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  1. This is way over their heads....remember third grade level writing, third grade level.
  2. Props to Hawaii...who needs SEC money anyway.
  3. That's interesting. Edit: I took a minute to process your post before responding. I think that's not the case here. I personally ( not heresay) know of two restaurants, a veterinary clinic and seafood supply company that have closed temporarily in the last TWO days because of Covid. The employees of all these places have been working 6 days a week , 10-12 hours per day. No time for them to go somewhere and bring it back. The states bordering us are the least vaccinated in the country. That's the only thing I can pin this on.....need to minimize stuff here in Florida like
  4. Myself and thousands of others who live and work here...would be absolutely giddy about shutting doors the for a few weeks. We've been beat to death with assholes who've got a chance to leave their homes for a vacation and are taking their frustrations out on us. +++++ 'em for awhile. Get the shot adjust your attitude and then come back....maybe.
  5. Just got word today from corporate...masks mandatory starting tomorrow morning, regardless of vaccination status. F***ing unvaccinated from surrounding states have jacked our numbers sky high. Ugh.
  6. That's a valid question. I would venture the Big 12 doesn't want to have that conversation... with any team. Because it would be a hard NO. Can you imagine if BiG 12 were courting some teams and they were told Nope you can't have a piece of that pie...wait until 2025?
  7. As of 8:41 pm CST. I dont think the Big 12 will add anyone. They have +/- 160 million coming from OU/Texass. The remaining dont want to split with any newcomers. They can sit on the current contract plus the buyout by those two until 2025. At that point they'll need to look...actually they'll be looking beforehand but why give up that cash until the contract expires?
  8. We can't even stop the intentional genocide of fellow races in Chicago.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong....but wasn't that what Trump threatened? Cut funding ,etc and the democratic Gov did the same.
  10. Yep. Should have started sweeping the forest floors like Trump said.
  11. Mr. Lindell, I bought two of your pillows. A king size and a standard size. They did not live up to your claim. They are no better or worse than many other pillows. Just status quo as pillow comfort is a unicorn. Lost my receipts....so I can't return them. But, I will put them to good use. I will donate them to the nearest animal shelter. However, I will have said shelter sign a release for any undo harm your pillows cause shelter animals.
  12. The Indian head nickel comes to mind. Cool mint. And I agree with the Washington logo...nothing wrong IMO. The name Redskins is where I have an issue and it's gone so it is what it was.
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