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  1. Football can suck all the dongs. We don’t need 4 hours of commercials in our lives.
  2. When did Wichita state change their mascot to the referees?
  3. “I have a headset on and I heard that foul from here.” Refs really swallowing the whistle on these clear WSU fouls
  4. Is UNLV going to win? Nope. Am I still going to bet them moneyline? Yup.
  5. Awwww, thanks for thinking about us 😘
  6. How did UNLV’s OLine get so bad 2 years post-Sanchez? Sure, Armani Rogers couldn’t throw but those lines could block for him
  7. Wild that cbs and fox turned down the UCLA and Cal games
  8. If Brumfield plays we have a chance, if he doesn’t we lose
  9. What I don’t get is if they make this move and USF and Memphis get the call up instead of SDSU and Boise. Now your stuck in another iteration of CUSA
  10. I’d do nothing. The MWC is almost resurgent in football right now with a scary west division and good usu and Wyoming teams in the mountain to compliment Boise. I’d take a conference with no divisions where the two best teams play each other in the championship. It sounds good in basketball as well, CSU is decent but it’s really not much of a loss and we lose one of the rpi anchors in Air Force. At that point I’d kick the tires on Gonzaga again by saying they only have to play 18 conference games and they’re in a stronger league. If we had to do something you check out UTSA’s inte
  11. And on top of that, since UNLV is a relatively new and a large university in the biggest metro area in the state, the board of regents treat it as some kind of tool in their short-sighted and misguided political aspirations resulting in this micromanaged/mismanaged nightmare rife with administrative incompetence.
  12. 1. UNR 2. Fresno 3. SJSU 4. Boise 5. USU 6. Air Force 7. SDSU 8. Wyoming 9. UNLV 4th quarter 10. UNM 11. Hawaii 12. CSU 13. UNLV first 3 quarters Arroyo is a bum.
  13. It’s UNLV- institutional incompetence is our thing
  14. This guy is such a clown. That or he’s just waiting for Martell to be cleared. Either way, still a clown.
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