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  1. I think he meant end of last season FB ranking, not recruiting ranking.
  2. Stupid post. Boise is not "front range" and has WAY more history with the schools you mention than it does with Wyo, CSU, NM, AF, etc. Just because Hair put us in the Mountain division doesn't make us a front range school. Idaho couldn't be more opposite from Colorado...
  3. What's your deal ball sac? You jump in on nearly every thread to disparage Boise. If Boise sucks so bad and is now irrelevant why are you spending so much time posting about them? Can't figure out why a Memphis fan gives a shit about Boise or the MWC...
  4. You're kind of an asshole, aren't you?
  5. Sam Whitney I believe. Sounds like it was a non-contact injury. Harsin blamed it on the turf, which is about to be replaced.
  6. 1-10 this year in games decided by 1 possession. So no, dumbass
  7. So tired of this Nevada team, and the Martins. Nevada gets all the calls due to Muscle Man's antics. Cody Martin is practically horizontal to the court when he makes that 3, and falls onto Alston while doing it. Of course, no call. Mostly I'm just bitter. Boise has been so close this year
  8. Nope, USU fans have convinced me it's the curse of Duryea. It's a thing.
  9. Look about 4 hours to the Northwest for your answer
  10. Correction: men's bball is ass; women's bball is tits!
  11. Goes for Boise as well. Check out the Directors Cup standings. i'm so tired of the same narrative that Boise is only a football school. How many schools in the country had a first round NFL draft pick, first round NBA draft pick, 5 conference championships and 2 individual NCAA championships in the same year?
  12. Curious - what's the other douche behavior you speak of? Leon is about as unassuming as they come, the only hint of controversy was the over the top celebration when the buzzer beater was waved off. I can't think of any other issues he's had with coaches, players or fans.
  13. I remember being on this list once...<sigh>