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  1. In an alternate reality we may win...
  2. 24- 25 season.....if he stays, build around him.
  3. A win wouldn't matter anyhow....need to look at building for the 24-25 season when the expanded playoffs start.
  4. I see Tua has 56 yards at half . We've needed a rushing game all year.
  5. I suppose so....but I wouldn't let them know that. English are an arrogant bunch. Reminds me of covering the spread vs Boise teams....great result but not what is wanted.
  6. So, it's a 'moral' victory? I'm not a fan of moral victories...we're 'Murica dammit. From what I can gather, we need to beat Iran to make it to the next round..true?
  7. With the turkey shortage ....rabbits may be on the menu. How much does Stuart weigh?
  8. Grand Canyon won the WAC last year...hardly a cupcake.
  9. Boise by 20... and glad I don't live where I can walk down the street and bet anymore.
  10. Can one of you post a map of the Polish town (that got hit)and the nearest Russian forces? Trying to get a perspective... thanks in advance.
  11. Good game Boise...you guys looked prepared, we are on a rebuild, hopefully next time we can keep it close.
  12. Damn , hard-core maga R's gotta be rethinking......
  13. And if I remember correctly a positive debt ratio. We were running in the black. Not trillions in debt...
  14. Just a side thought....are we going to hear b***ching about the redistricting to favor Dems, countrywide?
  15. I ,obviously don't live in Reno anymore, but why don't you like Laxalt?
  16. To clarify, since it's been votr on senate,house,governors, etc. Honestly, I'm votrd out. I'll trust what you want to do.
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