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  1. I hate how much truth is in both of these paragraphs. Forever hoping that next year is the year we finish off a big name school
  2. It's stupid crap like this that makes this board awesome. Well done you two I'll take Coastal Carolina. @Super six you're on the clock.
  3. New Mexico State @Jeffkills you're up @BigBlueFan after that
  4. Dammit you're right. The fact that we've owned Wyo this decade and outscored them by 100 points over that time definitely wouldn't matter to Bob. AFA has a 4-3 overall record against the Aggies. You win Bob. USU is sure to have a letdown season, similar to what Wyo experiences almost every year.
  5. Watch out ole blu, I'm sure Bob knows that Air Force has a winning record over their entire history just like USU. You know who isn't anywhere close to an overall winning record? Wyoming. Talk about sucking for decades...those guys are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.
  6. @tBSU 24 hour window is up - can pick whenever @East Coast Aztec you're up @retrofade on deck
  7. I'll take Kansas. @Super six
  8. Middle Tennessee @Jeffkills you're up
  9. Already picked, go again.
  10. I'll take Air Force. @Super six is up @CV147 on deck
  11. Arkansas State @Jeffkills is up @BigBlueFan on deck @fbpack can make his selection whenever
  12. @Mad_Hatter is up @fbpack on deck
  13. Give me the Cincinnati Bearcats. @Super six is up @CV147 on deck
  14. I'll take the 2019 MWC champions - Utah State @Jeffkills is up @BigBlueFan on deck
  15. @retrofade's time is up. @Mad_Hatter is on the clock with @fbpack on deck.