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  1. Good news is unlv is still bowl eligible. This won't hurt them much. I wonder what bowl they are targeting. Any rebel fans know? @ph90702
  2. Sounds like Utah state isn't treating every one fairly. Wonder if some other type of accusations are next.
  3. Likely that it will improve as the freshman qb gets more reps. That's how it works. I did watch your game against byu. You guys looked good. Quality qb play and excellent coaching as usual. Should be a good game in December.
  4. Film film film. Defensive coordinators have your kids on lock down. Give a little credit where credit is due. At least you are bowl eligible this year.
  5. That's funny. Boise with a s is a dip shit. Doesn't deserve 14 pages on any board.
  6. I have heard rumblings along these lines as well. Nothing concrete, but I would not be surprised at all. We will see but I have a feeling it has legs.
  7. First time I've seen them this year. Nice team but I don't think top 10 in normal year. Covid has stolen an election and put byu in top 10. 2020 is nuts.
  8. What size shoes you have on right now and don't lie.
  9. Byu not top 10. Covid top 10 with 7 wins against no one. They look like a top 25 team. Honestly
  10. Going to bet against it. He looks rattled
  11. I would worry more about harsin making some half time adjustments. Need to see under line for 2nd half
  12. Can't win in pocket. Need his legs. Calling qb sneak cost them big
  13. Need more run option with him. Easy to see that. Not sure why they keep calling pocket designed pass plays. Harsin is always bad
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