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  1. Young enough for you? https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2020/03/28/coronavirus-in-illinois-465-new-cases-13-more-deaths-infant-among-fatalities/
  2. With all the added hand washing and masturbating, my hands are a wreck type of guy.
  3. There's only been 1 murder in Chicago in the last seven days. The last time Chicago went a full week with only one murder was February 2015. COVID-19 > CPD.
  4. Welcome to the stage..."Coronavirus stimulus check" breast implants.
  5. Tune the fvcking retard out. Don't understand why anyone still listens to that orange peace of turd. COVID-19 won't have nearly the impact that the brainless imbecile in the White House has had in decimating this country. Hopefully, it won't be much longer for this country to finally see "the flattening of the curve" of that dumbfvck's presidency.
  6. The "University" of Phoenix finds this distasteful.
  7. Maybe Mormons are naturally immune. Could be the magic underwear, or all the inbreeding.
  8. They pixelate their porn. Helps in lowering the amount of surfaces that need to be disinfected.
  9. Y'all know that Trump's retarded ass isn't getting tested because deep down he thinks that if he never finds out he has it, it can't hurt him. Sticking his pudgy liddle fingers in his ears like they we're Miss USA contestants and yelling "la la la la la."
  10. TheBigAwesome approves of this move. However, I got a feeling that he'll go in another direction. I'm just not sure where.
  11. So, who's the other side of the ticket?
  12. Esteban "Steve" Cortes is a puto.
  13. How's that for a Hollywood script? Two guys who love to "grab them by the pussy." One ends up in the Big House, the other in the White House.