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  1. El Donald -&- "Due Process"

    There was no due process for Hillary. The fix was in from day one. She blatantly mishandled classified info and walked. She should have been locked up.
  2. I don't doubt it because I was one of those unlucky Lance Corporals picked to do stupid dog and pony shows back in my younger days. I've experienced every bit of the suck that I put in my post. Phuck with a Marine's weekend and get back to me about how it went. Plus you won't catch me dead watching MSNBC.
  3. People probably died over this.

    Really phucktard? And you base this idiotic opinion on what? Every time I think you can't possibly say anything dumber than your previous dumbass comments you go and prove me wrong. It may not totally be your fault though, the years of breathing mosquito abatement chemicals may have killed all but the 3 brain cells you have left clanging around in that empty skull.
  4. This is a stupid idea on so many levels. First, the optics are terrible. Nothing says Tinpot Dictator better than a military parade. Most importantly you are going to piss off every junior enlisted man who is unlucky enough to be voluntold to do this dumb shit. Giving up a weekend for a phucking Dog and Pony show will not go over well with the Lance Corporal Underground. I can see the word getting passed down the chain going something like this. Pres: We will have a parade on 4 July at 0900. SecDef: Be formed up and ready to step off at 0800. MEF CG: Be formed up at 0700. Div CG: Be in formation by 0600. Bn CO: Form up at 0500, Company 1stSgt, Formation at 0430. Plt Sgt: Every swinging dick better be here no later than 0400. Squad Leader: You phuckers better be ready to go at 0330. The "Hurry and wait" factor for this goat rope will be insane.
  5. ISIS.....stronger or weaker? Does it matter?

    The people of Mosul would tend to disagree with your statement.
  6. Until you see the entire 3rd Marine Division boarding ships in Okinawa things are still status quo.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I find the outrage over Russian interference hypocritical. We've been doing it to other countries for decades. The Obama administration was open about it's interference in the Israeli election. And it's no secret that we also dicked around with the last couple of Russian elections. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see anyone messing with our elections, and I would like to see safeguards put in place that will mitigate any outside influence. But the outrage from the left is just funny as phuck to me, when they know full well we do it too.
  8. White House releases immigration framework

    Reagan did it in the 80's under assurances from Tip O'Neil that Border Security would be addressed. Reagan was duped.
  9. NFL rejects AMVET Superbowl ad

    This is a stupid argument. The NFL sets the terms on what it will or will not allow. I understand what these players are trying to get across with their protest. I just wish they had done it differently, but I will defend their right to protest even if the form of their protest upsets me.
  10. Damn, now that I think about it you could make a very good case against Jack for burglary, home invasion, and murder.
  11. Ridiculous public land grab

    What Blues is failing to mention is the fact that the public land the Navy wants to annex will still be open to the public for recreation. The only parts that will remain closed to the public are those that are already designated as ordnance impact areas. The land being acquired will not be used as impact areas. The Fallon Range is part of the Combined Tactical Training Ranges which also include the Barry M Goldwater West Bombing Range near Yuma AZ, The Pine Castle Range in Florida, Key West Range, Cherry Point Tactical Training Range in NC, and the Pacific Northwest Tactical Range in Aberdeen Washington. I work for the CTTR contract in Yuma, and I am currently involved with Fallon in planning for the use of the new land.
  12. $15 / Hour Minimum Wage

    You can't push the Skilled Trades route! Don't you know that Libs believe everyone should go to college? This has always been a good way to make a very good living, yet for some stupid reason we started pushing everyone into believing that the only way to make it was by getting a college degree. I made very good money as an electronics technician while I worked toward getting my Engineering degree. Hell I was happy as a tech, the only reason I became an engineer was because I was tired of working on other people's shitty designs. I acquired my skills as a mechanic and electronics tech in the military. I used the Post 9/11 GI Bill to get my degree. I would do it all over again without changing a thing.
  13. Partially true, this all could have been avoided in the first place had BYU not gotten butthurt over the fact that Utah got the call up to the big leagues and they didn't. Their butthurt lead to "The Project" which in turn signed the WAC's death warrant. The blame falls squarely on the Borg period.
  14. Tamale Season...

    Best time of the year! Unfortunately my wife hasn't mastered the art of making tamales so I have to find other sources. I have been known to buy tamales out of the trunk of some sketchy dude's car in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I bought 3 dozen from the trunk of a Dodge Neon on Christmas Eve. As usual they were pretty good! Trunk tamales are an Arizona tradition.
  15. Seriously? The UN is a toothless waste of taxpayer money. Their so called "Peacekeepers" have stood by on numerous occasions and allowed atrocities to be committed while they watched. Does Srebenica ring any phucking bells for you? Dutch UN Peacekeepers stood by as Serb militias murdered thousands of Bosnian Muslims and Croats. The same in Rwanda, The same in the Central African Republic, the list goes on and on. The UN doesn't do a damn bit of good for anyone. It should be disbanded forever.