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  1. No more compromise. Enforce the over 30,000 existing gun laws on the books and quit adding more. We’ve been compromising for decades, yet gun grabbers never move an inch and scream for more. It’s a Constitutional Right. If you don’t like it amend the Constitution. Until then, you can kiss my ass.
  2. Convert has never seen the border, everything he thinks he knows about it he gets from Fox News and InfoWars. The opinion of people who don’t live and work down here is about as useful as a wet fart.
  3. I hate AA-Ron. Great QB, shitty human being. I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.
  4. To add to what @East Coast Aztec said, the biggest problem with this is the medication they need to take makes them non-deployable. If they are non-deployable why have them? All the services pushed many of their non-deployable members out over the last 4 years. So these rule aren’t going to apply to transgender members? There is something inherently unfair with that if that is going to be the case. I say let them in only after they have made the full transition and can be deemed deployable.
  5. San Diego is a great place to visit for a couple of days, but the cost of living there is beyond insane.
  6. She will be a Lobo fan like her Dad and me. As soon as she’s old enough I will introduce her to the joys of MWCboarding!! I just have to tell her to ignore NevadaConvert and Akkula
  7. My youngest son and his wife just gave us our first Grand Daughter an hour ago, and I got my first COVID shot 20 minutes ago. Please welcome Avree Lynn Castillo to the World.
  8. MAXIMO is the maintenance reporting system we contractors use. It sucks monkey nuts.
  9. Don’t get me started on the nightmare that was MIMMS. Before went computerized in every shop, we had a MIMMS clerk assigned to us who would input all the data from the paper 4 Cards and ERO’s. Once the vehicle cleared the final QC LTI it wasn’t our problem. If it went to deadline we just tracked it and the parts we ordered on the weekly paper DPR. That was easy. Then we had to get with the times and go computerized, and all hell broke loose. You should see the system I have to deal with now. MAXIMO makes MIMMS look like child’s play. The Govt will always find a way to phuck things up.
  10. And let’s take everyone’s guns from the Left. Same shit, different day.
  11. I finally got an appointment for my first shot. This Thursday 1200 at Walgreens. I’ve been stalking the CVS and Walgreens sites for a month.
  12. My solar panels paid for themselves. I went from $400 electric bills in the summer to $85 bills. $35 of that is the fee to be hooked up to the Arizona Public Service grid. In the Winter I only pay the hook up fee.
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