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  1. I’m mostly a lurker here in this MWCBOARD community, but come here rather religiously because of the diverse opinions offered on all subjects. I’m actually surprisingly comfortable being venerable with this group, so humbly seek some guidance in my current situation. I know I aired out some laundry a while back that some of you may have read. I’ve been in a long term relationship of 10 years, never married, and a daughter I’ve helped raise but is not my own. As it stands EVERYTHING is in my name only, house, car, utilities, phones... literally everything. I was notified tod
  2. Nevada OC Matt Mumme seems to enjoy it out there too.
  3. Sounds to me like you need to hook into a Lahontan Cutthroat at Pyramid Lake tomorrow and complete the trifecta.
  4. I can definitely relate, mine was in various 24 hour care facilities for about 15 years before she passed at 47. Feel free to DM me here if you ever want to chat about that kind of stuff. I know how difficult it can be.
  5. Wow that’s fantastic thank you for posting. Lost my mom 15 years ago because of that awful disease.
  6. So what kind of sentencing/fines are these people looking at for the charges involved? From trespassing/illegal entry, carrying a fire arm, vandalism/theft to the more serious sedition and insurrection charges. I keep reading the charges everywhere, but am curious about what the punishment could be.
  7. Were there more vans full of Molotov cocktails or just the one? Imagine if those made it inside and they had actually taken hostages like some were prepared for.
  8. I usually try to stay out of the mud around here, but GTFO with that bullshit. The capital of the free world was breached, that’s nothing remotely close to a courthouse in Portland. Seriously, WTF are you thinking?
  9. Don’t worry, I know a guy...
  10. I’m not on the front line, thank goodness. More of a case manager type roll.
  11. I’m not a care provider, but I work for an office that is fairly important to the local medical infrastructure.
  12. Got the Moderna version yesterday. Had some mild nausea for a few hours and my shoulder is still pretty sore, but nothing major. They gave me a little postcard with my name and verification number and a reminder of when the 2nd shot needs to happen. Took about 15 minutes to get through the screening process, then a 15 minute wait afterwards to watch for allergic reactions.
  13. Gonna be extra tough pushing those grandmas down the stairs. Challenge accepted.
  14. I hear we have the inside track for a 5* long snapper with Ivy offers... Suck it nerds!
  15. You may appreciate these pics then. Went camping off the East Walker river by Bodie and Aurora a few weeks ago. Ran into about 12 of them.
  16. Ctrl+alt+arrows is what I should have said. It’s been a while since I’ve done it. Not working now on our updated windows computers, boo.
  17. For a bit of office humor, when co-workers don’t lock their computer I like to use ctrl + directional arrow to flip their screen display upside-down.
  18. Come to think of it, he did look a lot like Doc Antle
  19. That’s funny, I had pictures taken with that guys mountain lion a few times as a kid. He used to set up in a shopping center down by Lakeside Inn and charged a few bucks for the photo-op. I’ve actually seen a bunch in the wild over the years while hiking in the Sierras on the Nevada side.
  20. Nevada’s attempt at reaching conference supremacy...
  21. The year was 2020, undefeated San Jose St hosted Nevada, in Las Vegas, on New Mexico’s field, with a chance to host Boise St in the MWC Championship Game, in Las Vegas.
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