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  1. 1. Virginia 2. Central Michigan @818SUDSFan back to you.
  2. You can pick. @Broncomare and @cgzpack can pick when they get back on.
  3. Picked teams are in red. Let me know if I missed anyone.
  4. SDSU got taken in the 3rd round by Broncomare. I'll post who is available shortly.
  5. This game works a lot better if you'll tag the next person (or two) whose turn it is to pick. @Wapitipoke34 you're on the clock @cgzpack on deck Updated picked teams list. Picked teams are in red.
  6. Dammit. I'll go with Marshall instead.
  7. Pick 1: Iowa Pick 2: Western Kentucky @818SUDSFan back to you @Coog kev on deck.
  8. Maybe the Governor is just tired of watching terrible football... In all seriousness, this is bad bad news. Any news out of California, Colorado, Hawaii, or Nevada? This feels just like how basketball season ended, albeit football is happening over a longer period. Would this be the final nail in the coffin for either NM or NMSU's budget problems?
  9. Did a list of all the teams that have been picked/not picked. Picked teams are highlighted in red. Can't promise how often I'll be able to update this, but I'll try every round or two.
  10. If it makes you feel better (it won't) I had to triple check that they were still available. I couldn't believe they hadn't been taken in the first round, especially because if a season happens it will likely only be conference games. Don't worry - they're in the good hands of a native Idahoan
  11. 1st Pick: Oregon 2nd Pick: Boise State @818SUDSFan you're up @Coog kev on deck
  12. In. I also had an idea for a similar game for college basketball if there's any interest.
  13. mondego


    I grew up going to West Yellowstone every summer. It's been a few years since I've been in the area, so some of my info might be a bit dated. 1. Best location to stay: Based on what you're wanting to do, Island Park might be your best bet. Golf course right in Island Park and excellent fishing close by at Henry's Fork. Depending on your definition of "rafting" there's a really lazy float trip in the Mack's Inn area. Upper and Lower Mesa Falls are quick trips with pretty views. I can't speak to the food scene in the area now, but West isn't too far away and has some good options. Big Jud's (big greasy burgers) in nearby Ashton is a family favorite. Jackson will likely be a bit more pricey than other areas, but has the added benefit of being close to Grand Teton National Park. Excellent whitewater rafting (including guided trips) not far away on the Hoback/Snake, golf, and fishing nearby as well as others have mentioned. I'm not familiar with the East/North entrances to the park. 2. The southern loop of Yellowstone is by far the most popular - it goes by Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, and a lot of other popular spots. Given the time of year you're going and how busy it will be I'd plan on it taking most of a full day to do that. It's been a long time since I've done the northern loop, but I'd guess that would take most of a day as well depending on how many spots you get out of the car to see. Between those two drives you'll catch most of the easily accessible park highlights. I'd recommend looking at what is on each loop and deciding whether you want to spend 1 or 2 days in the park. If you want to get off the beaten path more you can kill a lot more time than that in Yellowstone. 3. If you enjoy small town theatre, Playmill Theatre in West Yellowstone is a good bet and very family friendly. They're opening is delayed till June 25th, but they'll be doing Footloose, Seven Brides, and Tarzan this year. Happy to try and answer any other questions that come up as you keep planning. I'll be in that area in early July - it's beautiful country and well worth the trip in my opinion.
  14. In a very similar situation as misplacedcowboy - if you're able/willing to share good resources to determine whether a refinance makes sense or not I'd appreciate it.
  15. There's a lot of awesome stuff people are doing in this thread. I've appreciated all the good ideas on projects to keep me busy. I've always wanted to work from home, and 2.5 weeks into this thing I think my wishes were spot on. Not having to commute 30-45 minutes each way (a fairly short commute, I know) has given me tons of extra time to do stuff around the house. So far that has included getting the garden prepped for planting and working on refinishing two bathrooms. I'd been planning on hiring a painter to repaint the rest of the house after the bathrooms were done, but all this extra time has made me think about doing it myself (although I hate painting).
  16. This is a great summary of the missionary situation. The only thing I would add is the Church is keeping American missionaries in the Europe and Australia missions...for now. There's likely more information to come this weekend with the Church's General Conference (which is obviously going to be very limited on the number of people participating).
  17. I really hope he's healthy enough and gets cleared to play. Injuries suck. The Aztecs ceiling rises significantly with him in IMO. That said, as USU fans learned this season, it takes some time to get a guy back to full speed. It took Queta several weeks to trust his body and be at full strength. SDSU obviously won't have that luxury - hopefully Mensah doesn't take as long since he didn't break/tear anything.
  18. Will the next coach be able to regain the proud tradition of taking Wyoming to the dance once every 15 years?
  19. And how did Nance and JJ fare in the tournament? One appearance that was a 1st round exit and a 15+ point ass kicking? I rest my case. Hyperbole aside, the tournament is and always has been about matchups. There's no way of knowing how USU will fare without knowing possible opponents.
  20. I hope Sam wipes his ass with each of the tourney credit checks USU sends to Wyo. His shit stains are worth more than anything that has put on a Cowboy basketball uniform.
  21. I completely agree with you. Not sure what's been off - maybe the target on the back like @soupslam1 said? Maybe the bench guys not being as good as last year? This team loses their minds for a few minutes each game which doesn't help.
  22. I have a lot of crow to eat. Wow. Good game Lobos. I never want to play against your press again.
  23. That's a wrap. Merrill with 4 fouls in the first 6 minutes of the second half and Porter is MIA. Without those two to bring the ball up against the press we're done.
  24. Nice of the NM player to slide under him while airborne.