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  1. the inaugural Beehive classic ...

    I think they should either rotate it between the schools (which will never happen) or let a ton of students in free from each school (1-2k per school) to create a campus game atmosphere. Put the students behind the baskets and let them go nuts. Charge everyone else in the arena $20 and you'll have one hell of a fun night of basketball. It's incredible how poorly thought out year 1 was.
  2. As I recall, this was right after Big Blue ripped off the raggie mascot's mustache after a Nevada(?) fan gave him $20 to perform the deed. I wasn't there, but witnesses said it was funny as hell.
  3. How Many “Idiots” Can this Guy Get?

    Pointing out the similarities between these two is the type of contribution to humanity many of us can only aspire to. This board never disappoints. Well done!
  4. utah state at air force

    The defense sucked and the offense looked competent outside a lot of dropped balls. I miss having NFL caliber LBs.
  5. It was this or another kick SJSU out thread.
  6. http://www.sltrib.com/sports/2017/10/27/byu-ncaa-investigating-boosters-ties-to-cougar-basketball-player-nick-emery/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Is the stink from the football program carrying over to basketball?
  7. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    You have to be joking.
  8. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    I think that's right. Rumor is he either makes a bowl and gets a short extension or doesn't and gets canned.
  9. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    Exactly. The guy has a history of health problems related to football stress, so awhile off may be beneficial. Most USU fans I know are done with Wells, but pooling enough money to get rid of him may be an issue. The rumor is if he doesn't make a bowl he's gone. Not sure how accurate that is.
  10. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    I agree, not the best look. I doubt he knew his texts would be published when he sent them, but that's not a good excuse. As to your second point, he would get a look in Logan if the job comes open this year. I personally think he'll take a year or two off from coaching.
  11. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    I keep reading that GA was "mediocre" or "bad" at Wisconsin. He went 9-4 and 10-3 in his two seasons there. In what world is that mediocre? And don't tell me Barry Alvarez set a higher standard of winning at Wisconsin--his winning percentage is MUCH lower than GA's was. Gary is not a perfect coach (his time management in games is especially suspect), but he's much better than Wells.
  12. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    This article (purportedly with texts from GA to a reporter) gives me the impression that GA is done with coaching for awhile. If not, I hope USU gets a shot at him after we lose to Wyo, Boise, AFA, and one of the other games. http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/john_canzano/index.ssf/2017/10/canzano_gary_andersens_exit_ro.html
  13. Colorado State at Utah St

    Same old Matt Wells team. Beat on weak competition, get worked by any team with a pulse.
  14. Utah State Vs Wake Forest

    26-0 Wake Forest. I hope they leave Wells on the tarmac.