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  1. What about the cases of sever deformities or a non-viable fetus? 3rd Trimester okay in some of those cases? Example: It's discovered at 20 weeks that the fetus has a congenital diaphramatic hernia and will suffocate after being born. Should the parents have the option to abort? Or should they be forced to have the baby and watch it suffocate to death?
  2. They lose their top two RBs, top two WRs, still have a quarterback controversy involving the coaches son being outplayed by another kid but keeping his starting spot, and they lose just about everyone on defense. I'd be very surprised if they finished with more than 4 wins.
  3. Alito is saying the treaty doesn't matter - because of a state court ruling. Basically a State's rights vs. the Federal Government's treaty. -in Judge Alito's dissent
  4. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/18pdf/17-532_q86b.pdf Here's the whole opinion.
  5. Thought this was a cool article. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/republicans-democrats-cities/ With some cool maps:
  6. Yeah she could go out of state for now...but the restrictions don't begin at 6 weeks according to the law: Editted to add: Also - since it gives the unborn "personhood" - the rapist could probably file a lawsuit for wrongful death against the wife in Alabama in this theoretical pregnancy of @WYO1016 even if she went out of state for the abortion. What a world that would be.
  7. Kelsey Broadus was pitcher of the year in 2018 as a sophomore and has been playing pretty well this year but SJSU pitcher won the 2019 award. Fun Fact - on social media it looks like she is dating Justinian Jessup. This year sophomore Gianna Mancha may be just as good or better. Very similar stats on the year.
  8. They play #5 overall seed Florida Gators at noon MST on Saturday.
  9. I'm with Raja with one minor difference. $3 Chase Cord (QB) $2 Andrew Van Buren (RB) $5 John Hightower (WR) $2 Khalil Shakir (WR) $5 Ezra Cleveland (OT) $5 Curtis Weaver (EDGE) $1 Riley Whimpey (LB) $5 Avery Williams (CB/PR) $5 Kekoa Nawahine (S) $1 Joel Velazquez (K,P) I think Avery is more valuable than Kekoa because of his punt return capabilities. So I'd leave Kekoa on the board and add... $1 Ethan Aguayo (LB) flex - had 106 tackles for SJSU last year - not a bad value at $1.
  10. We've already sent people to the Moon 50 years ago. We've sent a 2000 pound vehicle to Mars. We've had people live in an orbiting space station for a year and a half. Seems like to me the technology is already there.