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  1. How that game between WAC bottom feeders made it on ABC was puzzling, then it became an absolute dog fight. Nate Burleson had 326 receiving yards and no touchdowns, that has to be some kind of record. Then there was Chance Kretschmer... and, well... +++++ BYU forever and ever.
  2. I’m having flashbacks to this classic from back in the day... Was on ABC IIRC
  3. Ok fine, here’s my official entry into @bornontheblue vacation package giveaway. And it’s actually plausible this year given the states in play without doing funky state flips. 2020 FTW!
  4. Can we get ranked choice voting for this poll?
  5. So after Nevada wins can we make this the idiot button for a week?
  6. It’s also worth mentioning that coach Norvell lost his father this week. I’m proud of this team for pulling it out for him and his family. The year has been chaos on top of chaos for every team, but it’s especially hard to win when your leader has to leave the team during game week.
  7. So I just realized Indiana cost me a 12 team parlay for a $2,346.76 payout on a $2 bet. Good thing the Nevada & Wyo game had me pre-occupied.
  8. Didn’t want to speculate at the time but that’s what it looked like to me in real time. I feel sick for the kid. Broke my left fibula in 2005 and have a plate and 6 screws from it. Anyone know if his previous break was surgically repaired? He’s a sophomore yeah? Hopefully we see a nice success story here, but it’s an awful injury, not just the bone, but tendons and soft tissue in the area as well.
  9. Yes sir. He saw some husky kid running the 800 meters in track as a freshman and convinced my parents that football probably wouldn’t actually kill me.
  10. Right? And especially with the mix of hooligans on this board. It’s the emotional connection I needed at the moment. Such a good mix of homers, moderates and even the trolls. And mostly, an audience to laugh at my jokes. Oddly refreshing.
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