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  1. So someone just forgot there was a warehouse full of stuff that could help ease the suffering? I call bullshit. Someone knew it was there, they just didn't give a shit.
  2. I don't get the fascination many Americans have with the Royal Family. We fought a revolution to get out from under their inbred tyranny. The world would be a better place without them.
  3. The SA-15 is a fairly modern mid range SAM system. Technology wasn’t the problem. This was a command and control phuck up.
  4. Apprenticeships and on the job learning are great ideas. The hard part is getting companies to take this route and I'm not sure how you go about doing it.
  5. The article is crap. There are plenty of good paying jobs out there, but a degree in women's studies won't land you one. We can't fill the open engineering positions with home grown talent because very few students are willing to take that path. There are good paying skilled trades jobs that go unfilled. It's a myth that the only jobs available are low paying part time gigs.
  6. You are the biggest clown here. You should just STFU to keep from looking even dumber than you already are.
  7. Shits about to hit the fan boys. Just got told we ain’t leaving work tonight.
  8. The Marine Corps is recalling Marines from the IRR (Individual Ready Reserve) back to active duty. One of the guys I work with got his notice today in the mail. His wife just called him. She’s pissed!
  9. He's a gun grabber. That's a deal breaker from the git go.
  10. @Rocket got into a bad batch of meth awhile back.
  11. This has to be next level trolling right? It's impossible for anyone to be this phucking stupid.