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  1. I'll take LSU @Jeffkills is up @BigBlueFan on deck @Billings in the hole.
  2. Am I good to pick or are we still giving @Super six more time?
  3. Some of the comments in here about the firefighting efforts are dumbfounding. Stop and think for a minute about what this building means to Catholics, Parisians, and the French people: There's the obvious religious significance. Countless historical artifacts. Oh, and it's probably in the top 3 most visited sites in France, which means it attracts tourist dollars for every restaurant, cafe, bakery, hotel, street merchant, etc. in Paris. Does anyone really think that every available means to put the fire out wasn't employed? Are there improvements that could likely be made in response time or whatever else? Probably...improvement can be made in just about every event humans are involved in. But I'm going to give these guys a break today while they mourn the loss of one of their country's most iconic landmarks.
  4. I visited Notre Dame in 2006. It is a remarkable building and I'll never forget walking its halls. Watching this magnificent edifice burn is terribly saddening.
  5. If this is true (I have no reason to doubt you or Murray), than he doesn't really have an option to leave, right? Or is there an exception to the 1 year sit out rule for non-grad transfers?
  6. Such a dumbass thread. Which team do you leave out? 1. Nevada - preseason top 10, undefeated OOC, co-regular season champs, made it to the semis in the conference tournament, multiple guys who could end up in the league? 2. USU - co-regular season champs, 3-2 record against other tournament teams, possible NBA center, won the freaking auto bid? The Boise and Wyo fans talking shit after the games are over is rich. GTFO until your teams have a pulse.
  7. Great job cutting it down to 2. Did they run out of gas? Last few offensive possessions were awful.
  8. It would be total bullsh!t for USU to get left out, but I agree with you. The committee isn't known for doing mid majors any favors.
  9. Ouch, that's two thirds of the horrible MWC ref trifecta doing a semifinal game. Thanks Hair!
  10. I'm not watching yet, why are Caroline and Caleb out?
  11. My sincere condolences.
  12. Agree across the board. To add to #1: Bragg flopped, realized he didn't get the call, then scissored Queta's ankle. Other horrific calls: - The 10 second call you mentioned. Merrill had both feet and the ball well across half court. Karma for the call we got in NM. - The ball going out on Queta before Weir's technical (the technical was fully deserved though) - Merrill's second foul on the fast break. He jumped vertically and was pushed back by Jackson's momentum. Should have been a play on. The refs were truly terrible both ways. Ultimately I think the Lobos played as well as I've seen them all year, they just seemed to run out of steam at the end, which was very fortunate for the Aggies. That's the difficulty of pressing the entire game after playing the night before. Things are looking up in ABQ. Also, I couldn't believe how loud the NM fans were - sounded like we were playing in the Pit most of the night.
  13. Holy shit these refs are terrible.