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  1. If the Big 12 does lose two schools there are at least three from the MWC and five from the AAC as well as BYU who could replace them or take the Big 12 back to 12 schools. However the only two schools which would be attractive to other P5 conferences are Texas and Oklahoma. The two schools least likely to want to leave. I fully agree with your opinion on the Pac 12, they need a new commish now. Of course so do we in the MWC.
  2. Good work putting this together, thanks
  3. Read two posts on bbs site stating the following: 1. CUSA will receive only $44,000 per school per year for the 10 football games that the NFL network will broadcast. It may be slightly less as the post said $500,000 to $600.000 for the conference in total. 2. It was also posted that there are rumors that the MWC and NFL network have a common interest in each other and may be included in our future contract. Since I found this on CUSA and AAC sites I tend to discount it however it may be true. It would be better than the streamers in attracting viewers. I know that several people have speculated that the MWC contract would be finished by early fall but I have never seen the NFL network mentioned before. Questions? Answers? Commentary?
  4. For those interested in BYU it appears they will sign with ESPN again and the agreement/contract may be completed by June 18th. Did I beat Stunner with this news, please tell me I did. BYU, ESPN closing in on a new deal https://www.sltrib.com/sports/byu-cougar...-new-deal/ ...The Salt Lake Tribune has learned that discussions have intensified the past few weeks, perhaps so BYU can make a news splash on June 18 when it holds its media day — earlier than any program in the country, as usual — to kick off the 2019 football season. This year’s theme will be “150 Years of College Football: BYU’s Impact on the Game,” and will play up the fact that ESPN’s first live regular-season broadcast was the BYU-at-Pittsburgh game on Sept. 1, 1984, the season that ended with BYU winning the national championship. Contacted late last week, ESPN confirmed that it is extremely interested in continuing the partnership. “ESPN has a great relationship with BYU and its athletics department,” said Kurt Dargis, ESPN senior director of programming and acquisitions. “We expect that affiliation to continue beyond this [football] season and are engaged in those discussions.” Responding to a Tribune request on how those negotiations are coming along, BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe said there are no foreseeable snags or complications that could derail the deal. “We are having a good dialogue with ESPN about a new regular-season contract and a bowl game agreement,” Holmoe said via email. “Those contract discussions are currently ongoing. We are going to be with ESPN. It is just a matter of working through some details of the new deal.” ********************************************************************************************************************************** My main question is how much will BYU get for their football contract. I would guess somewhere between 4 and 5 million dollars per year since it will cover only football. They will get some money from the ESPN basketball contract with the religious conference whose name I have forgotten already. That could bring them close to 6 million. ...
  5. Hawaii won 166 NCAA championships since the year Warbow was born. Does this help?
  6. The second list states that Utah won no championships between 1944 and 1981. It clearly states Longest Winning Drought. On the first list for zero team NCAA championships Utah DOES NOT APPEAR. I did not compile the list but it seems pretty accurate. How is it inaccurate?
  7. IHASTING OF THE COLLEGE SPORTS AND REALIGNMENT BOARD COMPILED A LIST OF WHICH SCHOOLS HAVE WON ZERO NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS SINCE THE BEGINNING IN 1869. This is for ALL NCAA sanctioned sports. There are at least 11 P5 teams which have never won a national championship in any NCAA sanctioned sport. Which P5 schools have won zero team NCAA national championships since 1869? Baseball and Track & Field are still active for 2019, the following schools need a win to break their 22 year streak of failing to win a NCAA national championship. FYI, some of these schools have longer active streak, but the data I have starts with the first BCS championship in 1998 fall season. Texas Tech, Mississippi & Mississippi State are ALL still alive in the super regional. ACC : Pittsburgh ACC : Virginia Tech* ACC : North Carolina State Big Ten : Rutgers Big 12 : Iowa State Big 12 : Kansas State Big 12 : Texas Tech Pac 12 : Washington State SEC : Missouri SEC : Mississippi SEC : Mississippi State * Virginia Tech wikipedia page indicates they won a bass fishing championship in 2007, but I did not include this sport since it is not sanctioned by the