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  1. Hawaii all sports unlv in football i do think CSU could win some games in the big sky But they would not be top 1/3 san Jose state
  2. 20 not enough to feed the beast with talent. Average career not very long in nfl. Need more teams.
  3. No maybe about it. I could likely break the record up here throwing you. Next time you are in Montana call.
  4. My wife would make you fetch beers. We like little people and would never physically abuse you. But sometimes if we drink enough up here we do little man throwing contests. They do it in Nevada as well. It is fun.
  5. Only way this happens is if sd state and CSU join the big boys. Otherwise. No
  6. He decides nothing. Zags were already discussed. Had no legs.
  7. Funny. Little guys always talk the most. I knew there was no way you could load a quarter of an elk on a mule. Were u camp cook.
  8. Football conference. Nothing against basketball only conferences and schools. Just not us.
  9. Are you 5’8 9 ish. And do u drive Toyota truck??
  10. U aren’t 5’8 drive a little Toyota truck.
  11. I am wrong when it happens. And I am rarely wrong. You of all people should know this. Wyo won’t let it happen.
  12. Not enough votes. Doesn’t really matter what the monkey says.
  13. MW has already stated no football no invite. Gonzaga is not even on the list.
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