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  1. I guess maybe usc is the best team in the pac. Is it possible for the Pac12 to be already eliminated from next years playoff too?
  2. Come on, nobody believes something like that would happen
  3. But who will make more $. And who will have more wins. U are barking up the wrong tree.
  4. Everyone will have a different opinion and that is fine. Just hate to see an injury, intentional or not. Next man up for you guys.
  5. Dang. Too bad. But it did not look dirty. I would agree with you. He was tripped by his own team mate.
  6. I didn’t see it. Just hear lots of talk about dirty play. Was it really not dirty at all?
  7. Hate to see any one hurt. But you were not going to win any games with him. Your playing for a lottery pick know.
  8. Look, I can’t apologize for 4-0. What an opportunity. At 3-0 some very respectable ranking services have us in the top 20 of the country. This takes into account strength of schedule road wins etc. We are flat out getting it done. I would not switch you places.
  9. Yep. 4-0 here we come. Hide and watch.
  10. Yeah too much panic. We roll them.
  11. Topic is misleading isn’t and not are you wondering why there is so much excitement up here in wyoming with our 3-0 start?
  12. Cry me a river Bob. Always take 3-0 over 2-1. You don’t think we win the Mountain this year? Come on get on the train.
  13. A single instance, yes. When you start looking at the year in year out leadership you scratch your head. CSU is the poorest ran university in the conference hands down. They are a disgrace to the rest of us. I can deal with SJ State sucking in sports. But CSU performs like SJ State and soils the reputation of us all at the same time. Time for them to go.
  14. Just more national pub from them. Seriously time to quit being associated with them. Not sure what’s next there. Maybe removing the flag from campus? Not sure what they bring to the table except shame.
  15. I’ll bring the grapes and pb and j’s