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  1. Paul Weir has to go. The coronavirus has probably bought him two years unfortunately.
  2. Marcus Arroyo is loading up on pass rushers.
  3. This is Exhibit A that the local media is anti-UNLV. It’s been this way ever since my dad was a student at UNLV and we first hired Tarkanian. Then that asshole Ed Graney kept saying that Bryce Hamilton was gonna transfer to a P5 program.
  4. Of course he wouldn't. That doesn't mean he hates college football.
  5. We can be in the P5 if we play our cards right. It would be unlikely he’d leave at that point.
  6. A book will be written about him 25 years from now.
  7. Does anybody know where I can get NCAA shot chart data? In going to make something really cool for you guys if I can get it.
  8. Our pass rush has been embarrassingly bad. Even with a more aggressive scheme under Skipper, it had a minor positive effect at best.
  9. Dhsuahe gjchrhw ckdoqpdjf ghlodbaveyuud.
  10. Prheiwjej dudieiw fueuehte ruegehd.
  11. Recruits don't care about the past. They care about the future and getting to the NFL. As an example, I bet that there are players on Alabama who had no clue who Paul "Bear" Bryant was until they arrived on campus.
  12. Coaching will matter more this year since we had a wacky offseason. I expect UNLV to win the conference. The pieces fit nicely together.