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  1. I fear it will look like Fresno.
  2. Second ph90702, halfmanhalfbronco and everybody from Fresno.
  3. Anyone who believes any school from this conference will depart to the PAC is wrong. (unless USC dumps the Pac then SDSU has a 1 in 100 chance of making the transition.) . Anyone who believes that Boise goes to the Pac is wrong. We are here to stay although I suppose Boise could go independent and become a lesser version of BYU.
  4. Saw a very good article on the near term economy. Recommend everyone read it. I believe a much needed correction is coming but would like to hear an econ based argument to the contrary from anyone. Please read article first. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/heres-what-could-really-sink-the-global-economy-dollar19-trillion-in-risky-corporate-debt/ar-BB11aZZA?ocid=spartandhp
  5. 30K is unlikely as Europe was already sliding into a recession before the virus became a factor. China was and is having a downturn and India has experienced only limited growth in the past year. I expect the UK to be somewhat better off but significant growth is unlikely especially if Trump drops the election. I do see 18 to 21 as a possibility for 2020 but what we really need is a solid correction. Just as the first 5 years gave us a significant correction so we should expect another correction in the 11 to 13 year cycle. Will it come? I don't know with certitude but the cycle is only rarely wrong.
  6. Mug, I sold out at a market level of $18,000 over 3 years ago as I expected a crash if Hillary was elected. I honestly did not believe I would ever be able to buy in again. It would need to drop to $17,500 or lower in order for me to buy back in at a profit. Now I believe I can wait until we hit $16,500 to buy in and do so at a nice profit. I am most definitely NOT going to gloat about it because I know this will be a gain based upon thousands of world wide deaths. But at the same time I would expect the market to be back to $22K by 2024. Thank god for capitalism but oh the pain and sorrow which this virus is causing and will cause our countrymen and those abroad.
  7. https://www.space.com/iran-coronavirus-graves-satellite-images.html Satellite images show Iran's mass graves for coronavirus victims New satellite images from Maxar show Iranian authorities digging large numbers of graves in the Qom area, which media reports say is due to the growing numbers of coronavirus victims in the country. The Washington Post, which noted that the graves were so extensive you can see them from space, said coronavirus caused several high-profile deaths in Iran's leadership. "Among the dead are members of parliament, a former diplomat and even a senior adviser to the Supreme Leader," the Post report said. "At least two dozen other officials, including a vice-president, have been affected." An imagery analyst at Maxar Technologies in Colorado showed The Washington Post one image that appears to have a large pile of lime. Lime is a substance often used to manage odor and decay in bodies. Iranian health officials have said they are using lime for coronavirus victims, the Post added. Iranian authorities have been moving swiftly, creating two lines of graves of 100 yards (90 meters) each; that's slightly less than the width of an American football field. The Post classified these graves as "trenches," although that terminology was disputed on social media. Iran has more than 11,000 known coronavirus cases with 514 reported deaths, according to numbers from Johns Hopkins University. Both the Post and Batmanghelidj said the death toll is likely underreported. Like everywhere else in the world, people with Iranian relatives who have died from the disease are grappling with the loss of their loved ones, as well as the restrictions required during burials. "My uncle in Iran passed away from coronavirus," wrote Ramtin Arablouei, host for National Public Radio's history podcast Throughline, on Twitter. "He was gentle and kind. He'd been battling cancer for several years. His family had to stand one hundred meters away and watch him be buried by men in hazmat gear. My aunt is now sick. Please take this virus seriously."
  8. How old is Patino now? He must be 70 at least. I know this is a joke but would they even think of the guy?
  9. COLLEGE FOOTBALL ATTENDANCE DIPS FOR SIXTH STRAIGHT YEAR / LOWEST SINCE 1996 sec, bIG 10, ACC, PAC 12, MWC, lose big. MWC "lowest in history" per CBS Sports https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-must-innovate-as-fbs-attendance-dips-for-sixth-straight-year-to-lowest-since-1996/ Avg. attendance in 2019 % change from 2018 Notes SEC 72,723 -1.7 Lowest since 2000 Big Ten 65,065 -0.5 Lowest since 1993 Big 12 57,467 +0.1 ACC 48,243 -1.2 Lowest since 1999 Pac-12 46,080 -0.8 Lowest since 1978* Independents 37,038 -2.4 AAC 29,496 +2.0 MWC 23,232 -2.6 Lowest in history^ C-USA 18,929 0.0 2nd lowest in history Sun Belt 18,342 +5.5 MAC 15,530 +0.5 Perhaps the attendance will increase next year after NO spring or early summer sports. Perhaps it will only get worse. What I don't like most in this article is that our attendance was the Lowest in History.
  10. Pig you get more and more interesting. Perhaps this is why Bow has PM ed a letter to me expressing his endless love for you. Or he may just be inebriated again but I prefer that it is the former. Or for your sake the latter.
  11. It has been a death sentence for dozens of people in the orient, in Europe and a few on cruises and vacations. Over 230 have died from it at least. It is getting worse and will continue to get worse for some time. Perhaps it is overblown but I will not take unnecessary risks because of your opinion. I remember in the 60's and 70's when aids came to the fore many magazines had articles written by physicians and medical researchers stating that aids was very overblown. In fact one of the big magazines (Time, US World Report, Look,) I don't remember which stated that it was impossible for a woman to be infected by a man with aids and that this had been proven by research on African aids patients by the precursor of the WHO. Obviously untrue then and now. Beware PH but if you really want the disease go to a dating site and advertise for an infected female to date.
  12. Try Pensacola, Florida. I spent some time down there and except for 3 months in the summer when it is way too humid it is the best place to live in north America (with the exception of San Diego but SD is a very large city and Pensacola is not.) https://www.visitpensacola.com/
  13. Go undefeated in football for 10 consecutive years. Win 90% of your basketball games for 10 consecutive years. Get a real football stadium. Fire your AD and President immediately. It seems relatively easy now that I have spelled it out.