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  1. It doesn't look like voter IDs in this bill to get Manchin's support are actually "ID's" in the sense that Republicans view voter IDs.
  2. This is the facebook post that triggered him to switch parties, from a girl who won a state representative primary and will lose the general election in MT-22 by a 60-40 margin again.
  3. @B_Lootz is up. afterwards will be @CV147's turn.
  4. Or the real reason he was a democrat in the first place was because he thought they were more willing to fund government (and the police).
  5. That Antifa is a terrorist organization? And that they are any threat to rural Cascade County, MT (city of Great Falls has its own PD).
  6. But if you spend thousands of dollars on training and socialization, these dogs that have been bred for 100s of years to attack small animals and other dogs might not be terrible killing machines. I don't understand why people wouldn't rather have a dog that has been bred for the specific traits they would like to have in a dog. To be fair I have a blue heeler border collie mix and she never gets to herd livestock. Hard to find some designer breeds, labradoodles and goldendoodles are really common now though. A German Shepherd - Poodle mix might work for what you want (Shepadoodle
  7. LMAO. I literally took that class at BSU. Seriously. And in a similar vein it was trying to get engineering students a humanities elective. Tons of students from all over campus enrolled in it because it was pretty easy and you watched 10 minutes of Star Trek every class. Then listened to the professor (who seriously would memorize all 180 students names for each section of the class) talk about how that related to classical ethics and modern engineering type morals and ethics. The dude wrote a textbook specifically for the class - I purchased it years later because it has some good anecd
  8. Actually looks like it could be interesting. Creative way to get humanities material to be appreciated by astrophysics students. https://www.upress.umn.edu/book-division/books/physics-of-blackness https://www.octaviabutler.com/theauthor Should we not allow universities to teach black science fiction or what?
  9. Reno, Spokane both expect 100s this weekend as well. Even Seattle is going to be high 90s. This will be one of the hottest heat waves the west has ever seen, regardless of month. Still beats a humid heat.
  10. Pink Lady are the best IMO. @happycamper where did you get the Lucy's?
  11. It definitely has the potential to keep rising. State-funding deficiencies are offset by the 45% out-of-state students. Legislature and their effort to micromanage what curriculum gets taught and their anti-diversity way of thinking has me a little worried.
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