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  1. Believe his father was a big time JC prospect who played for Hugs at Cincinnati and eventually in the NBA. His father was stout too, but as I recall a bit taller.
  2. Days of relying building your program solely on high school kids is long over. Even the powers like Kentucky, UNC, Duke, etc. are starting to sprinkle in more and more transfers from the portal. Even for all his recruiting accolades, Dave Rice took his fair share of transfers. Off the top of my head Birch, Roscoe Smith, Dejan-Jones, Oleikabe, Kendrick, Doolin, Carter, Seagers. Would like to see some balance with some quality high school prospects, but If you are not using the portal to some degree its a mistake. Whether it works or not remains to be seen but I don't see where it is so outlandish of a strategy.
  3. Mark began at Oklahoma but came to UNLV from El Camino JC. Won a state Juco title, MVP of the tourney, in 85.
  4. Missed out on the Meadows kid who committed to Boise State.
  5. Unless a couple of these teams surprise, this has the makings of the worse OOC schedule since the program became Division I (Jerry's first season, 96-97 are up there). Puts them in an extremely small margin for error for making the NCAA tournament. Essentially have to win the MWC tourney. Surprising, because Lon usually played a quality OOC schedule.
  6. Short term its these schools only hope at remaining somewhat relevant along with the ACC in the current landscape. Adding some teams from the MWC won’t do much of anything in the grand scheme of things to salvage USC and UCLA leaving the Pac 12. Long term it won’t make much of any difference for whatever this merged league becomes as it probably won’t last too long. Everyone at this point is angling to try and become the last remaining teams selected in the Big 10/Fox and SEC/ESPN super conferences that will be running college athletics.
  7. Happy for Ron Adams getting another ring. Helluva coach.
  8. Couldn’t agree more with this. Peery is a good recruiter but there were better options on that front. Going to be very interested to see how much influence he has on the style of play. As you wrote, if he doesn’t have much influence the hire is certainly questionable. In addition to full court pressing he likes the transition game offensively as well as quick, volume, shot selection. They have the depth and skill set to play this way and it puts the team in the best position for success. Quite a bit of that though goes against the Lon Kruger philosophy. We’ll soon see how flexible Kevin is going to be as a head coach.
  9. Lunacy!!! The last 30 seasons of UNLV basketball have demonstrated what the program would have been had they never hired Jerry Tarkanian. It was never Jerry’s idea to have the Thomas & Mack Center seating capacity be as large as it is. At the time he wanted something slightly larger than the Convention Center. He pushed for around 10,500 - 11,000 but was over ruled by the Runnin Rebel Club and other influential people in town at the time that wanted the larger capacity. As for the WAC, the football program at the time was division II at the time. The school petitioned the league in 74 to try and join the WAC and were rejected. The primary reason the WAC changed its view on the school was due to the success of the basketball program led by Jerry Tarkanian in the mid 70’s. When they reapplied in 77 they were coming off the Final Four and none of their other men’s basketball programs at the time were competing at that level and they thought it would be a shot in the arm. Had it not been for the success of the basketball program at the time they wouldn't have even been considered.
  10. If you are not a 1st round pick really in the player’s interest to to go undrafted, and hope to have a good agent to get you placed on the right Summer League team where your skill set fits best. Have to believe Williams folks got some assurances at least from a couple of teams that will at least give him a look in one or more of the summer leagues. Certainly rough for UNLV. Barring some unlikely late home run signings or current players overachieving, while the defense should be improved they could struggle in half court offense next season.
  11. Only time it might benefit a coach to schedule a cupcake schedule would be during their first season taking over a really bad program. Generating some confidence, buzz, is important and this could accomplish that. Other than that there is no reason to, especially when you are in a mid-major conference. If you have any desire of getting an at large bid you’ve got schedule tough to give yourself a legitimate chance, particularly if you want a quality seed.
  12. No question the game has definitely changed. I can remember years ago Jerry getting criticized for taking too many jucos and transfers because you didn’t get four/five years out of them. I didn’t necessarily agree with that view at the time but at least it was a plausible debate. Lon took heat for this at UNLV as well. The way rosters flip like Sunday morning flapjacks now the idea of trying to build culture, roster continuity, is becoming increasingly harder if not impossible if the rules remain as is. For guys like Wright and Beilien who were big believers in it, it drove them out of the game. This is the rule now not the exception. To me its about accumulating the best talent that fits your system any way you can. If the rules change, then maybe Kevin’s approach will need to. But currently if you are only going to get to keep a player a season or two what is the difference of where you got them from.
  13. Best news of the off season so far. Guess he wasn’t thrilled with Mark bringing his son on board to Tech’s staff. Remember Barret being mentioned as possibly joining Dave’s staff some years ago. Solid recruiter and defensive tactician that likes to cause turnovers and run off of them. His preferred style of play is similar to what West Virginia was using a few seasons ago. If he is able to have a strong influence on the style of play, given the probable roster next season this is a really good fit that can maximize roster strengths and hopefully hide weaknesses.
  14. Didn’t he just reaffirm his commitment after Hartman left. Someone tossing some decent NIL money in his direction.
  15. Gigantic blow. Most competent assistant, brought a lot to the table and knew the system. So much for Grimala’s quiet offseason. Kruger has a lot of big decisions to make.
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