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  1. Your team literally played Weber State (good job pulling out a close one!) and New Mexico State this year. And future Aztec schedules include powerhouses such as: 2020 - Sacramento State and Toledo 2021 - NMSU and Towson 2022 - Idaho State and Toledo 2023 - Idaho State and NMSU Kindly pull your head out before posting in the future.
  2. Didn't see a topic for this game yet. Seems fairly similar to the USU/AFA game...Nevada is cold cold and if they heat up after halftime will make it a game. USU is playing with much more urgency than the AFA and UNLV games. Hope they can keep it up in the 2nd half.
  3. I don't think he's giving 100%, but part of that may be worrying about his knee. This team looks like they expect to show up and have calls go their way and win, but when a little adversity hits they fold. It's the exact opposite of last year's attitude. Tough to figure out what changed, but I'm guessing it has something to do with them hearing how great they were all summer and fall.
  4. Not quite. USU has let inferior teams (SJSU, Montana State) hang around almost all year long. The new problem is the complete lack of giving a shit from all of the players in every game this year except SDSU.
  5. I'm so f***ing tired of this bullshit. This is all lack of effort. AFA played like shit in the first half but hung around because this team plays like they don't give a damn.
  6. They really did do a nice job. There was a good flow to the game and I thought they let both teams play reasonably physical without going over the top. Easier said than done. There are only a couple of referees I know by name (I only know when they consistently piss me off), and Dave and Randy are two of them. A couple years ago Dave went on a pretty epic rant about the USU students after a game... Not a good look for anyone involved, but that's the only time I remember a ref popping off like that: https://www.hjnews.com/logan_hj/friday-finishers-fans-out-of-bounds/article_e86f4bd0-d115-5acf-a492-0960e1eddeae.html Maybe Verne wouldn't have had to toss you if you weren't being such a dick
  7. Very cool website that I'm going to spend way too much time on the next few months - thanks for the tip! Am I reading correctly that SDSU had their best offensive game of the year (per ADJO) last night? Surprising that two of the top defensive teams in the conference had such poor nights defensively.
  8. That's a good Aztec team - haven't watched them enough to know if they are better than top SDSU teams from the past, but they were solid tonight, especially without Mensah. The normal tough Aztec defense but with noticeably better offense. I was pleased with how USU played despite the loss. Shooting at our average for 3s and FTs would have made the game much tighter, but that's basketball. USU needs to go on a roll to be tourney eligible... I think (hope?) they have it in them. On a side note, outside of a couple of head scratching calls (both ways), I thought that was the best refereed game of the year. More of these refs and less of Dave Hall please!
  9. Starting to get interesting. Queta is gassed though.
  10. Queta starting according to USU bball Twitter.
  11. I'm really surprised how many in this thread are picking the Aggies to win. SDSU is undefeated but not favored and lost a couple of tough games to USU last year - they're going to come out pissed. Queta's injury hurts our rim and 3-point defense, Merrill and Brito are noticeably hobbled, and Anderson hasn't been able to pick up the slack in weeks. We've snuck out some close games against inferior teams, but the Aztecs are clearly the better team right now. SDSU by 12-15.
  12. This was really the perfect ending to the season for the Utes. Beatdown in the PAC 12 championship and then another by a middling Texas team out of a bad Big 12? Even Ute fans will have a hard time justifying this. Hopefully Oregon gets boatraced by the Badgers to complete the cycle.
  13. On behalf of all Aggies, thank you Aztecs for the complete beatdown of the UofU PAC12s and Coach Crisco. Hopefully someday that coward will play USU annually like he should... Until then I'll enjoy watching conference mates distribute the ass kickings.