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  1. How about Miss. St. Bulldogs @SJSUMFA2013 Is next I think, probably for 2 picks unless @kalua pig and @TheSanDiegan decide to pick.
  2. Are the Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs still available?
  3. Louisiana Tech @mugtang is up @Del Scorcho be ready
  4. I’ll take Troy Trojans @SJSUMFA2013
  5. @kalua pig = @818SUDSFan =
  6. I’ll take the Ohio bobcats. @Broncomare on the clock
  7. I’ll take Texas A&M @SJSUMFA2013 is up @kalua pig lurking...
  8. Me either. They’ll float whatever ideas they can to try and make the peg fit, but I don’t think there are any solutions because the logistics are a nightmare.
  9. I think they will keep trying to get creative regarding plans for a modified Fall season, but come mid-August the season gets pushed to spring or axed all together.
  10. I’ll jump in and take the 2017 National Champions*! @renoskier on the clock @Broncomare on deck
  11. I get it, these are sick, old people who were going to die in the next few years anyway. The problem is when it’s accelerated like this and they all die at once, our healthcare infrastructure can’t handle it. Lockdowns were supposed to give our system more time to prepare for the increased volume of hospitalized/ICU patients. If there was no lockdown the entire country would have looked like NYC all at the same time. High population areas that didn’t use the time to prepare are going to look like Italy/Spain/NYC. If high population areas run out of hospital beds because the old, sick people are taking them all up, what happens to the young healthy people who get into a car accident and can’t be treated quickly because there is nowhere to treat them? We’re likely about to see how it plays out in Arizona because they are at about 80% capacity right now. We need to be having these conversations because we can’t just lock everyone in their houses, but we also can’t do nothing. You seem like you don’t want to move off the do nothing hill no matter the fatality rate. Would it make a difference if the sick, old people start piling up and die in the waiting rooms or at home because the beds were already taken? How close to the 2 million deaths prediction do we need to get before you come off your hill and meet anyone half way? Or is it ok because they were going to die anyway, so it might as well be now?
  12. FYI - Adds are coming across like this on my iPhone...