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  1. ph90702

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    Josh Allen is a real f-cking man! He’s got a big f-cking d-ck! And he knows how to treat a f-cking woman!
  2. ph90702

    OT Black Out Las Vegas

    I’ll be asleep anyways.
  3. ph90702

    Top twenty five

    The world is in a different place since UNLV isn’t on the list.
  4. ph90702

    UNLV at Arkansas State - Game Thread

    I’m not sure if you’re being serious or sarcastic.
  5. ph90702

    UNLV at Arkansas State - Game Thread

    Curl and flat routes. Fake a curl and go deep when the defense cheats.
  6. ph90702

    UNLV at Arkansas State - Game Thread

    That’s like f-cking a fat chick just so you can say you got laid.
  7. ph90702

    UNLV at Arkansas State - Game Thread

    I personally wish we didn’t play four non-conference games. It’s really stupid. We could get rid of the FCS game by moving down to three.
  8. ph90702

    Question for Mugtang

    Whatever dude
  9. ph90702

    Question for Mugtang

    I have programs that I run at my work with more lines than that. “Never let the perception of others become my reality. Do not allow people’s perception to become your reality.” - Herm Edwards
  10. ph90702

    PV A&M At UNLV -Edited w/ Notes

    His struggles are mainly on slant and deep routes. He’s very accurate on curls and flat routes. This leads me to believe that he has trouble throwing to where the receiver will be as opposed to where he currently is. If we’re going to throw it deep, it needs to be a flea flicker or some other type of trick play where it’s just pitch and catch. The other problem I see is that he’s stiff throwing the football.
  11. ph90702

    PV A&M At UNLV -Edited w/ Notes

    I knew it was bad when I saw it. His career is over. I would hope that they keep him on scholarship.
  12. ph90702

    Question for Mugtang

    I don’t have the knowledge, but I could learn.
  13. ph90702

    Question for Mugtang

    No, I’m talking about hearing your actual voice. On the iPhone, when you send somebody a text, it can either be typed or your voice.
  14. ph90702

    Question for Mugtang

    Maybe that is the green in me.
  15. ph90702

    Question for Mugtang

    Don’t you ever wonder what people on here sound like? Or look like?