NCAA. ============================================================================================================= Updated 6/10/2019 to include every NCAA team national championship (1869-2019). I did not filter out championships that were removed by NCAA. For pre BCS/football NC used NCAA data @ : https://www.ncaa.com/history/football/fbs * 3 P5 teams have never won a NCAA team championship Mississippi State Kansas State Virginia Tech * most NCAA team NC wins in a single year Stanford 1992 (6) : W. VB, W. BB, M. Gym, W. SW, M. SW, M. Ten * I think everyone knows Stanford has the most NC with 124 (1 FB NC in 1926) * non-P5 with most team NC won Yale (29 + 18FB) * if you also exclude Ivy league the next is Denver (32) * longest active streak of winning at least 1 team NC in a year Penn State 2007 - 2019 * longest winning drought ############################################################################### This was the reason I started the tread. Since Texas Tech, Mississippi & Mississippi State have not won in many years and ALL were alive in baseball & TT in the lead at T&F . Texas Tech's 25 year drought was not the longest, Below are the longest span between winning any team ncaa NC. Texas Tech years=25 1993-2019 W. BB, M. T&F Georgetown years=26 1984-2011 M. BB, W. CC Louisville years=26 1986-2013 M. BB, M. BB TCU years=26 1983-2010 W. Golf, Rifle UC Santa Barbara years=26 1979-2006 M. WP, M. SOC Princeton years=27 1964-1992 FencinM, M. Lax Yale years=27 1985-2013 FencinW, M. IHoc Denver years=28 1971-2000 Skiing, Skiing LSU years=28 1958-1987 FBS FB, W. IT&F W. T&F SMU years=28 1954-1983 M. Golf, M. IT&F M. T&F Army years=29 1914-1944 FBS FB, FBS FB Penn State years=29 1912-1942 FBS FB, M. CC Alabama years=30 1930-1961 FBS FB, FBS FB Dartmouth years=30 1976-2007 Skiing, Skiing Illinois years=30 1958-1989 M. Gym FencinM, M. Gym Rensselaer years=30 1954-1985 M. IHoc, M. IHoc Yale years=30 1953-1984 M. SW, FencinW Florida State years=31 1952-1984 M. Gym, W. T&F Iowa State years=31 1933-1965 M. WR, M. WR Wisconsin years=31 1941-1973 M. BB, M. IHoc Chicago years=32 1905-1938 FBS FB, M. Gym Delaware years=32 1983-2016 W. Lax, W. FH Temple years=34 1949-1984 M. Gym, W. Lax Dartmouth years=36 1921-1958 M. Golf, Skiing Utah years=36 1944-1981 M. BB, Skiing Purdue years=37 1961-1999 M. Golf, W. BB Pittsburgh years=38 1937-1976 FBS FB, FBS FB Auburn years=39 1957-1997 FBS FB, M. SW Texas AM years=43 1939-1983 FBS FB, Softball Cornell years=44 1922-1967 FBS FB, M. IHoc Oregon State years=44 1961-2006 M. CC, Baseball TCU years=44 1938-1983 FBS FB, W. Golf Loyola (Ill.) years=50 1963-2014 M. BB, M. VB Boston College years=51 1949-2001 M. IHoc, M. IHoc Army years=55 1949-2005 FencinM, Rifle Georgia Tech years=61 1928-1990 FBS FB, FBS FB Northwestern years=63 1941-2005 FencinM, W. Lax Harvard years=69 1919-1989 FBS FB, M. IHoc Rutgers years=79 1869-1949 FBS FB, FencinM * longest active drought Rutgers has the longest active streak at 69 years since winning the Men's Fencing team championship in 1949
  8. Don't know if this was posted elsewhere but SDSU will do 2 home and 2 away with Missouri between 2027 and 2032. Missouri does not generally do buy outs. Very good get if it holds up.
  9. We don't have anything else that has any real attendance. Or for that matter TV viewership. I agree something radical must be done but not dropping football.
  10. I thought that BYU counted as two games. No?
  11. Let me see if I understand the meaning of this thread. 1. AAC already has the necessary equipment and staff to broadcast on ESPN plus 2. MWC already has the necessary equipment and staff to broadcast on ESPN plus if necessary for our yet to be negotiated / approved contract. 3. Stunner is a recognized troll of the highest order who is primarily interested in stirring up the situation and eating excellent ice cream. Did I miss anything? Thank You
  12. At least you spelled the word correctly. An achievement for a BSU grad. By the way I note that BSU actually improved their ranking. Congrats to BSU, obviously this happened after you departed.
  13. I believe that to some extent ALL schools of higher learning exist to serve the state or city which financially support them. However I find it difficult to believe any graduate or taxpayer can truly be happy with a rating as low as many of our schools received. If however you are satisfied fine. Tell me please have you checked any of the other rating sites? I have not, however I may do so to see how they compare. If our schools are rated as low by other commonly accepted sites then it will be very telling.
  14. Thank you insufferable one. My BA in history is from SDSU I also have a MA from Cincinnati. When I attended these schools they were both good middle level universities. Obviously that is not the case today. Perhaps the decline commenced when you read for your masters. Obviously you did not have the benefit of a competent invigilator in your exams.