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  1. Bowling Green next is @aggzilla
  2. Russia is about 100 billion as well, and would be on the side of the Iranians. They're keeping Assad in power in Syria and would do the same with the Iranians.
  3. 1% (2200 of 185000) of federal prisoners were released today. That's a pretty big deal and came from a bipartisan bill sponsored by Booker and signed by Trump. But he's tweeting about 3 rappers arrested for minor charges to be released without a trial. Just seems like a weird flex to me. He has a black friend with Kanye, so he's totally not racist.
  4. Here's the full video. Not sure this requires the president tweeting the prime minister, but?
  5. I'm thinking it must be because A$AP's lyrics resonate with Trump. From his greatest hit, F**kin Problems
  6. Yesterday denounced them, saying he "didn't like it." Today is a new day.
  7. Iran says it's our own drone. US says its their drone.
  8. It's pretty +++++ed up that a government entity would refuse a contract because the owner donates money to certain causes. Unless they are funding terrorists, it shouldn't be part of the discussion. Literally the definition of corruption in San Antonio.
  9. Even the gay presidential candidate agrees. -mayor Pete Buttigieg
  10. https://skepticalscience.com/human-co2-smaller-than-natural-emissions.htm
  11. It also says that "war" is not inclusive. So we need a new name for the Border War. Maybe need to make another Bronze Boot so CSU can have one. After each contest, each team will hold a trophy regardless of who wins and loses. The players will exit the field holding the opposing teams players hands. In the CSU record books from here on out, every game will be put down as a tie, regardless of the scoring outcome.