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  1. HQ of AAC in same building as CFP HQ may be Aresco's attempt to get more favorable deal for said conference in next round. He worked with ESPN and I think one or two other TV networks in the past. I don't think it will work but would not be surprised if he tried it.
  2. Marge was one hell of a weird broad. Whilst she was running and owning the Reds and several car dealerships she was praising the way Hitler ran Germany in the 30's and 40's, insulting local ethnic groups (primarily Irish and Italian) and donating vast amounts of her fortune to the arts and music in Cincinnati. A complex and goofy old babe. And yes UC should give her family back the money she gave the university but they will not do so because they are not required by law to do so. Universities are oft weird as well.
  3. I’m Glad Fresno State is in the MWC Is that because no other conference would take Fresno State? Or is it because your tender self has been hurt by all the negative (but accurate) comments which posters have made about the midden that Fresno is. Every city in the MWC is superior to Fresno except possibly Laramie and Boise. Even Boise is somewhat better than Fresno. Where do you actually live? Bakersfield?
  4. This is a listing, put together by slhNavy91 an AAC fan, of viewership of P5 conferences from 2015 to 2019. The list shows a significant advantage to the AAC which is why I suspect he put the list together. I am both surprised by the AAC advantage and the advantage that the MWC holds over the MAC, Sunbelt and CUSA. How significant is this for the future and how much will our new TV contract with FOX help us in the battle of the G5? Please comment. Also how many bowl games will FOX broadcast for the MWC. I have heard nothing concerning this. Note slhNavy91 is obviously very much an AAC fan however his stats are generally quite accurate. Viewership - 2015-2019 - non-contract-bowl-conferences 2019 Big Viewer Games 2019 all games Greater than three million viewers: AAC 4, MAC 1, mwc & CUSA & SunBelt 0 Greater than two million viewers: AAC 11, mwc 3, CUSA 2, MAC 2, SunBelt 0 Greater than one million viewers: AAC 22, mwc 10, CUSA 8, MAC 7, SunBelt 1 2019 non-bowl games Greater than three million viewers: AAC 2, G4 0 Greater than two million viewers: AAC 8, mwc 0, CUSA 1, MAC 1, SunBelt 0 Greater than one million viewers: AAC 15, mwc 5, CUSA 3, MAC 2, SunBelt 0 2019 conference-controlled games Greater than three million viewers: AAC 0, G4 0 Greater than two million viewers: AAC 5, G4 0 Greater than one million viewers: AAC 10, mwc 2, CUSA & MAC & Sunbelt 0 2019 intra-conference games Greater than three million viewers: AAC 0, G4 0 Greater than two million viewers: AAC 3, G4 0 Greater than one million viewers: AAC 6, mwc 1, CUSA & MAC & SunBelt 0 2019 games greater than one million viewers (and bowls, CCGs below that) AAC Army-Navy 7.22 million Cotton Bowl Memphis 6.22 Houston-Oklahoma 5.44 Liberty Bowl Navy 3.33 SMU-Memphis 2.95 Cincinnati-tOSU 2.94 Conf. Champ Game 2.88 UCF-Pitt 2.55 Cincinnati-Memphis 2.51 WSU- Houston 2.07 Military Bowl Temple 2.07 Boca Raton Bowl SMU 1.99 Mississippi-Memphis 1.88 Wisconsin-USF 1.80 USF-UCF 1.76 Armed Forces Bowl Tulane 1.74 UCLA-Cincinnati 1.63 Navy-ND 1.56 Birmingham Bowl Cincinnati 1.52 UCF-Cincinnati 1.44 Gasparilla Bowl UCF 1.15 Houston Tulane 1.03 mwc Las Vegas Bowl Boise 2.64 million Cactus Bowl AirForce 2.62 million Hawaii Bowl Hawaii vs BYU 2.43 million Fresno-USC 1.65 Marshall-Boise 1.38 Potato Bowl Nevada 1.36 million CSU-Colorado 1.28 Frisco Bowl USU 1.25 Boise - Florida State 1.19 Wyoming - Boise 1.18 New Mexico Bowl 802k Conf Champ Game 550k CUSA FAU- tOSU 2.62 million Independence Bowl LaTech 2.37 Boca Raton Bowl FAU 1.99 Armed Forces Bowl SoMiss 1.74 Marshall-Boise 1.38 First Responders Bowl WKU 1.29 Gasparilla Bowl Marshall 1.15 MTSU - Michigan 1.11 New Orleans Bowl UAB 963k Bahamas Bowl Charlotte 739k Camellia Bowl FIU 692k Conf Champ Game on CBSSN not rated MAC QuickLane Bowl EMU 3.05 million Buffalo - Penn State 2.17 Mobile Bowl Miami 1.45 Potato Bowl Ohio 1.36 First Responders Bowl WMU 1.29 Bowling Green - ND 1.28 Frisco Bowl Kent State 1.25 New Mexico Bowl CMU 802k Bahamas Bowl Buffalo 739k Conf Champ Game 358k SunBelt Mobile Bowl - ULL 1.45 million New Orleans Bowl Appalachian State - 963k Ark State- UGA 951k Conf Champ Game 726k Camellia Bowl Ark State 692k
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2013/jul/17/kosher-lube-oral-sex-jews-lubricant Kosher lube puts oral sex on the menu for Orthodox Jews Rabbis have rarely generated so much excitement. At least not in the bedroom. For the first time, Orthodox Jews can buy sexual lubricants that have been declared kosher. The US-made Wet range of lubes now has eight lines that have been given a religious stamp of approval, including its "Ecstasy" product. This means that rabbis from the Rabbinical Council of California have inspected Wet's 52,000 sq ft production plant and researched the origins of every ingredient to check none comes from items prohibited by kosher rules. As with many great innovations, the lubricant resulted from personal motivation. Sean Smith, president of Trigg Laboratories, which produces Wet, converted to Judaism after marrying a Jewish-Israeli woman. But what's the need for a kosher lubricant? Orthodox Jews spread all sorts of cosmetics over their bodies without checking they are kosher. From soaps to exfoliators, moisturisers to medical ointments, observant Jews can use whatever is sold on the mainstream market without checking its origins. Kosher laws don't apply to products for external use. In fact, according to guidelines by the respected kashrut certifier Star-K: "one may even apply non-kosher ingredients to one's lips, eg lipstick, lip balm."
