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  1. Link or GTFO... I’ll help you out on this one. Link
  2. Nope you may be on an island there I think... ...ok well maybe DNA has something to do with it
  3. Akron Zips @retrofade is up @fbpack zzzzz
  4. Illinois Fighting Illini @fbpack
  5. Kansas State @retrofade is up @East Coast Aztec on alert
  6. Beat me my 3 minutes as I return from Mars. Guess I’ll take Oklahoma Sate then. Or maybe Arizona.
  7. Wyoming Sherpas Apparently it’s worth the climb @retrofade come on down @East Coast Aztec soon...
  8. Georgia Southern @fbpack you’re up @CV147 be ready
  9. Pink Floyd is it’s own rabbit hole, as are most artists on this thread. Their HOF induction happened when I was about 13 and already loved the music. I also loved smashing pumpkins, and had an ill parent, so this really resonated with me.
  10. I love this version too, and since you brought up Syd Barrett this was also for him. There are 9 parts, because each band member contributed their own part for him.
  11. Seems like you’re a Beatles fan so you may appreciate this one.