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  1. Douglaspoke

    OFFICIAL - Border War Thread. Wyoming @ CSU

    Absolutely the case and we all wish the best for Coach Bobo to get feeling better. The guy says it like it is at his press conferences..
  2. Douglaspoke

    One of us made Forbes

    Cowboys in Colorado chapter meeting for our 5th year in northern Colorado and DTC area. www.cowboysincolorado.com Next meeting is this Friday, July 20 at Maggiano's DTC area at 7:00 a.m.
  3. Douglaspoke

    Fantasy Football Discussion and Smack Talk Thread

    So do I still owe the $50 and need to resend it again? Thanks and let me know!
  4. Douglaspoke

    OT - Gauging Fantasy Football Interest

    I am in at $50
  5. Douglaspoke

    Orlando Sentinel Countdown

    Boise State 24 , Fresno State 36 , SDSU 44 , Wyoming 60