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  1. USU signed a $2.4 million contact with Nike in May 2013, but the details are sketchy--maybe another Aggie fan has more insight into whether that's a yearly number or overall. I couldn't find anything more recent than that or a length of the 2013 contract. @GoState99755
  2. mondego

    Pick 10 Sign Ups

    In, thanks for the heads up Mug.
  3. mondego

    Please Dear Lord!!

    Good info, thanks. I grew up in the Great State of Idaho but have only run the rivers in SE Idaho. I'm not a fisherman but that seems like a sweet gig for a college kid. Obviously he's getting a bit of a pay raise now haha. Gotta respect him wanting to move back after his NFL days are through--reminds me a lot of the Vigil kids from USU.
  4. mondego

    Please Dear Lord!!

    Happy to see a small town Idaho boy and MWC player succeed at the highest level. Crazy he was playing 8 man just a few years ago. I read the Ringer write-up on him--anyone know what kind of river guiding he was doing? Also happy for Allen and Penny--I'm of the opinion that the more conference players succeeding in the league the better.
  5. mondego

    Spring Football Reports

    USU is having their spring game tomorrow on what is projected to be a really wet day. Others would know how things have been going thus far better than I, but we mainly keep hearing the defense is several steps ahead of the offense right now. I really like our D-line, but it remains to be seen how our LBs and secondary will be since we lost a couple of big time contributors. SB Nation did the best spring write-up on the Aggies that I've seen: https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/4/5/17183924/utah-state-football-2018-preview-schedule-roster
  6. mondego

    Will Gonzaga join the MWC?

    While we're calling people out, do you care to comment on how your stupid ass can't read? Idiot.
  7. mondego

    Will Gonzaga join the MWC?

    Are you thick? From the article Headbutt posted: Another article on your own conference website: http://www.wccsports.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/032618aaa.html In case you can't read an entire article, a couple of highlights: The only thing approved recently was the reduced conference schedule. All the revenue distribution and broadcast rights were approved months ago. It's news now because Gonzaga has publicly expressed interest in leaving the WCC. Being told I'm a "blatant case of seeing what I want to" by a coog is rich. Critical thinking is not a strong point in Provostan.
  8. mondego

    Will Gonzaga join the MWC?

    From that article, these changes were approved last fall--Gonzaga obviously knew the changes were coming. Why would they be flirting with the MWC in February if they already had these concessions? Are there other demands the Zags are looking for outside of the generic "WCC bottom feeders need to get better"? I voted no in this poll, but the timeline on everything is making me cautiously optimistic they really are coming.
  9. mondego

    USU hires Craig Smith

    It's official! http://www.utahstateaggies.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/032618aad.html
  10. mondego

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Source level?
  11. What do people know about him? His last couple years at South Dakota have shown significant improvement. Making around $275k currently. I've heard his name thrown around but up till now not as a serious candidate.
  12. Everything I've read implies that Lloyd wants to stay at Gonzaga--he would have been my first choice. Dooley seems like a decent option that came out of nowhere. He'd be my guess on who the next coach is. I'm not impressed with Peery's resume. It seems like Hartwell has vetted a ton of candidates.
  13. mondego

    Dave Rice to USU?

    I, for one, think this is a terrible idea.
  14. mondego

    Utah State vs CSU Game Thread & Stream

    Dammit. I'm not watching the game but I'm sure the officiating is terrible if Dave is on the court. Is Verne Harris out there too? I really hope Duryea gets canned this week.
  15. mondego

    Utah State vs CSU Game Thread & Stream

    Do the Ags lay another egg? Duryea claiming Merrill and McEwen are hurt reeks of trying to save his job if we have an early round exit. Hopefully we don't chuck up 40+ threes again.