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  1. Local Dr caught himself a whopper out at Pyramid Lake on Valentine’s Day. https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/2021/02/24/monster-fish-caught-and-released-pyramid-lake-feb-14/4500044001/
  2. Did you ever watch the Interstella 5555 movie? I really enjoyed it. To me it was similar to Fantasia, where music always tells a story, but music and animation together, without a spoken dialogue, really opens the mind. I was also a bit “enhanced” the first time I saw both of those, but I’ve never “seen” music quite like that before. Music videos are one thing, but to see an entire album in action really spoke to me. My buddy and I were literally just talking about the best Daft Punk tattoos in the last month, debating what we would get. Mine would likely be a Baryl from Crescendol
  3. Damn, I was hoping to see them live some day. My best friend got me listening to them around ‘99-2000 and have enjoyed them ever since. Time to dig out my copy of Interstella 5555 and take a trip down memory lane.
  4. Quoted for truth. I’m an Olympics fanatic. Phelps has more GOLD medals than the next closest Olympian has TOTAL medals. I’d bet my life that nobody will catch him, because if it happens it won’t be in my lifetime anyway. @halfmanhalfbronco might have my back on this.
  5. Don’t like the weather... wait 10 minutes?
  6. Meanwhile in North Dakota... luckily I’m not there, but I know someone who is.
  7. Oh how I love the MWCboard. A tennis GOAT discussion breaking out in the middle of a basketball rivalry thread is the reason I can’t stop reading as much as I can every damn day.
  8. Got my second dose of the Moderna vaccine on Wednesday. Injection site is a lot more sore this time, sour stomach, diarrhea and some moderate body aches, but overall not too bad. Others I know were down and out for a couple days. Washoe county seems to be running their site fairly efficiently, took less than 30 minutes both times, including a 15 min waiting period after the shot.
  9. Supposed to start getting pretty interesting in the Sierra’s and Reno area pretty soon.
  10. Figured I’d give an update. Things have been mellow so far but obviously awkward around house. After my two best friends came up on the drop of a dime and got me wicked drunk, they’ve made sure I didn’t get drunk again until I figured my shit out. As the majority here suggested, I asked around and was referred to a really good attorney, had a consult yesterday and am now feeling infinitely better about my situation. I’m feeling much more confident knowing what to say/not to say, and that it’s ok to stand my ground. Ultimately the math is in my favor, as the amount she has contri
  11. Talk about a physically taxing and underrated sport. That’s incredibly impressive, I can only imagine the amount of training and dedication it must take to get to that level.
  12. Exactly, some biathlete is cruising but then can’t hit a bullseye to save his life and has to go balls out to get back on the podium. Slovenia has a miracle bobsled run to rob the Germans of a sure podium sweep. Watching the lone athlete from a country we can’t pronounce get their spotlight as they walk out to 100,000 cheers and hundreds of millions of viewers. Just hook it to my veins.
  13. I got to go to the Salt Lake games and it’s still one of the highlights of my life. Even saw the Jamaicans in the bobsleigh.
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