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  1. SixPack

    The UNR Martin Twins ....

    Maybe they were short. But in case anyone has any doubt as to whether or not the kick was good...click below. Definitive proof. Boise State at Nevada- The Kick
  2. SixPack

    The UNR Martin Twins ....

    You're correct. I completely forgot about the 2015 play-in game and his. 0-1 career record in the tournament. And yes I know it's not really a play-in game. And yes, I had to look that one up. But that's kind of the point...I had to look it up to remember. I guess people don't really remember an opening round loss on the Tuesday before. My point however...I'm not getting the smack talk about making fun of a player for playing professional basketball overseas. I mean, how many of us would take that opportunity if we could? Why is it a bad thing?
  3. SixPack

    The UNR Martin Twins ....

    With all that money Hutch is making in the NBA, he'll be able to buy a really nice trophy case for all those MW championships he won. He can also build himself a really nice room to display all the photos of him playing in the NCAA tournament.
  4. SixPack

    Derrogatory Nicknames

    None, really. They're college kids. And they're playing a game, that ultimately in the grand scheme of things, means nothing. There's enough nastiness in this world without putting extra though months before into the season starts to figure out a list of what 'derogatory names' to call a bunch of college kids. But that's just me.
  5. SixPack

    2018 World Cup

    Here’s an interesting stat- The population of Iceland is 348,580. The country is so small that a dating app exists in Iceland to make sure people aren’t inadvertently dating a relative. No joke. The population of of the United States is 325,145,963. Meaning that roughly for every 1 person in Iceland to choose from for the World Cup team, there are about another thousand Americans to draw from. Yet...Iceland put together a team that qualified for the World Cup. The United States? Not so much. Let’s just put that into perspective.
  6. For the record, it wasn't the Reno fans saying this. It was Rothstein in his story who said it.
  7. SixPack

    UNLV is NOT a Mid-Major

    It sucks so bad. Perhaps you can help, should we use our NCAA Sweet 16 t-shirts to cry into? Or the shirts that say back to back MW champions? Can't decide... You're obsessed with the Wolf Pack. Congrats on the high major label though. Let us know what game they will be hanging the banner for that at Thomas and Mack, so we can all tune in for that game.
  8. SixPack

    Nevada Basketball Best ever

    PH you're obsessed with Muss leaving. Why not rather root for raising the elevation of your team rather than lowering the profile of another to achieve even ground? Yes, there will come a day when Mussleman is no longer the head coach at Nevada. And I'm certain you will celebrate that day, because it's easier to root for an opponent's downfall than it is to elevate your own team. Meanwhile, Wolf Pack fans are not taking any of this for granted and will enjoy the ride as long as it all lasts, and when that day comes, whether a year from now or 15 years from now, the open job will certainly attract other talent as well. However, Muss and his family are quite happy in Reno. They have all the money they need to last a lifetime already. I'm not saying he will never leave. Obviously that day will come sometime. But you seem convinced he's going to punch the first bus ticket he receives out of town. That didn't happen when Cal offered him. If the UCLA job opens up, of course he might take it. Or he might not. It's obvious what you're rooting for (again, easier to root for the downfall of someone else rather than elevate yourself), but until then, Wolf Pack fans are going to enjoy the ride and we'd love to bring the rest of the conference along as well.
  9. SixPack

    Well, Reb fans, this should be fun

    Cincy probably didn’t realize there is another school in Nevada that plays basketball and thought they were scheduling the Wolf Pack as a shot at redemption Seriously though, nice addition on the schedule. Should help the profile of the conference.
  10. SixPack

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    1) Nevada 2) Nevada's bench 3) UNM 4) SDSU 5) Fresno St
  11. SixPack

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    Fixed it for you
  12. SixPack

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    To this day, I can't see Pistol Pete and not think of this. Happened during the WAC tournament, I want to say 2009 or 2010 at Lawlor. The lead-in to this was the Utah St mascot ripped Pistol's mustache off right beforehand. Mascot fight