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  1. Fair enough. Just don’t cry if she calls time.
  2. More cowboy fans in stands. We have advantage now.
  3. Better. You can talk about that stuff. Leave the football talk to others.
  4. Don’t talk football. I bet you were a male cheer captain.
  5. Fire Harsin. He called a time out.
  6. Another time out. Here comes the tears.
  7. Win or lose, we don’t cry like little girls. Soft.
  8. Cord was good enough to keep you close at BYU. Not sure Hank could of done better. They look about the same.
  9. Can’t talk football with soccer fans.
  10. This game shouldn’t even be close.
  11. Honest question. Who has more fans in the stands right now?
  12. PH the most direct path to Div 1 coaching is to have played D1. You could look at the race of all Div1 basketball players to answer your question. All other routes to coaching D1 are difficult. Possible yes, but difficult