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  1. Although it was not full-time, Las Vegas did have the NBA briefly in the mid 80s when Irwin Molasky was able to convince his friend, then Jazz owner Sam Battistone, to move some of their home games to the Thomas & Mack Center. Publicly Jerry was supportive but privately he had some concern. He was never fond of how big the Thomas & Mack Center was and knew the pressure he faced in having to fill the arena as the primary revenue source at the time. The thought process was having a pro team come in temporarily was only going to make it that much harder for him to draw. One of
  2. I think he will see a few more minutes over the season, but overall this is correct. He was brought in to be a situational spot minute role player. Unless he magically improves his game in the offseason barring injury to them; guys like Muoka, Hamm, Iwuakar will be gobbling up most of minutes in the post.
  3. Only a matter of time. The most important thing is unlike Stern who hated the idea, Silver is on board. The only question about the next expansion go around is will they put two teams in the Pacific Time Zone (Seattle and Las Vegas).
  4. No question they’ve improved the athleticism from last seasons team which is the worst I’ve ever seen going back to 71-72. Like that there is going to be a renewed emphasis on the defensive end and the guys they have brought in should certainly help. We’ll see what happens with the remaining scholarships. Hopefully they pack an offensive punch as based on what they have right now unless some guys over perform this could be the worst, among the worst, offensive units. Otherwise to compete, going to have to have one of the better field goal % defenses and rebounding teams to get some
  5. I don’t see any of them returning. The staff spoke with them and let them know their plans and how they would fit in. They are moving on with recruiting as if they are not returning.
  6. I'll repeat, the writing should've been on the wall with the Sun article from several days ago. Staff tried to hard to re-recruit him, but in the end he wasn't interested. They've swung and missed on several so far.
  7. No commenting the Sun about remaining committed is going to raise antennas.
  8. Maybe he’ll be the next Anthony Todd. In general though that is true about players performance at UNLV from lower caliber programs. Some exceptions would be Kevin Simmons, Brian Keefe, Eric Booker and Flintie Ray Williams. They were good players, solid contributors.
  9. Dave won't be unemployed long.
  10. Have to disagree with that a bit. The vision that people like Sig Rogich, Irwin Molasky, Dave Pearl and others had in the early 70s was the same model that UCLA/USC used in the 60s and 70s which was to have great athletic programs to reel in both alumni and non-alumni in Southern CA to give money to help bolster the academic side. Given the football program was DII at the time it made sense to try and build the men's basketball program as the draw as it was Division I. All you had to do was look around UNLV’s campus in the 80’s and early 90’s to see the fruits of it. The money the bas
  11. In the 70's and 80's most coaches were winding down around 60. Today though that is not that old. For perspective, Jay Wright and Bill Self are almost 60.
  12. He will need to hire a couple of good recruiters, and who knows how good of a motivator he will be at that level, but Mark Adams is one helluva a respected tactician, particularly on the defensive end.
  13. Looks like the Rebel records for most points and largest margin of victory will stand. Hats off to Scott Drew, amazing reclamation project!
  14. I'll say again Suggs is Gonzaga's Larry Johnson. We'll find out Monday night if they get over the top as Larry did for UNLV. A lot fo basketball certainly to be played and at my age I won't be around to see it, but this game could be this generation's Duke/Kentucky from 92. Amazing back and forth contest with the fantastic finish.
  15. McCabe is a decent pick-up. He is a good teammate, hard worker. Not a great defender and his A/TO isn’t overwhelming. His problem is following his freshman year his 3 point percentage nose dived and that was what was suppose to earn him minutes in spite of his other limitations. Guys like McBride, Sherman, McNeil bring more to the table and ate his minutes up. The Krugers and Hartman know him from scouting reports so they should know what he brings to the table and how he can fit in.
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