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  1. So you think the guy didn’t see a snowflake or freezing temps during his time in Reno?
  2. If you haven’t already, invest some TV time in Brockmire. You can binge it on Hulu. Then sprinkle in some drunk history. Together... we can laugh at anything, it’s the MWCBOARD way.
  3. So is this the typical Bill Walton wingman? Is he always this bitchy to Walton or just worn out after a long strange triple-header?
  4. Exact conversation happening in my living room. It’s like watching the show drunk history.
  5. I’ve been to San Francisco 5 times and have witnessed 10 public dumps. Man vs parking meter while getting a ticket Man between 2 police cars Man vs the Pier Woman in a dress outside a bar puking into a car window, business end to the street Woman outside a liquor store near the Giants stadium Man vs open guitar case Large human in a dress and heels, I’m assuming in self defense, when unable to run away after an exchange of goods gone wrong Man in the lobby at the Grand Hyatt Woman vs trolley tracks Man between busses after the Kraft Hunger Bowl - 68% sure it wasn’t me Oddly enough, in my experience the public dump per visit ratio has also been 2 PDPV in places like NYC, Austin, Salt Lake, Orlando and Las Cruces, so I figure it’s just status quo. It’s also possible I need better tour guides/new friends.
  6. Not bad despite having Akron lay a goose egg for me. Finally a year I wasn’t fighting for last. Thanks for tracking all of this for us.
  7. Nevada to the Hawai’i bowl vs the Honor Code Bandits?
  8. IMHO this one is best for basketball R.I.P.
  9. If my sources are correct, CSU is using the money saved on this... To invest in these... Therefore, unfortunately for Wyo...