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  1. Justice was a head coach at the D-2 level, so he should be able to handle OC duties at the D-1 level.
  2. With the right coaching, we should win at least six games. Vanderbilt is a winnable game even though they are an SEC opponent. NW is a loss. Southern Utah is a win. Arkansas State should be a win. Should beat Hawaii and San Jose State plus at least two other teams.
  3. Tillman would be a great addition. The 2020 team would be an NCAA contender. Also, 2021 will start to give a true assessment as to Otzelberger’s recruiting abilities as a head coach. He did get good players as an assistant.
  4. This is the funniest shit I’ve read on here in some time! 😂 😆 😝
  5. Oregon State @BestintheWest You’re a fake +++++in’ man! You got a small +++++in’ dick! And you don’t know how to treat a +++++in’ woman!
  6. Mbacke Diong is gonna be a star the next two years. Lots of untapped potential on offense. Also will give Otzelberger a rim protector.
  7. Western Kentucky @Rebel doc
  8. San Diego State @BestintheWest
  9. It was a combo of both. He might as well have not even been there in the defensive end.
  10. Where am I wrong? McCoy was a shitty defender.
  11. When Brandon McCoy came in for the Bucks yesterday, Seth Greenberg said that his calling card was his defense and that his offense was raw. 😂 😆 😝 This guy claims to know about basketball. Any UNLV fan could see that his defense was atrocious.