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  1. slappy

    Gear Update: MSP

    You have one ugly dog. Has anyone asked to pet him?
  2. slappy

    Boating with the Broncos

    Sounds like a good ass whoopin would of done you some good. Where were your parents?
  3. Kind of like I have been telling you all along. Everyone contributes for different reasons. Glad yours is academic related. It takes all kinds in this world. Those in charge of most universities can see that and play all the fields. That is why they are in charge. They can see the big picture.
  4. I don’t think it really matters. They are raising money for their university. People get involved for athletics, the arts, engineering etc. You are trying really hard to paint fundraising into a specific category. They just spent a huge amount of money on their football stadium. I think they did a practice field/ locker room upgrade too. Both are wise investments in the future of that university. It is really not that hard to see.
  5. Not sure what you are angling for? There isn’t really a need to explain the endowment sizes for the Ivy League schools. Same goes for most of our top engineering schools. I think most people understand the reasons for their sizes. If you are attempting to argue academic success is the solution for endowment growth as it pertains to the average university, I would say that the use of the top 1% as an example is not really realistic. Again so I am clear. My belief is that investing in athletics is wise and should be considered a solid long term investment. Most leaders regardless of professional field agree to this norm and participate. Maybe you see it differently? That is ok with me.
  6. Well let’s just agree to disagree then. I am not dumb founded by universities spending habits. I guess you are. That seems fair.
  7. Don’t need to remove anything. Was only stating something obvious. Settle down.
  8. Ivy League schools shouldn’t really need to be explained.
  9. Like anything it would be determined by individual circumstances. They are different everywhere. But all things being equal investing in your athletic program is a proven model that engages business and the community. I am not making this stuff up and it is not just my opinion. Look around. Do you not see the obvious trend that has taken place over the past 75 years. Athletic infrastructure is a priority for a reason.
  10. I am saying that every $ spent on athletics is wise. Regarding your other statement. Think in terms of $ spent per student. Where do student athletes stand in comparison to students?
  11. If you want to evaluate who has the pull and who has the money just look at where the $ is spent. It is not by accident and it is not a mistake. Obviously your statement is wrong.
  12. I think you are having a hard time because you would like the university athletic department and academic departments separately considered. But when you look at an university and the community that supports it you will find that the two are really intertwined. Business, alumni and fans can seamlessly accept athletics and their university as a single entity. I rarely if ever hear folks talk much about new engineering buildings going up. But I hear people from all walks of life talking about the football program. I see people from all walks of life tailgating etc. Athletics are an important aspect of not only the society we live in but the universities our children attend. Every dollar spent is well worth the investment. This is a long haul investment. Children and their children will be cowboy fans, season ticket holders etc. It is foolish to think otherwise.
  13. No need to rationalize putting $ into athletics. It is the smartest investment a university can make. Hands down. There is a reason why it is done by most all of our major universities. It is the safe bet.
  14. slappy

    BOVADA Odds

    Yes. I would agree. G5 schools need atleast 2 years to have a shot at a natty. The odds on them are really short. Wouldn’t even offer odds unless they won the bowl in the previous year. Waste of $