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  1. Peak inflation is past us.
  2. Another historically great banned novel is Voltaire’s Candide. Oldest media to make me laugh out loud.
  3. Yeah, most apps you can speed up/slow down the speed which is nice. I typically go with 1.5-1.8x because my wife talks fast and I’m used to that speed. I started listening to them while working out instead of music. Got tired of the same music playlists. And one of the books that got me into it is probably on the banned list - Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, which supposedly was a major influence on the formation of the FDA. One of the best listens on librivox. The socialism chapters toward the end were over the top in my opinion, but the story was so damned horrifying and captivating it was hard to take off the headphones for the first 90%.
  4. Hell yeah! Apps I use: Audible: get 1 free books per month (with subscription) Libby: get unlimited free books with library card (have to wait in line for popular ones) Librivox: free books that are past their copyrights, good for some classics pre-1923 or so.
  5. Yeah. I read Sherman Alexie in middle school and we even watched parts of the movie Smoke Signals based on his work in class. And that was in a rural part of Montana where our culture was outwardly racist towards Native Americans. Thank goodness my liberal librarian brainwashed us before all parents went crazy.
  6. True story: I read Madeline Miller’s Song of Achilles on limited research and thought it was just a retelling of the classic Greek mythology in more modern language. The teenagers Achilles and Patroclus sex scenes definitely caught me off guard.
  7. I’d be okay if all of Richard Brautigan’s work burned. Mankind would be better off without his schizophrenic nonsense. At the very least Trout Fishing in America should be banned from Idaho’s high schools. Mayonnaise.
  8. The Hate U Give is another widely cancelled book I read recently. Narrator is a high school girl so I found it cringey at times. An interesting perspective inspired by BLM movement. It was okay but not great. Dumb for it to be banned.
  9. Yeah, I said in the other thread - I don’t think Kite Runner probably belongs in high schools. One of the more emotionally powerful books I’ve read though. Pretty educational as well (1st Afghan novel published in English). So much shame involved I wouldn’t recommend for high schoolers because of its the negative mental health. Also, the child rape scene was pretty bad.
  10. That and over 150 international airports in the USA. Just need a fake travel or education visa to get through customs.
  11. Hard to acquire large quantities of ammonium nitrate with the terrorist watch lists and what not.
  12. Do they still wear ‘Catholic school girl’ uniforms there? The school down the street from me still requires those skirts that have been fetishized for years and it seems creepy to me that the church hasn’t changed them.
  13. Utah State going from -27 to +37 the very next next week is pretty funny.
  14. You would think a 15 year old would have enough sense to not get snatched like that from an arena. My guess is they tricked her into thinking they were famous and needed her to help film a tiktok or music video or something.
  15. Weird that this story has zero to do with guns, borders, and shitty German cars. https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article261353877.html Dallas PD and the Mavericks gonna pay some money for their negligence on this one.
  16. He supposedly had a game with a triple double and 32 points, 29 rebounds, and 31 blocked shots, lmao.
  17. My sons preschool just got shutdown again because of multiple positives. Need to move to Wyoming, lol.
  18. Abby the Spoon Lady another formerly homeless musician. OP story made me think of her talent with just two bent spoons self-taught on the streets.
  19. That’s funny. He’s only 75, though? Younger than Biden and Trump and elected president 22 years ago.
  20. I don’t think he’s even very close to being a good enough shooter for the NBA. In my opinion his best interest would be going to get a high value MBA or going to Europe or Australia to make 6 figures for the next decade.
  21. Is there still a scholarship left? Armus - overseas Kigab - overseas Pryor - portal —- Akot - ??? —- Jace Whiting - back from mission, mom just hired as head women's coach for BYU - 4* sister Amari is still committed to Oregon for now. Sadraque Nganga - top 100 boise signee Chibuzo Agbo jr - Texas Tech transfer seems to be (IMO) an Akot replacement.
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