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  1. I know a lot of people don't like google etc. having medical data, but I think there is a possibility medicine could be made a lot more simple by having most things diagnosed with a computer algorithm at home. If you need a test done, go get a blood sample done and sent to a lab. There really isn't a need to see a doctor in most cases. So you could really trim 3/4/5 with a lot more technology added and cutting into what hospitals are billing.
  2. Yeah. Only top 16 teams are seeded. So even though BYU is a 2 seed (ranked #4 in country), Boise probably isn’t equal to a 7 seed (even though they are unranked). It’s all about lowering travel costs for women - same reason BSU women basketball gets 16 seeds.
  3. A statement from Harsin to y'all "twitiots".
  4. It's basic math, man. https://www.insidescience.org/news/math-football-coaches-be-more-aggressive-4th-down
  5. No, there just aren’t that many other minority coaches around. SJSU has an Asian assistant though.
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/kanye-west-says-wants-run-055202783.html Republican primary in 4 years is going to be interesting with Christian Genius Billionaire Chic-Fil-A Yeezy Kanye Omari West running.
  7. Eh. Boise has played better offenses (only one game vs. a team not in the top 100 in scoring vs. 6 for Wyoming) Wyoming Missouri (averages 31.8) scored 31 vs. Pokes Texas State (averages 16.3) scored 14 Tulsa (averages 23.8) scored 24 UNLV (averages 23.6) scored 17 SDSU (averages 21.8) scored 26 New Mexico (averages 23.4) scored 10 Nevada (averages 19.3) scored 3 Boise Florida State (averages 27.2) scored 31 vs. Boise Marshal (averages 26.2) scored 7 Air Force (averages 34.4) scored 19 UNLV (averages 23.6) scored 10 Hawaii (averages 36.8) scored 37 BYU (averages 25.5) scored 28 SJSU (averages 29.9) scored 42
  8. Last year VanderW was 15-25 for 215 yards and a touchdown vs. Boise...one of his best games to date.
  9. Tulane Rice Buffalo There are quite a few lower division schools though (like most of Ivy League).