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  1. You made it a round or two. This cry baby stuff is why you didnt advance further. This is not for thin skinded folks. You probably shouldn't get an invite next year.
  2. Makes me sick to my stomach. J thought I would never hear of him again.
  3. Not even fair picking on the big sky. It is like beating up your little sister. I hope you feel good. Bastard
  4. I dont think it needs to be that drastic. Look at University of Idaho. They really struggled to make it. Losing money fans and enrollment. They drop down to Div 2 and things are looking up again. You just need to find the right fit where you can compete. We have the same issues here. Wait until football season is cancelled this fall if you dont believe me. Many of our programs can barely afford to keep the lights on. Let alone prosper here.
  5. To be fair not many MW teams could put a team out there like Davey could. Rice was a solid recruiter and a good coach. Administration got in his way. But we have been down this path already. I like the new ball coach. Thought Menzies was a disaster
  6. Stunny was gifted the easiest path to the title. He isn't appreciative of your work.
  7. Dont know if he complained or not. If he did. Soft.
  8. So they dont believe in the troll derby. Not sure who is softer. Reno fans for complaining about the idiot button and getting it removed or the AAC board.
  9. Slappy doesn't venture into the non sports waters. This is a warning. Next time I will remove you from the derby. Be careful.
  10. CsU thought the same thing. Now their athletic department is broke. They cant hire coaches fire coaches or recruit quality athletes. Be careful what you wish for?
  11. Stunny you know the answer to this. Usu is not ready to compete in the NCAA tournament yet. Even their fans were hoping for a first four play in game. Zero confidence from coaches to players to fans. THEY NEED A FEW MORE YEARS IN THE MW. Then I think they get it done. SANdiego was not a top 5 team. Sd was not a top 10 team. I had the 12-20. Sweet 16 would of been a good job. No shame in that. Good luck in the troll derby. You will advance another round or so , but then get clipped. Keep it up.
  12. @Warbow time to get the peoples derby participants ready.