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  1. The rumor on the homer board is the first MWC game will be Oct 24th and 24/7 is saying Oct 31st - anyone able to confirm either date?
  2. Holy shit. It's no wonder people are fleeing CA with morons like the one quoted in the article running the place.
  3. Crazy weather throughout the West this week. Salt Lake City was 95 degrees all Labor Day weekend. Monday night/Tuesday morning brought 100 mph wind gusts that knocked out power to 200k people, tipped 45 semis, and had a 40 degree drop in temperature. Luckily last night the winds were *only* in the 70 mph range.
  4. The perfect storm is going to be if Trump wins the electoral college with Biden winning the popular vote (maybe even by a significant margin). People are going to lose it if Trump wins - if he wins but doesn't carry the popular vote the meltdown will be of epic proportion.
  5. I'll take UTSA and South Alabama. @818SUDSFan @Coog kev
  6. I knew the SUDS fan couldn't be trusted. I'll go with East Carolina and Georgia Tech instead.
  7. I'll take Syracuse and Temple.
  8. 1. Virginia 2. Central Michigan @818SUDSFan back to you.
  9. You can pick. @Broncomare and @cgzpack can pick when they get back on.
  10. Picked teams are in red. Let me know if I missed anyone.
  11. SDSU got taken in the 3rd round by Broncomare. I'll post who is available shortly.
  12. This game works a lot better if you'll tag the next person (or two) whose turn it is to pick. @Wapitipoke34 you're on the clock @cgzpack on deck Updated picked teams list. Picked teams are in red.
  13. Dammit. I'll go with Marshall instead.
  14. Pick 1: Iowa Pick 2: Western Kentucky @818SUDSFan back to you @Coog kev on deck.
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