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  1. FBS Academic Rankings -- USNWR (UG) | Shanghai (PG) | Research With USNWR releasing their 2021 rankings, here are the academic rankings of FBS schools: (Press ctrl+f to find school/conference) UG | PG | Research 6 | 2 | AAU ----- (PAC) Stanford 9 | 21 | AAU --- (B1G) Northwestern 12 | 19 | AAU -- (ACC) Duke 14 | 33 | AAU -- (SEC) Vanderbilt 16 | 42 | AAU -- (USA) Rice 19 | 95 | R1 ---- (IND) Notre Dame 20 | 11 | AAU --- (PAC) UCLA 22 | 4 | AAU ---- (PAC) California 24 | 17 | AAU -- (B1G) Michigan 24 | 32 | AAU -- (PAC) USC 24 Forbes ------- (AAC) Navy 26 | 57 |
  2. 2020 college conference rankings Conference-----WSJ avg------US News Avg--#of schools not in US News Ivy League----------7-------------------7 ACC---------------104-----------------58 Big 10-------------107----------------63 Pac 12-------------122----------------82 WCC---------------151----------------80-------------2 Big East-----------188----------------96-------------3 A10----------------228---------------117------------5 SEC----------------258---------------113 CAA----------------266---------------112------------2 Big 12-------------285----------------14
  3. National Library of Medicine N Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D. Anti Viral Resistance against COVID19 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32784601/ National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information Early Nutritional Interventions with Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D for Raising Anti-Viral Resistance Against Progressive COVID-19 Abstract Objectives: The novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) conveys a serious threat globally to health and economy because of a lack of vaccines and specific treatments. A common factor for conditions th
  4. Mug, Every day and in every way this site just continues to get better and better. Ignore the naysayers this is a great improvement. I can finally read everything on every page of the MWCboard. Of course it might have something to do with the new reading glasses I purchased this past weekend. ALL HAIL TO THE IMPROVEMENTS ON THIS SITE AND TO HELL AND BACK TO ALL THOSE WHO COMPLAIN.
  5. Today I read on the BBS realignment site that the U. of Nevada had a $10 million dollar deficit last year in sports (I assume from football.) Does anyone know if this is correct or misinformation?
  6. This is the season when the MWC does not play This may be the season when the AAC plays very badly.
  7. Birds generally do not fly when it is dark or not much light. However it may be a problem for bats If they did not use a form of bat radar. Perhaps I am overthinking this problem.
  8. I thought of "Black Turbines Matter" but I knew the left would be offended and the right would gloat.
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/25/barry-sternlicht-hundreds-of-thousands-looking-for-suburban-homes.html?recirc=taboolainternal REAL ESTATE Hundreds of thousands of people looking for suburban homes — Sternlicht on exodus from cities KEY POINTS “I would say it’s not as driven by the Covid situation as it is safety and law and order,” global investor Barry Sternlicht told CNBC. The Starwood Capital founder said tax policy is another critical force contributing to affluent people leaving, particularly New York City. “I’ve become a real estate broker for Miami. I keep sending
  10. I am told that most birds do not have access to the internet. Or were you going to send the email to someone else?
  11. It is an established fact that birds are seldom killed by coal.
  12. Same is true of Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands and most northern European nations. There is more growth in southern Europe but less wealth. As someone who retired a few years ago I suspect this will cause significant inflation but so long as I can get a decent amount of money to compensate for inflation I do not object. It is not something I would have said 5 years ago but with Covid19 we might as well do something drastic which would fit the current situation.
  13. https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/08/black-paint-on-wind-turbines-helps-prevent-bird-massacres/ Bird deaths down 70% from wind turbines as blades are painted black. Help save birds and go out and paint your nearest turbine.. 5
  14. Clearly they are not what they once were. BYU needs to swallow their pride and join either the MWC or the AAC. However I do not think they will ever admit they made a mistake.
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