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  1. I hope I live long enough to see your quote written this way ," I'm making no guarantee of X candidate victory, but Y candidate is nowhere close to having this wrapped up....because Z candidate is attracting more voters and the percentages are narrowing."
  2. I might have missed some thread somewhere. But how is Nevada going to fund it? I thought I read Nevada was going to be millions of dollars in the red, laid off lots of staff. No ticket/parking/concession or body bag payoff game. Like I said I might have missed an important part of the equation.
  3. If you do buy just keep in the back of your mind 'BOAT' means 'bust out another thousand'...its a true statement. They are like a trophy wife...good times and fun but the maintenance.......
  4. Great post. I'll simplify it some. Forests burn because trees are wood and wood is flammable. Homes made from wood and other flammable materials will burn. Fact. I'll take this a step further to my neck of the woods. Hurricanes. Homes made of wood disintegrate in high winds and ocean surge. Turns them into kindling. A home on Mexico Beach, not far from where I live, survived a Category 5 impact that was Hurricane Michael. It was built intentionally to survive. It was a test and the construction methods were outstanding. Pricey at first but worth it. Google Sand Pal
  5. There are members of the fairer and smarter sex who frequent this board. Keep that in mind in the future.
  6. Its Oklahoma's conference. I would have liked to see Iowa St. compete for the title.
  7. The three little dots in the upper right hand corner are your friend. Edit:^^^^^^
  8. Odds were against one happening anyway. Edit: At least you're trying.
  9. Yep, and I was seriously considering asking if I should upgrade from my disc camera and walkman.
  10. The Waste Management (mafia) here used to use jail inmates to pick through the recycling. It's become so cost ineffective, even using inmates, they scrapped the scrap a few years ago. The only recycling container they will put at a business is for cardboard, but if there is any amount of non cardboard trash in the container you pay a $180 contamination fee. Plus a $200 extra pick up fee, recycling truck won't pick it up, a regular trash truck has to.......
  11. As long you know he knows and we know that you know ...than all knows.
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