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  1. My favorite comedy was BAYWATCH. OK it was not meant to be a comedy but that is what it was. Second would be Seinfeld and the third was a way back one, namely OZZIE AND HARRIET. Harriet was a looker. She did semi nude pics back in the 1930 to 1940 period and she was quite a singer and better than average dancer. I forgot Big Bang Theory. That show was great for several years.
  2. You had a hell of a lot to do with it Mug, Thanks very much for the trip.
  3. Ella made her fame on scat singing but Anita O'Day invented it (and a much more melodic version of it) almost a decade before Ella. Ella continued to claim it as hers until her death. Ella also lost much of her voice quality in the last 15 years of her career.
  4. So who is the greatest female jazz singer? I reject Ella out of hand but these are my choices: 1. Anita O'Day 2. Sarah Vaughn 3. Carmen McRae 4. Lady Day must be on the list 5. Dinah Washington Amongst the more recent singers: 1. Karen Souza 2. Sarah Menescal 3. Eve St. Jones 4. Cassandra Beck 5. Stacy Kent is very good but she is almost 50 and therefore not so recent
  5. I had thought that there might be something to Boise leaving until I saw that Greg Flugar and his imaginary friend (Big Ten Man) endorsed the move. They say it will happen, therefore it is all a lie.
  6. SCIENCE NEWS Medicine In Switzerland, among 645 people hospitalized with chronic heart failure, a randomized trial found those who were given regular hospital food – as opposed to a personal nutrition plan – had an almost doubled risk of mortality within 30 days.
  7. The British biotechnology company Oxitec continues with its plans to release hundreds of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes to test a new experimental way to control the reproduction of ‘Aedes aegypti’, a species that spreads dengue, Zika, yellow fever and other life-threatening infections. The first batch of mosquitoes was released last week in the Florida Keys, located on the southern coast of the state, “after a decade of planning and regulatory approvals,” according to confirmed the company, endorsed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in a statement. He explained that,
  8. If Hair is part of this it WILL be fu$$ed up.
  9. by Jeremy Roebuck and Susan Snyder Updated Apr 16, 2021 The former dean of Temple University’s business school was federally charged Friday with orchestrating a complex fraud to boost the college’s reputation and attract students and donors by submitting phony data on its graduate programs to national rankings agencies. Prosecutors accused Moshe Porat, 74, and two subordinates of reverse engineering the criteria by which the magazine U.S. News & World Report evaluated schools and then falsifying information for years to ensure that programs
  10. Top 6 means we (MWC) will not get a team in. the playoff.
  11. Bloomington would top my list.
  12. Surprisingly I agree with you. However it will not happen.
  13. I also think we should look at how well our conference did in the dance. Actually we need to improve here as well before we criticize others. tourn CONF WINS WINS Share of money UNITS UNITS share of money2020-21 Pac-12 13 20.63% 19 14.39%2020-21 Big 12 11 17.46% 17 12.88%2020-21 Big Ten 8 12.70% 17 12.88%2020-21 SEC 7 11.11% 12 9.09%2020-21 WCC 5 7.94% 6 4.55%2020-21 AAC 4 6.35% 6 4.55%2020-21 ACC 4 6.35% 11 8.33%2020-21 Big East 4 6.35% 8 6.06%2020-21 MVC 2 3.17% 5 3.79%2020-21 Summit 2 3.17% 3 2.27%2020-21 CUSA 1 1.59% 2 1.52%2020-21 MAC 1 1.59% 2 1.52%2020-21 Southland 1 1.59% 2 1.52
  14. Unfortunately there is much truth to this. UNLV has become a bad joke in basketball. My hope is they will improve a great deal in football with the new stadium. It will not be easy considering their record in choosing coaches but it seems that BB is dead in LV.
  15. Alston vs NCAA was argued before the supreme court today. Probably decided before October this year. Perhaps the most important court ruling for college sports ever. NCAA vs. Alston heads to the Supreme Court for oral arguments - The Washington Post
  16. I also deserve an apology. A few weeks ago you said you were leaving this board and we would never hear from you again (or words to that effect.) WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?
  17. We were over rated this year, still I expected a better game and yes we benefited from a weak MWC schedule but I expected more than this effort.
  18. It may be a state of confusion.
  19. His problem has always been recruiting. He is a decent coach but a below average recruiter.
  20. SDSU will be in, perhaps BSU but 3 or 4 seems a pipe dream. Hope I am wrong.
  21. Chick Corea: who was the Spain composer and Return to Forever founder - and what was he known for? | The Scotsman Chick Corea, one of Americas great Jazz pianist died recently and I only found out about it by reading the Scotsman newspaper. I heard him play three times live and have several of his cd's. He was genuinely great and I expect many jazz fans will agree with my statement.
  22. ph I will miss some of your posts. It is my opinion you have improved in a significant manner in the last 3 to 4 years. Hopefully in a year or two you will see your way back to this board. Best of luck in the future and keep up your weekly sessions with your shrink. Best of luck on your future and continue to work on whatever problems you may have..
  23. How about the Valpo Cowards? Someone should stand up for tradition even if it offends others.
  24. Aresco is 71 years old in a few months. He is not going anywhere.
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