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  1. Mad_Hatter

    Dog People

    Here she is. About 3 months. 42 pounds.
  2. Mad_Hatter

    Dog People

    I’ve recently adopted a purebred Newfoundland puppy from a local rescue shelter. I’ve had dogs all my life, but never a large/giant breed like this. Advice? Suggestions? Insults? Go...
  3. Another trip to the biggest little city for you? Fro-yo is on me.
  4. Mad_Hatter

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    He literally said it’s Nevada and everyone else. Which presser did you watch? Nothing but praise and respect from him.
  5. Mad_Hatter

    Troll Derby 2018 Second Round - Concepts Regional

    Zags... Hair... collision course...
  6. Mad_Hatter

    Troll Derby 2018- Trolls Region

    I votrd
  7. Stop deflecting. It’s a legitimate question. When you use that expression, what do you picture?
  8. Ok, question of the day. How exactly do you envision a bag of dicks? I trust you’ve given this much thought.
  9. Mad_Hatter

    Jordan Brown

    Probably anywhere but Nevada... until it’s Nevada. Unless Zona goes full Zona
  10. Mad_Hatter

    Jordan Brown

    Taking an official to UNLV instead, of course.
  11. Mad_Hatter

    Werewolf Noir

    Six men with guns drawn! What about one guy with six guns??
  12. Mad_Hatter

    Werewolf Noir

    Thanks cgzpack. Good game guys. Hopefully we can get a big one going again.
  13. Mad_Hatter

    Werewolf Noir

    Vote @Billy B. Ace vote nightfall
  14. Mad_Hatter

    Werewolf Noir

    Vote @retrofade nothing personal. I just don’t believe you.
  15. Mad_Hatter

    Werewolf Noir

    I don’t think that would be the proper mechanic in this game. I think it had to be night kill + vigilante kills non wolf + vigilante suicide or night kill + vigilante hits brutal + brutal kills villager if you post your question in red the mod (cgzpack) will answer.