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  1. Arizona isn’t following California anywhere. Even liberal Arizonans hate California with a passion.
  2. Both parties are guilty of doing that and you know it. Both parties have blood on their hands. It’s the biggest reason why we have a perpetual stalemate in Washington. People who believe their party isn’t just as much of a problem as the other guy’s party are straight up clowns.
  3. The simple fact that they are your fellow Americans should be enough. You do realize that Puerto Rican’s just like Native Americans have a long history of military service. Proportionally they serve at a higher rate than white Americans. Puerto Rico deserves to be a state, they deserve equal representation.
  4. What many of fail to realize is there is a large segment of the population that is tired of both side’s shit, and all they want is to be left the hell alone to live their lives as they see fit. That segment grows everyday. I believe that it’s going to be sooner rather than later that a 3rd party becomes strong enough to challenge the tyranny of two party rule.
  5. We don’t kill prisoners. That was a stupid question.
  6. Josh Allen has impressed me since he’s been in the NFL. You can’t argue with the fact he’s improved every time he takes the field. The Bills don’t get in the playoffs last year without him.
  7. I find it sad that you leave the well being of yourself and your family in the hands of govt. I find it sad that you believe Americans shouldn’t have the means to defend themselves.
  8. I stand corrected. You learn something new everyday MWC Boarding!
  9. I really don’t care who is buying them. People are realizing that they can’t depend on the govt to keep them safe. And that’s a good thing. When seconds count, the cops are minutes away.
  10. ICE was here long before 9/11. I think you’re thinking Homeland Security. ICE was folded into DHS when it was formed
  11. There are estimates that 75% of all gun purchases since March were made by first time buyers.
  12. Mattis was never a political animal. I was very surprised when he accepted the appointment to be SecDef. I was glad he did it because I hoped he could temper Trump’s stupidity. Marines look at Mattis as second only to Chesty Puller. Those of us who had the pleasure to serve under him would crawl through Hell in a gunpowder suit for him.
  13. They’re equal if you go back and look at the shit they’ve said over the years, and recently. This poll is just as pointless as your last one. Just put one up asking Who’s the cleanest turd? and be done with it.
  14. I’ll never get the 1 hour and change back that I lost watching the first one, it’s a hard pass from me on a sequel.
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