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  1. Post: #1 BIG commish shoots down Nebraska’s hopes of playing outside conference this season Frost should take this extra time to try to make Nebraska a better program and not stay a football floor mat in the B1G. Warren pushes back at Nebraska
  2. Does not the Big 10 own all TV rights to it's members? How could Nebraska play if they got NO TV money from the season and all the money went to the other members of the conference? Or would the B10 simply divide Nebraska TV dollars amongst the 14 members? I believe even the tier 3 rights are owned by the B10 through it's network. This could be a major problem for Nebraska. Even if they drop out of the B10 the conference will own the TV rights for several years. This could be a real cluster####.
  3. But if this happens how will we ever be able to trust the integrity of our glorious leader in his future pronouncements? All praise to Hair.
  4. Will the MWC have a football season in Spring, 2021 (March?) Yes, however all players on offense and defense must remain at least 12 feet from each other to avoid contagion. This will assure a high score in every game. SJSU and UNLV will score more points than in all previous seasons combined. However they will still lose most of their games.
  5. I saw an interview on PBS of two vaccine specialist one with the CDC and the other with the Cleveland Clinic. They said that a workable vaccine has NEVER been achieved and tested in less than 4 years and the average is just over 10 years. Of course some vaccines could be approved without proper testing in other countries. These may have no effect or less than a desirable effect. No one knows. However a vaccine by next year seems a pie in the sky situation.
  6. I believe the NLRB ruled they (Northwestern) were not permitted to do this because they were a private university not a publicly owned university. Is this not essentially the ruling? Is there someone on this site who saved any of the many posts and articles written on this matter? If so please comment.
  7. Should be 26 members. 14 in B10, 12 in PAC, unless you know something the rest of us do not know.
  8. My adverts are coming up as scanty undergarments for women. I am spending much more time on this site than I generally do. Guess it depends on where you are.
  9. I wonder how many of the NON P5 teams will actually play at least 10 games this year. I would not be surprised if it is very few. These polls seldom mean much, this year they mean almost nothing. However I am glad to see that Navy and Air Force made the list. By the way can no one on this site correctly spell CINCINNATI? Or is it Zinzinnati?
  10. If USC does not see this as a clear sign that they MUST get out of the PAC 12 very soon then they will be hopelessly stuck in the sewer that is the PAC and will join the remaining members in their quest for self destruction. I know this group has members and some influence at UCB but do they have any influence anywhere else?
  11. Not a bad conference, not bad at all. But the odds are as good of their being NO college sports in a few years as they are of having this conference
  12. Agree 100% about Flugaur. I followed his twitter page for some months and he invented an inside expert known as BIG TEN MAN who plotted out all the expansion to the B10 several years into the future. None of it occurred. I posted a tweet that it was reported that BIG TEN MAN was arrested and he blocked me from his page. He lives in a dream world,
  13. I was watching a PBS show on the virus two days ago and heard something I had not heard before. Two medicos, one from the CDC and another from the Cleveland Clinic, both of which have worked on vaccines, said there had never been a workable vaccine produced and approved in less than 4 years and that the average developed and approved vaccine took just over 10 years. At that rate we as a nation will be in a 1930 style depression and all our sports programs will have been cancelled. I hope I am wrong but every day the situation seems worse.
  14. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CUs3HrqstC2oV3CF3_di4yW6Y4K_CIrUJNEEHCCKo7A/htmlview?usp=sharing&pru=AAABc8DxoSw*9neTAUNCjDmWxWacLcZbIQ Will your university thrive or survive after the covid virus? SDSU (where I earned my BA) ranks 147 and U. of Cincinnati (where I earned my MA) ranks 139 in academics and overall rankings. How does your school or schools rate in the overall ranking?
  15. UPenn is far from a beauty, Syracuse is nice but not beautiful, SDSU is one of the best campus settings I have ever seen. That was true almost 40 years ago when I attended and 7 years ago when I last visited. Duke is also nice but not beautiful. However I would not have minded going there. The Indiana University campus is the most beautiful campus I know as is the city of Bloomington where it is located. Georgetown is actually nice, but beautiful? I think not. The U. of Cincinnati was listed 3 or 4 years ago as one of the top 25 most beautiful college campus locations in the nation. Years ago I took my MA there and last year attended a MLS soccer game on campus. I assure you that it IS NOT a top 25 most beautiful campus. It is full of unusual and attractive buildings each one designed by a famous architect but their style clashes and creates an uncomfortable confused look. To a large extent this is also true of UCLA. Perhaps the LEAST beautiful campus is the U. of West Virginia. The location is very nice, most of the buildings look like industrial buildings from the 1950 era but with much less charm. In any case I can easily go with SDSU as the 8th most beautiful campus in the nation. I say this largely based on the city which SDSU is in. This is another area where we excel over other MWC schools. Compare SDSU to Boise, Fresno, UNLV, New Mexico, Wyoming etc. and you will see a great difference.
  16. I assume this means you were only invited to a bowl 3 times in 10 years. If so SJSU has a lot of work to do in the regular season. That is assuming we ever have regular seasons again.
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/elections-2020/sessions-pays-the-price-for-incurring-trump-s-wrath-losing-alabama-senate-race/ar-BB16JY4E?ocid=msedgdhp Tommy Tuberville defeated Jeff Sessions in the Alabama primary for US senate. Tuberville was a former coach in the SEC and AAC and was fired from his last job. Now it looks as if he will be the next senator from Alabama. As bad as he was as a coach I was expecting him to be the next HC at UNLV. Now it looks as if a reject from the SEC and AAC is good enough to be in the US senate. How F Up can this country get?
  18. Good call except for Fresno, and unlv. Keep Trucker U. and SJSU out as well.
  19. This is true re the last sentence. The AAC payout will be 5.5 mill the first year and 9.0 mill the 12 year NOT 7 mill each year as is often reported. I still have not found an amount agreed upon for production costs. It seems it will be between 200K and 300K for the AAC whilst the MWC will pay nothing.
  20. Memphis has scheduled a two for one with the Crimson Tide. TWO OF THE THREE GAMES WILL BE PLAYED IN MEMPHIS ONLY ONE PLAYED AT BAMA. I find this very hard to believe. Bama will still probably get at least one win out of the series but this is a very large win for Memphis even if they lose all three of the games by sixty points each. Frankly no one in the MWC or the AAC could get a 2 of 3 home game series with the Tide and I don't know how Memphis did it. NOW HERE IS THE FULL TRUTH. THIS IS IN BASKETBALL NOT FOOTBALL. So it is somewhat easier to comprehend.
  21. HQ of AAC in same building as CFP HQ may be Aresco's attempt to get more favorable deal for said conference in next round. He worked with ESPN and I think one or two other TV networks in the past. I don't think it will work but would not be surprised if he tried it.
  22. Marge was one hell of a weird broad. Whilst she was running and owning the Reds and several car dealerships she was praising the way Hitler ran Germany in the 30's and 40's, insulting local ethnic groups (primarily Irish and Italian) and donating vast amounts of her fortune to the arts and music in Cincinnati. A complex and goofy old babe. And yes UC should give her family back the money she gave the university but they will not do so because they are not required by law to do so. Universities are oft weird as well.