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  1. Dave Rice was recruiting much better talent and wanted to take the program to the next level. At least he wanted to be a national program. Kruger was content with being good in the MW and then losing in the 1st or 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament.
  2. It’s still an elite job. Once the NCAA stuff gets sorted out, they will be fine moving forward. Arizona hasn’t even gotten their final penalties from the NCAA and are already kicking ass.
  3. The revolving door would stop if UNLV hired the right coach in the first place!
  4. Kevin Kruger KNOWS he has to upgrade the talent. It’s nothing personal, but A LOT of our roster is dead weight.
  5. Louisville isn’t a football school! 😂
  6. I have no desire to visit. Utah State is where the Mormons who couldn't get into BYU go.
  7. Not if you have to look it up. And thanks for proving my point.
  8. Your university is so irrelevant that I had to go on Wikipedia to look up where it's located. I couldn't recall off the top of my head.
  9. There's ZERO reason for UNLV to ever be worse than 5th in the MW!
  10. We have played the weakest schedule in the MW my fellow Aspie!
  11. If that‘s success, shut the program down TODAY! No reason we can’t be a national program like Gonzaga.
  12. Kevin Kruger has ONE recruit coming in for next year. He needs to recruit over half the roster if he wants to get anywhere. He’s not going to do it through the portal. They won’t be much better next year.
  13. You believe that I’m right on some level or else you wouldn’t be offended.
  14. 😂 ZERO to prove. Look at the record. They will be lucky to win more than 5 games in MW play. @slappy
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