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  1. Is that a conditional "In" depending on when/if we fill-up and start?
  2. Call for players, would like a minimum of 15 or so. @tspoke ‌@cgzpack ‌@Bulldog Rob ‌@MrBug708 ‌@WYO1016 ‌@SalinasSpartan ‌@trl87 ‌@Jack Bauer ‌@ChozoRuins ‌@britrock88 ‌@Why? ‌@Mad_Hatter ‌@carpen83 ‌@Jwherb ‌@AZdogFan ‌@Chief Rum ‌@thelawlorfaithful ‌@halfmanhalfbronco ‌@UNLVFan90 ‌@mugtang ‌@TheBigAwesome ‌@CV147 ‌@4UNLV ‌@Warbow ‌@EFEXizBACK @timmae ‌@mysfit @Billy B. Ace @CrimsonFox @KJ_32 @UNM2TIMES @happycamper
  3. Actually, I believe it's only six to qualify for most sports. The eight you are thinking of may be the requirement to officially sponsor football at the FBS level. EDIT: The minimum number of members for a D-I Multisport Conference is seven.
  4. From article: Of course Hawaii voted in favor of UCSD. Because...
  5. Original post edited with information for the 2017 Y! Tourney Pick'em.
  6. The ones that he's bagging working at the grocery store or the ones in his pants?
  7. Obviously, we didn't reach quorum this past weekend so we'll aim for this upcoming Monday, May 9 as the new target start date (Day 1 Lynch Deadline). Looks like most comments here are wanting, or are okay with, using the 12-hour cycle: Evening Lynches followed by Morning Night Actions 12 hours later. If we can get this thing started, I think we'll go with that unless a majority of players raise an objection and agree on another schedule. Tagging (once more) those who have not signed-up: @Bulldog Rob ‌@Warbow‌ @WYO1016 ‌@trl87 @timmae @EFEXizBACK ‌@mysfit ‌@AZdogFan ‌@Jack Bauer @Jwherb @MrBug708‌ @Chief Rum @UNLVFan90‌ @carpen83‌ ‌@thelawlorfaithful ‌@halfmanhalfbronco ‌@ChozoRuins ‌@britrock88 @KJ_32 ‌@Why? @UNM2TIMES We miss voting for you Rob!
  8. If you mean after the Lynch results are posted, NO, the thread is not locked. Players may post up until and past the Night Action Deadline but may not post anything directly related to what they learned/did during the night until the GM makes the "DAWN" post explaining to everyone what transpired during the night.
  9. I'm wondering if/hoping that we can get enough people to fill this game during this week so that roles could be sent out over the weekend and we can have Day 1 Lynch Deadline due on Monday, May 2. For those who have signed up (and those signing up), which of the following options would you prefer? Conventional deadlines: Evening Lynch followed by Night Actions approximately an hour later. 12-hour cycles: Evening Lynches followed by Morning Night Actions 12 hours later. 48-hour game day (36 Hour Days/12 Hour Nights): Evening Lynch followed by Morning Night Actions 12 hours later, every other day. Other: Please make a suggestion. Player Solicitation: @Billy B. Ace @CV147 @cgzpack @CrimsonFox @Mad_Hatter @tspoke @Bulldog Rob @4UNLV @mugtang ‌@Warbow‌ @WYO1016 ‌@SalinasSpartan ‌@trl87 @timmae @EFEXizBACK ‌@mysfit ‌@AZdogFan ‌@Jack Bauer @Jwherb @MrBug708‌ @Chief Rum @UNLVFan90‌ @carpen83‌ ‌@thelawlorfaithful ‌@halfmanhalfbronco ‌@ChozoRuins ‌@britrock88 @KJ_32 ‌@Why?
  10. You can pay attention at his next one. But seriously, I doubt this fills up any time soon so if you check back in two weeks (or whatever) and we haven't started, I'm sure everyone would like to have you join us. Have fun Chicken-dancing and Electric-sliding and all of that.
  11. Today's trucking of Oklahoma by Villanova clinched it. Congrats @WYO1016, you are the Werewolf Sports Nerds Unite 2016 Bracket Champion! Thanks to all who participated!