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  1. mondego

    Conference Awards

    I'm guessing this has something to do with pace of play? I'm too lazy to research. There was a stat shown in the CSU game (I think) that Love had sat out for 12 quarters - 2 of those due to injury against the Bows. I should be clear - I'm not saying Love should have been 1st team for the reasons you pointed out (not to mention Ryp leading Boise to the CCG). I wouldn't have minded had MM made 2nd team over Love for that matter. Love will (hopefully) get his accolades in the years to come.
  2. mondego

    Conference Awards

    I used Sports Reference's numbers, some of which are different from what ESPN has. I'll edit to reflect what the worldwide leader has.
  3. mondego

    Conference Awards

    Interesting you went with D. I'm not mad Love got 2nd team, although he did sit out a lot in our blowout wins. Only having 1 USU guy first team offense is of note since we were the 3rd highest scoring team in the country, but I'd attribute that to a very balanced offense.
  4. mondego

    Conference Awards

    Choose your 1st and 2nd team QBs. No cheating! A 70.5 Pct 3283 Pass Yds 24 Pass TD 3 Int 165.8 Rate 213 Rush Yds 7 Rush TD B 68.8 Pct 3580 Pass Yds 29 Pass TD 7 Int 160.7 Rate 6 Rush Yds 0 Rush TD C 65.8 Pct 3208 Pass Yds 28 Pass TD 5 Int 159.9 Rate 60 Rush Yds 6 Rush TD D 59.3 Pct 3790 Pass Yds 35 Pass TD 8 Int 149.3 Rate 370 Rush Yds 4 Rush TD Updated to show ESPN stats.
  5. mondego

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    If Rypien throws 5 TDs and Boise only scores 21 points... You're projecting two pick sixes for USU. Sounds about right!
  6. mondego

    St. Mary’s vs USU

    Final. 80-63 Aggies.
  7. mondego

    USU at CSU and stadium feed

    That win feels dirty, but...did we just hand the snatching defeat from the jaws of victory torch to CSU?
  8. mondego


    If the Aggies or Boise screw up this weekend I'll be pissed. A top 20 matchup on ESPN for the right to go to the MWC Championship would be a fun way to end the regular season.
  9. mondego

    USA Today 1-130 Week 2 Re-Rank

    Despite their best efforts, SJSU is isn't the worst team in the country. Amazing.
  10. mondego

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    UConn was picked by jeffkills (via 4UNLV). The only teams left at the time of your picking are Kansas and UTEP.
  11. mondego

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    Rice @Super six
  12. mondego

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    We have 11 teams left: UConn - American Kansas - Big 12 Liberty - Independent Ball State - MAC Kent State - MAC SJSU - MWC Coastal Carolina - Sun Belt Texas State - Sun Belt Charlotte - USA Rice - USA UTEP - USA @LaradiseCowboy is up.
  13. mondego

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

  14. mondego

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    Cincinnati @Del Scorcho
  15. mondego

    Pick 10: Team UNLVFan

    @Super six You're back up