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  1. FYI - Adds are coming across like this on my iPhone...
  2. Let’s see how it went for “The King of Sting” when he sought one out. He “enters the sting zone“ around the 11 min mark
  3. Conference realignment discussions belong on the sports forum.
  4. Teenage me: Kelly Kapowski - Saved by the bell Adult me: Dolores Abernathy - Westworld
  5. Thread title has a typo *Kim Jong Un-Dead*
  6. No brutal. We lynched mug and investigated you. I didn’t realize you could kill investigators when on alert, I peeked in and you kicked my ass.
  7. Vote 4UNLV Only direction I can really go right now for self preservation. Take a look back fellow villagers, something isn’t adding up.
  8. That’s the thing. One of the wolves here CAN be converted right? He has no idea who they are so he’s using smoke and mirrors to have us kill off villagers while he tries to figure it out. He knows trying to convert me involves a dual so he needs the village or wolves to kill me.
  9. There’s a reason you started coming after me when you lost the duel, then I was pretty quick to call you out as Joe Exotic while trying to be careful about revealing my identity. Now you know my wicked rock paper Spock skills and know you can’t convert me because I’ll beat you again, so you need to have me lynched. Well played sir.
  10. I humbly ask you to reconsider, we can’t really afford to lynch another villager and the votes for me are not going to age very well.
  11. No need to beg when you’ve got a pocket full of meth and the voice of an angel right? Mr. Maldonado-Passage? Or do you go by something else now that your bunk is filling up? If I must depart I’ll take one for the team, but I hope Carole has some sardine flavored lube for you later. You’re either Joe or a wolf so I hope the village gets rid of you and we can weed out whoever is helping you.