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  1. Makes you wonder where the line would be drawn in the US if we had similar issues with terrorism that Turkey has with ISIS and PKK. If a newspaper here wrote and distributed Pro-ISIS propoganda - would they be arrested for material support to a terrorist organization, or allowed due to freedom of the press.
  2. I think he should go to a lower tier WCC school and chill on the beach (Pepperdine, Pacific, LMU, San Diego, Santa Clara). He is good enough to play there, plus would still get to play some great competition.
  3. BJ Rains is reporting that it is highly unlikely that Pat Dembley will return...Don't think he'd report it if there weren't something there. He also says "sources" are saying they'd like to pick up an immediately eligible (so grad-transfer or JUCO) post player and wing player. https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/basketball/malek-harwell-to-transfer-opening-up-extra-scholarship-for-boise/article_3df02f6d-69a3-51cf-8d2e-47f1d3f9766d.html
  4. Stadium and MWDN just need to invest in their product so it isn't garbage with awful announcers. Some of the stuff they've done was actually pretty cool (like the umpire camera) - but the whole product just seems super low-budget like a local tv news group. One of the games - wasn't the goal post in the field of vision on the camera half of the time.
  5. Boise gets $5.5 million, the rest get $3M per team
  6. The shitty water is recycled...why not the soap? https://www.watereducation.org/aquapedia/wastewater-treatment-process-california
  7. It's stronger than the Republican field of 2015-16. The front-runners are just too old it seems.
  8. Right now Biden is leading all of the democrat primary polls with Bernie in second. Bernie is a democratic-socialist, but the issues he's running on are more to do with healthcare and income-inequality. In a theoretical ballot - Biden is up by 8 percentage points in both Michigan and Wisconsin over Trump.
  9. I think SJSU would be a better fit in the Big Sky. If WAC, they should drop football because there is no way WAC will become an FBS football conference and going independent would not work out for Joser.
  10. Not great but not terrible. Lost to #1 seed Louisville, lost to a bad Wazzu. Beat Washington, some decent mid majors, and some nobodies. The real issue for schedule strength though was the MW. Bottom 6 were all mid-200s or worse in RPI.