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  1. Dennis Dodd @dennisdoddcbs @SunBelt will invite James Madison, Marshall, Southern Miss and Old Dominion as soon as next week CBS Sports has learned. Other outlets have reported next week. Differing timelines at this point. Not sure who reported first but
  2. They are both constantly trying to expand. So are political leaders.
  3. I have read on the AAC website that the ESPN contract limits the conference to a max of 14 teams. If so they (AAC) can not invite any additional teams until the TV contract expires in 8 or 9 years. They are stuck with the 14 they have for now.
  4. Late last year I read that the CUSA got $436,000 per school from all TV sources put together. That was less than I expected but I have not heard what the Sun Belt makes. Does anyone know? It does not make a hell of a lot of difference but I would just like to know. It was not on the SB web site.
  5. The only thing that I see Charlotte having is a good TV market. Rice only has academics. If this forces us not to encroach upon Texas then I suppose it is a good move for the AAC but Rice just adds dead weight.
  6. Clearly it is a wig. Don't pick on Bow, he is a sensitive guy.
  7. We should invite UConn and UMass to the MWC with two provisos. 1) All games home and away would be played at the home of current MWC teams. 2) UConn and UMass would get no TV monies. We get little enough as it is and they don't deserve any.
  8. https://www.scotsman.com/webimg/b25lY21zOjg4ZmQ3ZTljLWVkMjYtNDVkMy04ZjA2LTY3MjlhNTk4NjExZjplYTFlNTY2Yi1jYzE5LTRlNGYtYWJjYy03NGQ2ZWQ0MmJmMTE=.jpg?crop=982:524,smart&width=990 View of Northern Lights from Scots countryside.
  9. I believe only going to 14 is in the TV contract. At least that is what I read on the Big 12 fan site.
  10. Check out my post in the non-sports section. The Forbes top 150 is listed and includes several surprises.
  11. Forbes America’s Top Colleges List 2021 For the first time the MWC has two schools listed amongst the top 100 (actually the list includes the top 150, but let us just discuss the top 100.} The MWC now has San Diego State at #67 and the AFA t #66. It is a great day for the conference. Actually if rumors are correct AFA will be leaving the MWC soon so our conference will retain it's glory for only so long. SDSU on the other hand will stick around and perhaps one of our other schools will. (None of them seem in a position to prosper however.) Check the lis
  12. The PAC is secure in that it will not lose more than 4 or 5 schools in the next 10 years. And if the PAC does lose 4 or 5 it will have schools in the MWC which it could take easily. Is that what you mean by secure?
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