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  1. I felt like it was a good performance tonight. Good play calling overall from Marcus Arroyo. Offensive line looked much better than the first few weeks. QB depth is non-existent in the program. They really need to bring in a JUCO.
  2. It’s Gavin Newsom’s energy disaster!
  3. That ball clearly hit the ground. And his foot was clearly out.
  4. He’s a true freshman. He has ability, but he’s not even close to being ready for game action.
  5. Yes!!! Pressure on 3rd and long.
  6. Why would you go for 2 points in the 2nd quarter?
  7. I agree about that, but at the same time, people have a tendency to only do what’s necessary to beat who they’re playing and not focus on themselves and their standard.
  8. Only allowed a field goal, so that’s a victory overall.
  9. EXACTLY! They forced a 3rd and 17 by being aggressive.
  10. STUPID by UNLV to only send 3 rushers on 3rd and 17. Gave him all day to throw.
  11. This game and the ASU game aren’t close. ASU was playing like shit. We’re actually causing Fresno State stress.
  12. I don’t think it’s a hangover. It’s hard to keep your level the same regardless of who you’re playing. Alabama is one of the few teams in the country who can do it.
  13. Conference games are ALWAYS harder because of the advanced scouting. Professional scouts place more stock in conference games when evaluating players.
  14. UNLV has vastly underplayed their ability in the first three games.
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