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  1. Damn... was hoping this was a Kanye meltdown thread. “New Moses” is out there urinating on Grammys.
  2. I’ll take the Rice Owls @SJSUMFA2013
  3. Now if we could just eradicate the domestic feline the birds would really thrive!
  4. I’m not a cycling fan but I enjoy your commentary in this thread every year. Thanks for the entertainment!
  5. Pretty much why he’s in Nevada now. He can grow his own plants and doesn’t have to deal with hurricane season and the god damned humidity. Keep me posted with your plants, post COVID I’ll bring you some seeds from his creations and some of those nets they use *if legally viable of course*
  6. Where are all of the MWCBoard amateur weather watchers with hurricane Laura? I enjoy the science you guys typically post with these major storms. Also, if any posters/lurkers are in that area please keep us posted (when reasonable) to let us know you’re ok.
  7. So apparently my buddy is currently visiting family in Galveston right now... Not going to be able to help you out at the moment my man.
  8. With September call-ups looming maybe it’s time to send @Bob on a AAA rehab stint and bring in bluerules00? to help us close out 2020 with a bang.
  9. Definitely, I’ll send it to him and see what he says. He’s out in rural NV so his service is spotty and sometimes it takes a while before he responds, but I’ll look into it.
  10. Scratch that, I forgot I committed to another league. My apologies.
  11. Just saw this when it got bumped up... I’ll play if there is still room or you need an alternate.
  12. You clearly have at least a grasp of what you’re doing. A buddy of mine has a few similar tents, but some of the plants started to grow in weird directions, so he started using some elastic cargo nets and fed the new growth up through it. Made a huge difference with productivity and much easier to trim and harvest. Also, I’m a bit disappointed that one of your plants is not called the CheetoSD strain or something similar.
  13. Georgia St Panthers @mugtang choose... wisely.
  14. I’ll take Florida International Golden Showers Panthers @SJSUMFA2013 I think you’re up
  15. Snaked back to you already I believe.
  16. Kansas St. @mugtang I suppose you’re next
  17. How about Miss. St. Bulldogs @SJSUMFA2013 Is next I think, probably for 2 picks unless @kalua pig and @TheSanDiegan decide to pick.
  18. Are the Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs still available?
  19. Louisiana Tech @mugtang is up @Del Scorcho be ready
  20. I’ll take Troy Trojans @SJSUMFA2013
  21. @kalua pig = @818SUDSFan =
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