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  1. So what? You couldn’t get him the first time around.
  2. Because he beat San Diego State with a vastly inferior roster. That proves his coaching acumen.
  3. I told people (off this board) before the season started that anything better than 2-6 for UNLV in year 1 is a victory. Also, like I figured, we looked really bad to start the season. I think they will look a lot better in week 8 than week 1, similar to basketball.
  4. He's 70 years old and never been married. And he mentioned some man in one of the tributes for one of his books.
  5. https://nypost.com/2020/09/28/judge-andrew-napolitano-forced-nj-man-into-bdsm-games-lawsuit/ I’m skeptical of the allegations, but I’ve always thought he was gay.
  6. That site is dumb. The best MW team will finish higher than 61.
  7. I’m talking about recruiting. TJ Otzelberger has shown way more willingness to go after players than Lon Kruger. I think Otzelberger will be more successful because he’s getting better players.
  8. That's not true. 27 games is the max.
  9. Stop comparing TJ Otzelberger to Lon Kruger.
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