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  1. Nice win for the Pokes! This team has some good young parts.
  2. It can work, but it won’t work if Wyo shoots under 30% from 3, and under 40% from the floor overall. Fresno’s big guy was great, but Fresno played really good defense overall.
  3. Obviously they meant CSU 67, Wyoming 66.....
  4. How’d Shelley turn out? Gary Anderson part deux? Skip any games for Corona this year? just curious....
  5. Pokes play ugly but pull it out. Thompson is a poor mans stretch big man. We don’t have a lot of thick bodied guys down low.
  6. Let me clarify. He doesn’t just sit on the sidelines and scream at his players. He yells a little, but mostly is trying get attention not berate.
  7. I have been really impressed. I really like Linders sideline demeanor as well. Coaching, not yelling.
  8. That was the least dramatic finish I’ve ever seen.
  9. Haha. It was a decent acting job, but I think the refs know he has been flirting with the line all night.
  10. He’s been a biatch all game. He finally got caught.
  11. Never thought about that. You might be right.
  12. I kind of wonder if that’s already happened.
  13. Bohl is losing his favor with Pokes Nation. I’m pretty done with him. I’d rather lose 35-30 than 17-6.
  14. Because Bohl is the demi-god of football. Don’t question him
  15. Yah. Shakir’s helmet hit into the side of Coldon’s helmet. I’d have lost my mind if they called targeting on that.
  16. Over/Under on how many times they talk about Hanks mouth through the rest of the game?
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