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  1. Tier 1 1. SDSU - they’re the top until they’re not. We’ll see how well they can replace Flynn and Wetzell 2. BSU - they have the talent, can they put it together 3. UNLV - Hamilton and Jenkins will be dynamic but they still need a offensive front court threat 4. CSU - same situation as UNLV, another dynamic back court but the loss of Carvacho hurts, need someone to step up in the front court 5. USU - another extremely talented team, just need to see what players replace the chasm left by Merrill’s departure Tier 2 6. UNR - Harris, Drew, and Johnson are gone
  2. I think the MW is a legitimate 5-headed monster this year. Hopefully we can make noise during a limited OOC.
  3. Whatever. Just get out of here already.
  4. Is there anyway to get them to leave faster? I think we’d all like for that to happen
  5. It’s weird- this is usually my favorite game of the year, even when we are bad, but it’s hard to be excited since it feels like Arroyo is just treating this season like 8 scrimmages because he didn’t get spring practices
  6. Missing Offense -Randal Grimes -Brandon Presley -Mekhi Stevenson -Chad Magyar Defense -Drew Tejchman -Alex Perry -Greg Francis -Phil Hill -Farrel Hester -Brennon Scott -Leshaun Bell These are just the guys that I thought would either be starting or at least make the two deep. I think there’s more.
  7. Wow. What a pivot. Thank you for agreeing with my point though. The original joke doesn’t work because the name (UNLV/UNLV Football) he wants to change it to is already used en masse, so if we moved on from ‘Rebels’ and just said UNLV it’s not that big of a leap since it already happens. I knew you’d get there in the end.
  8. So the joke is that the UNLV football team would be called the... UNLV football team? You’re right, hilarious. Let’s get this guy on Comedy Central.
  9. I got the joke, it was just very bad.
  10. As if people don’t already just call them UNLV anyway? There’s no way you actually thought that joke was funny, right?
  11. No, I will not come to your German Brokeback Mountain cow shiza party. Stop inviting me.
  12. Time to mark the “UNR Fans Being Sensitive About Their Name” square on your MWC Football bingo card
  13. It’s feels like it. Less trying to get ESPN 3 to work on my phone or using a VPN for that Rocky Mountain channel and more sitting in front of an actual TV. Somebody waaaay more motivated than me is actually going to have to check the numbers but this feels better.
  14. I think I’m ok with this? Especially with a season this FUBARed. Feels like I can watch UNLV on TV a lot more. Still hate CBS with a fiery passion though. Hope we dump them next time around.
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