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  1. For the love of God Joe, don’t used canned green chile. You can get great frozen Hatch or Lemitar green chile at Wal Mart or any of the Kroger stores. The canned crap has a nasty metallic taste.
  2. The other issue that isn’t talked about when it comes to the obesity problem is the percentage of military eligible young adults has taken a serious hit. There are National Security ramifications because of obesity. PE needs to be brought back to schools. It needs to be mandatory from 1st through 12th grade. I don’t have an issue if you as an adult want to be fat. Knock yourself out, it’s your life and choice. I do have a problem with fat kids. There’s no excuse for it. Parents need to make sure their kids are playing outside instead of sitting in their rooms playing video games. If you’re not doing that then you’re a shitty parent.
  3. The glaring incompetence of the Saudi military shines through once agin with this incident. They’ve known for 2 years about the UAV capabilities of the Iranians and the Houthis, they’ve spent a shit ton of cash on air defense systems and the technical support to go with it, yet they failed to detect this attack on their only legitimate industry. I guarantee 30 min after this happened there were at least 50 Raytheon Tech Reps getting phone calls telling them to pack their trash and fly to Riyadh. This is next level suck for Saudi radar operators.
  4. I don’t like pineapple on pizza, but I’ll eat it if that’s all there is. Mayo on the other hand is an abomination. That shit has no business being a condiment. The same for its inbred cousin Miracle Whip. Green chile should be a mandatory pizza topping!!
  5. Hell yeah!! Lobos still fighting. Nice run!
  6. Defense is getting tired. It's gonna be a long second half.
  7. Jones can't hit anything right now. He's been off the entire game, but the last few throws have been terrible.
  8. That was a bad throw. Receiver was open. Damn it!!
  9. Lobo defense is a pleasant surprise today. They look fast and disciplined.
  10. I'll be happy with a competitive 1st quarter. Th Lobos can't keep up with the Domer's depth.
  11. The Soviet Union was the poster child for incompetency. Everything they did was half ass. They couldn't be bothered with the details. It's a miracle they lasted as long as they did.
  12. Or the fact the Soviets didn't give a Rat's ass about good maintenance practices, safety, plant workers, or people living in the area.