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  1. REVIEW: UNSD (University of Nevada - Southern Division) aka Nevada Southern aka Nevada - Las Vegas High School Extension (est. 1957) is little brother to BOTH Nevada (Go Wolfpack!) AND Arizona State.
  2. I didn’t read the whole 35-page thread, so forgive me if this news has already broken. Pac-12 to add Kansas, K-State, Texas Tech, and SDSU. Pac-12 West Cal Stanford Washington Washington State Oregon Oregon State San Diego State Pac-12 East Arizona Arizona State Colorado Utah Texas Tech Kansas Kansas State
  3. Thanks. I forgot about Boise’s sweetheart deal. Is it a certainty that the bonus $1.8M does not come from the $45M/year? So basically, from the TV deal and adjacent agreements, MW teams get just over $4M/year, Hawaii gets just over $3.25M, and Boise gets just over $5.8M. (Actually, I just found another article, different from the original one I quoted, that estimates Boise’s share at about $5.7M and the other members’ share at about $3.9M, so very close to the numbers you provided). ESPN has hamstrung the MW in regards to stealing SMU and a few of the other CT teams by agreeing to “essentially keep them whole” and keeping their payout at/close to their original expected $7M/year for the duration of the contract term. That can change in 2032 when the current AAC contract expires or even in 2026 when the MW deal ends/gets renegotiated. How serious is the MWC about getting into the Central Time Zone and what are the main motivations for that move if it were pursued? Is it strictly TV time slot related or is there something else?
  4. What is the MWC’s TV deal worth? I found an article online that quotes $270M over 6 years. That’s $45M/year divided by 12 schools comes to $3.75M per school/per year. I don’t know how Hawaii being a football-only member impacts the revenue shares. Is this right/the most current?
  5. What I heard was that the Big Ten was looking to add USC and Notre Dame to get to 16 members. If this report can be believed, at least USC reciprocates the interest. I don’t think that ND is a viable option due to a clause in its current contract with the ACC, which supposedly stipulates that if ND chooses to join a conference it must join the ACC. Not sure how ironclad that is if it exists. Also, not sure how keen ND would be on moving to the Big Ten over the ACC anyway. Assuming ND stands pat, would the Big Ten be okay with just adding USC and staying at 15 members, or as this video report suggests, it would have to grow to 16, as USC would only be okay with moving if it brings along a fellow PAC-12 school? If it’s the latter, what school is that 16th? This report seems to suggest it would be Colorado. I would think that Stanford or UCLA make more sense, maybe even Washington. Perhaps the thinking is that Colorado would give the Big Ten a member in each of the Western Time Zones, who knows.
  6. In related news, @mugtang is looking into whether or not he can void the sale of the MWCboard. (pic of mugtang during the last Conference Realignment round)
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/15/capitol-rioters-planned-capture-kill-officials-say-prosecutors
  8. 2nd worst president ever. Although, that was true before today.
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