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  1. Cheers to that! As a CSU alum, I am tired of realignment talk. The SEC and their ilk are ruining what I enjoy about college football. I'd take CSU vs WYO, Air Force, BYU, UNM, SDSU, and Hawaii over nonsense jumping to a zombie big 12 with a bunch of schools trying to flee at their first chance. Give me as much of the old WAC as possible and I'll be at the games having a blast. Great games, real rivalries...I have zero interest in CSU vs UCF, Texas Tech, etc if it means no Air Force and Wyoming on the schedule. Time to opt out of this b.s. and get back to what made this fun to begin with.
  2. The realignment boards and where people think their teams will land are my favorite...always interesting to see the level of delusion that exists amongst our respective schools. My groupings- We Know Who We Are & Arent Going Anywhere Wyoming, UNR, Utah State, UNM, Fresno,SJSU- with the exception of the random missive about the San Jose media market, a group that knows their lot, and is enjoying watching others scurry for a seat at sadly depleted Big 12 table to the detriment of regional rivalries in a competitive, geographically rational conference. We Know Who We Are &
  3. My guess- Texas and OU are gone...This starts the race to a P4 with each having 16 teams and lower tier P5s falling back...Iowa State, K State... Welcome to the G5!!!
  4. Lol....I know.... It's ridiculous. UNLV is a trash commuter school with horrible football...CSU is a never was...BYU has the God thing... What can I say?
  5. I know this is impractical for a lot of reasons, but I'd love to see a PAC 16 that added BYU, CSU, UNR, and UNLV to get to 16. It would take them back to the old PAC 10 structure with the in-state rivals, and cement their long-term place as the mountain/Pacific timezone conference.. One can dream.
  6. What would a message board be without troll-like behavior. You are even more fun to interact with on the board than you are to read. I will be sure to not use paste functions in the future, lest it continue to upset you?!? I seldom post on the board because of weird stuff like this...I can't begin to imagine the type of person that takes issue with rich text or suggests that I'm cribbing from god knows where when talking about college football on a freaking MWC message board. With the entertainment of this killed for me- enjoy being a kill-joy and blowhard on the board as your hobby.
  7. Even at schools like Alabama, the VAST majority of players never make it to the NFL. I think it would be pretty great for these kids to make some good money and get a head start on a post-football life. Seems like the least that could be done considering all they contribute to the schools, sport, and $ they generate.
  8. The additional issues raised by Kavanaugh weren't before the court... He took the opportunity in his concurring opinion to note that, in his view, broader antitrust issues with how the NCAA controls compensation have legal merit. We'll know how the other justices interpret the law if/when an applicable case makes it to them...I wouldn't hazard a guess how they might rule, but the fact that the justices simply ruled on the case before them doesn't suggest that they are or aren't on board with Kavanaugh's interpretation of the NCAA's potential antitrust violations. FWIW, I hope they open the flo
  9. The ruling was narrow in scope, but it doesn't mean NCAA doesn't have a bullseye targeted at it with players and their advocates screaming antitrust violations. Justice Kavanaugh clearly signaled the current structure is legally problematic at best. That said, the G5's were already living on the poor side of town....I'd be most concerned with what may come if I were a lower-tier P5 school....they could experience a resource deficit akin to what the G5s already live with.
  10. I'm interested to see...if this is the start of the move to fair market value for players and schools being able to actually pay a salary, does the P5 gets blown up? I'd imagine that the top schools in the SEC, + Texas, USC, Ohio State, et. al. would be ready to go to war with the new rules, but some of the schools that define themselves by their academic reputation would not be on board with fielding professional football teams. Would Stanford and Cal be on board? And would the P5 schools that have been living off of their blue-blood conference brethren be in for the arms race? I can't imagin
  11. Read Kavanaugh’s concurrence…the court ruled narrowly on academic benefits, but the end of amateurism and a shift to fair market value are at the doorstep. The court’s ruling is a major step towards dramatic change in college athletics.
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