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  1. He said, “our friends at CBS.” They’re not our friends, they’re incompetent turds who plays ads mid-drive and start basketball games 8 minutes into the first half.
  2. A sexist response from a Fresno fan in 3.. 2..
  3. I think I read somewhere that they’ve turned a profit for like 22 straight quarters or something along those lines
  4. Why is their hashtag “OneWyoming?” Was there another Wyoming that we didn’t know about?
  5. They either have to be good enough that Bobo is hired away or bad enough that he’s fired
  6. Oh boy, call the National Guard!!! Let’s get FEMA out there stat!!!!!
  7. Honestly it’s a poor attempt at humor, unsurprising from the nerds that now make up the Rebellion. If it was funnier I doubt people would be as upset. The outrage to the tweet though makes it seem like this explosion was worst tragedy to happen in the history of UNR.
  8. Name: Jack Hometown: Rumson, NJ University and Degree: Rutgers- Bachelors in Sports Management, UNLV- Doctorate of Physical Therapy Occupation: Physical Therapist Teams: Monmouth, Seton Hall, Buttgers, Miami, NYG, Yankees, Devils, Nets, UNLV Interests: scrapbooking, knitting Dislikes: the automated phone calls I keep getting every morning Favorite Activities: beer league ice hockey On my playlist: German death reggae Married/Kids/Pets: yes Miscellaneous: Bon Jovi was my neighbor.. kind of. We lived in the same town. I don’t know where he lived, but I knew he was there.
  9. This might legitimately be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on the internet
  10. MGM and Konami went to Marta Meana as well and said they’d stop giving the university money if Sanchez left. DRF literally fired Sanchez in a meeting with Meana and Meana said “no.”