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  1. I like the under in the sd state game. Will likely play lb under their total. A lotta points for New Mexico. Will watch 1st half.
  2. Senior Qb. Should be a great year. 9-11 wins. Big time bowl. Back to back taters bowls. Funny
  3. Another 3 win season. The stadium killed the program as suspected. Called it years ago. You can’t leverage everything. They will continue to struggle. That is what a bunch of flag burners get. Fitting.
  4. Hire someone you know is good. What a risk they are taking with this program. Makes no sense. But, nobody here minds. Everyone around the league is pulling for alalos to stay with staff in tact. Believe me.
  5. When you hear announcers talking about second half struggles with this staff you know how bad they are over matched. Senior Qb next year. Guess 8 win season and 2nd or third in the Mtn would be great. this cracks me up.
  6. You are foolish. Sound like a Vegas fan now. I love it. Explain away how 7 win coach is the future. any other Boise coach in the last 20 years wins 9 with that team.
  7. You rather have 7 wins or so and play in the tater bowl. Or harsin and battle for the NY6 game year in and year out.
  8. Coaches absolutely had the upper hand after halftime. This will not change with recruiting “his guys” There are good coordinators and bad coordinators. It is actually pretty simple. I think you are spot on. The conference is now wide open. Will be fun
  9. Not going to argue that Boise had the talent to win 9+ games. You are correct. they were out coached consistently at half time? Yes. But the staff doesn’t have much experience. I do think this down turn will hurt the big 12 invite chances so the young guns better get more than 7 wins next year. I think everyone knew what was going to happen in the second half of today’s game. I bet it. And so did anyone else who follows the mountain west. Head in the sand and calling for more time won’t magically make adjustments occur. They need some savvy coaches hired. I wouldn’t wait.
  10. Ok he has improved this year. Your program is trending in the right direction. Potato bowl this year then what.
  11. Bronco staff outscored again in second half. This has to change.
  12. Game management scenarios. He has regressed this year.
  13. Hank still hasn’t learned. Good game Boise. Potato bowlin
  14. Nuga and Hamilton shooting really good in first half. See if they can not start tossing bricks. Blow out if unlv shoots 55% in second half.
  15. CSU thought they would sell their soul for LE. Didn’t work but they were desperate…. Texas can hire quality coaches with good character. Sark is neither. What a joke.
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