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  1. The problem is most aren’t willing to even entertain having the conversation. To me that’s the scary part. The usual suspects on both sides look at us Libertarians as hippy lettuce smoking nut jobs who aren’t worthy of having a seat at the table.
  2. Do you really believe that’s what will happen? You’re more intelligent than that. Every time a govt is given this kind of power they abuse it and refuse to give it up.
  3. I would rather eat shit flavored with liberty. I can’t understand how so many are willing to give that up to feel safe.
  4. And they won’t until they shitcan Trubisky. Although my Cowboys managed to make him look like Tom Brady last season when they played the Bears.
  5. The WHO was complicit in the Chinese lies. Why do you refuse to see that?
  6. The ChiCom apologists can’t be swayed by facts. What the hell is wrong with you guys! The Chinese should be shunned by the rest of the world for their crap.
  7. That’s the low tech model. It’s the Hi-Point of PEFED’s.
  8. Reagan and Obama were the best speakers of all the Presidents during my lifetime. I was born in 1965 so my memory of LBJ is little to none, so Im comparing them from Nixon to Trump. Reagan and Obama blow the others out of the water.
  9. Reagan found ways to work with the other side unlike Trump. Reagan had his faults but the man was a leader. It also didn’t hurt that he could form coherent sentences.
  10. The problem is Trump has no idea how to lead, hell he can’t even delegate correctly. The best thing he could’ve done once he formed his Corona Task Force would’ve been to get out of the damn way and let Pence run the show.
  11. Normal human! And that’s the 1stSgt cut. If you cut your hair like that your IQ and common sense instantly drop to zero!!
  12. I learned to cut my own hair when I was deployed aboard ship. I swear the sailor barbers would purposely screw up Marines haircuts. I’ve been cutting my own hair since 1987. I keep it short so it’s pretty easy to do.
  13. I started The Plot Against America on HBO. They only have 3 episodes up as of now, but so far it’s pretty good.
  14. Moon beams are an insidious NASA program that makes guys fall in love with fat chicks.