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  1. Transfer to LC if good enough Best baseball program in North west.
  2. Using racist terms towards players that are there trying to keep scholarships and educate themselves automatically disqualifies you from being a good guy. No room for that. Only in Utah is open racism accepted.
  3. He is now the front runner to replace Saraki just a few miles away. The hate in that state is without equal.
  4. This is always an awkward holiday for kids in colorado.
  5. How anyone could confuse the two is beyond me. Good luck,
  6. I always wondered if Sanchez felt insecure around college type coaches. Guess the confidence comment relates to that. Nice to see a college coach on campus.
  7. Not sure why I am in the kiddie pool warbow. If he let a thin skinded guy like halfman mod he should let a darker skinded warbow mod. I have been pushing for this from day 1. I dont agree with racism and I am sorry you feel that way. If I can help let me know.
  8. Gostate is upset because nobody has visited their brand new stadium. The stadium looks like the amish built it with second hand materials. It is already falling g apart. Not to mention the price tag is likely to force CSU to start cutting sports. Another huge mistake.
  9. @kingpotato this should open ur eyes a little. U remember the safety dance.
  10. Does Joe Vandal fit? Can Boise State block them from moving back up now? @VandalPride97 @boisewitha-s