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  1. Supposedly it is a Big 10 team but I don't believe that it will happen. Read this on a bbs site about a month ago but no definite information.
  2. Very, very true re the wine production education. By far the best in North America. As to the AAC they already have the same situation with Navy and it has both helped their program and Navy's pocketbook. I am more worried who we could get to replace AFA in football. We might have to settle for one of the CUSA Texas schools. I hope not.
  3. So to summaries what has been written, We really do not know when we will see the contract or how much it will bring us. We hope for an increase but do not know how much. Does this summarize the situation or have I missed something. If so what would that be. Thanks much for your help.
  4. First Hair said early fall, now it is late 2019. This does not sound good to me. Do we know if Hair spoke with any TV or streaming company other than ESPN and CBS sports net? I still have hope he will sign an all inclusive contract with ESPN plus. How ever I have less hope than before.
  5. Cincinnati beat UCF tonight by a 27 to 24 score. UCF has two losses and is likely out of the access bowl.
  6. The Ken Burns documentary on country music was without question the best documentary I have ever seen on TV. Indeed it was the best program I have ever seen on TV. I should point out that with the exception of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson I DO NOT LIKE any country music. On the Burns documentary however they all appeared good.
  7. Sports Illustrated has laid off half their staff. by Joe Lucia Thursday has been a tumultuous day at the company, starting with initial layoff meetings earlier this morning postponed minutes before they were supposed to begin. Hours later, SI’s staff put out a statement of support for each other and against any potential layoffs at the company. Shortly after that statement was released, the layoffs began. We’re going to keep this post updated with updates on who was let go as they announce their departures. MLB writer Jon Tayler. It looks like the end for one of the nations top sports publications.
  8. NEVER try to win an argument on a sports board. State your case then get on with your life.
  9. National Geographic Why These Animals Were Accused of Being International Spies By Sarah Gibbens. PUBLISHED February 14, 2018 Deep within uranium mines, lizards were lurking around, attracting atomic waves and delivering intel on the Iranian government. Or at least that's the narrative Iranian military advisor Hassan Firuzabadi told media outlets earlier this week. Firuzabadi's comments came after being asked about a group of environmentalists under arrest since late January. According to the Times of Israel, a local Iranian news agency quoted Firuzabadi as saying that, in the environmentalists' possession, they found lizards and chameleons. Allegedly these were deployed to find where Iran was mining and developing uranium. The lizards' skin, Firuzabadi said, was capable of attracting atomic waves. The espionage effort, he added, had failed. This is what happens when the CIA and PETA decide to work together. 1066
  10. BYU just LOST to Toledo. Yes I said Toledo. The Toledo which usually finishes in the middle of the MAC. Who would actually want them? I know they still draw well but that is about it.
  11. What has happened to BYU these past few years. Tonight they lost to Toledo. Yes that is Toledo of the MAC. Give us your view BYU fans.
  12. I watched parts of several streamed eastern games on Facebook at a friends house today. The quality of Facebook is so bad that it can not be described. No clear definition at all. Cincinnati was beating the hell out of Marshall at Marshall but the only way you could tell was by listening to the announcers. I also watched several minutes of FAU and Charlotte and had the same problem except the picture was even worse. Hair: please do not sign with Facebook as many have speculated you will. It is god awful and we would be better off with nothing. Stay with ESPN or go to FOX.
  13. A BOR conference with the top 8 teams from each conference would work for both BB and FB However anything else would fail. A BOR would permit 7 FB games in division and one from the other division. It would allow 2 BB games against your division teams and 4 against the other division. The AAC would not take Boise and BYU will not join either conference however. There are several problems with this plan however. First ESPN would not give us 7 mill per year. The eastern teams would get 7 mil but we would not. That would kill the plan. Second travel for the CCG would b excessive. SDSU going all the way to Florida or Temple going to Nevada are unlikely prospects.
  14. Actually that might be the best possible option. I have heard nothing of this before but if it happens I would be happy except that it would require me to get FS1 again. The last time I had it for just over a year and promised never to have it again. However it might have improved, actually I am sure it improved as this was before Fox got B10 (I assume Fox Sports1 has some B10 on FS1.) Thanks Mug