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  1. Sometimes a change of scenery can be good for all parties. I believe this to be true with Harsin, and now Maile. I guess we’ll see...
  2. Nope - BAA fees are used exclusively for student athlete scholarships. No BAA dollars are used for coaching salaries. This is why I get so upset when “fans” stop supporting the BAA when they disagree with a school’s decision on something. They are only hurting the athletes, not those who made the decision...
  3. That Boise was only missing their QB. Many offensive and defensive players were out that game due to injury and COVID, including the top 3 QBs. Funny how that only matters when it happens to YOUR team, right?
  4. Um, there are direct flights to Boise from every West division city except Fresno. And there aren’t any “multiple connections” involved unless someone wants to. Boise is accessible with a single connection from almost every city in the country. It’s not difficult at all to get here.
  5. You Joser fans are getting way too much mileage out of this. Keep thinking Boise was ducking a team they have never lost to. Hopefully we get a chance to settle it on the field next week.
  6. It was a joke - I guess you’ve never seen Die Hard?
  7. Not even close to the same thing - Boise didn't find out test results until late Friday night, after the Spartans were already in town. The MWC has known about the New Mexico situation for weeks.
  8. If this decision was a foregone conclusion (and I think it was) it would have been nice to make it last week to give Boise time to schedule a replacement game(s). One more time Hair takes the opportunity to stick it to Boise...
  9. Right! Boise was afraid of playing a team they’ve never lost to (14-0) at home, on national TV, on senior day. But whatever makes you feel better...
  10. This is the worst USU team I’ve seen in a long time. Hard to believe how far they’ve fallen so quickly.
  11. @ San Diego State x 2 @ Utah State x 2 @ UNLV x 2 @ Colorado State x2 @Nevada x2 vs New Mexico x2 vs Fresno State x2 vs Wyoming x2 vs Air Force x2 vs San Jose State x2 Discuss...
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