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  1. Mad_Hatter

    UNM Football Adds Mississippi State/UMass for 2020

    So that’s 7 road games for 2020? Bold move with 7-6 required for a bowl. Is that $1 mill worth more than an extra G5 home game and at least the hope of a bowl game?
  2. Mad_Hatter

    TyranosaurusFlex Adds Mugtang for 2020

    How’d you manage that? The venue has been stricly reserved for underground Magic the Gathering battles for decades. And I would have bet my life that Best Buy had the exclusive rights to all MWCBoard fisticuffs. Anxiously awaiting the undercard.
  3. Mad_Hatter

    CSU plays in Ann Arbor in 2022

    No doubt the precise exit fee they’ll donate back to us plebes on their way to the B10 B1G B16 shortly after. Well played Rams.
  4. Mad_Hatter

    Nevada @Fresno conference game of the year???

    Fresno 3 pt shooting and 3 pt defense has me not very optimistic about this one. Many word on how many pack fans are taking the booze buss over to the valley?
  5. Mad_Hatter

    PAY ME

    My first order of buisiness would be to retain @Joe from WY as curator/director of my affairs. From there, traveling the world via leased jet, yacht, helicopter, to fully staffed, on-call, mansions, penthouses, villas would be plenty expensive. Throw in degenerate, high-limit gambling and we’re golden.
  6. Mad_Hatter


    The full size truck market has been so damn competitive that there’s really not a whole lot that separates the Ram 1500, F150 and Silverado 1500, as they’ve entered a bit of an arms race. (Toyota is keeping the Tundra fairly status quo at the moment). It just depends on your preference when I comes to towing, payload, comfort, fuel economy, etc. Generally speaking, for 2019, Ram leads in max towing, F150 leads in economy and comfort, and Silverado is the most well rounded. The bitch of it is, they’re toying with so many new engine & transmission combos, that reliability is a wild card.
  7. Mad_Hatter

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Look I get it, it was a bad divorce, but a rival is a rival. They’re weaker now as an independent right? Recruiting is hurting right? Why not have MWC teams play them, make more money at the gate, make more money on ice cream sales and make sure they don’t hit 6 wins? If they played Wyoming and Nevada this year, rather than UMass and NMSU, then they’re not going bowling. And then they have to re-think the P5 teams on the schedule because they can’t afford to go 5-7 every year... So if you really want them to spiral, help them spiral.
  8. Mad_Hatter

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Sick burn. I certainly understand why a 6-6 BYU goes bowling over a 6-6 Wyoming. If you want them to suffer so bad, why not schedule them and get an extra win every year? If they’re not bowl eligible they can’t steal your spot.
  9. Mad_Hatter

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Ok now I understand... 45WINS(.596) 3TIES 30WINS(.404) CURRENT WIN STREAK 8 BYU(2004-2016)
  10. Mad_Hatter

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Ok so it would sell more tickets but have less attendance, right? Your comment makes no sense.
  11. Mad_Hatter

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    BYU @ Unlv/CSU/Wyo/UNM would have more economic windfall than BSU @ Nevada. Get over yourselves.
  12. Mad_Hatter

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    That would be nothing new...
  13. Mad_Hatter

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    They’re all up tight about BYU, but everyone knows its a huge draw. BYU @ Mt. Everest Wyoming would sell out, even in November with a 9pm kickoff.
  14. Mad_Hatter

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Why does the whole group have to stop associating with the ex? Seems easy and pretty desperate these days.
  15. Mad_Hatter

    #5 Nevada @ USC

    As most of the USC fans headed toward the exits in the closing minutes, they were overtaken by visiting fans, with chants of “Wolf-Pack! Wolf-Pack!” breaking out in the lower bowl of the arena. http://www.ocregister.com/usc-basketball-falters-in-second-half-loses-to-nevada