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  1. When was the last time someone used Rice and outcoached 😂?
  2. The fact that San Diego State is suggesting that they won’t have more money to pay Brian Dutcher is beyond criminal. They can find the money if they want to. STOP making excuses. Also, stop paying your assistants shitty salaries.
  3. UNLV with ONLY 9 turnovers. Ball security is getting A LOT better!
  4. I will never understand what respect for men and women who serve has to do with whether or not their sports are good enough for the MW.
  5. It will be fun to see what happens when Otzelberger has some talent to work with. Hamilton was the only guy to really show up.
  6. I would contend, from a non-biased perspective, that UNLV is as good as any mid-tier P5 job.
  7. How so? The topic is MWC basketball coaching salaries.
  8. UNLV is down to +6.5. Magic is gonna happen today. We will have a great day shooting threes. The defense and floor burns will be off the chart. And we will storm the court when the game is over.
  9. So will Otzelberger at UNLV in a few years.
  10. Greg Marshall is an elite +++++in’ coach! He would’ve left if not for the +++++in’ raise! Band he’s better than you’ll ever +++++in’ be!
  11. Anything is possible. Arizona was a bigger favorite in 2014, and we still beat them. Also, Otzelberger is winning conference games, which to me is the biggest barometer of coaching ability. Lastly, we are at home.
  12. It’s a shithole. Las Vegas is night and day better.
  13. UNLV for the upset tomorrow. They’re only a 7.5 point underdog. Number one key is rebounding. That is an area where San Diego State can be had. We will need to rebound 75% if their misses and 33.3% of our misses. The number two area is turnovers. We can’t turn the ball over sixteen times like we normally do. Twelve at the absolute most. The number three area is three point shooting. We will need at least ten threes. We will also have to do a good job running San Diego State off the line.
  14. San Jose State is making progress. I don’t think they’ll be a sub 300 team anymore as long as Jean Prioleau is the head coach.