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  1. Played a North Dakota tech school. Likely not good
  2. Can’t wait to see these fans at the Vegas games. It’ll be nuts.
  3. And soft you boys are. Let’s see if the rams can get a total of 6 wins in the next 3 years. The roster and coaches are that bad. CSU fan base reminds me of unlv. Good luck this year bud.
  4. Don’t be soft. Rams fans are always such babies. No wonder your program is in the state it is. Grow a pair and go get 1 to 2 wins this year.
  5. Geez. You really wanted to be heard. Just restart your device next time.
  6. We have two of the worst football programs out west. CSU with their over leveraged football stadium and Unlv with its money draining program will be lucky to win 2 games. Both teams will be under dogs in every game so I guess both could go 0-fer. Big 12 and PAC 12 talk by both of their fan bases is amusing. Both programs are still suffering from years of poor financial and coaching decisions. It will be years before either team reaches .500. Shameful.
  7. Football is bringing down your basketball. No reason why unlv can’t be like Gonzaga in hoops. Not sure why you can not see it. Cut football put all energy into hoops.
  8. Tough to keep fans in the stadium with a win every few seasons. How long can unlv keep a program like this with the current financial pressures of college sports. Big sky made sense for Idaho. When does it make sense for unlv
  9. Unlv wins 1 game this year. If they can keep in some games for a half they will be moving in the right direction. They find a way to reliably hire the worse coaches in the country. It is amazing. They are always so poorly coached. You couldn’t make this stuff up. They will be lucky to win 17 games between football and hoops.
  10. New coaches. Not a lot of experience. Will take some time. Think this is the first defensive head coach in a long time. It isn’t going to end well.
  11. Disagree. Gonzaga gets it done with out football. Unlv should focus on bball
  12. I have been saying this for years. It kills the hoops program. 1 win in football is not worth making unlv basketball a .500 squad. What a waste.
  13. Out coached in second half. This can happen with a young staff. Halftime adjustments don’t just grow on trees. Takes time and a few lumps. Tonight is one
  14. Unlv is typically a 2 win per season team. I always play the under. But I never thought Easter Washington was a win for unlv. unlv will win a game this year, but there will be some key injuries from their opponent that will make it possible. I hope unlv can keep this game respectable. Good luck rebels.
  15. This is gonna be about football. Boise and Byu will get an invite.
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