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  1. sean327

    6 scenarios this year could lead to 8 team playoff ASAP

    Tell that to ESPN and get back to us.
  2. Identity politics is killing this country. The fringe on both sides reject the Melting pot concept. The Far Left preaches multiculturalism, while the Far Right has dove head first into White Nationalism. I think the majority of us still believe in the Melting Pot concept, but we get drowned out by the lunatics on both sides. The country is only going to get less and less white. You can't ignore the demographics. Intermarriage is also diluting the white population at a fast clip. The racist wing of the right is clinging to a world that no longer exists. The lunatic left sees multiculturalism as a means to keep us divided. They see division as the best way to get their Progressive/Socialist/Communist adgenda rammed through. The Melting Pot concept is just as big a threat to them as it is to the lunatic Right.
  3. sean327

    Our Veterans...

    Eat a bag of dicks.
  4. Name one Cowboys fan that thought the LVE pick was stupid. I was very happy about it. This pick has paid off big time.
  5. sean327

    UNM @ The AFA Game Thread...

    Go phuck yourself with a cactus...
  6. sean327

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    While one Marine went off the rails and was taking lives, this Marine jumped in and saved lives. https://tribunist.com/news/this-marine-survived-vegas-and-california-bar-shooting-saving-lives-in-the-process-video/
  7. Didn't President Obama implement DACA through Executive Order? And if so, why can't another President over ride it with another Executive order? This seems like a case of Judicial overreach to me. If I'm wrong please correct me.
  8. sean327

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    Less than two seconds. From slide lock to mag drop, to pulling new mag and inserting into the weapon can easily be done in 1 second. Once you get the muscle memory down it's not impossible to do it in just under a second.
  9. sean327

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    13 wasn't enough for you? GTFOH, magazine capacity is a bullshit talking point you Commies use all the time. This incident just blew that narrative out of the water.
  10. sean327

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    It does, but the majority of these shooting aren't being done by veterans. Worrying about them commiting these acts is like worrying about getting eaten by a shark while wading the Rio Grande. Yes the VA sucks big time with mental health care, but there are thousands of organizations and groups out there that do a great job reaching out to guys in trouble. I belong to a few groups where all a guy has to do is dial a number and he can talk to someone instantly. The USMC veterans groups on Facebook are unbelievable when it comes to talking to guys who think they have nowhere else to go. I don't understand why this Marine did this, all he had to do was reach out and thousands of his brothers would have been there to talk him down. I'm sick to my stomach that it was a brother Marine who did this. It didn't have to happen.
  11. sean327

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    Then you might as well lock all of us crazy vets up. Come on man, you're smarter than that. Why don't we see more of this then? We don't see it because the majority of veterans have a higher moral compass than the rest of the country. There is a crisis in the veteran community, but mass shootings aren't it. We are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Some estimates put it at 22 a day. We are offing ourselves instead of taking others with us. Veterans are the least of your worries when it comes to this.
  12. sean327

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    The deranged vet thing is bullshit. Yeah combat changes you, but 95% come back and reintegrate into society with no issues. The military is a microcosm of society. Dirtbag is gonna dirtbag. The majority of us come back and go about our lives and deal with it. When I heard the witness accounts of what went down I immediately knew this dude was military. He knew what he was doing. Goes to show that magazine capacity is a crock of shit. This guy went in with a .45 and changed mags 3 times.
  13. That's some great stuff. Whenever I have to work nights we make sure to turn Coast to Coast on. Quality entertainment.
  14. I'm doing research on how one becomes an Ancient Astronaut Theorist and what the compensation package looks like. It could make for a nice third career in 15 years.
  15. sean327

    On this day in 1946

    Yeah, I thought I had gone back in time when I worked in West Point Mississippi for 4 months back in 2011. When I worked for BAE Systems we partnered with NAVSTAR to build some trucks for the Marine Corps. NAVSTAR supplied the facilities and 20 people. They put all the black guys on nights with me and the rest of the BAE night crew. When our meal break came the NAVSTAR crew was shocked that we sat down to eat with them. That place was crazy.