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  1. Nobody thought MM was a good coach. Many wanted to believe he could start a turn around. But deep down everyone knew he was out classed in the MW. And that is saying something in the current environment. I am starting to get the same vibe with the new hire. But I will see how he recruits and watch a few games first. My gut tells me that he is obviously better than MM. that goes without saying. But can he win the MW. Hmmmmm. Not sure.
  2. Not true. I am usually about 95% right on Unlv athletics.
  3. MM has a lot to prove. Getting fired and losing more games than he won for the most part, ensured that people would be skeptical of his abilities. Glad to see Unlv getting off the hook for firing him. Honestly MM was so far in over his head it wasn’t even funny.
  4. I don’t think Rice was awe struck to be at Unlv. This guy played D3 basketball and then coached some small time schools. This is a big big deal for him. We will see how he handles it. Wonder if he asked for the kids autographs when he first met them? Who knows. Wish him the best.
  5. Harsh. He looked pretty excited to be there. Unlv is big time for that guy. Give him a break.
  6. He is old. Good luck with that. Sometimes the wheels fall off fast.
  7. What fans want to watch does not equal wins. Comparison is not even close. Menzies was the worst coach in rebel history. Cronin will do well at UCLA. Defense is good. Trust me
  8. Not sure what you were trying to say in that post. I was just thinking about the facilities issues at Idaho and the competitive issues. Seems like there might not be enough $ to go around. Was actually thinking of a state like Nebraska when I wrote that.
  9. Yeah walked right into that. Surprised they don’t consider it though. Looks pretty obvious to me.
  10. I have always wondered how the state of Idaho could properly fund 2 Div1 athletic programs. Does anyone there ever talk about athletics in Boise and academics in Moscow? Makes sense from a far. Would fund Boise sports even more. Would give Idaho the academics it wants. Win win?
  11. Yes. If you transfer down you don’t have to sit.
  12. K good. Thanks. Figured it was just news media blowing this way out of proportion.
  13. Seems strange nothing is coming out yet. Was Menzies dirty like that? Or is this just overblown?
  14. Serious question here @ph90702 I haven’t been on my phone lately. What happened with the whole pay to play at Unlv / Nike Has there been any local talk about self reporting and losing scholarships? Did Menzies cheat his way to .500? Imagine if he was clean. He might of won .300 percent of his games. Not good. Not good.