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  1. That's what would be referred to as how to win.
  2. https://gotigersgo.com/sports/mens-basketball/schedule/2022-23 THAT is how you schedule!
  3. I like Justin Hawkins, but he’s never been an assistant. If you’re over 30 and have never been an assistant, that’s a huge red flag. Same thing if you’re over 40 and have never been a head coach.
  4. Mike Peck would be a good replacement.
  5. P5 vs G5 assistants is not really much of a difference.
  6. Kevin Kruger needs an ace recruiter.
  7. So, just play shit opponents? LOSER mentality!
  8. If only Kevin Kruger had the recruiting chops of Marcus Arroyo!
  9. The SEC is the best ️ conference, and he doesn’t like the military life.
  10. Kevin Kruger thinks playing Southern Illinois and Minnesota qualifies as a good MTE.
  11. If they had some really good opponents lined up, like Duke or Kentucky or Gonzaga, we would know about it. The schedule will be shitty.
  12. Only $1 million per year! Full court press!
  13. What are your thoughts on Stuart?
  14. Is he a scrumptious little bunny like Stüart?
  15. The offense will score at least 25 PPG this year. The question will be how effective we are at running the football. Defensively, my hope is that our DC, who specializes in the DBs, can improve our pass defense. We get beat deep too much.
  16. He's projected to pick Iowa State.
  17. Keith Hayward looks like he will be an improvement over Peter Hansen. Also, his specialty is defensive backs, which is where UNLV has struggled mightily.
  18. Craig Thompson has no creativity or vision. We should’ve done that and with China.
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