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  1. VegasReb

    UNLV at Arkansas State - Game Thread

    Why burn a time out for a 3rd & 20?
  2. http://www.lvsportsnetwork.com/2017/02/02/audio-clark-county-commissioner-chris-g-says-dump-the-raiders-pitch-and-move-on-unlv-stadium-project/ Ball could get rolling for UNLV sooner rather than later, don't know how likely this is though. Like the idea of nixing the $200m requirement.
  3. VegasReb

    Fire Dave Rice

    Rice ball on full display.
  4. VegasReb

    Fire Dave Rice

    What are YOU going to do if he IS fired?
  5. VegasReb

    Fire Dave Rice

    Anyone know the attendance numbers for tonight's game?
  6. VegasReb

    Fire Dave Rice

    Dude needs to do the right thing and resign.