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  1. The invention of the cotton gin led to an increased demands for slaves, Ramping up economic gains making gins the slaveowner’s faves. It transformed cotton as a crop and the American South, Into the globe's first agricultural powerhouse. Because of its inadvertent effect on the slave trade, The cotton gin was an indirect cause of the the Civil War’s slayed.
  2. No, it had Gutenberg (printing press), Watt (steam engine), Daimler (internal combustion engine). Also threw in a token woman Anderson (windshield wipers) and token black inventor Morgan (stoplight).
  3. Governor Ducey just announced he's not running. So it's Kelly vs. Brnovich. He's the Arizona AG who's been criticized from both sides on the handling of the 2020 election and its audits.
  4. Smart kid. Hopefully Elon pays him. But no doubt somebody else will make the same bot to replace it.
  5. There are really only 7 seats in play. NH - Hassan (D) is currently up a ton (42-24 on Smith, 43-27 on Morse, and 43-36 on Bolduc). Things are going to have to get quite a bit worse for this to be in play for Republicans. GA - Warnock (D) is in serious trouble. Primary for Republicans is basically Hershel Walker (name recognition and Trump support) versus GA Ag Commishioner Gary Black. Warnock would beat Black, but Hershel is ahead in the head-to-head polls and is ahead in the primary so far. NV - Cortez Masto (D) is in serious trouble. Trailing Adam Laxalt by 3-4 points.
  6. I'd guess Leondra Kruger. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leondra_Kruger
  7. That's not how criminal minds work though. Criminals pretty much universally think they are too smart to get caught so the consequence isn't even an option in their minds.
  8. If he's irredeemable, then give him 5 mg fentanyl. No sense spending $30,000 years on incarceration/treatment. If he's capable of being re-integrated into society (I don't think this guy is), then spend that $30k per year to make him a better person, not on inhumane punishment. Society shouldn't be the purveyors of hell.
  9. Might want to ask this guy how it's done.
  10. $500k per year? Ballin' on a budget. Any word on assistants?
  11. Maile seems good so far. Duryea sucks. He was brought in for offense, but his doesn't mix well with Rice's IMO. Thank goodness we have Mike Burns running the defense.
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