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  1. You didn't have to tell us you celebrate rare events by f****** sheep... We already know that's how Fresno fans celebrate pretty much everything. I'm sure you picked out a very special ewe after that game though, given how much it obviously meant to you
  2. In the rare event there's no sheep snatch available right? I think I heard the code word for that is (Go Dogs).
  3. Hahahahaha!!! Totally remember chanting that. That was an awesome night.
  4. OMG... Remember when Chang was expected to set the all time yardage record while playing at Bronco Stadium, and instead set the all time interception record! That was pure gold!
  5. Southern Miss used to harp on that one too. Back when they had a pulse. Talk about a team that's had a fall from Grace.
  6. I'll take that advice. Much better than +++++++ sheep after all. (Unless you grew up in Fresno)
  7. I wish... Been way too much losing to losers lately. We need to step it up.
  8. I guess they are sick of your mother then? I hear they get bored with the over eager ones...
  9. Something about beggars choosers (shrug). Would be nice to axe it someday... Pathetically, we aren't there yet.
  10. Lol, you're like a virtual Chihuahua. I'm sure the other online golden shower fans are glad to have you representing.
  11. When the cyclical nature of college football rears its head and the AAC has a few down years, while the MWC has a few up years, I really hope some delusional overzealous SJSU fan gets a hard on for the AAC board, and subjects you guys to similar lunacy. That would literally be the equivalent of your recent posting history here. (SMH)
  12. Uh... I didn't think it was TIC, and wasn't offended at all, because it's probably true...