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  1. I think he's referring to I Just Heard a Queef.
  2. What does that have to do with being illogical douchebags? Congrats. I guess it's hard to act like you've been there before when you haven't, and I'm sure many Boise fans were just as insufferable when we first got to the dance. So I guess I can give you a pass, but you're still insufferable.
  3. Used to kind of like this guy. Seemed like the lone voice of logic in an ocean of delusional fans. Infact, I thought most Memphis fans were a bit of a cut above the rest in the pea6. Looks like this year is going to devolved them into ucf---er status.
  4. Guy is a total dolt lol. He doesn't have much need for facts or the truth. Just presents his idiotic conjecture as hard data lol
  5. No they didn't I watched both games, the guys on ESPN said that Boise was "1000% sure in their minds if Cincy and Boise both won, Boise would get the Cotton. They ABC guys said that it was probable that the winner of this game had a good shot at the Cotton. Both pandering to their audiances in the hopes that some dolts would believe them and like them for it. You're that dolt lol...
  6. Today I'd like to see a Dinnwiddie type, since style points might matter...
  7. I'm giving my plate of crow back 😂
  8. He had me pretty worried early...
  9. Ok broncos... Let's not lose the current esthetic... NICE SACK WASHINGTON!
  10. Stop the presses... Memphis just took the lead :/