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  1. Gaetz is a piece of shit. He needs to get his own damn house in order before he goes after the CJCS. I refuse to take anything this predator of underaged girls has to say seriously. His silver spooned ass never worked a real job in his life. He’s never served in the military, and he has likely never spent any meaningful time around people who don’t look like him. The military has always led the way when it comes to diversity. Yeah, we still have some issues in the ranks, but the armed forces are light years ahead of the rest of society when it come to race relations. We’ve been doing the death
  2. Artillery regiments are being reorganized also. More emphasis on rocket artillery, less on tubed artillery. All artillery regiments will only have one battalion of tubed artillery, with the exception of 14th Marines, they will have two tubed battalions. HIMARS are expensive, and the Corps isn’t going to spend the money for 3 HIMARS battalions for a reserve regiment.
  3. Not entirely true. After WWI we greatly downsized the military, with the exception of the Navy. It took serious mobilization after Pearl Harbor to get where we needed to be to fight in the Pacific and Europe. After WWII we downsized to the point of stupidity and got caught with our pants down when North Korea invaded the South. The Marine Corps was so under strength they were sending reservists to Korea who hadn’t even gone to boot camp. We have this bad habit of downsizing too much after major conflicts. We then ramp up to bloated when the balloon goes up. We always fail to find the happy
  4. There was a study posted in one of the previous COVID threads that says COVID can cause ED complications.
  5. It has Joe, the problem with fighting an insurgency is the insurgents have time and home field advantage in their favor. A lesson we refuse to learn. The Taliban played this out perfectly. They learned early on that we will kick their asses when they stand and fight in large numbers. See the first 6 months of the war and their ill fated stand at Marjah in 2010. Guerilla warfare is the insurgents best friend. We consistently refuse to understand that.
  6. That they are politicians who will bend as the wind blows? Nothing new Bob. Both sides have been doing it for decades. You’re pulling a Don Quixote here. You’re gonna end giving yourself a stroke one day.
  7. That new PT gear is butt ugly though😀They need to go back to silkies and green skivie shirt!! I bought my Blues right after I was promoted to Sgt. I usually blew my annual clothing allowance on beer and Copenhagen up to that point.
  8. The veteran pages on social media are a cesspool of “back in my day” bullshit. Most of them are made up of guys who bitched about being in their entire 4 years and got out. Most never deployed outside of a UDP to Okinawa, but now 20-30 years later they are suddenly tactical geniuses, they were harder than woodpecker lips, but the guys who took Faluhja and Marjah are pussies. It’s sad and comical at the same time.
  9. A47635FE-3C75-4063-88DA-288A09D97010.webp
  10. No! New Mexico doesn’t belong in the Low Lander division. We need to stay with our brother from another mother Wyoming.
  11. You are correct. I went to few ECU games when I was stationed in NC. Their fans support the program no matter what. Their tailgating game is pretty amazing too. There are dudes cooking whole hogs in the parking lot before games.
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