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  1. Checking in on Hank's offensive coordinators... Zak Hill - forced out at Arizona State in January after recruiting scandal....currently unemployed. Eric Kiesau - Auburn OC, will likely be unemployed in a week or two. Tim Plough - currently unemployed
  2. She’s a cheerleader. Hank had offers out of HS from Princeton, Dartmouth, and Yale. Would make sense for him to get a high-value MBA. Either that or he’ll go back to a California school would be my prediction. Playing for the shittiest Big Sky team would not be a smart move.
  3. Boise had 16 of the top 50 rated recruits in the MWC in 2019. Only 3 of them are left in starting roles. QB Hank Bachmeier 0.9114 transfer portal LB Casey Kline 0.9023 transfer portal TE Austin Griffin 0.8905 ineligible before arriving on campus RB George Holani 0.8810 starter LB Lolani Langi 0.8700 mission after signing, ended up at Utah WR Khyheem Waleed 0.8689 transfer portal - Arkansas State S JL Skinner 0.8674 starter WR DK Blaylock 0.8568 left during first fall camp ACU CB Markel Reed 0.8547 started opener befor season ending injury RB Keegan Duncan 0.8537 left during first fall camp, USU then retired QB Kaiden Bennett 0.8452 left during first fall camp, currently at Sac State DE Dylan Hall 0.8452 left team, Juco then Arizona State WR Shea Whiting 0.8431 1 reception for -1 yard this year OG Ben Dooley 0.8395 started 12 games last year, hasn't played due to injury this year. DE Michael Callahan 0.8390 played 3 games this year in reserve role DE Isaiah Bagnah 0.8352 starting DE
  4. Did you see this last week? They kneeled on the 2-pt conversion at the end.
  5. Billy Bowens, Stef Cobbs, both R-Sr's but could get an extra covid year? I don't know, just saw Guerrero (who seems very connected to the program) tweet that there were others considering.
  6. His mom tweeted about the jeers and cheers when he was injured and left the field during the UT-Martin game. Firing his OC and Avalos low-key jabs during the Koetter press conference were probably the nail in the coffin.
  7. I think the reason for right now, is you get to keep the year's eligibility by using a redshirt. It appears much of the team admired Plough and feel like he was scapegoated. And with the interior OL woes, it's hard to imagine the offense makes much improvement. Unless some guys start to recover from injuries really quickly.
  8. Hearing there are others considering as well. Doesn't sound like an environment conducive to winning a Friday night game against SDSU this week. And Vegas still has it as basically a tossup.
  9. Hank was already 19 as a true freshman, too. So he could be 25 by the time he's done playing. Might fit in well at BYU?
  10. r-FR Taylen Green (6'-6", 220) who has elite athleticism and a huge arm, but struggles with accuracy and reads. r-FR Sam Vidlak (6'-0", 195) who transferred from Oregon State after not feeling like he had a fair shot there. He throws the best ball and is the most accurate, many media members thought he'd be #2 after fall camp. t-FR Maddox Madsen (not quite 5'-10", 200) r-FR Colt Folton (6'-4, 195) coaches haven't said much about him being in the mix, so I'd imagine he transfers as well after this season. --- To add to the drama, Boise's two most important recruits are visiting this friday night, one of them quarterback CJ Tiller, whom Boise is grasping at shoelaces to get the kid to maintain his commitment (also being courted by a few PAC schools).
  11. Looks like they are gonna need lots of lube.
  12. Will have 2 years eligibility left.
  13. Didn’t you go to UNLV? Is this the start of you transitioning to UNLV Convert?
  14. They used to print ideas on the bags for how to reuse them. Which led to many midwest moms having their kids put wonder bread bags over their socks to keep their feet dry in winter. http://blog.buffalostories.com/buffalonians-know-what-to-do-with-bread-bags-during-the-winter/
  15. Anyone else think this is all a little too sketchy and too good to be true? Like maybe someone was sabotaging things behind the scenes to make this happen. I know Plough was pretty bad since the beginning, but that UTEP loss just seemed astronomically bad, like they somehow knew our game-plan and playcalls.
  16. I still think this could be a long season. OL can’t block and WRs can’t get open and not sure even Nick Saban could fix those issues quickly.
  17. Sure they can. But Montana, Montana State, Sac State, UC Davis, and Weber all look better. I would bet against Idaho making the playoffs, with their best team in 5+ years.
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