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  1. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/athletic-director-joe-parker-joins-to-talk-about-the/id1509883324?i=1000537540349
  2. Your CSU summary left out Iowa. They started really slow, but they've been playing great football for weeks now, including going toe-to-toe against a top 5 team. I have little faith in Addazio, but the narrative on this team has flipped from the slow start.
  3. Straight from the CSU AD- very open discussion about why they entertained the AAC invite- my takeaway- they were hedging their bet/ didn't want to get left behind in conference realignment musical chairs- https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/athletic-director-joe-parker-joins-to-talk-about-the/id1509883324?i=1000537540349
  4. They're doing the same thing they did against Toledo. Think this team has found it's identity.
  5. It's been so long since I've allowed myself to get excited for this team. Afraid to lean into it.
  6. As a CSU alum and football season ticket holder, my dream scenario is the MWC holding together for the long haul (with Gonzaga added), reaching its full potential in football and rivaling the PAC like it did at times with BYU, TCU, and Utah in the conference, and establishing itself as a major force in basketball. I love that this is a western-based conference with real history and rivalries. I'd rather CSU thrive in a MWC with multiple top 25 programs a 1000x over going on a run and ending up in a mutant Big 12 or, even worse, an AAC with no rivals or history.
  7. Lol... In addition to postulating that Memphis and Boise are likely the next expansion targets, they are musing about PAC teams wanting to move to the Big 12... To the extent that online sports talk radio counts as journalism, I think this is National Enquirer level reporting.
  8. Come on now...CSU has been remarkably consistent at being below average and may be bad this year, but comparing them to the streaming pile those programs have been on an annual basis, year after year is slanderous!
  9. Hear, hear. This is also why I'm surprised there is so much excitement from this board about them leaving as though it is neutral for the conference or a net positive. In the context of the MWC, it's well-funded, sound academically, centrally located, gets at least some attention from the Denver media market, and has great football facilities. Of course it has warts. If any school in this conference didn't, they wouldn't be in the MWC. The MWC benefits a lot from having a near monopoly on D1 football on the Front Range. I for one, would be bummed and perplexed if CSU leaves. Not sure why many
  10. Assuming you're being a bit hyperbolic on this--but it's a gross oversimplification of CSU's place in the Denver media market. It's a pro sports town, so CU and CSU are both pretty far down the list as far as attention goes. That said, both do get good coverage from all of the local stations and the Denver Post. It's a huge alumni base; CSU is always part of the Denver sports beat. Air Force gets some, but the Springs is it's own media market, so they're a bit more hit or miss in Denver. WYO pops on their own on rare occasion in Denver sports coverage, usually around bowl time or conference to
  11. As a lifelong Ram fan, I'm no longer surprised, but agree that a lot of the key ingredients are in place for the program to be successful. If they were half as good at coaching up players as Wyoming has been over the years, they would be perennially competitive. It would also be incredibly helpful to the conference for CSU to be relevant. At this point, I don't think anyone in the conference wins when a program is in the toilet, but it particularity hurts when major media markets could come into play for the conference IF the schools ever got their act together (see UNLV)...
  12. Well, at least a general hate for Colorado explains why you'd celebrate CSU's misfortunes and criticize them for trying. I'd rather have every school in the MWC shoot for the moon (including WYO) and see the conference as a whole get stronger, but that's just me.
  13. As a CSU fan, so would I. Still not clear to me why building a stadium and having a healthy athletic budget makes them a**h**** who are getting what was coming to them?
  14. What's up with CSU hate? If half of the MWC was willing to invest the resources CSU did, this conference would unequivocally be the best of the rest. Why are they getting what was coming to them because they tried and came up short? Don't we want every school to put the resources in to be better? They s*** the bed in football and have a great basketball team when they were trying to swing for the fences. Not sure why that makes them a villain. Please help me understand...
  15. What's with the obsession with CSU? I don't think even the most loyal CSU homers with blinders on would suggest that, absent geographic considerations, CSU is better positioned now than SDSU to get an invite to the P5... Academically, CSU and SDSU both fit the profile of a P5 perfectly well. Their institutional missions are different- to the extent CSU is noteworthy in academia, it's on the research side... Their undergrad student body profile is average, which I suppose, relative to a decent portion of the MWC (looking at you UNLV and BSU), makes them highly selective... In the current era of
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