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  1. Yes I would. Either the Constitution means something, or it doesn't. I believe you don't scrap rights for a false sense of security.
  2. sean327

    Is BYU ok with the status quo?

    Most Lobo fans think BYU should come home to the MWC. But the MWC should not give the Borg any special treatment. We welcome you back as an equal partner or no deal. Personally I'm enjoying the dumpster fire the Borg has become. Serves you right.
  3. Charlie Sampson, a black bull rider from Watts was one of the best in the World during the 80's. That dude could ride anything.
  4. It's all good brother. I have no problem agreeing to disagree. Football season can't get here fast enough!
  5. TTP was garbage period. I could care less about it's place in history next to NAFTA. There were serious sovereignty issues with it. And no one will convince me that the Iran Deal was good for anyone other than Iran.
  6. The Iran deal was a crock of shit and everyone knew it. Obama fired Gen Mattis over his objections to it. TTP would have given our so called trade partners even more leverage over us, not to mention several sovereignty issues buried in the Treaty.
  7. sean327

    Illegal Immigration a Felony?

    Coyotes have always existed and they won't go away. The Cartels make too much money.
  8. sean327

    Catch and Release....

    So ankle bracelets are unacceptable too? I would rather see that than families locked up for months awaiting a hearing. It seems like a reasonable way to ensure they show up for their hearing. What am I missing?
  9. sean327

    Illegal Immigration a Felony?

    Dude, I live on the border in SW Arizona. The crap you hear on TV and radio about the border being out of control is bullshit. I've lived here for 20 years, if anything things have gotten better.
  10. sean327

    Wyoming Cowboys Racists?

    WTF? Ranching has been a way of life in the west since the Spanish arrived in 1598. I grew up on a small ranch in New Mexico and to this day I consider myself two things, a Marine and a cowboy. It's a hard life, but calling it one of the shittier aspects of American culture is ludicrous.
  11. sean327

    Illegal Immigration a Felony?

    That's a great question. We should be going after the employers. E-Verify has been in place for years, yet it isn't mandatory for most employers to use it. Punish the employers and the problem ends. Puting people in prison for trying to make a better life is cruel and stupid. You can bet your ass if it was me in Mexico or the other Central American shitholes that I would get here anyway I could. I don't blame people for trying. I blame the corrupt governments of the countries they come from along with the US government.
  12. sean327

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    Cooperate my ass. You clowns pushed Obama Care through with zero Rep support, or the support of the people. Dems play hardball a hell of a lot more ruthlessly than Reps.
  13. sean327

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    I like the pick. He seems to be an originalist, and is strong on the 2nd amendment. WINNING!!!