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  1. Broncos4Ever

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Never said Idaho was worse - they are basically stagnant as a university while Boise is growing rapidly in terms of enrollment, grad-level degrees offered, national standing, etc. That's why the gap is closing. Idaho had a higher enrollment in the 80's (when I was at BSU) than they do today. Do you know of any other public university that can say that?
  2. Broncos4Ever

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Red herring - always has been. Look at the mission of the two schools, they are completely different. Urban commuter school vs. land grant rural campus. If you take out the part-time students and housewives taking classes the grad rates are similar. Check out the APR scores for athletes at each school - that's a better comparison in my mind because those are students who are planning to get their degree in 4 years. The argument isn't that Boise State is a better academic institution today - it's not. The point is the gap is closing rapidly and UI fans/alumni are in denial. Any number of national publications will tell you the same.
  3. Broncos4Ever

    Question for Wyoming & Nevada fans

    Interesting observation, one that I tend to agree with. Not sure why but we seem to pucker up against average to good teams at home, yet play well on the road (1st half at Nevada notwithstanding). Whenever I see us as double-digit favorites at home I cringe. Maybe Rocky was right all along...
  4. Broncos4Ever

    Nevada vs Boise State

    It's funny how they always bring the discussion back around to academics on a sports message board. The sad thing is they are slowly losing that battle too and they don't even know it. If you look at the trajectory over the last 10 years for each school it's not even close. UI's only advantage is the tremendous head start they had as a land grant university, and a State Board of Education that held BSU back for decades. The gap is now closing rapidly.
  5. Broncos4Ever

    Nevada vs Boise State

    LOL - keep telling yourself that...
  6. Broncos4Ever

    MWC Early/Updated Lines...week 6

    Who the hell is BTC?
  7. Broncos4Ever

    Kick out CSU

    Pretty sure "Bob" is a Wyoming fan based on his posts. If you don't pick a team, AF comes up automatically.
  8. Broncos4Ever

    Grats to SDSU and win over ranked OOC team.

    Speed at QB didn't hurt us - he was slow lumbering giant that we apparently couldn't tackle. Unless Agnew is 6'6" and 250 pounds we should be OK. Plus we have a bye week to learn how to block and tackle.
  9. Broncos4Ever

    The demise of the G5

    Don't agree they are trolling the P5; they take it much more seriously than that. This is the comment I have a problem with..."they have set it up so that the MWC and the AAC fight for table scraps instead of banding together and challenging the overall system" The AAC has no interest in banding together with other G5's to fight the flawed system. They are trying to separate from the other G5's in order to be part of the flawed system. Don't get me wrong - I'd love Boise to be in a P5 conference. But Boise fans aren't pretending that we are in some kind of collective fight against the man...
  10. Broncos4Ever

    The demise of the G5

    The hypocrisy on that board is precious. The whole "P6" campaign is the polar opposite of "banding together and challenging the overall system". They are trying to separate themselves from the other G5 conferences and would like nothing better than to join the very group they claim they despise. It's kind of funny how seriously they take themselves while everyone else laughs.
  11. Broncos4Ever

    Eagles cut Pumphrey

    Rough day for former Broncos as well - I think 5 or 6 were cut. Tough business...
  12. Broncos4Ever

    So...Wyoming and BYU..

  13. Broncos4Ever

    Rank 'em - Week Zero

    If "lots" = 2 then I guess...Not sure how you got apprehension and fear out of that but whatever. Wyoming in Laramie will be a solid test for Boise this year. Anyone who states otherwise is just wrong. That defense will keep them in a lot of games.
  14. Broncos4Ever

    Any word on Bowl Games?

    Yes - the Rams won't be going to one