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  1. That shows I have passion, something MOST of you on here lack.
  2. You’re the OWNER of the board. He listens to YOU, not the other way around!
  3. Waiting until I lose is a form of cheating. You remind me of someone I played against in a tennis match. He tried to cheat, and I let him have it. And I reported him to the USTA.
  4. That’s the downside of working for the federal government I guess. My uncle worked for the federal government and worked in Germany.
  5. You can’t overcome something when a person already has their mind made up about the outcome.
  6. I like the Bali Hai location the best from a logistics perspective, but would they get FAA clearance to build it there?
  7. I think that would actually work. I don’t know why more people listen to you.
  8. Yes because I won the last round, and you said that you wouldn’t close it until I was losing. That is the definition of rigging it.
  9. This troll derby is the new big lie. #facts
  10. Nobody is stopping you from doing it as well. Your LAZINESS is stopping you!
  11. @RebelRobert is the people’s champion! I voted for you once. Now I’ll do it three more times.
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