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  1. https://www.scotsman.com/news/people/outrage-as-forest-workers-clear-clouties-at-fairy-spirit-site-1-4961506 Outrage as forest workers clear clouties at fairy site
  2. From the Guardian, Tall people are likely to have cancer of various types more often than short people. Tall people are likely to die of cancer more often as well. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/oct/24/tall-people-at-greater-risk-of-cancer-because-they-have-more-cells
  3. Let us take all the money the Bay Area Liberals spend on Rolling Stones Concerts and use it to buy Greenland.
  4. I started this thread in the middle of the night because my cat started screaming and woke me up. I never dreamed anyone would even reply to it. Life on the internet is both wonderous and strange. Now I know why the Donald spends most of his nights tweeting.
  5. I eat Morningstar veggie bacon (guaranteed no decaying animal flesh included.) I deserve to be at least half trusted on this topic.
  6. Is the guy in the picture wearing lip stick? He looks like he is. Tell me it isn't so.
  7. This is a great idea. The best idea I have heard from Washington in decades. Most of the population of Greenland lives in the southern most part of the island. We could buy the top 2/3 of Greenland where almost no one lives and transfer all the residents of Detroit and Cleveland to northern Greenland. This would surely cause all the residents of Greenland to move back to Denmark and Norway from whence they and their ancestors came. We could then claim southern Greenland as a uninhabited area. After which we could transfer all the residents who came from Detroit and Cleveland to Fresno. It would be a lot like those cities except the weather would be much better. They would be happy (at least as happy as anyone who has lived in Fresno has ever been) and all would be good. Yet another problem solved by 1066
  8. Zogby and Gallup polls are generally the most accurate and the most scientific. The fact that they are only about 5 or 6 points different indicates reasonable accuracy. Margin of error is generally 3 to 5 percent on these relatively small number of subjects polled examples. Plus of course it is a long time to the election. Much can change in a month. the perfect example of this is the Hillory Clinton collapse in the last two weeks of the last presidential campaign. . Also it must be stated this is not an election poll. We do not know the Democratic candidate yet. He or she could be center left or extreme left. That would effect the vote of a great many voters. Perhaps it would effect the vote of all voters in one way or another. The only exception would be millennials who seem to vote in lockstep. (Hopefully this last sentence will generate some interest from at least one portion of the electorate.) .
  9. I rarely agree with you on anything however on this you are spot on. He was a great author and though the films are not equal to the books they are as close as humanly possible. Great books, great films, wonderful ideas.
  10. Peter Fonda was in 69 general release movies and 4 made for TV movies which were general released in foreign countries. The fact that many can not remember his roles is largely due to the fact that he was not a very good actor and to the fact that he normally played soft, that is not aggressive, characters. At least that is my opinion.
  11. As someone who has not consumed animal flesh or by products for 50 years I am in complete agreement with this pro big tax plan. The first of the far left tax proposals I have ever supported. https://www.businessinsider.com/red-meat-could-be-taxed-to-help-curb-climate-change-2019-8?utm_source=reddit.com Let us all write the idiots in the house, senate and white house to tell them of our support. If you do not support this simply go out and live in a barn with cows and pigs. Do not stand in the way of progress. So there I stand!!!!!!
  12. All four of them should be gone. However you are correct in that the first three coach at schools which don't care much if they win or lose.
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/opinion-ohio-state-with-the-dumbest-idea-in-college-athletics/ar-AAFNLcc?ocid=spartandhp OHIO STATE WITH THE DUMBEST IDEA IN COLLEGE ATHLETICS Just another view of previously discussed topic.
  14. As someone who has had ESPN + for 7 months let me assure you that would be the best thing to happen to the MWC in a long time.
  15. We all have schools which we wish never existed. For me OSU is that school. I remember many decades ago when I was at SDSU many students thought of USC as that school. When I later moved to Ohio then Kentucky thence back to Ohio OSU became that school for me. About 20 years ago OSU went to court and tried to have Ohio University change their name because OSU believed they should own the name Ohio. Ohio University was founded in 1804, OSU was not founded until 1870. OSU did not use the name Ohio State until 1878 (previously they were called Ohio A & M.) Still they were arrogant and wanted to be the only university in Ohio to have Ohio in the name. OSU won the original case but it was reversed by the state supreme court. This is only one of many demonstration of the stupidity and arrogance of OSU. Other lesser schools which I despise are Notre Dame, Kentucky, yes and still USC is on my list. I would include Boise but they are unworthy of my disdain and therefore I feel free to cut them some slack, besides some of their posters appear to be of above average intellect. Of course some are not.