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  1. Come live in my brain. I have tinnitus , ringing never stops. Also , I'll have random songs playing in my head. I know the ' music' isn't from an outside source and usually it's a song I haven't heard in a long time. I'm thinking my brain is trying to cover up the ringing by drowning it with perceived music OR those metal fillings I got in my teeth as a kid are acting as a receiver for some random radio station that plays hits from every era of music.
  2. I don't understand the need to 'label oneself' politically or idealogicly. I guess it comes to the ' teams and shit' category. We are all not the same . Regardless of affliation.
  3. My father died of colon cancer at 43. While he was at home on his last weeks, body was decimated from chemotherapy. my little brother had a friend who lost his legs and was wheelchair bound because of a car accident. He smoked pot to help his mental and physical pain. He would not take the pills prescribed to him. Long story short, he came over to my families house, rolled a joint ( my dad was from the Reefer Madness era) and my dad , in front of my mother my brother and his friend ....took some tokes. According to my mother and brother. ..it wasn't about 5 or 10 minutes later and he said for the first time in months ' I'm hungry'. He started to get up out of bed and seemed like he was somewhat himself. I wrestle with the fact that had marijuana been approved, would my dad have had a punchers chance in fighting the effects of chemotherapy.
  4. There have been , I think four , preventions of mass shootings this week or so. And all have been because of the ' see something , say something' mantra that is starting to gain ground. NSA collecting data hasn't stopped many as far as I know. But I'm not learned on the subject. It seems some of the past shooters have been 'on the FBI or NSA radar' but yet were still able to obtain weapons and do what they did. It seems, lately anyways, it takes balls from family members, friends and coworkers to 'out' someone whois making threats. No more of ' my boyfriend mentioned he wanted to do X, my son didn't seem the same lately, very angry and hateful , but I didn't think they/he was serious. Are we becoming a country who is no longer ignoring signs of potential harm to others?
  5. Several times a week fits nicely with everyday. But not more than once a day. ­čśü
  6. That's funny but you do realize boomers have been paying into social security their entire working lives right?
  7. Well......if the pharmacist said to stop using it.....STOP using it. Deal with the eczema until you get the the topical. No brainer.
  8. I'm part Native American ....Good luck NSA reading my smoke signals. I'm going off grid.
  9. The reason I asked the question was because my sister-in-law is an educator in Northern California, she shared some of the same frustrations when dealing with co-workers and the lack of support. She has told my wife and I she wants to leave the union as well. She has a great heart and a talent for teaching. I wish you the best.
  10. We had it prescribed for our cat who had a kidney issue. The cat wasn't acting 'normal'....got a second opinion from another vet who said stop. We did ....and cat got back to normal. Don't know if this helps but we won't ever give it to our little buddy again.
  11. If I may make an assumption. ..you're employed and ' governed ' by the teachers union in California.
  12. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!!!!
  13. You are experiencing something almost all of us on this board cannot truly comprehend. Some can /will probably say ' it doesn't matter because their parents broke the law '. Screw 'em they get what the law says they deserve. Others will say ' but , wait it's not the kids fault, give them and their parents who are working here and supporting our economy a chance '. You are on the front lines of an ideological battle. I have three family members who are teachers....I empathize with you and them. They, like you, try their damndest to keep their personal philosophies from the curriculum. Good luck and I applaud you.