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  1. slappy

    Better Hire

    I would have to see both of their high school accomplishments. I know Sanchez had some good teams and kids got a lot out of his health class. But, Brennan was no slouch himself.
  2. slappy

    Fire Sanchez

    Funny that is frowned upon on the football field there. Ok.
  3. slappy

    Fire Sanchez

    When he was a high school coach he could blame the parents. But as a college coach you can only blame yourself after your guys are in place. Looks like rats fleeing a sinking ship.
  4. slappy

    Fire Sanchez

    Let’s see who is looked at when the time comes. Never wrote hired. CSU got a lot of positive pub for looking at a female head coach. The fan base even really got behind it too. Who knows.
  5. slappy

    Fire Sanchez

    Don’t get upset but I have a good feeling you guys are going to follow the lead of CSU and look at some female head coaching possibilities. This is the rumblings that would again catch the nations attention. You would be in the news again. Win win. Not sure how I feel about it, but it is interesting.
  6. slappy

    Competing boards?

    Would not say I am surprised. I ribbed his mods a little a few months ago and he turned into a little girl about it. You have to have thick skin to live here. I think he might be to sensitive for this type a thing.
  7. slappy

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    We can agree to disagree. I am bullish on the A10 right now. We can check back in March
  8. slappy

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    2 minimum sometimes 3. They are not a 1 bid league.
  9. slappy

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Because you don’t follow college basketball. Or maybe don’t know much about the game.
  10. Agree with most of this. Gonna take a lot of good things to reach the final four regardless of whether you are Duke NC etc. folks should relax a little and let a potentially good season play out.
  11. They are not making the final four.
  12. slappy

    Fire Sanchez

    Learn from CSU. LE set back CSU athletics big time. When you are desperate it never works out. CSU is a perfect example.
  13. I thought everyone was joking about this. You seriously removed the monkey so that the OT Forum could get along better. What the hell goes on over there. This is soft.
  14. slappy

    Fire Sanchez

    Many of those guys will not take the job. Even if you are down on your luck you should think twice. Do you really want your last shot at being a head coach to take place at Unlv? Career suicide in many folks opinion. Better to wait or go be an assistant for a while.
  15. slappy

    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    I don’t think it is about the $. There is a different status for coaches. You could win the big sky 5 years in a row and maybe get a shot at our level. And that would be with a rebuild at best. I doubt the Idaho staff was excited to be where they are now. It is a serious professional step backwards for all of them. It is the best for the University ( long term ) but for the coaches... maybe not.