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    MWC boarding while the wifes asleep-keeps me out of trouble.

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  1. DestinFlPackfan

    Wolf Pack BB TV

    Exactly, nothing to crow about. ☺
  2. DestinFlPackfan

    Lobos Release Non Conference Basketball Schedule

    Obviously, playing shitty P5 schools in OOC didn't help St. Marys. It probably hurt them.
  3. DestinFlPackfan

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    I hope Allen has a better Super Bowl record than Kelly. Seriously.
  4. DestinFlPackfan

    Nevada golfer #1

    Cool. I'll have to check the weekly collegiate golf scores now. Honestly never paid much attention since the bluebloods of sports seem to dominate.
  5. DestinFlPackfan

    Wolf Pack BB TV

    That is always the question my friend. 😉 One game at a time.......
  6. DestinFlPackfan

    We should get rid of the AP poll

    College polls early in the season are just worthless click bait. Gives people something to brag about.
  7. DestinFlPackfan

    Show me where UCLA wins a game

    Here's another one for ya- MWC- is tops in returning production by conference at 66.5 % PAC 12 - 63.7 %. Not much difference. But still near the bottom of all conferences. The biggest difference is when you break it down by division - PAC 12 south is 56%. Fresno won a game they were supposed to win, congrats.
  8. DestinFlPackfan

    Let it go.....lest you......

    And never try to hold in a sneeze. The pressure creates a whirlwind effect in the brain cavity. Will scramble your brain. Or it might just come out your ass as a fart.
  9. Don't think this is a white grievance headline ...it's more of a language grievance . .Don't you think? The whole story is about not being able to speak English in an English speaking country working in a fast food drive thru- where people give/take orders and such in the native language.
  10. DestinFlPackfan

    Question for Mugtang

    "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."- Mark Twain
  11. DestinFlPackfan

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    Wyoming could sure use him back.
  12. DestinFlPackfan

    Show me where UCLA wins a game

    Saw a stat the other day that UCLA has @72% underclassmen on the team. There was only one or two other teams in the country higher. Not a Kelly or UCLA fan here, but that many unproven and untried athletes in competition is going to add to up to a lot if losses. I'm willing to bet this team will be upper PAC 12 in two years.
  13. DestinFlPackfan

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    Holy +++++ my shit worked. .........
  14. DestinFlPackfan

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    Is there kicker named Brotsman by chance?