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  1. The irony of #metoo kills me. A good many people still see the hashtag as the pound sign. To us #metoo looks like poundmetoo.....
  2. sean327

    JOSH ALLEN - Lighting up the Vikings 17-0

    Has Josh instructed the Bills Mafia on the fine art of piss bomb construction yet?
  3. sean327

    OT: Oregon Fans

    Wyoming fans are not impressed. If you're not chucking piss bombs you're an amateur.
  4. sean327

    OT: Stay Classy, Oregon

    Ducks fans are amateurs. They need to send a delegation to Laramie to learn the ancient art of piss bomb construction.
  5. sean327

    Albuquerque Woman Suing Samsung for 1.8 Mil

    Yeah, they are a crappy source for most anything. And it looks like I fell for it. Phucking Russians!
  6. sean327

    Albuquerque Woman Suing Samsung for 1.8 Mil

    This where we need to reform the system. If you bring a crazy ass suit like this and lose, you should be on the hook for everyone's legal expenses. Do that and these cases grind to a halt.
  7. sean327

    Guilty until proven innocent

    Do you have any concerns with the holes in her story? Or are you one who suscribes to the notion that the accuser must be believed no matter what? At some point this idiotic notion is going to have Caitlin Jenner claiming Bruce fondled her for years.......
  8. Are people really this phucking stupid? Why are stupid law suits like this allowed to go forward? People shouldn't be allowed to benefit from their stupidity. https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/woman-sues-samsung-for-1-8m-after-cell-phone-gets-stuck-inside-her-vagina/
  9. sean327

    Guilty until proven innocent

    The only reason they want a female outside council to question her is to avoid the shit storm that will come from a bunch of old white dudes questioning her. You can't have it both ways.
  10. sean327

    One of the most savage political ads I've ever seen

    Paul Gosar is my Rep. He's brought the wrath of Phoenix and Tucson Democrats because he will not budge when it comes to the allocation of water. The big city Dems want more and more water at the expense of rural Arizona. The Yuma, Dome, Welton, Mohawk, Gila, and La Paz valleys produce the majority of winter produce in this country. Gosar has fought tooth and nail to keep the water that has been allocated to these areas from being siphoned off to Phoenix and Tucson. His Dem Challenger doesn't have a chance in this race. This district is mostly rural with a small portion of it in the western Phoenix suburbs. Those suburbs are dark red.
  11. sean327

    Guilty until proven innocent

    So you're cool with the idea that it's ok to crush a person's reputation for life because of an accusation so full of holes that not even Flex Seal can prevent it from sinking?
  12. sean327

    Guilty until proven innocent

    Why do you think she doesn't want to be questioned by a woman? Blues hit on one good point, but missed the main reason. If she is questioned by a woman the Commies won't be able to use the line that she was beat up by old, out of touch, white dudes. That mantra is very important to the militant wing of the Democratic Party. Without it this mess dies on the vine.
  13. sean327

    The Kavanaughcalypse

  14. sean327

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    I believe it also has a lot to do with how you were raised. The Republican Party attracted me when I was in high school. Jimmy Carter was an inept President, my Catholic upbringing shaped my view on abortion and I couldn't reconcile voting for a party that believes killing babies is ok with my religious beliefs. My time in the Marine Corps moved me toward being very Libertarian rather than Conservative. At no point in my life have I ever identified as a Liberal. There are many young people who are Conservatives or Libertarians. You can't group all younger voters into a single block.
  15. sean327

    The Kavanaughcalypse

    Question for all the Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists, or whatever the hell you guys call yourselves these days. Why is an Originalist being nominated to the Supreme Court so scary to you guys? Every one of you claim that the Constitution is the law of the land, so why do non "Living Document" judges make you curl up into the fetal position? If you want the Constitution changed, why not go through the process spelled out? Or is it just easier to subvert the Constitution by legislating from the bench?