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  1. Are you talking about his editors censoring what he puts out with the Guardian, or social media censoring the "piles of shit" that Huntergate is?
  2. WTF? I guess that's a thing. I really like Marc Cuban - used to read his blog (blogmaverick.com) back in the day. Check this one out from 2004. https://blogmaverick.com/2004/04/16/thank-you-donald/
  3. Even Trafalgar can't give Trump a lead. https://www.thetrafalgargroup.org/news/nv-pres-102920/
  4. Compared to how Cops and Live PD scam people, he's not that bad. She probably signed a contract and $3600 for a few hours work is pretty good.
  5. Hawai’i, Fresno, Nevada, Boise all potentially good making me all nostalgic. Just need a bodybag game vs. Idaho and a scare against La Tech and it would be like the good ole days.
  6. Steve “Neck Diaper” Addazio not making a good first impression.
  7. SEC - Mountain Division. - comment didn’t age well last week so I’m trying again.
  8. Addison Patterson https://247sports.com/player/addison-patterson-46035883/
  9. How is that encouraging? Your in state rival just got a commitment from a top 5 SG today. Does he go on to say this year is more talented than his NIT SDSU team?
  10. Top 50 player and #4 SG in class of 2019. 6'-6" and 195 - averaged 5 ppg as a true freshman for Oregon last season (28 games played).
  11. Looks like New Mexico has 30 JC guys and a couple of transfers. Hope it doesn't lead to more player-coach fisticuffs like with Bob Davie.
  12. CSU @ FSU: 57.5 UH @ UW: 59 BSU @ AFA: 49 NM @ SJSU: 56.5 UNR @ UNLV: 59.5 -all of these taken from ESPN's PickCenter (not sure it matches Vegas).
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