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  1. I watched it a few times. Can’t see much from the angle they have.
  2. I knew you had a soft spot for me haha
  3. I’m just glad that the picture you chose shows only a Wyoming win haha.
  4. When does basketball start?
  5. No way Wyo is that bad. We should be a top 175 this season.
  6. Your baldy beat our baldy. I miss Bobo
  7. We wanted to keep the rivalry alive. It was getting too one sided.
  8. Welp. Wyoming blows. Sorry Nevada, you probably aren’t that good- you just beat 3 crappy teams in a row. Hawaii- you really suck.
  9. Defense sh** the bed on that drive.
  10. How are we in this game?
  11. I thought our o line was supposed to be good?
  12. Another terrible freaking play call
  13. Absolutely should have caught it still.
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