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  1. Sucks to lose that one, but good to see the fight in the team down two centers. Overall not a bad loss. We're going to have problems with quick point guards all year--Ford was killing us in the second half.
  2. Five teams within two games of first place...this league is even more competitive than the SEC Mountain. @Jeffkills @Mad_Hatter @BigBlueFan @CV147 may all of your teams lose
  3. Some of these seem too easy...UNLV/Nevada is really the only tough call. Boise State (-13) Wyoming (+11) Nevada (-7.5) Utah State (-13.5) BYU (pk) San Jose State (+1) Hawaii (-4)
  4. Isn't there some rule that no 7-5 teams get left out of bowls? Not that I'm sure I want to see this USU team play another game...
  5. I hope Love makes a run at the draft. There's no doubt his stock has plummeted this year though. The NFL seems to put more value on physical traits than performance, so he might still go in the top 3 rounds. I have this gnawing feeling he's going to grad transfer somewhere like Texas Tech or Oklahoma if he does come back for a senior year.
  6. Crap I missed the Border War. Smart money was on Wyo for that one. Air Force (-22.5) San Jose State (-7) Nevada (+14) Boise State (-9) San Diego State (+2.5)
  7. We beat USC in Logan a couple years ago - they weren't good that year though. Does beating the Utes count? I can't think of any on a neutral court, mostly because Stew never played these kinds of games.
  8. The hardest test Boise grads take is their admission application. Boise is Seattle lite. Boise women have an average of 3 more teeth than the typical Wyoming fan. No self-respecting Idahoan outside of Boise likes Boise. Go Aggies!
  9. Good game Pokes. Not a pretty performance by either team. I was terrified that your O was going to run the ball down our throat that entire last drive. As others have said, the Wyo defense is nasty. There was a good showing of Wyo fans at the game - I love being in the same conference with the Pokes. Now please go beat the hell out of CSU and AFA
  10. Give me San Diego State (-1.5) Wyoming (+6.5) Hawaii (-7) Colorado State (+9.5) Boise State (-28)
  11. The highlighted red implies this choice was not left up to the AFA. I typically cheer for the service academies, but that's getting tougher between Calhoun's antics and this asshat talking about how a player's death really hurt his football team.
  12. I missed this last week but think it's a cool idea. Air Force (-21.5) Fresno State (-4) Wyoming (+13) Nevada (+17) San Jose State (+7)
  13. Queta hurt his knee playing for Portugal over the summer - initial report was a dislocated knee, but I don't think USU ever confirmed what the injury was. He hasn't played in 4 months and no one is giving a timetable for his return, which is obviously concerning. He did warm up a bit tonight... We're all hoping he'll be back in time for the LSU matchup.
  14. 1: Boise 2: Air Force 3-11: A bag of Aztec, Cowboy, Warrior, Spartan etc etc turds 12: Whatever the hell USU has been doing the last month. Last: byu. Always.