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  1. It was offered through the VoTech school, along with Culinary Arts and some other programs. Not offered through the university. It’s funny how fans of other schools throw this out like it’s some kind of sick burn. Similar to the wit around once being a Junior College. Every school starts somewhere. Hell, Florida State started out as a women’s college
  2. Not true - we’ve been told repeatedly by the experts on this board that Boise’s best years are behind them.
  3. So much butthurt in this thread
  4. Hell, not even sure Memphis basketball is worth more than BSU basketball this year…
  5. Careful, your Boise obsession is showing again…
  6. What you’re missing is that a lot has changed since 2016.
  7. Not even comparable. And Jesus, you guys are sensitive about a year-old video.
  8. Uh, Boise fans aren't the ones who brought attention to it.
  9. Well, the MWC has two teams currently ranked in the Top 20 and is still in the running for a NY6 bowl berth so yes I would say the MWC is nationally relevant per your definition above. Ask yourself this - how much more fun would Saturday's game between BSU/BYU have been if it were a conference game with MWC title implications? I just don't understand what independence has done for BYU, but whatever...
  10. Was that the goal of independence - to be the most discussed team in the conference you left? BYU is irrelevant nationally; the only reason they are discussed so much here is because of the history and hatred with many of the MWC schools.
  11. If the Bulldogs need something like this for motivation they've already lost the game. Can't believe Fresno fans are still crying over last year!
  12. I've heard good things about Brad Bedell from Boise State...
  13. I'm sure all the working class adults who are trying to improve their situation in life appreciate being called trash. What a douchebag...
  14. Never said Idaho was worse - they are basically stagnant as a university while Boise is growing rapidly in terms of enrollment, grad-level degrees offered, national standing, etc. That's why the gap is closing. Idaho had a higher enrollment in the 80's (when I was at BSU) than they do today. Do you know of any other public university that can say that?
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