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  1. They are not eligible for the access bowl I believe however there are other NY6 bowls.
  2. They are also saying any team with 5 or 6 points or less is not worth a damn.
  3. Will this be the year we (MW) do not get any team in the top 25? Will we also have no representative in the AP? Boise and SDSU will not be there, Who will. Has anyone actually seen Coastal Carolina? Are they really deserving of number 15? Marshall perhaps but CCU...I don't know. Of course this season is partly the fault of Hair but god what a mess. I fear this season may be a view of next year as well.
  4. I love your posts Stunner. They are concise, peculiar and in this case at least 2/3 true.
  5. I have read almost half that 14 page post. Here are the two main opinions in short: 1. We do not want Boise under any circumstance but we will take BYU. 2. We do want BYU but if they will not come we will take Air Force or Boise. But only if Boise plays by OUR rules and does not ask for special favors. To be fair a small number of posters actually want Boise, perhaps 10 to 15 percent.
  6. I think the problem is that every year Marshall gets worse in his verbal (and perhaps physical) abuse).
  7. My apology to Whoosh. Aztec Mesa has not had one mistake of any kind in the last 75 years. You must be referring to Boise half/and half.
  8. What are roomers. Did you want to use rumors or is roomers a southeastern word which we in the west have not used? Or did you mean several people all living in one room? That may also be a southeastern word.
  9. I wonder what or who in Boise actually thinks that the AAC wants them as a member. I expect they do want and would take BYU as a member, however BYU is not likely interested. There may be an announcement about a membership change in the AAC eventually as they are down one after UConn quit. But why would Boise think they would get an invite? Have you ever been to Boise? I was there twice and vowed never to return. It is the Fresno of the north west. Actually worse than Fresno. Some in San Diego would like to see SDSU go to the AAC for FB only. However common sense and geography (mo
  10. These are from USA today and show head coaches salaries. I don't know about the last 10 or so on the list. Most are private schools and may not report salary to the public. A few are public and I do not know why they are listed as they are. I found this on the bbs college sports site and the information is from USA Today as stated above. Frankly we are not doing well in comparison to other conferences for the most part. Post: #1 College Football coaching Salaries From USA Today
  11. I had FOX about 4 years ago for BB. I had that problem on FS2 but not on FS1. I was only watching BB as they had very few if any FB gamer on FS2 at the time.
  12. https://sportsblogit.com/cfb/houston-cougars-football-player-spits-on-byu-player-in-game-loss-with-video/ U of Houston player spits on BYU player in game. Video included. Not good especially in Covid time.
  13. The horses are far more intelligent than members of antifa.
  14. Liberty to the ACC. Actually this is sad for the ACC, but it does not bother me at all.
  15. Virginia Tech and Miami are not going anywhere. Mayhaps BC, Pitt or even Louisville would be demoted. However I doubt Louisville is going anyplace.
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