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  1. How come we never play press coverage?
  2. LOVED the opening kick by UNLV. They saw something they liked on film and exploited it.
  3. We need a JUCO QB badly. Somebody needs to be a capable backup to Brumfield.
  4. UNLV has the best schedule in the conference. We’ll probably wind up with 10-12 Tier 1 games in the regular season plus one in the conference tournament.
  5. There will be multiple teams in the tournament.
  6. I’m leaning towards the latter.
  7. Poop feces! I see your point my good man
  8. California is such a mess that they lost a seat in the House for the first time ever.
  9. They will defend. Kevin Kruger is the son of Lon Kruger. He grew up learning the importance of defense. I think they’re really going to ratchet up the pressure unlike Otzelberger. I’m interested to see what they can do offensively. They brought in three plus shooters, but they lack skill in the frontcourt. I can see UNLV finishing as high as 3rd. Things would have to completely fall apart for them to finish 7th.
  10. It shouldn't be hard for UNLV to finish above 7th. Their roster is well constructed for MW play.
  11. Is Marcus Arroyo getting divorced? He doesn't wear his wedding ring anymore.
  12. Martell is much better at improvising.
  13. He's not a QB f-ckin' whisperer! He's a QB f-ckin' killer! And he should never be a head coach again after he gets fired from UNL-f-ckin'-V!
  14. I personally think he was foolish to stay. He could start at a decent number of P5 schools.
  15. If it wasn’t, nobody would know since you wear a mask. But I wouldn’t want to see one whose mouth wasn’t.
  16. I think that’s a good assessment. In addition, those refs shouldn’t have a job based on that last call. I do think of it was Alabama, the call would’ve been overturned.
  17. Whatever happens, both teams suck.
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