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  1. Mad_Hatter

    MWC BB Title Game

    Free samples while they last. https://www.astroglide.com/sample/
  2. Mad_Hatter

    MWC BB Title Game

    You mean to tell me not a single MWCBOARDer has anything to say about the championship game played tonight? http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/everything-you-need-to-know-about-todays-silver-blue-scrimmage
  3. Mad_Hatter

    UFC ends in riot

  4. Mad_Hatter

    Jury Duty

    You haven’t convinced them to use the pie baking method as an acceptable alternative for corporal punishment?
  5. Mad_Hatter

    Jury Duty

    After my experience today, this makes me shake my head. You can’t give about 4-5 hours once every 2 years? Which part would you cut out to accommodate your incredibly busy and important life? You have a choice to be a registered voter, and with that choice comes this obligation. Or have you not actually gone because you trash them all? Exemptions exist for those who actually deserve them.
  6. Mad_Hatter

    Jury Duty

    Didn’t get selected, and didn’t even get drawn for the panel, but I did enjoy the process. The people trying to get excused were way too obvious and awkward, though. And after the judge’s questioning, one crotchety oldtimer got called out by the defense attorney for contradicting his answers on the online survey. He actually wrote “I’m a racist and a bigot, now and forever”. I’ve heard people joke about it, but to see it in action was cringeworthy.
  7. Mad_Hatter

    Nevada vs Fresno St

    You’d rather play grammar police than have real sports banter with one of the boards best posters? I’m a full blown Nevada homer but I’m also a realist. I choose this board because I enjoy the perspective offered by outside opinions, which provides a fairly accurate depiction of each team. The insufferable Nevada fans have been creeping in since around conference basketball play this past season and the magnificent trolls are circling, planting seeds, playing the long game, ready to rain down relentless amounts of stockpiled lube onto the unsuspecting Nevada circle jerk. It will be hilarious and quite entertaining, but there will be collateral damage as the amateur trolls attempt to pile on. If you need reference check out the Nevada @ Wyoming BB game thread. This board has some passionate yet thin skinned Nevada fans. We’re becoming low hanging fruit for the dozens of experienced/knowledgeable ball busters in these waters. Once the pros make trolling our fanbase look easy, the amateurs will start to pile on, and that’s when the mud wrestling begins. We’re on the verge of a historic basketball season. I hope our fan base can rise to the occasion and bring the witty smack i know we’re capable of.
  8. Mad_Hatter

    Jury Duty

    Whelp I’m due to report on Monday. First timer here. I’m about as average as they come and fully expect to be selected. I’m betting one of you guys/gals has an entertaining story. Let’s hear it.
  9. Dealing with health insurance “including but not limited to” when it comes to medical necessity is a real bitch. With health products the ingredient being a “proprietary blend” is a nice FU to the consumer. Can’t fit “whatever was cheapest at the auction” on the label I guess.
  10. Mad_Hatter

    We are now # 17 in both polls, jumping UCF in both

    My MWCboard experience is so much better with a ranked Boise St. Please never change.
  11. Mad_Hatter

    Week 2 gifs

    SJSU Boise St Nevada forgot how to play offense Fresno St Hawai’i
  12. Mad_Hatter

    MWC highlights

    @ 0:55...
  13. Mad_Hatter

    New Nevada Helmets

    My thoughts exactly. I get the numbers being old school and that’s what coach is trying to do, but I don’t like the numbers or mis-match logos on each side.