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  1. bsu_alum9

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    The University of Fresno State or the University of Boise State?...4* athlete from Clovis, CA said to be favoring Utah and Fresno on 247.
  2. bsu_alum9

    CFN's top thirty at each position

    I think the expectations are higher from Boise fans because he should see a pretty sizeable jump in number of carries (only had 40% of teams rushing attempts in 2017 due to Cozart and Wolpin getting 40% - this year Mattison will probably get 60+% of the carries and 1500+ yards). And he's the most NFL ready running back in the MW (Juwan and Lexington are 5'-7"ish and under 200, while Alex is 6' and 215). So it depends on whether you're talking about who will be most productive next year (probably Lexington) or who will be the top player drafted at the next level (probably Mattison).
  3. I know you're joking, but this probably isn't that far from the truth. If BSU went 6-6 or worse this year, I think he would have a good chance of being fired. If 7-5 or 8-4, he'll be on the hot seat next year.
  4. bsu_alum9

    CFN's top thirty at each position

    in the CFN Preseason MW top 30 list, they've got Mattison above Washington...and Brett Rypien is the top player in the league...hmmm 2018 Preseason CFN Mountain West Top 30 Players 1. QB Brett Rypien, Sr. Boise State 2. WR KeeSean Johnson, Sr. Fresno State 3. S Andrew Wingard, Sr. Wyoming 4. LB Jahlani Tavai, Sr. Hawaii 5. QB Armani Rogers, Soph. UNLV 6. DT Youhanna Ghaifan, Jr. Wyoming 7. RB Lexington Thomas, Sr. UNLV 8. LB Jeffrey Allison, Jr. Fresno State 9. DE Carl Granderson, Sr. Wyoming 10. RB Alexander Mattison, Jr. Boise State 11. DE/LB Malik Reed, Sr. Nevada 12. DE Curtis Weaver, Soph. Boise State 13. LB Ronley Lakalaka, Sr. San Diego State 14. CB Tyler Horton, Sr. Boise State 15. S Dameon Baber, Sr. Nevada 16. S Tariq Thompson, Soph. San Diego State 17. LB Suli Tamaivena, Sr. Utah State 18. RB Juwan Washington, Jr. San Diego State 19. S Mike Bell, Jr. Fresno State 20. LB Logan Wilson, Sr. Wyoming 21. CB/KR Avery Williams, Soph. Boise State 22. S Parker Baldwin, Sr. San Diego State 23. DT David Moa, Sr. Boise State 24. LB Jamal Scott, Sr. San Jose State 25. QB Arion Worthman, Sr. Air Force 26. LB Josh Watson, Sr. Colorado State 27. RB Tyrone Owens, Sr. New Mexico 28. WR John Ursua, Jr. Hawaii 29. OT Tyler Roemer, Soph. San Diego State 30. QB Ty Gangi, Sr. Nevada
  5. bsu_alum9

    CFN's top thirty at each position

    Neither he or Jabril Frazier. Both are future NFL guys, but I think the fact that they are sharing time and both playing a hybrid OLB/DE position, maybe that makes them tough to rank? I do think safety Kekoa Nawahine (108 tackles, 3 int in 2017) should be on the list. I would have RB Alex Mattison up in the top 25 too. @steveem List above is missing #18 ranked CB Tyler Horton, BSU.
  6. KJCS has had some decent coaching though, even if he lacks gameday experience. His QB coach Jonathan Smith is now head coach at Oregon State, and Chris Petersen is okay at developing quarterbacks.
  7. Working on the baseball stadium now. Last I heard with regards to football was a complete remodel of the east side to match the west with club seating, etc.
  8. bsu_alum9

    Lebron going to the Lakers

    The last time LeBron didn’t make the finals (2010), Golden State fans were all still Lakers fans.
  9. bsu_alum9

    WTF? Mass Stabbing in Boise?

  10. bsu_alum9

    Biden leads early poll for 2020

    He's only 3 years older than Trump. But I agree with above. Booker, Harris, Castro, or Zuckerberg.
  11. bsu_alum9


    If this was him, @AndroidAggie has impeccable timing with the incel thread yesterday.
  12. bsu_alum9

    Crowley unseated in NYC

  13. bsu_alum9

    Crowley unseated in NYC

    You old folks can have social security. Us young-ins will trade that for student loan relief and free college.
  14. bsu_alum9

    Crowley unseated in NYC

    Free college for everyone would cost about $70 billion per year, or about 10% of military spending, which she would cut in the last bullet point. The jobs thing is just increasing the minimum wage. Medicare for all really would just change how you pay for health insurance (taxes instead of paying a private company) All that money is already being paid to hospitals already. The government would be able to control prices better than the consumer of health care.
  15. bsu_alum9

    Crowley unseated in NYC