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  1. Fresno State Air Force SDSU Boise State Utah State SJSU CSU Wyoming (we will go 6-6, 3-5 guaranteed for Bohl to keep sticking around ugh!) UNLV Nevada New Mexico Hawaii
  2. He cheated, that’s why they split up.
  3. It’s the worst curse. But it’s true.
  4. Yah. You guys get guys that make your team suck.
  5. Im actually bummed that he’s leaving.
  6. Just kidding haha. Not sure if it was mentioned, but he is grad transferring which I was NOT aware of.
  7. Looks like Linder follows him and has 14k followers so probably not a terrible mind. I actually think that if we can get these pieces to gel then with the right matchups we could be a sweet 16 team. We will be very athletic. I see Ike taking a HUGE jump next year. One more year removed from the ACL. Hopefully we see some more explosion out of him. Current Roster of guys who I think see the floor: Guards: Ethan Anderson, Xavier Dusell, Brendan Wenzel, Noah Reynolds, Kenny Foster Forwards: Jeremiah Oden, Max Agbonkpolo, Hunter Thompson, Posts: Graham Ike, Caden Powell
  8. I’ll bet it’s almost guaranteed, and sounds like his buddy is coming with him.
  9. Agreed. Hope the Medved and Linder guys stick around to change basketball conference dynamics.
  10. I think it’s a very smart move. Go and get evaluated. Then take what they tell you to improve on and work on it for the next two years.
  11. My favorite was the “I’m hearing rumors Ike is going P5”. That dude loves Linder and the fact that Linder stayed with him through injury per what I have heard. Maybe some wishful thinking from some lowly basketball school.
  12. You’re pretty connected in the Wyo sports circles?
  13. She reacted for sure. Gotta know how to observe women fellas. If you watch the longer video of it you can see it in her eyes and how she blinks (you definitely can see her top move). If it was inadvertent he’d have stopped right there and apologized because no doubt he felt the contact.
  14. In this example total bonus comp for Linder at Wyoming based off of season wins: Linder- $870k total bonus Quad 1: $300k Quad 2: $360k Quad 3: $60k Quad 4: $50k 1st Round MWC Tourney Win: $50k NCAA Tourney Appearance $50k
  15. You should scale the wins: Quad 1 Wins: $75k Quad 2 Wins: $60k Quad 3 Wins: $20k Quad 4 Wins: $5k reconcile at the end of the year.
  16. crowd in Dayton was 85% Indiana, 10% Wyoming and about 5% neutral. It looked and felt like a road game.
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