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  1. Not sure why this narrative is still kicking around. The players started showing symptoms the morning of the game, tests results didn’t come back until late morning/early afternoon. The game was at 2:00p for God’s sake - it takes time to evaluate the test results, determine if there are enough players to play the game, notify the Wyoming staff, etc. It’s not like you can just snap your fingers and cancel a game. Time to find something else to bitch about.
  2. Yep. New Mexico is now hosting Boise instead of playing SDSU. This is going to hit every team eventually. Glad Boise has gotten it out of the way early…
  3. Yes, because covid always gives you 24-28 hours notice. Do you really think any AD would spend the money to fly the team to Laramie if they weren’t planning to play (or in Cowboy lingo “skeered”)? FFS, did you even read the story? Players started showing symptoms the morning of a 2:00p game - it took that long to get the test results back. I’d be pissed too if I drove halfway across the state to attend a game that didn’t happen. But it’s not BSU’s fault - shit happens. And it’s happening to everyone right now.
  4. I know right? It’s amazing what the easiest schedule in the conference can do for your MWCCG chances!
  5. Boise is a national research institution. R2 working toward R1. Do some research instead of ogling young girls and watching porn…
  6. You’ve mistaken Boise for Colorado State
  7. Prime for an L? We’re 2-3 over our last 5 games for f*ck’s sake. It’s not like we’re on some massive win streak…
  8. If Boise already turned an invite down, clearly the numbers did not add up. Do you honestly think you know more about the details than the Boise AD and President do? Or do you just think they are incompetent?
  9. That was my biggest complaint with Harsin - get a lead and then sit on it. Cost us a few games and came damn close to costing us many more. I loved Hawkins for this reason - he never eased up and didn’t mind beating teams by 50 points.
  10. What you’re missing is that a lot has changed since 2016.
  11. Drowning his sorrows after realizing BYU is leaving the WCC…
  12. 9 punts against NMSU says more about SDSU than the eventual win.
  13. What does BSU have to do with this discussion?
  14. So you concede the AAC signed a 12-year agreement with a non-major network?
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