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    MWC boarding while the wifes asleep-keeps me out of trouble.

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  1. DestinFlPackfan

    Caravan stopped in its tracks?

    You tell us, you're on the front lines. Heard any air raid sirens?
  2. DestinFlPackfan

    UNLV at SDSU

    Holy shit another great RD run by the rebs Edit. Nm
  3. DestinFlPackfan

    UNLV at SDSU

    Pick rebs. Game over
  4. DestinFlPackfan

    UNLV at SDSU

    2 pt conv 3point lead
  5. DestinFlPackfan

    UNLV at SDSU

  6. DestinFlPackfan

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    Im starting to feel sorry for the QB Hill. He's got no help.
  7. DestinFlPackfan

    UNLV at SDSU

  8. DestinFlPackfan

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    That's what I was thinking. CSU playing possum. Vellly dangerous.
  9. DestinFlPackfan

    Fresno @ Boise

    Holy shit....
  10. DestinFlPackfan

    Fresno @ Boise

    WTH are you talking about?
  11. DestinFlPackfan

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    Don't believe this^^^^. It's exactly what Boise fans want you to think their grandma's are like. It ain't true I tell ya...
  12. DestinFlPackfan

    Fresno @ Boise

    Outsiders pick here. Boise 27 Fresno 24.
  13. DestinFlPackfan

    Fresno @ Boise

    Love a N.Y. strip...but lots of butter? Unless you meant stripper and lots of butter, then I concur.
  14. DestinFlPackfan

    Nevada is a weird place

    Have you ever read 'The Stand' ?
  15. DestinFlPackfan

    Game Thread: 2018 US Midterm Elections

    From what I was hearing on the radio driving home from work, the midterm numbers around the country are higher.