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  1. I see it often. Many different reasons. Cant just pin it on spartan sports. Sad thing is that half the new comers start bitching once here about stupid stuff like street lights, side walks etc. Part of the reason most despise the california on slaught. Best to claim you are moving from Nevada.
  2. Fires, no water, covid and the politics in california make me wonder how long people with a choice will stay there.
  3. Not wanting to watch all the drama. Pretty tired of the 24/7 feed. Went from 3 tvs and the ticket for years to not watching week 1. Hope everything works out for thise guys, just would rather spend my free time doing other stuff now.
  4. Kind of weird. But kind of refreshjng too. Anyone else go cold turkey?
  5. And the student athletes have no real need to redshirt. They wont wait around for an extra senior year. They will be serving the country. Let the seniors play a game or two.
  6. Depends. I dont get the flu vaccine. I wouldnt hff ave my healthy children take a rushed vaccine. Would you?
  7. No. Still just stirring mud. Now figure out how to pay off your stadium loans with out going further into debt and you might have something.
  8. Too bad. Cant wait until colleges are requiring athletes to get a poorly tested manufactured in china vaccine to participate. This doesnt end well. Just play. Keep moving forward.
  9. When were they allowed in the temple. 80's ?? Kind of rough comment on your part.
  10. It is the business of entertainment. What did old chuck say about role models.
  11. Havent seen this years ratings. But i would guess it is down. Even with nothing to do. Tv $ is what matters.
  12. Calling the unlv clown to tell us tark was better. This guy could build and coach. Did it the right way.
  13. I hope the season is cancelled. One thing Covid has shown is that sports are not really needed. Those guys are paid way to much. This is a good thing
  14. I already quit watching the nba. What did the league think was going to happen? I hope all those guys still get paid every dime. That league is in flames.
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