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  1. bsu_alum9

    Three man weave - MWC BASKETBALL Preview

    What’s the deal with Roderick Williams. Dude is rated #5 juco by 247, averaged 20 ppg, yet has zero highlight videos even though he played juco in LA and had committed to 2 D1s in previous seasons. How can you not have any highlight videos? But he’s listed as a starter and I think will be the deciding factor on whether Boise is in the tier 2 or tier 3-4 category of the MW. If he gets to the rim as well as advertised, Boise could have the team and coaching to be tier 2 and big dance bubble team and MW tournament contender.
  2. He is a RS-JR. so what’s this mean for transferring? He would have to graduate in order to not lose his last year of eligibility, right?
  3. bsu_alum9

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    Did you know Cody is the WR coach at Davis?...and Wes Nurse is their director of football operations.
  4. bsu_alum9

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    Sagarin has dUI as 11 point underdogs vs. Dan Hawkin's UC Davis squad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je-gpy6Y_UA&t=0m46s
  5. bsu_alum9

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    You know the greatest thing about it is who sat in it first...
  6. bsu_alum9

    Fresno Will Win the MWC - Book It

    according to ESPN FPI: Chance of Winning Conference Boise 47.7% Fresno 37.9% Utah State 11.1% SDSU: 2.8% Anybody Else: 0.5% Seems a little top heavy to me...
  7. bsu_alum9

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    Tennessee has a garbage can. Tulane has mardi gras beads. Memphis has a pimp suit. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/9/6/16254754/college-football-sideline-props-trashcan-belt-sledgehammer-chain
  8. bsu_alum9

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    Reno has an embroidered towel... https://foxreno.com/sports/content/nevada-football-introduces-no-frills-turnover-towel
  9. He's on pace for 45 tackles, 9 for loss, and 3 sacks. That's pretty damn good stats for a DT.
  10. What happened? Thought they were supposed to be decent. Looked good vs. NMSU. Now Vanderwaal has one of worst qb ratings in football and nobody can run for anything. Is the QB that bad? Looks like they’ve been trying to throw more and more each game. So maybe just bad oline play so far?
  11. bsu_alum9


    Even CP went 8-5 his last year. Everybody wants to fire the coach when there is no realistic alternative.
  12. bsu_alum9

    Over/under on Rypien turnovers this weekend

    Nah, BYU just beat #6 Wisconsin, so we’re counting them now. 6-4
  13. bsu_alum9

    Murder Smurfs

    Boise going with the murder smurf uni combo this week.
  14. bsu_alum9

    Idaho Governor race already over?

    Worked for Trump... But in all seriousness, she doesn't have much of a shot anyway. 194k voted republican in the primaries. 65k voted for democrats.
  15. bsu_alum9

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State game preview

    Hahahahahahahah! The Right Tackle whiff was by design!