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  1. You still haven’t figured out that he doesn’t make decisions like that.
  2. slappy

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    Warbow has a lot of guys pushing for him to moderate. You should put it to a vote.
  3. slappy

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    Sooner they hand you the keys to this place the sooner some chit would get done.
  4. slappy

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    Had to vote yes. I think if he is given 10 years or so there should be enough stability to get unvl back in the hunt. Won’t be every year, but I think he could get it done.
  5. They would need to try and engage the AAC. But I don’t think they would take byu with out BSU. Now if they could manage to get Boise on board and follow them over there, then yeah I believe the AAC would take them. The only conferences a 8 team bid helps is the AAC and MW. MW isn’t an option with the current members so I would think they have to go east.
  6. slappy

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    Not really. He did a pretty good job. It is tough to call in and try to win an argument with those guys. Let alone when they were right. Would love to hear a post from you calling in. I am sure you would do great. @Warbow can you set up an audio thread here where we can listen to some of these jackasses actually try to talk. That would be great. I wonder how many times we would hear a call for dinner come in.
  7. slappy

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    Sure did ph. Good job. I have to agree with most of what the host had to say about Menzies though. I thought he hammered home most of my thoughts there. But, I can see why you are the rebel leader on this board.
  8. slappy

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    If I had to hear any Unlv fan on the radio I would definitely want to hear ph. No offense to the other rebel fans but ph has the best grasp of reality that I have seen here.
  9. slappy

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    I thought ph got his shots. Maybe I just knew exactly where ph was going with all statements while he was saying them. Dang I’ve been on this board way too much lately.
  10. slappy

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    Disagree. He wasn’t bad. He just wasn’t posting on the MW board where for some reason there are quite a few delusional fans.
  11. slappy

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    Ph I have supported you from day 1 for many reasons, but you got hammered in the same fashion I hammer most Unlv fans when it comes to rebel basketball. I am glad to see that atleast your local radio guys have some common sense. Sometimes when I talk with rebel fans on this board I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. All that said good job on getting your points out there. It isn’t easy.
  12. slappy

    Sometimes OT: The Degenerate Gamblers Thread

    Yeah sure looks that way. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet but looking to.
  13. slappy

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Cold weather bowls are a bad idea. They never work out very well.
  14. I don’t think it is about fan support. Hawaii has great fans. Financially it will only get harder and if there is not a significant bump in TV revenue for Hawaii, I can see a push towards independence eventually. Hawaii and ND are the only schools that could actually make it work.
  15. I wish it was that easy.