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  1. No unlv is pretty much spot on a .500 basketball program. They will miss a ton of scoring that will keep them just under .500 in MW play this year. But they are learning how to better compete in a pretty tough MW. Two years from now I would expect another 10-8 season. But next year 8-10 again for Johnny Reb.
  2. Wow. 2nd best quarterback from the MW making good money.
  3. When you can’t play at a certain level you can’t rock the boat. Kap on the field isn’t worth Kap off the field headaches. Really that simple.
  4. 20 not enough to feed the beast with talent. Average career not very long in nfl. Need more teams.
  5. Bottom line is he has missed his window to be a difference maker on the field. Nobody wants an aged QB when teams are transitioning to playing rookies. And a difficult lesson in life is to learn that entertainment companies ( the NFL ) can choose who they allow to entertain. Just like he can choose how he handles his own platform. Agree or disagree with both is fine. But it is the real world and we all will never agree. You gotta let the anger go.
  6. Yea but they got beat by 40 a couple of times this year. They can just flat out quit playing sometimes. They played pretty good all in all.
  7. After watching the MW play this week count yourself lucky that you can’t make a tournament. Less pain.
  8. 1900’s are the 1900’s or at least that is what my kids say. MW sucks, but to suck in the MW might even be worse at this point. None of it is good. Our good programs suck in comparison. And our middle of the pack/bottom programs are so far away from doing anything. Maybe unlv fans are blessed by never making post season tournaments.
  9. No they did not. And yes the committee will remember next year. No way we get 4. Can’t win a game.
  10. At least we have unlv who won a natty 40 years ago. next time some one tells me we deserve 3 teams I’m gonna punch them in their throat. 1 maybe 2
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