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  1. A little better. Maybe grandpa can tell you about this thing called an apostrophe. Dummy.
  2. LOL... Dummy.... you can do better than that.
  3. Hell I've watched 5 qtrs of Rebels this year and I'm armchairing .
  4. I would think UNLV fans have more pressing concerns , but bitch all night about the refs.
  5. Your football team is a bad look for the MWC. You haven't won a game in two years.
  6. But he did exercise his freedom of choice. There are consequences to our choices.
  7. I retired to Spokane recently. Spokane metro population is more than Reno's and comparable to Boise metro population.
  8. I watched the game and that's a pretty fair assessment.
  9. Agreed. I utilize cheat days often. But bottom line is weight is a function of calories. I know plenty of bro's who are workout machines - yet look like like crap because of poor diet.
  10. One of the announcers was yammering about coach getting penalty can fire up a team.... since Jay's penalty ... FG Defense holds Touchdown Tie game. Go get'em Jay !!!!!
  11. I thought Norvell had taken over play calling ?
  12. Well for a shit show start I'll gladly take the 7-7 after one qtr. Still think the wildcat is lame.
  13. Somebody should have pointed out that out to the play callers. We pulled our potential 1st round QB off the field - that's lame.
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