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  1. The other name I’ve thought of is the Redrocks. Obviously, an homage to Red Rock Canyon. Uniforms could embrace the mountain color and the neon skies.
  2. Just like I said last year, TJ Otzelberger has Craig Smith’s number. I like UNLV on Monday against Utah State. They were the catalyst for UNLV turning the season around.
  3. I don’t think Jhaylon Martinez is healthy enough to get in the game. 😞
  4. Reece Brown is probably the most flexible player I’ve seen in a UNLV uniform. Look at how low he can get in his defensive stance!
  5. Why?! This year doesn’t count for eligibility purposes.
  6. UNLV should keep wearing the grey home uniforms. They look better than the white. They’re my favourite.
  7. Neon is the name. If I had Bill Gates money, I would use my money as leverage if they decide to change the name.
  8. Those uniforms are dope.
  9. There's no reason for him to play if he's not 100%. There's no doubt that he's playing against Utah State.
  10. The Supreme Court has long ignored the constitution. See Wickard v. Filburn and Reynolds v. Sims.
  11. Where in the constitution does it say that the president can make the law? Or use executive orders to avoid going through Congress to pass legislation?
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