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  1. .500 next year and top half of the conference. That's the plan. Zero chance unlv is ncaa bound or NiT. There are those tournaments that you pay to play. That is a real possibility if unlv can get above .500 You can't fire TJ after 4 years of .500 ball. The AD and Prez new he didn't really have much experience. He needs a few years to learn how to coach at this level first. I'd judge him after year 6-7. Hope he gets that long.
  2. Gotta help the young kids. They get so angry and emotional. Parenting just wasn't the same for them. I do my part where I can.
  3. Don't ever let hate enter ur heart young one. The less involvement you have with the state of Utah the cleaner the soul. Clean living. See you chumps in the tourney
  4. I dont blame you. Typically I don't get too involved in unlv sports, but if the running rebels below .500 basket ball play causes the best unlv poster to quit then TJ has to go. I don't recall you getting this upset with Dave Rice at the helm. Most rebel fans now admit Rice > MM. Are you now thinking Rice > TJ?
  5. You go on a bender? Visit Pahrump? Which one was it.
  6. Ph just make your account a public account so everyone can post on it from time to time.
  7. Bullshit you must have sold the Toyota and the matching head band that goes with it. Dont really know what Nissan guys do.
  8. Halfman is just acting tough. He drives a little Toyota and nibbles on granola bars while back packs the challenging trails to table rock. Go easy on him
  9. Honestly Alston scores on that kid at will. Hope you are joking. He should be a limited minute shooter on a quality team. If Unlv was a above .500 team that guy wouldn't be getting many minutes. He is slow and can't create space. His game ending shot pretty much summed up his athletic ability.
  10. He shouldnt be on the floor so much. That is easy to see
  11. I think unlv can still be a .500 team this year. I wouldnt give up on that. If unlv finishes above .500 that is considered a good year. This programs goals are based on .500 play right now.
  12. It is what it is. We have one. You don't. If you haven't won in the last 4 years it is all ancient history anyways. 20 years ago might as well be 40 years ago.
  13. If it wasn't for Wyoming and Unlv winning national titles this conference would look horrible on paper. Wyoming or unlv will win another national championship before Boise wins a tournament game.
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