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  1. Stop with your anti-Montana bias. Kid had both Cat and Griz offers. Benches 380 and squats 500 plus as a HS junior. He’ll have PAC offers towards signing day but plays at a small class B school (smallest 11-man division) an hour outside of Missoula. If he were from Challis or some shit you’d be swinging on his nuts.
  2. I hope so, but just am not confident enough to be hooping and hollering about this team. If they beat (or play close) the (Athlon #9) Huskies first game of the year we’ll know they are legit.
  3. Yeah 38th is below average for Boise even over the last 5 years.
  4. 3 years eligibility left. Rushed for 4000 yards and passed for 6000 in HS.
  5. @Nevada Convert do you have any extra dress shorts you could donate to congress?
  6. 4 NFL caliber dudes (3 from secondary). I still expect the front 6 to be solid. And there certainly is potential in the secondary with transfer portal and Juco guys coming in. It just seems more uncertain than years past. And less depth all around so I worry about that late in the season. But there’s also one of the toughest non-con slates in team history to start the year off.
  7. I’m less confident than most years. Defense looks pretty average. OL still a huge question mark. I’d take the under if I had to bet this.
  8. Never thought I’d see the day when an 80-year-old convicted felon GILF would be showing some airbrushed cleavage on an SI swimsuit edition.
  9. North Idaho turning blue?
  10. State should control and regulate who can own property?
  11. Hah! I was born on April 4 so am lucky to have an American Holiday celebrating “our” conception.
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