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  1. I watched Georgia last night, and LSU isn’t far behind. LSU should be favored by 25 points.
  2. Do we need any more proof that Tony Sanchez won’t be back next year?
  3. I REALLY need to shower in the morning after I wipe my ass.
  4. I quit doing that because I can get it for free now.
  5. Do you ever get nervous because you didn’t have a bowel movement before heading off to work?
  6. They would or else he wouldn’t recruit them.
  7. I meant tangled. The hairs are tangled.
  8. What is the evolutionary purpose of having hair around your *ssh*l*? It’s really a pain. I didn’t wipe well enough this morning, and it’s all dry down there and hurts a little. Plus, the hairs are tingled together. 💩 💩
  9. They should get live for their alternate uniforms. Those should be the main uniforms.
  10. DRF doesn’t need inspiration. She’s already on the phone looking for his replacement.
  11. National championship. No one can stop them. Alabama will get torched in the championship game just like last year. Nick Saban has never to stop teams who can effectively spread the ball out.