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  1. Can’t wait to visit Hawaii.
  2. I’m gonna find the perfect f-ckin’ woman! She will love me as much as I love f-ckin’ her! And she won’t treat me like shit like this girl I’ve cut out of my f-ckin’ life!
  3. I meant to say f-ckin’ get! My phone originally typed in f-ckin’ hey! And I’m really f-ckin’ sorry!
  4. I don’t want a f-ckin’ man! I want a f-ckin’ woman! I’m gonna gey the courage to start talking to some women at my f-ckin’ complex!
  5. I’m gonna find a f-ckin’ woman! I’m gonna shower her with f-ckin’ love! And she’s gonna show me the same love in f-ckin’ return!
  6. When does it start?
  7. Anyone who calls Memphis a mid major is beyond retarded.
  8. You are beyond retarded if you think UCONN is a mid major.
  9. My guess is Gonzaga. It shows that TJ Otzelberger was able to recruit above a Summit League level.
  10. I’m really hoping for Jhaylon Martinez. I’m worried about Stanford getting him.
  11. He was never going to play big minutes at UNLV. I honestly didn’t see the physical talent.