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  1. Attendance at college bowls continues to decline. See story below from CBS: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/seven-college-football-playoff-bowls-post-record-low-attendance-total-in-2019-season/
  2. Overdue and well deserved.
  3. I was checking the BBS site and found a post by attack coug (who I believe posts here on occasion) concerning the cost of the schools producing their games on TV. I know that Stunner and several other posters have stated that the schools in the Pac and AAC will pay over 2 million $ per year to produce FB, BB and other oly sports. This may clear up that misconception. Pac-12 Network Cutting Costs This Spring This article is about the Pac12 Network cutting costs this spring. Im posting it because we constantly get the same question regarding productions costs--"If it costs the Pac-12 "X" dollars for each football game---then how is it possible that the AAC schools can do it for any less." Well, apparently it is possible and the Pac12 Network itself will be using different production methods with smaller crews in order to slash costs. The spring production schedule for the Pac-12 Networks was distributed to staff last week and it created a buzz among longtime production staff. Particularly, because it comes with a jarring change. There is only one traditionally produced, fully staffed, on-site broadcast event on the schedule -- the Oregon Ducks’ spring football game. It’s not that the Pac-12′s owned and operated media company won’t broadcast as many live sporting events. It just won’t utilize the usual number of experienced on-site broadcasters, producers, unit managers, technical directors, camera people, audio technicians and graphics editors. The Pac-12 is going on the cheap. Andrew Walker, the conference’s vice president of communications, said in a statement on Tuesday: “Pac-12 Networks will be producing the same amount of live events this Spring at the same high quality that we have in prior years. Pac-12 Networks has been a leader in pioneering efficient remote production over the past years, and every year we have become more efficient in our production while maintaining high quality for our fans and schools. This includes increasing each year the number of events in which we use best-in-class emerging technologies to ensure the most efficient, and high-quality, production possible." https://www.oregonlive.com/sports/2020/0...ssion=true Please notice the PAC network does much, much more than just produce content. Indeed what they appear to do is significantly more than what ESPN asks schools like BYU or other conferences to do.
  4. WOW, JUST WOW. WHAT AN A@@ HOLE. Or should I say bunch of A@@ Holes.
  5. 4 teams from the AAC and 1 team from the Belt. Only 2 from MWC. That needs to be changed but may not be until California steps up. I know there are those on this site who consider it to be bias on the part of the national media but that is mostly horse pucky. If Cali gets NO teams in the top 25 with over 10% of the population and almost 10% of the college enrollment then there are real and long term problems. I also agree with Rogue Stout that Air Force stepped up and deserves it's recognition. Without them we may have had only 1 team in the rankings.
  6. I believe they were league horseshoe champ in 2017.
  7. True we lost ESPN and missed the chance to get ESPN plus for basketball (two major errors) however Hair got us twice the money I thought he would or could have gotten and still nobody likes him. It must really suck to be poor Hair. I say give the guy some slack for at least 6 months anyway.
  8. I saw him strolling with a hot babe when I was in Granada 3 years ago. Prove me wrong.
  9. It would have been so much easier and better just to give the tier 3 rights to the schools to sell. True schools in larger metro areas like San Diego and perhaps Vegas might have done better but so what.
  10. THIS POST WAS MADE BY "QUE VADAS" on the realignment board. My cousin actually lives in Birmingham and said it was raining the day of the bowl and the day before it for a total of over 3 inches of rain. She actually had complimentary tickets to the bowl but chose to stay home. I don't have knowledge of the weather in Vegas on the day of the bowl. In either case these were the worst offenders but not the only bowls to overclaim attendence. __________________________________________________________________________ Inflated Bowl attendance figures (Las Vegas and Birmingham) Apparently, attendance inflation isn't just a school thing, bowls do it too: For example, the AP reported this week that the Las Vegas Bowl announced attendance of 34,197 but tickets scanned by the stadium were 16,568. The Birmingham (toilet) Bowl was even worse: Announced attendance of 27,193 while actual attendance was 9,679.
  11. Craig Thompson - "This is the last contract in which we will negotiate Boise State separately." Have seen the above quote on several sites but don't see explanation of exact meaning. Does this indicate all schools will receive same money and terms on future contracts? Does it simply indicate negotiations will all be held at the same time? What is the meaning of this Hair- ism?
  12. No offense taken. The new stadium will be a major add and benefit to our program as will the 3.5 mill per year in the new contract but that will not change the fact that over the past few years the entire league, with the possible exception of Boise has plateaued. I look forward to Hoke as coach and hope for improvement. Indeed I expect improvement. I also wish Rocky the best. I would be more than willing to put up with 10 wins per year if it got us an occasional access bowl, but it will not.
  13. SDSU football has plateaued because everyone in the league except Boise has plateaued. Only Boise gets the money to improve under our contract. Unfortunately you are completely correct when you say that "you need offense to do that. It is just how football is today". It does not diminish the greatness of Rocky however.
  14. The one thing I disagree with in this post is what is said about ESPN. ESPN plus is a major asset for the AAC and everyone on it. It is the best service out there. It is also the case that spitting on the giant is extremely stupid and will probably be a gross negative for UConn. I do expect UConn football to continue on a downward slide but that would have happened anyway. Other than that what was written may well be largely accurate.