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  1. @MAD MACGYVER @KingBronco Any idea if he is being recruited as a tackle or DE? Looks like he plays both according to his hudl. Has the frame to play either
  2. Looks like it’s this young buck. Nice frame/size. https://247sports.com/Player/Robert-Cooper-46076906/
  3. BSU got a commitment today. Hoping it’s Caples (big time WR who visited this pst weekend). I would link the tweet but Harsin blocked me on Twitter, surprise.
  4. I'd rather keep SJSU in the MWC than add NDSU.
  5. AF is getting curb stomped by Navy. This conference sucks.
  6. Time for Utah st. to go back to the WAC.
  7. TE Jake Knight. He took a track scholarship at Auburn. Ncaa transfer rules say he has to sit out this upcoming season. Which is fine, our TE depth is ridiculous.
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