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  1. It’s 9am over here on the best coast. Coffee now, mimosa by halftime.
  2. Milking squirrels what is this shit?
  3. Both teams wearing white helmets and white pants. White helmets at home is a huge pet peave of mine, and has now occurred in 3 of Boise's first 4 games.
  4. Team flew. Band is bussing down.
  5. I'm assuming USU will be rolling with Peasley after the Air Force cheap shot took out QB Logan Bonner with some sort of back injury? Any word on that injury?
  6. I have a feeling it's going to be bad in the second half (and second half of the season if some dude's don't get healthy). Depth is a serious issue now. In addition to these dudes, NT's Keegan Freeborn (ankle) and Herbert Gums (knee) are questionable health as well.
  7. Substance abuse up during the pandemic. Not really that difficult to determine why there's more homicides. Deadliest city (per capita) was Saint Louis. Here's an interesting breakdown of their cases. Note - they are on pace for 2017-2018 levels of homicide in 2021. Looks like 2020 was an outlier. The statistics on this page are interesting (it won't let me link the pdfs). https://www.slmpd.org/homicide.shtml
  8. People are moving further out (Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell). I-84 is clogged during rush hour. Highway 55 through Meridian is always shitty, right @grandjean87?
  9. I’m not sure I’ve seen a CFR graph like this since the beginning. Is there a good explanation for the reason there is a logarithmic CFR change with respect to age?
  10. Jace Whiting His father averaged 14 ppg back in 2001 for BYU (a year they won the MWC tournament). https://byucougars.com/athlete/m-basketball/8791/trent-whiting https://byucougars.com/athlete/w-basketball/9150/amber-whiting
  11. I was joking. He could have potential as a shooter (good pedigree, dad played pro in Europe, both parents played at BYU, sister is a 5* junior with Arizona, Stanford, Oregon offers). Reminds me a little of BYU's fomer guard TJ Haws (but shorter, listed at 6'-1" on the sites)
  12. 3 football losses must be the threshold to transition from talking about basketball season. Boise State fans - time to start studying the roster because it could be our time to start talking basketball after this weekend. Hopefully we don't lose that 0 star kid (5'-11, 155) to BYU as he's currently on a mission. Say what you will about Leon Rice but he has managed to keep the best Idaho basketball players in-state (unless they're good enough to play for Gonzaga/BYU).
  13. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/09/22/1039907024/florida-quarantine-optional-for-students-exposed-covid Also quarantine is now optional in FL.
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