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  1. From an economic standpoint? Yes we are. But even there we are still kicking the can down the road with our debt issues.Everything else? Definitely not.
  2. I’ll take Duke. @NorCalCoug is next.
  3. That doesn't bode well for us then. The Lobos graduated most of their secondary, and they were a unit that wasn't very good to begin with.
  4. Colorado. My blind ass didn't see that FSU was already gone. Sorry about that. @SJSUMFA2013 you're still up.
  5. For Los Lobos defense is again the main concern. Can new DC Jordan Peterson get rid of the stink left by Cosgrove? If he can the Lobos should be able to win at least 6 games. If not, 3-9 here we come.
  6. I got Florida St. @SJSUMFA2013 is up.
  7. Yeah it's also crazy that we were never set up to be a direct democracy for many very good reasons. Don't like it? Organize, campaign, and fund a push to amend the Constitution.
  8. You had to have been sitting in a corner blowing yourself when God was issuing everyone a sense of humor.
  9. Yeah, “lost” can mean multiple things when it comes to this crazy idea.
  10. It started off as a joke, but now it’s taken off. I hope someone live streams this gaggle phuck. It should be pretty entertaining. Anyone want to come up with over/under on how many of these people end up getting lost in the desert?
  11. I think putting @retrofade in the same clown car as @Rocket and @Orange is highly unfair. He's probably one of the few true moderates on this board. I find myself agreeing with him about 40% of the time. The other two blithering idiots? 0%.
  12. That's pretty phucking funny! @SleepingGiantsFan has been a moderate voice on this board long before your Commie ass graced us with your presence. Massive Right Wing Tool is not how any of the long time posters would describe him. You just keep proving your Clown College education was wasted.
  13. For all the reasons already stated here and on numerous other threads. A Representative Republic ensures the minority doesn't get overrun by the majority. It gives states equal standing. Direct Democracy is nothing more than mob rule. The Framers may have been flawed men, but they weren't stupid.
  14. @Akkula, it figures you haven't backed up your statement about what I do or don't support. One more reason why no one takes you seriously around here. Thanks for playing, now go run away and hide from all the bad black rifles.
  15. Are you talking a 3D printed lower or an unfinished aluminum lower? Because they are two different things. Unfinished aluminum lowers are stamped with a serial # and you need to go through a background check to buy one. The lower receiver on an AR15 is the only part considered a firearm by ATF.