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  1. UNLV basketball is a P6 level program in a non-P6 conference. Just like Memphis, Gonzaga, San Diego State, and BYU.
  2. Dave Rice was a Rhodes Scholar candidate. Jackie Robinson has gone on to be a successful businessman. Stacey Cvijanovich has gone on to be successful in hotel administration. GTFOH outta here with your bullshit!
  3. Marvin Coleman, Bryce Hamilton, and David Jenkins form the best backcourt in the MW.
  4. Yes! They’ll carry sledge-+++++IN’-hammers! They’ll get +++++IN’ publicity! And they’ll carry a bunny in their other +++++IN’ hand!
  5. UNLV is gonna win the Mountain F-CKIN’ West! We’re gonna assert our F-CKIN’ dominance! And we’re gonna have a lunch pale F-CKIN attitude!
  6. They did in 2000. I’m a real F-CKIN’ man! I got a big F-CKIN’ dick! And I know how to treat a F-CKIN’ woman!
  7. He needs some development and conditioning work, but he’s an excellent fit for Otzelberger’s system.