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  1. When the AAC declined to offer Boise a FULL membership and told them they could come only as a FB only it should have been a humbling moment. However they continue as arrogant as ever and still believe that they deserve special treatment from the MWC. If they want to stay let them give up the $1.8 million bonus which they have not earned since their one time appearance in the access bowl several years ago. I have no problem with Boise staying in the MW but only as a regular member, not as a special and over paid one.
  2. Do not become overconfident. I expect you will only beat Uconn by 50 or 60 points. Of course that is only if Uconn actually plays football this year. Is Cal Poly a FBS or FCS team?
  3. USC and ASU to the Sun Belt, and Boise may come along as well. Count on it, this is 3000 percent accurate.
  4. Is this the NEW MWC board? Where are the interesting and some times absurd realignment posts, where are the UNLV vs UNR posts, the Boise vs everyone posts, the strange and often humorous PH posts, the Half and Half pomposity (I sincerely hope he is not ill or deceased) posts and the "Hair" is incompetent posts? Even the few well thought out and researched posts that we occasionally saw on this site are missing. Please tell me this is not the future of this board. Note: I am blaming no one in particular and hope the converse will pick up at least by FB season but the curre
  5. BYU TV deal is apparently less than the previously reported 6 to 7 million per year reported last year on our website. SLH Navy 91 on the BBS board reported that the amount is about $4.5 million per season. This is from the US Dept. of Education for 2020 Quote: The details of the Cougars’ current TV deal are not public. Estimates have been reported in the $1 million range for home games and additional payouts for neutral sites. When BYU played West Virginia last year, the schools received a reported $2.45 million for the game. That puts the Cougars’ TV deal in the $6 million t
  6. I have never placed my full trust in chickens.
  7. He must be a wonderful guy to pay Mug the $500, 000.00 he was asking for the site.
  8. REVOLUTIONARY ECO-FRIENDLY, INFINITELY RECYCLABLE PDK PLASTIC HAS BEEN DEVELOPED BY BEREKELY LABS Plastics are a part of nearly every product we use on a daily basis. And with a lot of use, comes a lot of waste, and plastic is very harmful to all the life forms on Earth. A team led by Corinne Scown, Brett Helms, Jay Keasling, and Kristin Persson at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) set out to change that. Less than two years ago, Helms announced the invention of a new plastic that could tackle the waste crisis head-on. Called poly(diketoenamine), or PDK, the
  9. Not unexpected but interesting article from Science Journal. Aimee Cunningham Life expectancy in the United States plunged in the first half of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. A preliminary estimate of overall U.S. life expectancy from birth finds it dropped a full year compared with 2019, from 78.8 to 77.8 years, the National Center for Health Statistics reports online February 18. It’s the largest decline in life expectancy for the United States since the early 1940s. When broken down by race and ethnicity, stark differences in the pandemic’s toll in the United
  10. Aresco and the AAC does not want UNLV or Boise State. SDSU would be alone in the eastern and southern part of the nation so they will not go. Let us get on to something real.
  11. My favorite comedy was BAYWATCH. OK it was not meant to be a comedy but that is what it was. Second would be Seinfeld and the third was a way back one, namely OZZIE AND HARRIET. Harriet was a looker. She did semi nude pics back in the 1930 to 1940 period and she was quite a singer and better than average dancer. I forgot Big Bang Theory. That show was great for several years.
  12. You had a hell of a lot to do with it Mug, Thanks very much for the trip.
  13. Ella made her fame on scat singing but Anita O'Day invented it (and a much more melodic version of it) almost a decade before Ella. Ella continued to claim it as hers until her death. Ella also lost much of her voice quality in the last 15 years of her career.
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