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  1. I thought we were all having a great time... I told all my friends about it. But it’s definitely UNR, they tried to fight our players.
  2. I have to disagree there, this exercise is only meant to be a 1 year band-aid to squeeze more money out of TV networks. Any shift in conference membership will have to happen when the new TV deal ends.
  3. I agree, but I think there could be potential money on the table to grab. As the phrase goes, “never waste a good crisis.”
  4. If fall sports are only delayed what incentive do Fox/CBS have to renegotiate with the MW? They’ll still have everyone else playing so there’s no need for them to do anything. If anything they could argue that they should pay us less for supplying them with less inventory. If the SEC and Big 12 continue on as a scheduled in the fall while no one else does then maybe there’s something there. The likelihood of that though is slim to none and again the problem would be us already being under contract The only way I could see the MW being able to renegotiate is if the season happens in the spring, it’s still a conference only season, and fans aren’t allowed at games. If that’s the case the MW should try to emulate what the Premier League is doing and play a game everyday. This way the conference might get a huge payday for providing content. That’s where BYU comes in. I know you’ve said the conference has said no but besides Boise whose brand realistically commands any television respect? You could argue SDSU, Air Force, and Hawai’i but what TV exec is really going to care? Having them, even just for a season, could be a huge boon in renegotiating the contract and getting more money. Bring in them and NMSU (to bump Boise to the west) for a season then go renegotiate the TV rights. Having their brand joined to ours in a season that’s totally fubared is nothing but beneficial since most teams have lost bodybag money and the TV contract is up in the air. IDK what everyone does with that money, that’d have to be negotiated, but despite the hatred for BYU, they’d give everyone a nice payday bump. Imagine the ratings for a Boise - BYU conference championship? The storylines alone would draw even the most casual of college football fans. That’d be amazing exposure for the conference as a whole, and good momentum during a totally +++++ed up season
  5. I think the conference and BYU could get some decent money out of it too. There’s no way they’re going play games this fall, you can’t risk it especially with them forecasting another wave. Do a shortened 10 game season Feb-April and approach all the TV partners about selling the rights. Boise goes to Foxsports, BYU to ESPN, and the rest of the conference does the Fox/CBS thing. Since they probably still won’t have fans at games offer to play at any time on any day as well. Networks get content and a majority of our inventory gets put on TV
  6. I think it’d be a no-brainer to bring them in for 1 season. The conference gets its old villain back and BYU gets to play football without having to scramble to find random games. I’d also add NMSU for 1 season as well so Boise gets bumped over to the West. Play the 6 division games first against the teams that are geographically closer to limit travel then finish the season with 4 cross division games.
  7. Wombats Flamingos platypuses -platypi? chupacabras jackalopes
  8. The Nevada Board of Regents will just allocate all of UNLV’s athletic budget to UNR
  9. Rumors that him and TJO never hit it off and his style of play not fitting TJO’s system. Also people thinking he might get pushed out of the starting line-up for some transfers/ incoming guys.
  10. I think that gets you to 13 Scholarship players. Would rather Hardy stay and one of the other freshman take a prep year or make Coleman a walk on again. We’ll see.
  11. https://twitter.com/rebelriotradio/status/1235808995924819971?s=21 Edit: Not sure how to post tweet as a link-image
  12. Lol ESPN is just trying to start this narrative because they own the WCc’s tv rights
  13. Well that was a fun exercise in incompetence and idiocy. Can we fire Craig Thompson now?
  14. They tried but the people living around campus almost rioted because they thought the school was trying to gentrify the area