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  1. I could see that being an emergency contingency plan in the (unfortunately plausible) event they can’t safely play a regular season in fall/winter sports set to begin from August through December. They can’t just keep extending eligibility for athletes who’s seasons are lost to COVID-19. Oh and they still want to make as much money as possible, so content is key.
  2. Do you have any blue shop towels in the garage? You can put a couple sheets between some fabric or a banana and rig one up.
  3. Did you accidentally bend one of the igniters to where it’s touching metal? You’re a rebels fan so the possibilities for failure are endless. Couldn’t help it... teams and shit.
  4. That’s your problem right there. Way too much moisture in the system now and could have also forced debris where it doesn’t belong.
  5. Can also be too much moisture/debris on one or more igniter or one or more of the caps are out of position.
  6. Did you remove the knobs and put them back on in the wrong position? Take them all off and use a screwdriver to move them back to the off position.
  7. Not sure about you, but I had a pretty good view from my location
  8. Nailed it... Now I can watch the construction from my office window. Along with all the damn helicopters coming in. https://www.rgj.com/story/news/2020/04/03/renown-health-converting-parking-garage-into-hospital-rooms/2941718001/
  9. It’s official, Carol did it.
  10. It would be incomplete without a replica of the primitive erector set stairwells once used to sacrifice elder females from rival tribes.