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  1. Not with me. Just don’t want to hash this out in full detail on a sports board. Don’t take any offense to me not engaging too deeply in politics religion or government here. I can appreciate two sides to every story. And differing opinions work great with me.
  2. Ofcourse it did. There are plenty of articles on the damage done to infants and on the increased numbers now seen in Colorado. We all have our opinions on drugs and kids. No need to ruin this board with the discussion.
  3. So that means legalize crack, meth weed coke. Because kids are born with alcohol. Not buying it.
  4. Yeah it’s helping out the kids born with weed in the system in Colorado. Dumb hippi
  5. Couldn’t stand him. Glad I don’t have to hear about him anymore.
  6. If we can get a win it will be against a team like Unlv. Here we go
  7. Looks to me like th MW is trying to move away from their agreement. Not surprised at all. Just like I wasn’t surprised the MW didn’t push Boise for NY6. Things are going to change.
  8. I am positive that after the next round of conference changes if there is a new conference we will be voting on whether to include you again. Not the other way around. You should be thankful we let you in the MW to begin with. Show some gratitude and a little respect. This is why we made you pay travel subs to begin with.
  9. This is correct. Nobody really wanted them. It was one of those deals where you say take it or leave it. Here is what you have to do. Hawaii can leave at any time and drift away. No one is forcing them to stay. I for one think they would fit in the big sky. From a $ perspective it would make sense.
  10. You have recruited very well. Rice was really good. I am trying to tell ph that substance over sizzle would do the program good for a while. If you believe in TJ, then get his guys in and see where it goes. A quality coach deserves 4 years. Give him a chance.
  11. I don’t think Unlv can recruit well enough just to gather stars and names. You don’t have that type of program anymore. I agree with these guys that Unlv should relax on the stars next to a name and find the right guys. I think first step is to compete in the MW and not hover around .500. Then you need to actually win the MW a few times. Then I think you can start bringing in some big recruits.
  12. I bet it is nice to see real college coaches on campus. You guys deserve it with your upgrade in facilities. Good luck
  13. I think most of us on this board that know basketball saw that Utah St was way over rated. That is not surprising. This is a 1 bid league that needs help for two. That is why it is crazy. Good season to watch.
  14. I don’t see him recruiting like Rice could. That is tough to do. But they are the playing hard right now. They started quitting on MM usually in January. So I give Tj a thumbs up. Unlv will get to .500 this season. They are moving in right direction.