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  1. Also switched my vote to the non-active because worse case scenario I could distract tspoke and know for 100%
  2. I’ve also voted nightfall because of my confidence in my prediction
  3. Tspokes argument against me is literally “sure you are”. He was distracted by me last night which is why there wasn’t a death. You lynch me then he kills one of you at night then humans reach parity and he and unlv win.
  4. Welp I can tell you unequivocally I’m the distractor and tspoke is a dirty dirty human
  5. Ya except it’s definitely tspoke. I changed vote because I didn’t want a no lynch. I’m the distractor and distracted tspoke and nobody died.
  6. I know it looks bad that I came in late but I’m def not human. My read on tspoke is really just a hunch
  7. Ugh I didn’t check in till now and our amazing idea of lynching first night turned out awesome....so it’s 4-1 with a traitor....
  8. Just to make the early argument against first night lynch I’m still opposed as the odds are not in our favor. And welcome back it’s been awhile!