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  1. slappy

    Which school brings more the MWC, Wyoming or USU?

    It is not unusual to find Wyoming fans pointing out logical scenarios that will occur in the future. We do it daily. Typically when reading this board Wyoming posters move with a steady hand. It all makes sense if you think about it. Being right about USU and Byu does not make myself or wyovanian fortune tellers. It just means we have a little common sense and we use it. Thank you for the compliment, I am glad to see your mood has improved. Keep doing what your doing. It is working.
  2. slappy

    Rick Pitino Lakers

    Sounds gimmicky. Lakers won’t hire Pitino. Lebron would have a field day with him. I do think Unlv could take a swing at him though. I would like to see it. I don’t believe it would take Pitino 4 years to be .500 in MW play. Even with MM recruits. Pitino would have you competing top 3 in year 1. That is with a whole new team. He would clear House.
  3. slappy

    Rick Pitino Lakers

    Why would an nba team want him? I believe he lost more than he won there. Pitino will stay retired or catch on with a retread university. Nobody wants the mess.
  4. slappy

    Fresno State at UNLV

    I just don’t see the talent on the floor and I think Unlv fans are expecting a lot considering what he has to coach. I thought at the beginning of the year he could finish 6 - 9 in the MW. That is where I predicted Unlv would be and it most likely will happen that way. I believe MM has won around 30% of his MW games in this league. If he can find a way to be .500 in year 3 I would be impressed.
  5. slappy

    Fresno State at UNLV

    I don’t know. If MM can find a way to be .500 in MW play then I feel like he has done a heck of a job with the talent he has. It would be his first time finishing above .500 and he could use that to spring board Unlv basketball to a 4th - 6th finish in the MW next season.
  6. slappy

    Fresno State at UNLV

    I don’t think there is much talent on a team that finishes below or at .500 in the MW. The next guy will have to clean house and get some kids that can play.
  7. slappy

    Kyree Walker

    Don’t think he will play for Menzies. Would you?
  8. slappy

    CSU -@- wyo: Men's Hoops

    I think they got the message loud and clear.
  9. Yes. They are struggling financially and can not send the oly sports. Distance and $. We are not really a good fit for them.
  10. I think it was half thought of and executed in a pinch. I have no doubt if we were to add them today it would likely be a NO. If YES it would be all or nothing. Just unfortunate decision we live with now.
  11. Ofcourse. Never liked the partial member stuff. I think it sends a Big East/AAC desperate message. I would like to just keep building our brand. Stick to football first schools and try to get back to full members only. Yes I understand why we had to add schools like San Jose and Hawaii but we should push to either bring them up to speed or cut ties. 1/2 in 1/2 really hurts us.
  12. Gonzaga does not keep the MW up. Football conference. Football is first second and third. Hoops is 4th sorry
  13. slappy

    ph90702 UNLV Head Coaching Candidates

    Pretty obvious. Nice post. Another perspective.
  14. slappy

    ph90702 UNLV Head Coaching Candidates

    Unlv should be able to do better than this list. The list is depressing.
  15. Hoping for some improvement here late. It has been ugly so far. I think we do get it going though. Watch out.