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  1. Exactly! Why is it so hard for people to understand that these kids and some adults are Americans without citizenship? They grew up here. They’re here through no fault of their own. Sending them back to a country they don’t know is heartless and cruel.
  2. The extra $600 payment ends on the 25th of this month. I bet you fill those 4 positions within a week of it expiring.
  3. Your grasp of history sucks donkey balls. The Republic of Texas tried to claim everything East of the Rio Grande , but they had no standing to do so. Each and every Texan incursion into New Mexico to claim that land was successfully repulsed. That bullshit map is nothing more than a wet dream.
  4. Here’s the million dollar question: Would you give a Republican or Libertarian the same benefit of the doubt in a similar situation??
  5. I’m like most of you, I feel a little guilty watching the financial devastation happening around me. I still go to work on site everyday, but for the most part there really isn’t anything going on besides periodic maintenance. I have a lot of free time to MWC Board and collect a paycheck while some of my neighbors are trying to stay afloat. It sucks.
  6. We may care about the rivalry game, but don’t kid yourself, no one other than NMSU fan gives a shit about the rest of the Aggies schedule.
  7. Why would we want to help NMSU out? If there is any pressure it would come from the Commie in the Governor’s office and her comrades in the legislature. Other than that, Lobo fans could give two shits about the Aggies.
  8. 999,998: Why is there Braille on drive up ATM’s? 999,999: Why do dogs lick their own balls? 1,000,000: Climate Change
  9. Not going to ever happen. There isn’t a single govt in the Muslim world that cares about human rights. They all talk a good game, but when it comes down to it they’d don’t really give a shit.
  10. The Chinese Communist govt is just as murderous if not more than the Soviet Union, Cambodian Khmer Rouge, and Nazi Germany combined. Mao’s Cultural Revolution alone was responsible for millions of dead Chinese. The fact that the Chinese get a pass from the rest of the World is insane.
  11. Maybe now BYU will realize just how stupid they are. Their little temper tantrum has cost them a season. Time for them to pull their heads out of their asses and come home. I’m enjoying the hell out of this! It’s a beautiful thing to watch Karma go full on Karen in real time.
  12. No such thing as a “former” Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine! I love trolling you guys, In all seriousness I would love to see BYU back with the band. Every conference needs a villain.
  13. Wrong again my Borg friend. I’m Latino. My parents have a sick sense of humor as you can see by my Irish first name. I am Catholic though. Here’s a good story that will make you smile: Back when I was in high school, early 80’s, I was watching a BYU/ Notre Dame game with my Dad. During this game I’m rooting for BYU only because of their WAC membership. My Dad turns to me and says “ you know you’re gonna go to hell if you root for the Mormons over the Catholics.” I also secretly rooted for BYU to beat Michigan in the 1986 Holiday Bowl.
  14. Never claimed SF, I’m just an old broke down retired Marine. And I still hate BYU.