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  1. Hopefully a change in culture will get the best out of Bobo's SEC- light group too, ala Mac with some of Fairchild's guys. Crazy to see a class close to full this early in the recruiting cycle. Even with the usual attrition, this group looks promising.
  2. I was skeptical of the hire, but I'm starting to believe. https://www.denverpost.com/2020/06/22/steve-addazio-csu-rams-football-2021-recruiting/ CSU getting local kids that would have slipped to UW in the past. Also, note the article's coverage of the current enthusiasm for playing football in Laramie next year. Nowhere to go but up I suppose.
  3. In the spirit of throwing out random fan-based realignment scenarios, I'd love to see a PAC-16 that adds UNR, UNLV, BYU, and CSU. It takes the conference back to the in-state rival structure and locks up the growing inter-mountain West states.
  4. Markets mattered a bunch in the last round of realignment. Maryland and Rutgers aren't in the BIG10 because of their football prowess and geographic fit. If UNLV ever got it's s*** together, Vegas could matter a ton. Frankly, at their full potential, I'd put them towards the top of schools in the MWC for P5 potential....Unfortunately for them, it's currently a semi- commuter school with a football program that has a non-existent fanbase and teams that would have struggled to hang with better FCS programs over there last 20 years.
  5. I like it. I'd add Arizona and CU to the drop column. Both have been awful for a long time and don't seem to be working towards being football factories. Baylor and Utah get the call up.
  6. I'd love that for CSU... Their peer schools by geography and academics are the land grant schools in the Midwest and West...KState/CSU games would be super fun.
  7. With endorsement/personal likeness $ coming to players sooner than later, the blue bloods are really going to be in another stratosphere...
  8. I have no idea on the GOR logistics... P12 and B12 have some serious bottom dwellers that look like MWC or AAC programs if not for the machinations of history... Other candidates for relegation outside of P12 and B12...Vandy? Illinois? Indiana? NC State? Syracuse? Northwestern?.... The biggest gulf seems to be between the 20+ semi-pro programs that are NFL mills... followed by a huge middle and then the bottom feeders (see SJSU, Sun Belt, MAC) that don't compare favorably to the top of the FCS...
  9. Agree... I'm curious when the P5 power brokers separate the wheat from the chaff and keep all the $ for themselves...MWC and AAC already fend for themselves as P5 adjacent...not sure what is left to formally break away from or what the revenue generating P5s gain from calling themselves something different... However, the USCs UTs of the world gain a lot by cutting off the likes of osu and k-state. If seismic change is coming, my money is on the true power brokers separating from the P5 bottom feeders.
  10. I'm struggling with the article's premise that this is a G5/P5 demarcation for schools that will struggle or break away... Healthy MWC athletic programs already lived with modest budgets and never relied on jaw- dropping tv $... Staying in your middle class home when you lived within your means and one spouse loses a job is doable... big-time power 5 will also have enough support to manage loss of major tv$... Won't the bottom feeder p5 programs that don't have a major following and heavily relied on tv $ be the most vulnerable? The following for programs like Oregon State, Washington State, etc look more like average MWC schools than P5 programs... Take away their tv $ and they are minnows swimming with whales.
  11. Looks like csu is going forward with students on campus! https://www.9news.com/mobile/article/news/education/csu-campus-open-fall/73-c23829f7-cc1d-4aa8-9051-5b395a779953
  12. On the personal freedom side, I don't really see how that translates for public universities sponsoring sports. Telling a private business owner that they can't open/patrons they can't engage in commerce in the name of public health/safety is it's own ball of wax, but I don't see how the Cal State system deciding on it's own to go virtual in the fall is a shot at individual liberty. It seems like it's a federalist system of government/representative republic working properly. People don't have to like the decision, but how is not the CSU system's to make? If CA and WY arrive at different conclusions based on different factors and priorities, the system is working as it should.
  13. Sure. It's a balance and everyone has a notion of where we should land for mitigating risk for a relatively small sub- segment of society. COVID won't effect most people seriously and shutting down the economy certainly will. I love college football and will go to games in the fall if given the choice. My thought/concern is that even if we open up most things, large gatherings are going to be a problem for a while. Open campuses and stadiums are both going to be tricky.
  14. The good people of Colorado determined that liquor stores and dispensaries were essential during stay at home but bars were not. What can I say? Everyone has their priorities. Other things are now starting to open up with modification. Don't get me wrong- if CSU opens up for games, I'm going. I'm sure everyone is trying to balance needs, wants, etc. I hope football happens, but in the grand scheme of things, we (society) don't NEED it to happen this year.
  15. What is essential for individuals, industries, and society are different. If you own a movie theater chain, you may have your personal finances blown up and your industry may collapse, but we don't need movie theaters for society to continue on. I'm sure some stuff is debatable, but football seems firmly ensconced in non-essential at a societal level. It's awful for a lot of people who are going to be personally impacted, but college sports are not the equivalent of viable, safe municipal water. One keeps society entertained, the other keeps us alive.