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  1. NCAA stats reported by ESPN show that 33.8% of schools in Division 1 either lost money or broke even. It also shows that 5 of the 68 teams which made the dance did not make money'. Many of these schools averaged over 5K. I do not believe the accuracy of this reporting as I know there are many teams in the Division 1 which pad their attendance figures. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/tournament/2015/story/_/id/12495302/many-ncaa-tournament-teams-did-not-turn-profit
  2. YOU TUBE TV is increasing price by $10.00 per month. ESPN Plus holding price at $4.99 for now. Do any of you know if any of the others are increasing prices and if so by how much ? I fear this may be the first of many, but nothing definite at this point.
  3. I had a strange experience last night. I woke up at 3 AM and made some coffee and turned my internet radio website to Smooth Radio 97.5 in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. I just caught the sports report and included was a report about Coventry beating Newcastle in football (soccer) and surprisingly 2 reports on American Sports. The first was not all that much of a surprise as it was about the Masters and Woods big win. The second was about American college basketball coaches and their salary. Amongst several others the salary offered at UCLA (over 4 million) was the cause of shock and surprise to the two men and a woman discussing the problem. The more I think about it the more I see the point. Roads, bridges and our infrastructure in general are falling apart, California has spent many BILLIONS of dollars on a high speed train which is grossly over spent and less than half complete. None of these college basketball programs make a profit, few even break even. Perhaps the answer is division 3 for everyone. I am a college BB and FB fan but more and more it seems hopeless. Especially when you are below the P5 divide as we all are here. The other possibility is that I should not wake up a 3 AM EST (8 AM UK time.)
  4. This would work well for a football only group also 100 teams is way to many. The schools chosen could leave their BB and Olympics in the NCAA. Only football to the new grouping. The NCAA would be glad to keep the basketball and olys as they would have nothing else of import if the major D1 FB teams departed. 100 teams however should be reduced to about 80 to 86 teams for the new football agency. The ACC, B12, SEC, BIG and PAC should be added to BYU, ARMY, N. D., AAC (10 schools), MWC minus SJSU, Wyoming, New Mexico (9 schools.) That comes out to 83 and Army, BYU, N.D. makes 86 . This is enough, a football league with 86 teams, it's own TV contract, playoff and rule making body. Of course even a reduced 86 team league would contain UNLV, Tulane, Purdue and a few others which would be marginal but so what it would be far better than what we have now. The other below average leagues (CUSA, SB, MAC could join the NCAA Div 1AA.)
  5. You are forgetting that Florida State of today is NOT Florida State of just a few years ago. Clemson has pilfered their mojo (I don't know if that is a felony or not.)
  6. True, however Cronin has a contentious history with just about everyone. He is a physically small man who has a complex of some kind. He is an excellent coach, but only if defense and recruiting are considered. He wins without an offence but only until his teams get to the dance. Then his teams simply collapse. I predict the same thing will happen at UCLA.
  7. I have ESPN plus and currently there is not a great deal on it. That is obviously about to change with the Big 12 and AAC and perhaps some of the MWC games plus could be a great bargain at only $4.99 per month. What is the chance that BYU will have games (BB and FB) on the plus? My hope is that hair will work with ESPN to get a fair number of tier 3 MWC games on the plus. Of course we must remember that Hair is doing the negotiation and he always screws up half of what he is doing. Still in all for late night weekend games this may be a go. It might be a good place for Hawaii games ,should they join in our TV contract, as well. I am convinced it will not generate much money for anyone other than P5 teams however.
  8. Mick Cronin of UCincy going to UCLA. 4 million $ plus performance bonus. It is a surprise to me however many Cincy fans did not like him despite his 9 consecutive dance invites. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaabk/mick-cronin-the-less-than-ideal-solution-to-uclas-messy-100-day-coaching-search/ar-BBVM8pI?ocid=spartandhp
  9. He also lost to some of the worst teams around the country. He can not coach but he can recruit. Perhaps that is what UN will settle for. I hope not.
  10. This must be the most absurd political event since Bill Clinton or THE Donald was elected. I had hoped he would become the coach of SJSU. Former Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Tommy Tuberville will run for the United States Senate in Alabama as a Republican, he confirmed Saturday afternoon via Twitter Former Donald Trump press secretary Sean Spicer is working on Tuberville's campaign, according to a report Saturday morning from CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd. Tuberville will begin his political career pursuing the senate seat currently held by Democrat Doug Jones. The Republican primary for the seat is March 3, 2020. If Tuberville makes it through, the general election is Nov. 3, 2020. Jones won the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions in 2017 when Sessions became U.S. Attorney General. In a bitter, contentious special election campaign, Jones finally beat Roy Moore by half a percentage point. In April of 2017, Tuberville reportedly ruled out a run for governor in Alabama in 2018 after exploring the possibility. Tuberville's record in four seasons at UC was 29-22 before he resigned in December of 2016. Tuberville has worked as an ESPN analyst, and doing ABC/ESPN color commentary/analysis for a Texas Tech-Houston game was awkward after Tuberville compared Lubbock to Siberia and Iraq, per reports. Tuberville was 20-17 at Texas Tech from 2010-12. I live near Cincinnati and believe me this guy is a damn fool. The local media is going crazy with jokes about "Senator Tuberville".
  11. On the contrary it serves a significant purpose to the Power 5. It is the rest of us who ARE NOT served by the NCAA and will never be.
  12. Very true, but an extremely well run and successful one. This is a perfect example of the double standard.
  13. I fully agree with your statement. However I would go further and say that undergraduate athletes must complete their BA, BS, BE etc. within 5 years or the school gets docked one scholarship for 1 year. If they are going to be student-athletes then let us honor the student part equally.
  14. Thanks for the information.
  15. I have read the AAC website concerning their TV contract. I see that it says there that the 12 year contract will begin at $5.75 million per year and increase each year until it reaches $8.75 million in the 12th and last year. Apparently this will average $7 million per year. There are also monies from CBS but nowhere can I find that number. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF OUR CONTRACT IS DONE THE SAME WAY, I.E. IN YEARLY INCREASES, AS THE AAC CONTRACT IS DONE ?