less, until they ran into any team with a pulse. Boise State can play like crap and still beat teams like USU. This was your best chance to win on the blue in well over a decade, and it was gift wrapped. Best of luck winning there in the next 20...
  4. CFB poll doesn't play by the same wait in line and you're in rules the other two do. I hope they stay in, but fear that will not be the case.
  5. That was pretty tame to be labeled "smack talk"... I guess some vaggies are sandier than others. (Shrug)
  6. Ut oh... Forecast for Saturday in Boise is 30 and snow showers.
  7. I should fit in ok then right? I don't detect many "decent human beings" on this forum. I mean that with an s guy actually hates the statue of liberty...
  8. My cousin played basketball for BYU last year and the year before. I rooted against them every game. I'm obviously a flaming Boise Homer. I'm waiting for Boise State to start a creamery so at least one college in the US will have a decent one. When that happens, I'm sure I'll have a favorite.
  9. I actually can't stand wookie jam bands, just liked the look of the grafic. (Sorry to all the wooks I've offended with my Avatar)
  10. MSU, Wyoming, BYU, San Jose, and CSU. And you remind me of those really good early D1 era Boise State teams, that did more with less. You have had some great peices over the years (watched Fakrel the other night and feel like he'd be one of our all time greats). Just don't think you have near the quality depth at most positions. That certainly doesn't mean you guys don't have the better team this year, and you definitely could end up winning the game. I'd bet on Boise, but maybe I'm looking through Homer glasses? Cool thing is, we'll definitely find out next Saturday. We do have a few o
  11. Agree to disagree then. If USU had as many players hurt as Boise, they wouldn't have a prayer in the upcoming matchup.
  12. I think the odds of USU playing a better game are higher than Boise. But if they both play a good game, it's Boise's win. Makes for a pretty interesting game. Boise is the more talented, bigger stronger faster team, but they seem to have a lot of head scratchers lately. USU is a lot more dialed in lately. I really miss the days when Boise would win against obviously more talented teams through execution. Those were fun times. It seems like by the mid to late 2010s we did both, which was an amazing time to be a Bronco fan. The Harsin haters don't think he has it in him to get
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