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  1. Pokes avoid another embarrassing loss. They beat Texas A&M Commerce 91-76.
  2. Pokes up 15. Almost looking competent.
  3. I heard he was already verbally committed to powerhouse Incarnate Word.
  4. Pokes lack the clutch factor. Can’t get stops when needed.
  5. Pokes throw it away with 3.7 left. It’s over.
  6. Pokes ball down 2 with 11 seconds left. Ooof.
  7. Pokes down 1 with 18 seconds left and Santa Clara ball.
  8. Pokes up 83-81 about halfway through
  9. Wyoming was significantly handicapped in their game against Boise. Boise got lucky.
  10. Our team is way young. I am not making an excuse. Fresno is the better team, but if we came out to actually play it wouldn’t have been 30-0 more like 20-7
  11. I disagree. I’ve seen every Wyoming game for many years. Wyoming did not come out like it was playing for anything. I think Fresno wins this game nearly every time anyways, but I don’t think it’s 30-0.
  12. Wyoming looked like they had nothing to play for and didn’t want to be there. Nice work Fresno on getting a senior night win.
  13. *are Boise State fans and a plethora of California transplants that also infiltrated Arizona, Utah and Texas.
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