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  1. A starting five of all walk-ons versus SJSU

    At what elevation is said neutral court?
  2. Rank them Sunday

    7221ft I do believe
  3. SDSU vs Nevada

    Triple double alert. Lindsey Drew 10 pts 10 reb 7 ast
  4. SDSU vs Nevada

    Cody Mitchell with the left handed finish for Nevada outstanding commentary
  5. SDSU vs Nevada

    I hear for $700 Destiny is no longer a tease.
  6. SDSU vs Nevada

    Possibly season/career ending? Who is Liz Frank anyway?
  7. UNLV at Nevada

    I live in a Holiday Inn Express...
  8. UNLV at Nevada

    Sleep it off. It’ll be better tomorrow. We still have 2 all conference players, 1 honorable mention, and one of the best sharp shooters in the country. We’ll be ok while Caleb recovers.
  9. UNLV at Nevada

    Wait wut? How exactly is northern Nevada paying for the stadium? Other than staying in Vegas hotels?
  10. UNLV at Nevada

    But... but... referees and... altitude and...
  11. UNLV at Nevada

    I’m a Nevada fan you douche. Our fan base acts like we’re gods gift to the MWC. We’ve had 1 1/2 good seasons in this league. We lost to a good team at home while down a POY candidate. We’ll be just fine. Nobody is to blame and the team is not broken. Jesus, our fans go zero to Gilbert Grape in a flash.
  12. UNLV at Nevada

    MWCboard Nevada fan after a loss. I’m embarrassed
  13. UNLV at Nevada

    See. The game was fixed!
  14. UNLV at Nevada

    Screw your. Our season is over now.