  6. https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2018/08/14/feminist-philosopher-suspended-sexual-harassment Story is almost two years old but I have not heard of it before. New York University suspended Avital Ronell, a professor of German and comparative literature, for the coming year after finding that she sexually harassed a graduate student, Nimrod Reitman, The New York Times reported. Ronell’s behavior was “sufficiently pervasive to alter the terms and conditions of Reitman’s learning environment,” the university determined in its investigation under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits gender discrimination. Reitman reportedly said Ronell harassed him for three years, including via emails in which she referred to him as “my most adored one,” “Sweet cuddly Baby,” “cock-er spaniel” and “my astounding and beautiful Nimrod.” Reitman, now a visiting fellow at Harvard University, also said Ronell kissed and touched him, pulled him into her bed during a trip to Paris, called and texted him constantly, and refused to work with him if he did not comply. Like many graduate students who have alleged harassment, Reitman said he felt he had to put up with behavior that bothered him because of the power differential between him and his adviser. One question. what parent would name his or her child Nimrod?
  7. Has the Awful House gone big in Florida? I knew Ihop was a power there but the Awful House? Wow
  8. I AGREE WITH THE TOP FOUR. I would like to see Wyoming at 10 but it will NEVER happen. TooLame at 16 and Miami of Ohio at 20 seem a stretch and SDSU may be in the G5 top 10.
  9. i agree, it can not be sustainable over a period of years. Only the P5 and perhaps not all of them will be able to maintain the type of sports programs we have become accustomed to in the MWC. AAC and the top independents. The CUSA, SB and MAC are as good as done and gone in the next few years. Or they will drop to D2 where most of them belong now.
  10. Would this not come under the heading of interstate commerce? Surely all games will not be played against teams from the same state. Therefore a federal law would be necessary. If not perhaps one of our LLD's or LLB's on the site could explain.
  11. Wright State should try to have their flying club declared a sport. The school is named for the Wright brothers and is only about 4 or 5 miles from Wright Patterson AF Base. Their sports teams are not much except for men's basketball which is only good occasionally. It appears to me that Ohio public college sports teams are taking some significant cuts in sports.
  12. Another article predicting the death of CUSA. I tend to agree. From the bbs board. https://mississippitoday.org/2020/05/29/it-past-time-for-radical-change-in-conference-usa/ It’s past time for radical change in Conference USA BY RICK CLEVELAND, SPORTS COLUMNIST | MAY 29, 2020 A common sense article on CUSA from the bbs realignment board. By Rick Cleveland (I have never heard of him but he makes sense in this article.) The first thing I’d do as commissioner of Conference USA? I’d blow it up. It doesn’t work. It didn’t work long before the pandemic. It certainly won’t work now. Most of all, the economics don’t work. There’s too much travel, not nearly enough revenue. In many ways, the league was designed – and has been altered over the years – with TV markets in mind. That’s why FIU and FAU were accepted as members in 2013, to regain the Florida TV market lost when first South Florida and UCF exited. That’s why UTSA was accepted in 2013. San Antonio is a big city with lots of TVs. ************************************************** Most of us know the truth of this article but I don't see an answer. It is a pathetic conference with no or very few good teams. I see no schools which the MWC or the AAC would be willing to take. Even if they were combined with the Sun Belt few really interesting matches would occur. Likely NO matches which would draw big TV numbers.
  13. Very pleased to get a new 40K stadium for SDSU. It will help the university more than most believe. Also happy about the research buildings which will be built but I truly believe SD deserves a MLS team. Soccer is the one growth sport in the nation which looks like it will continue to grow.and a MLS team would be a great asset to the city and area. Looks like it will be delayed for several years now. Soccer fans deserve a team.