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  1. Stanford was right to fire Johnny Dawkins. I’m not entirely sold on Jerod Haase though.
  2. UCLA would have to offer $5 million per year for him to leave.
  3. ESPN+ is bc people quit having cable.
  4. Marvin Menzies wasn’t an up and comer.
  5. She would be stupid not to. Look at Utah State with Craig Smith. Up and comer. Home run.
  6. They need to give the $2.8 million per year and let DRF hire someone.
  7. I’m right though. He would leave for that amount.
  8. For $837,000 per year. He would leave in two seconds for $2.8 million per year.
  9. I want Nate “Quaker” Oats. $2.8 million would get the job done. My next choice would be Casey Alexander at Lipscomb. My third choice would be TJ Otzelberger at South Dakota State.
  10. Brian Shapiro blew his load when Eustachy told him the news.
  11. BREAKING NEWS - @RebelRobert has come out of the woodwork. Just saw that he posted on Twitter.
  12. We’ve been down the one and done route before. Anthony Bennett was the only one who really made a dent. He came into a team with some experience.
  13. Mark Anderson isn’t the only one saying this.