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  1. to recap, Boise commits so far (and rankings per 247 as of 6/23) —- Jambres Dubar (6’, 190) #43 RB in country (10.6 100m) CJ Tiller (6’-2, 190) #44 QB Wyatt Milkovic (6-2, 225) #83 LB Jason Steele (6’-4, 270) #81 IOL Franklyn Johnson (6’, 190) UNR Ath (10.6 with 40” vert) Jackson Grier (5’-11, 190) UNR WR (father is Miami Dolphins GM)
  2. Any guess on Franklyn’s position? CB because Demario Warren is tagged? HS highlights are playing QB (mostly wildcat read-option stuff).
  3. Damn 10.26 with +2.6 wind for Christon. That’s fast.
  4. Is 24/7 lagging this year? Or does it just seem to be the case?
  5. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Jambres-Dubar-140933/RecruitInterests No stars or big-time offers on 247. Did run a 10.6 in the 100m this spring as a junior, so speed is not a problem.
  6. I’m taking Boise but you can have Houston next. Then @Slapdad?
  7. Best overall W/L record is what you’re going for. Draft snakes so @mugtang will get two picks in a row and then goes back up to the top. Just make your pick within 24 hours or you can get jumped.
  8. Weird addition. Hardly played at Detroit Mercer (injury maybe?) Did flash some potential in Juco, but probably not a starter for Boise.
  9. I don’t like our chances, but cool he’s visiting. Will be closer at Utah prep school next season. Is this Rice’s FIBA u18 coaching paying off?
  10. I really hope we get Buttigieg vs. DeSantis (or another educated young Republican). But this is America so probably will get Kamala vs. Tucker Carlsen or some bullshit.
  11. With inflation maybe they can’t afford church tithing? Honestly though I think church was always about meeting and mingling with like-minded and socially equal people. People just don’t need that as much anymore. It was never about morals.
  12. How do you explain #1 Mississippi (only one city over 100k)? Would think California with its 100s of larger Dem urban areas be higher if that logic worked.
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