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  1. Robert Whaley Jr. reminds me of a better version of Devin Tillis. His basketball IQ will definitely translate. He seems to have a better physical profile, so I could see him being solid as a third big.
  2. Robert Whaley Jr. isn’t even close to an NBA player!
  3. Kevin Kruger better have some tricks (and cash) up his sleeve, or else he will be collecting unemployment next year!
  4. Boise State. And I don’t even think it’s a debate tbh. It’s much harder to compete with P5s in football because there’s 85 scholarships as opposed to 13. In addition, football recruiting is much more regional than basketball recruiting.
  5. What are the odds that Utah State hires Ben Howland? I think that would be a good fit. He played at Weber State and is from the West Coast.
  6. There’s more to life than money!
  7. He’s going to be 59 years old. Very rare for a high major school to hire somebody north of 60.
  8. Steve Alford will finish his career at UNR. He has failed at multiple P5 schools. And please don’t mention making the Sweet 16 at UCLA.
  9. You think UNR is a better job than UNLV?
  10. He would be a game changing addition on the defensive end of the floor, but I don't see it happening.
  11. I agree with the first part, but David Muoka is ass!
  12. He'd rather for play 216 in KenPom Minnesota!
  13. UNLV basketball is Lucy holding the football down for Charlie and saying that she won’t pull it away this time.
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