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  1. Hate to be that guy- is there an updated list of who has been taken?
  2. We will see. I think it’s very unlikely that you see them go west with WVU. I think Houston and Cinci will be a no brainer. The conference as whole realizing they need some presence in the Houston market. Tulsa may get in solely based off of proximity to Ok State no brainer adds: Houston, Cincinnati, UCF, Memphis Questionable: USF SMU Tulsa Navy it’s going to depend on how many teams they want to add, but I’ll be shocked if they go west.
  3. Big 12 within 2 years: Oklahoma State Kansas State Kansas Texas Tech West Virginia TCU Iowa State Baylor Houston Cincinnati Tulsa SMU Memphis UCF AAC is about to get pilfered. I don’t see Big 12 reaching into the MWC. They’ll go east. AAC will have to after App State, Marshall, Buffalo, Toledo etc to stay alive
  4. Western Michigan @WYO1016 @Jeffkills
  5. @WYO1016 24 are up you can pick correct?
  6. That’s messed up. Was def going to take them! I’ll take the other Cowboys. Ok State
  7. Of course I’d be first pick and miss it!
  8. I would think Wyo and Nevada poke into the top 100 next year.
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