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  1. SixPack

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    I’d invite Alabama to join the conference
  2. SixPack

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    Curious, why didn’t you use any of these photos? See below. Athletics branding is different than academic branding. I don’t understand why that’s auch a difficult concept to understand. Las Vegas is literally the only media outlet in the world that makes reference to “UNR Wolf Pack”, or even “Reno Wolf Pack”. Don’t ever change...I love it actually. Because it says far more about the insecurities of the Vegas media than anything else. It’s so petty. Your own sports information department at UNLV goes so far as to edit the official athletic logo for the university so that the word “Nevada” doesn’t appear.
  3. SixPack

    Cord cutting accelerates

    I'm glad this topic came up. My two year contract with DirectTV ends in December and I after a decade with them, I'm saying bye Felicia. Why? They charged me for NFL Sunday Ticket. I never ordered it, but they just randomly decided to add it to my bill at $60 a pop, for six months. Took multiple phone calls, several hours and three months for them to get it off my bill. Then they had the nerve to charge me late fees because I didn't pay my full amount of the bill, as I didn't pay for the item I never ordered in the first place! And this is the second time in four years they have done this! So a couple questions, if anyone can advise. I've been trying to figure out this cable cutting thing- 1) If I cut out DirectTV, I'm assuming I still need to pay for an internet connection in my house in order to stream these services, correct? 2) How do I continue to access MW sports as most of those games are shown on CBS Sports? I'm pretty sure though Hulu Live TV, I can still get access but just want to confirm from someone who has done it. 3) Sometimes due to work schedule, I'm not able to watch games live, but I like to record them and watch when I get home. How does DVR work with Hulu Live? Or something equivalent? I'm completely open for ideas and suggestions from someone who has done this before. I'm just afraid of cutting DirectTV and losing access to live sports, and losing the ability to record them. Thank you in advance!!!