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  1. My ex-wife graduated in 1990. I worked dealing craps till 2/3 am ,then threw the Review Journal out my car window till 6am for the 3 years it took her to graduate. She left me 4 months after graduating...
  2. Sac State game looks to be played in some heavy rain. Looks like Big Sky gonna go 3-0 so far today.
  3. Didn't rebels have a running back named Omar love who was around for like 6-7 years.
  4. Start a Go Fund me..... Tell'em how everybody is picking on your town and how bad you feel, bet you would rack up some loose change.
  5. He can have all the fight in the world.... Stage 4 Pancreatic wins every time. I was also a big fan and believe he left the world a little better place.
  6. It was fun while it lasted. I'll just move on to the Great Northwest and Freedom leagues (upstate New York) of the world.
  7. Unlv beat Arkansas in Las Vegas Bowl .
  8. Previous post in this thread.
  9. We're playing downright inspired compared to how this started.
  10. LOL.. First post also LOL. You're on fire.. find an open mic night after the game