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  1. Meanwhile...in Atlanta Mug’s gone so this is okay.
  2. https://www.espn.com/nba/draft/bestavailable #38: Malachi Flynn (SDSU) #67 Sam Merril (USU) #86 Jalen Harris (UNR) #92 Justinian Jessup (BSU) #96 Derrick Alston (BSU) --- There are only 60 picks in the NBA draft.
  3. https://www.npr.org/2020/05/29/864538684/trump-set-to-discuss-response-to-chinas-grab-of-hong-kong Does this help? Seem to me like it will only push Hong Kong closer to China.
  4. To be fair, a police station was burned down to the ground in Minneapolis last night...
  5. Minnesota doesn't either. No capital punishment there. He's looking at a max of 25 years (but that is for repeat offenders - he'll get out in probably 5 - if convicted).
  6. She is boring and I am worried her policies could cause complete upheaval and chaos (getting rid of public schools for example is not a popular idea). She needs to take her own advice and listen to what the voters want.
  7. You can't make a hoe a housewife.
  8. And Trump tonight instead of taking the win says “when the looting starts the shooting starts...” WTF?!?!
  9. They just deleted (but it’s still accessible if you go to Trump’s page) this tweet. Violates twitter terms for condoning violence.
  10. President Donald Trump on Twitter.
  11. What happened with recruit DJ Arkansas? Talented LB who’s dad played at Arkansas - was supposedly a major Boise target, Houston offered as well as Arkansas, Duke, Kansas...and he chose Rice? The Rice Owls that have gone 5-20 in last 2 years. Is that a really nice campus with babes all over the place or something?
  12. Yeah this is completely unfair but understandable. Prosecutors rely on police for evidence - so it is hard to prosecute when officers and unions are covering misconduct up. Also - there has to be enough evidence to prosecute - which pre-bodycam 2007 there probably wasn’t much.
  13. I think it's hard to convey the wolf without looking like a dog (or swamp rat in UNR's case). I would go with a more Wyoming (best logo ever) style silhouette. Something like this - maybe with Sean's New Mexico symbol to be more recognizable. Either that or just go all-in on the Cartoon like NC State.