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  1. sean327

    Fake Hate Crime

    New development. DA is charging him with a felony. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/20/entertainment/jussie-smollett-attack/index.html
  2. sean327

    Trump publically calling for a coup.

    He wasn't great either. He was a hair more effective than Carter.
  3. sean327

    Trump publically calling for a coup.

    I don't get the anger from your side on this. Maduro is purposely starving his own people. I'm not a Trump fan, but this one thing I agree with him on. Unfortunately Maduro has the generals in his pocket so the military won't do anything. Isolated units may turn on the govt, but the majority will stay put until 2 or more generals get their heads out of their asses. One less Commie regime in the World is a good thing. Anyone who doesn't see that probably has a hammer and sickle tattooed on their ass.
  4. sean327

    Trump publically calling for a coup.

    Yeah and????? The Venezuelan military needs to nut up and shit can that Commie Maduro. The fact that they can sit back and watch this Castro wannabe starve his own people is disturbing, but not as disturbing as you getting butthurt that the leader of the Free world is calling for Venezuelans to rise up and over throw a tin pot dictator.
  5. Private prisons. Private Military Contractors (PMCs) Education The proliferation of Shitty Pop Music stations
  6. sean327

    California’s a mess

    Exactly! I never use a straw at a restaurant, and the plastic bags are good for everything you stated and much more. They're great for holding greasy parts when you work on your vehicle. I also use them when I roast green chile. They are much better than paper bags.
  7. How? This is clearly unconstitutional. Congress has already appropriated this money for something else. The President can't just move money wherever the hell he wants to. He does have the power to declare an emergency, no one is debating that fact. He does not however have the Constitutional authority to appropriate funds for his dumbass emergency.
  8. I don't mind sitting on my patio drinking beer and watching the World burn, as long as the Constitution isn't going up in flames right along with it.
  9. Which to my limited knowledge leads me to believe taking this action is unconstitutional. I'm just an electronics engineer, so what do I know?
  10. I'm tired of watching both parties shit on the Constitution. At least the Dems are honest about their disdain for it. Republicans pay lip service and then wipe their asses with it. The Clown in Chief doesn't give a phuck about anything but his oversized ego. He's an idiot, but he's a dangerous idiot. It's time invoke the 25th Amendment.
  11. This one didn't vote for him in 2016, and I damn sure ain't voting for him in 2020
  12. Bullshit. I live and work on the border. It's nowhere near as bad as the loons like Hannity make it out to be. A wall won't stop a damn thing and anyone with half a brain knows it. The Pandora's Box that this opens up can't be closed. You can bet your ass that the next Dem President will use this to force batshit crazy gun control measures.
  13. sean327

    USS Hornet found

    Japan’s biggest blunder much like Germany was taking more territory than their logistical infrastructure could supply. The dustbin of history is full of commanders who over taxed their logistics, yet the same mistakes continue to be made.
  14. sean327

    Green New Deal