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  1. Front man: David Byrne Guitar: Prince Bass: Cliff Burton Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta Backup Vocals: Merry Clayton Producer: Dr. Dre
  2. Ohio State @fbpack is up @CV147 be ready
  3. Well think about it. Imagine feeling as if music alienated you with the advent of MTV in 1982. Then try to wrap your head around that Napster thing in 1999, which kicked the industry in the balls and changed how the world consumes said music. Now hop out of your time capsule in 2019 and attempt to form a credible defense of your beloved “pre-‘82 hard but not too hard rock genre”. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather light my own damn lawn on fire than let some snowflake MWCBoarders just walk all over it.
  4. **MEMBER @retrofade HAS BEEN ASSIGNED ONE (1) WARNING POINT(S)** Please refer the official MWCBoard guidelines and calendar of events. Look we’re not interested in going “ban happy” around here, but the off-season is reserved for more exclusive championship discussions. As a board veteran you’re expected to set a better example. @kingpotato @halfmanhalfbronco @BSUTOP25 @Jeffkills @RogueStout et al, care to wax poetic upon proper subject matter? *Not an actual MWCBoard moderator*
  5. I can handle almost anything, but Caillou has a special place in hell alongside Art Briles.
  6. It ran here in Northern Nevada and I hear the station got some colorful criticism, to put it lightly. Probably the same folks who criticized Nevada’s pink men’s basketball uni’s. Just wait for the “Molly of Denali” controversy this summer!