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  1. Really matters what your looking for. Wilderness shaming doesn’t make sense. They are all good. It is like when people make fun of halfman for road hunting. All hunters are good even the roadies. Enjoy it all boys.
  2. I would add BYU Idaho first. More kids and fits as a natural travel partner.
  3. Thought I heard NIC was pretty good this year. Take that coach and those kids.
  4. Learn how to post lines rook
  5. This article is not correct. I would say it is more like half. At least from what I have seen from my trips there.
  6. What does that mean. You want an orange slice too? Come on.
  7. Switching football teams. It’s not like figuring out which one of your cute outfits to wear when you go out.
  8. That’s ok. Winning is easy for us up here.
  9. Non starter. Votes are not there with USU gaining so much momentum.
  10. Will win this again.
  11. Keep on keepin on ph. Stay away from BYU fans though. Bantering keeps them coming back.