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  1. Interesting how the P5 home field advantage evaporates with no fans. I expect more upsets.
  2. You do realize Stunner is a BYU fan, right? I don’t think he’s homering for the MWC, just trolling the AAC.
  3. I want a lot of things too. You really think if football is played (big if) the SEC is going to give up a likely second spot in the playoffs to the AAC? 😂
  4. Don’t do it - not worth the risk for a teeth cleaning
  5. Wait, no Wyoming? I was told they were going to bend everyone over this year...
  6. Isn't this the same thing that got the guy from Papa John's fired?
  7. Never seen a team get more mileage out of its only win ever against Boise. And a fluke win at that.
  8. Feels like the only reason this thread was started was to give the OP an excuse to bash on Boise. Congrats I guess...
  9. Stop sugar-coating this...how do you really feel?
  10. Not even comparable. And Jesus, you guys are sensitive about a year-old video.
  11. Uh, Boise fans aren't the ones who brought attention to it.
  12. Well, the MWC has two teams currently ranked in the Top 20 and is still in the running for a NY6 bowl berth so yes I would say the MWC is nationally relevant per your definition above. Ask yourself this - how much more fun would Saturday's game between BSU/BYU have been if it were a conference game with MWC title implications? I just don't understand what independence has done for BYU, but whatever...
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