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  1. Are they running the A-11 offense? A bunch of 4* and 5* WRs with mostly 2* and 3* OL. Defense should be much improved but still don’t think Colorado is better than 7-5 or 8-4 this season. His son is going to take some licks.
  2. RJ Keene practicing. That mf’er shoulda played last year, and if he can dunk he should be playing the rest of this year. Need him now, not in 2027. Leon Rice is more patient than the dudes studying the viscosity of pitch. https://www.nature.com/articles/nature.2013.13418
  3. I don’t think Boise is a lasting #1. Zero depth (9 bench points combined in last 3 games). Injury to most skilled player in Shaver. He should sit the next two weeks but since depth hasn’t developed he may be brought back too soon. Naje’s injury didn’t seem too bad. More precautionary hopefully? He looks like he’s playing hurt all the time anyway so hard to tell. 8 day break after (probable big loss) at SDSU couldn’t come at a better time.
  4. Also it’s about civil restraining order. Not criminal charges, which still can allow the gubmint to take your guns. Although I would question if this same logic could be applied to civil forfeitures like child support to be in violation of the 4th Amendment? Maynard out there somewhere celebrating either way.
  5. I don’t think so. It’s unpowered so just riding the wind. More likely a research vessel gone awry. Seems like there would be way too much uncertainty in the jet stream to thread that needle.
  6. FWIW the medical school probably wouldn’t let him use their name for the article. So kudos to Texas Tech for that. He’s getting a PhD/MD there. Dude went to UT for undergrad. Probably had a run-in with Harsin or something.
  7. Yeah. But by the descriptions i guess I was expecting worse than pepper spray, tased, kicked twice, hit by a baton twice, and punched 5 times. Rodney King got pepper sprayed and hit with like 33 baton strikes and 7 kicks. The major differences is two of the perps in this case were former (low-level) college football players and were able to inflict more damage.
  8. I disagree and thought Rodney King video was worse. I think 2 of these cops should get convicted of homicide but 3 others appear to have been young participants afraid to question their superiors much like the George Floyd situation. And they were just poorly trained and bad at getting the guy handcuffed.
  9. If I were going to backcountry ski I’d have one of those floating avalanche backpacks. They’re like 600 bucks.
  10. Looks like they “stiffed” him.
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