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  1. bsu_alum9

    What's the elevation of Laramie?

    Everything I’ve read says you want the opposite (train high, but live at low altitude, at least for aerobic endurance.)
  2. bsu_alum9

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    Now being reported as 10+... An AR-15, a shotgun, a pistol, and pipe bombs (although they may have not gone off).
  3. bsu_alum9

    MWC Softball 2018 Edition

  4. Maybe right about the up-tempo, but not on the pro-style, the last four winning quarterbacks since the start of the playoff: Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa (dual threat QB) Deshaun Watson, Jr. (dual threat) Jake Coker (pro style QB) Cardale Jones (dual threat)
  5. bsu_alum9

    Mountain West MBB 2018-19

    Always a 3-4 bid league during the summer. 1-2 bid league February/March. Boise is going to be better than expected next year, too. Probably the best recruiting class Rice has had.
  6. bsu_alum9

    Leaders from Kentucky want to know why Boise is so cool

    The fact that "traffic" is the biggest problem, means there aren't many problems. There are about zero potholes in the city of Boise. Traffic isn't very bad compared to basically any city. Good economy, clean city, incredibly low crime, parks are impeccable, lots of hip new shit.
  7. bsu_alum9

    Any shade-tree mechanics out there?

    I try to do as much as I can - but it is literally "shade-tree mechanicking" as I don't have a usable garage or driveway. Youtube has so many video's out there to learn how to do dang-near anything. And buying the right tools and DIYing is generally cheaper than paying someone's labor.
  8. bsu_alum9


    That looks awesome and I'm jealous. How much did it cost?
  9. bsu_alum9

    OT: Giro d’Italia

    Pretty much.
  10. bsu_alum9

    OT: Giro d’Italia

    Almost... Dumoulin won the time trial in 12 minutes 2 seconds.
  11. bsu_alum9

    OT: Giro d’Italia

    Froome goes down 37 seconds after a fall in the stage 1 time trial.