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  1. Nice to see you guys owning it. @Headbutt needs some help with this
  2. Betting man here so I would guess cross country type. No possible way state records or all state type athlete in baseball football or basketball. you kidding me.
  3. It is just another example of how bad it is at Csu. Putting your head in the sand won’t fix it. Some guys are just clueless.
  4. Shameful that CSu and its fans always behave this way. Kid has more class than most. Drugged up student section for csu is embarrassing
  5. Just seeing this. Watched Boise get spanked by the Aztecs this weekend. Not sure if you are serious or not. But Max is a decent role player in this conference. If you are asking him to win a game you are in trouble. He logs enough minutes that it could happen from time to time. But not every night. But basketball IQ has never been your strength. I guess I feel the same about your football knowledge as well. But you are a smallish man that likely never played high school sports.
  6. Unlv has a shot but those kids need to get really hot. The talent level is down still at Unlv but I think you have your coach, assuming he can really upgrade the talent. Not sure any of these kids see the floor if they were on some of those Rice teams. Now there was some talent. It is hard for teams 3 games under .500 to win the tournament. But it happens. Unlv would be like those 12 and 13 win teams that make it every year. 16 seed and 25 point underdogs. But you would be dancing.
  7. Yes it is true. On national and world news now. Once again the flag burning anti American ways of that messed up university bring shame to this conference. I don’t know what it will take to remove that piece of crap school, but it should be done. seriously another bad look. Nothing but druggies and frat boys there. Get rid of them.
  8. If you are going to have Boise and byu 50 spots higher than they should be then No. but if you fix that ok.
  9. Can a soccer guy explain the second goal in the Brazil game. How was that a penalty? Wow
  10. Looked like they quit against Fresno. Wouldn’t surprise me at all either way. Boise vs N Texas could be a whole lot closer than you would think.
  11. Worst MW I can remember. Zero chance we run the table.
  12. Another second half of being out coached. Like Harsin or not he made good adjustments. This staff struggles.
  13. Zimmerman is trying to score against his own team now. He is really bad.
  14. This is about building towards the playoffs and building a conference that when the winner is crowned they get a bid to the playoffs. Wyoming will spend its money on football. We will help and pull our own weight. You are leaching right now, with No plan on building. You hired a president. Great. Spend some money and push this conference forward.
  15. Trying to make your big sky budget work in the MW is not going to help the MW make noise in the playoffs. If you can’t understand that then I guess I can not help you.
  16. You have not invested any money into your programs. Reno took this on with the hopes that TV money would fund this jump. Well it hasn’t, and now we are left with a team who has no upward potential moving forward. Under .500 play in conference since joining the MW coupled with the inability to fund your athletics at this level creates a recipe that is not beneficial to us moving forward. All programs go through ups and down with coaching, but when you can not fund your athletic programs sufficiently you are dead weight.
  17. I think we know what Reno is by now. Great a new president. There is no money for a decent football program. Get upset if you want but Hawaii and Reno don’t fiscally belong. And it shows on the field year in and year out. The glory days of Reno football are all WAC and Big Sky based. There is a reason for that. Good luck in basketball this year.
  18. Look at the last 5 years. Pretty easy to see the trajectory of things.
  19. I know there are a lot of options. I think financially Reno and Hawaii are looking for a way to drop down. They are in the worst shape financially in the league. And they cant really compete here. CSU is embarrassing to the entire conference. Not only are they poor on the field, they are worse as people and a community. Easy choices in my opinion. We would be so much better off
  20. That’s my point. It takes an undefeated or possibly 1 loss champ to go. AAC sends a 3 and 2 loss champ. Tulane??? Are you serious. MW doesn’t really have a top tier football team. But what really kills the conference is our bottom. Reno CSU Hawaii. They kill us. They are a big problem. we need to make some changes as a conference to move forward. Cutting the fat would enable a real shot to reach the playoffs. Otherwise it may take a long time for us to get in.
  21. This really hurts the MW. The bottom feeders in this conference drag down the rankings ratings and any chance for our champ to be included. Reno Hawaii Unlv CSU NM If we can get 2 or three of these type programs to move we would be sitting in the driver seat. They drag us down year after year. I think a 2 loss Tulane team or a 3 loss UCF teams goes this year. Man times have changed.
  22. Haven’t checked yet. Where does our winner go for a bowl game? Where is loser going. Figuring no shot at the big bowl again this year but still curious.
  23. What is that? Are you any good?
  24. He is slow footed and mentally a step slow. Terrible foul against whales. Late and to slow to react. England was real bad. He could not pass and he was slow to react. Pretty easy for even me to see he is scared and out of place. yes he is 6’2 and the final 10 minutes he headed out 4 attempts. that seems like a good spot play for a taller slow footed player. I liked how he was used there. But starting makes me nervous. He will mess sh1t the bed again.
  25. Do the soccer guys in the world see how bad #3 Zimmerman is. Can not see a scenario where he starts. Hope I’m right Des McKinney and adams seem to be legit from what I can tell. Wish we could replace Robinson. Seems fast and athletic but he has no handle. Is the Reyna kid good enough to play?
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