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  1. Rank em basketball edition

    I don't trust their big men this year. You have Pope then it seems like a big drop-off. I think they might struggle with opposing teams with a lot height
  2. Rank em basketball edition

    1. Nevada 2. Fresno State 3.Boise State 4. UNLV 5. Wyoming 6. SDSU 7. CSU 8. UNM 9. Utah State 10. Air Force UNR is the clear #1 then 2-6 is kind of a mess. Fresno, Boise, UNLV, and Wyoming have all looked good, just need to see how they do against a little stiffer competition. SDSU laid that egg against ASU in the second half, so would like to see how they bounce back. Need to see how CSU does against Tulane- could move them up. Also Need to see how UNM does against NMSU to see if they can compete or if they're building. Utah State looks like it will struggle. I don't rank big sky teams *cough* sjsu
  3. UNLV at Air Force

    Where you stay, cuz?
  4. UNLV at Air Force

    Anyone have a good stream? The one I found ends up being EasternKentucky women's vlleyball
  5. UNLV recruiting

    Hello PH, My name is Mutumbo and I have an amazing opportunity for you! I am a Nigerian prince and there has been an account with a large sum of money set up in my name but due to banking laws here I am not able to access it. If you send me your name and Social Security number then I can bypass these laws thus withdrawing the sum of money and can send you 1 million dollars!
  6. a REBEL ROBERT-style Realignment Thread

    Can we contract by 1 member? (SJSU)
  7. Iowa State fans...lol

    I remember when those baby dick wife beaters got mad at Rebel fans because we "bought" Rashad Vaughn...
  8. MW considers cutting the TV cord

    I thinks it's innovative. The landscape is changing, tv ratings are declining across the board because of streaming services. Back in the day a 2.0 rating in the 16-36( not exactly sure the age range) demographic would get a show cancelled. Now it is the norm. Let's be proactive for once instead of reactive.
  9. MW considers cutting the TV cord

    I love this idea, I'm either watching games on my laptop or firestick anyways so it makes sense. Maybe try and get a streaming deal with youtube as well to broadcast marquee games.
  10. UNLV recruiting

    Apparently Bangai has eligibility issues as well
  11. UNLV @ Nevada

    How many points over 100 does reno get?
  12. UNLV @ Nevada

    Link? I think I'll watch this instead of my normal nightly BDSM