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  1. Just heard on BJ Rains interview of SD, banks got into town a couple weeks ago.
  2. Your kid must be uncoordinated. Turf has been replaced in 2010 and again in 2019 (with FieldTurf®).Typically most artificial surfaces last 8-10 years. Should be in good shape now.
  3. Thankfully it’s tweetable.
  4. It’s a canarial disease.
  5. Sounds like the time I got chirpees.
  6. Taylen Green and Arkansas play them the week before this.
  7. What’s the best domer homer board to troll?
  8. And a home nonconference game vs University of Phoenix-Moscow Vandals.
  9. Home and Home with Alabama.
  10. The craziest thing is that taxes are higher in Idaho too! No state income tax in WA.
  11. That’s still a Western-centric view. Social changes are for the better in many places. From the article: What do Angola, Japan, Finland, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and USA have in common? Instagram.
  12. Okay @Nevada Convert, you should take a vacation here (my wife says no way). <$1000 airfare to Krakow, Poland or Cluj-Napoka, Romania (priced from LAX but should be similar from SFO). Both are ~5-hour drive from the resort. $122 (total) in USD for 5 days lift tickets. $40 per day for a nice hotel room with a spa. <$2000 weeklong vacation and 5 days of the best ski-resort in Eastern Europe (self-proclaimed:)
  13. I don’t think the cause is overly complex. Rise of social media and it’s transition from social connector to a profit generating cyber bullying machine has to be about 90%.
  14. https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/news/business/war-in-ukraine-strikes-heart-of-ski-industry/article_a49f5178-827a-54fe-9dc7-1f35e715aaf7.html Before the war Ukraine manufactured 60% of the worlds XC skis and a sizeable percentage of downhill skis.
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