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  1. Honestly I think CSU is about where everyone expected them to be. They have made some of the worst hires in recent memory and their debt is suffocating the athletic program. They are a perfect example of what is wrong with college sports and our society in general. Shame
  2. As much as I would like to agree with you all I can’t. In my opinion the quickest way to get an 8 team playoff with reasonable inclusion is for UCF to go undefeated again and get left out again. It will take law suits and threats. Plain and simple.
  3. He is in his third year. Most coaches get 4 years. If he can’t be held responsible for his job in 4 years you hired the wrong guy in my opinion. To many good coaches can turn a program in 4 years. You deserve better.
  4. Not a very good take on your head coach there. Be positive.
  5. He may need to work on some stuff. But he will be on their radar.
  6. Without a big bowl game win? Mmmm. Boise has had some real good qb’s that were gamers. Not just Kellen won big bowls and had great seasons.
  7. Rice was a winner. His record speaks for itself. He bled rebel red. You will miss him
  8. Heck ya They will take it. Big win for Menzies. Glad to see Vegas handle the toreros.
  9. Place looks like a sj State game though. Not good. Not good.
  10. Big win for Menzies. Good job.
  11. This isn’t a list of MW players picked in the top 10. Come on warbow, I bet you could guess how many guys are on that list.
  12. Lotta truth here. The better QB was obviously shown the door.
  13. I would be waiting for the second coming of Pete instead. But then again most Boise fans are slow and small handed.
  14. Not sure why so many Boise fans are ho-hum in regards to him. Half thought cozart was better last year. No big wins I guess. And plenty of turnovers at the wrong time. Congrats anyways.
  15. Nice. Good luck this season
  16. Thank you. Does Cincy too Utah State or even Boise State? Hmmm. Things are not looking to bad for the MW. Thanks again.
  17. If Cincy beats UCF then it looks like a three way tie in that division with Temple UCF and Cincy. How do they decide who plays in the Championship game? Gonna come down to the end for a NY6 bid.
  18. I tried to warn you earlier about how hard it would be for the vandals in the big sky. I think you see what I was talking about now. Don’t worry. After this staff is gone you will compete for the big sky title. Get this staff gone first. Horrible idea trying to hold them over. Need to start recruiting big sky kids.
  19. Boise could have a let down. Wyoming is playing better and better. Utah State is playing the worst team in the country. Suds might win.
  20. Bowl season is hard to watch with 6-6 teams allowed. 6 win teams should not be bowling, even young teams.
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