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  1. Broncos4Ever

    Boise State vs Florida State in Jacksonville in 2019

    Why does it seem like all Wyoming fans have a raging boner against Boise? What did we ever do to the Cowboys? Serious question.
  2. Broncos4Ever

    Updated NBA mock draft caleb 27

    You clearly missed the joke...
  3. Broncos4Ever

    Updated NBA mock draft caleb 27

    Nevada's world is crashing down around them.
  4. Broncos4Ever

    Updated NBA mock draft caleb 27

    Actually pretty shocked to see Stephens on that list. Good player but top 50?
  5. Broncos4Ever

    Learfield Winter Rankings released

    BSU - one trick pony...
  6. Broncos4Ever

    LV Stadium updates

    Bet that heated field will feel good during August pre-season games...
  7. Broncos4Ever

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Nope. Per you own chart... Boise - $24,990,618 SDSU - $20,169,009 CSU - $19,957,011 WYO - $16,642,468 Fresno - $16,510,910 New Mexico - $15,909,247 UNLV - $15,695,161 Nevada - $15,384,278 USU - $12,272,824 GU - $12,131,756 Hawaii (FB only) - $11,811,670 SJSU - $10,240,295 Gonzaga would be next to last in the MWC when comparing both football and basketball revenue for full members. I know you are trying to make a point but at least get your facts straight...
  8. Broncos4Ever

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    Slight correction - GU is not in the top 6 of athletic program revenue (based on the data you provided). If we exclude the Olympic sports and WBB, you'd have to add football and basketball revenue together for the MWC teams, then compare GU's basketball-only revenue to that. I suspect you would be further down the list. It doesn't change anything the discussion but just wanted the clarity.
  9. Broncos4Ever

    Observations from the MWC Tournament

    Wonder why that would be? By all accounts, Leon is a very likable, stand-up guy. Frankly, I think that's why he's lasted as long as he has in Boise. No one wants to see him go because the fans and the players like him too much - we just want him to take the next step, and win something meaningful in March. I've never heard of anyone who didn't like Leon, except for maybe the other Rice due to the "celebration". Much ado about nothing in my opinion...
  10. Broncos4Ever

    Musselman COY

    "Football school"...
  11. It's the reason Tedford was coach of the year for Fresno in FB - he did way more than expected. If it was just about winning a championship when you are expected to, Harsin would have gotten the award.
  12. How? Doing exactly what you are expected to do is rarely rewarded with COY. Hell, I could have coached a team full of high-level transfers to the title this year. He's not developing players, he's winning with players who have already been developed. Drop the Martins and Caroline on any MWC team this year and they win the title. If the award is for recruiter of the year, I might agree Muss should win it. Weir has done way more with way less, relatively speaking.
  13. You don't get coach of the year for doing exactly what everyone thought you would do with a loaded roster.
  14. I might agree. Can't give it to Muscleman or Rice because they finished where they were expected to. I'd say it comes down to Weir or Eustachy