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    MWC boarding while the wifes asleep-keeps me out of trouble.

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  1. DestinFlPackfan

    Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl

    Another example of someone not knowing what they're talking about. SEC fans are not fly by night MWC fans . The alumni base of Florida would travel to Vegas in a heartbeat. They have money. It seems the perception is the schools in the south are less wealthy or not as big of fans as the teams fans from the west. They are as wealthy and there are a helluva lot more of them. As a Nevada fan, I'm telling you guys you need to get your heads out of the sand. We are being left behind and it's happening faster than you might want to admit. Our conference mates own city is relegating us to second tier ( if they are that noble), they will choose to take a school from 2000 miles away over one of ours now. Vegas knows how to market and make money.
  2. DestinFlPackfan

    Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl

    I can tell you haven't paid attention to where I live. In SEC /ACC country. When this was announced the sports programs I listen to blew up with excitement. They all know it's not going to be a top tier team going , hell, they go to bigger bowls, it's what SEC does. BUT, the chance to go to Vegas and root for your #7 team pre-Christmas is FAR more exciting to those fans than driving a couple hundred miles to another lame ass bowl. They'll spend the kids Christmas money on tickets and rooms. You have no idea how this potential game has hit a nerve with the 'lower level' SEC FAN. If fan reaction on the radio -and trust me- if you've never heard SEC centric radio programs you wouldn't understand the passion, are any indication, the game in Vegas will be well attended by the SEC. The PAC12? I'm not sure.
  3. DestinFlPackfan

    Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl

    No SEC fans will travel to Vegas? Dude, you're clueless. Any SEC representative will pack the stadium and the casinos. They travel exceptionally well.
  4. That was my point. If Dems want to beat Trump in 2020 they gotta up the game. Russian backed 'advertising' probably have swayed some votes, contrary to the report today. But it couldn't have had anymore affect than the endless mudslinging ads we've seen for years.
  5. This is exactly what was said about Obama after his election. No way was he going to get elected again. Certain 'Rs' made it their mandate. But he did. The snarky politics on both sides pisses people off overall.
  6. DestinFlPackfan

    Lil' Kim Gives Dear Cheeto a....

    I have no reason to believe his skills will transfer to his current position. Current performance is not giving me reason to have hope in future worldly negotiations. I hope I'm wrong. I believe in America and our strength. And as you stated previous admins haven't done extremely well, but none have been willing to put the dogshit in a bag , drop it on an allies porch light it on fire, ring the door bell and stand on the sidewalk as they stomp on the bag. Then laugh and say ' yes, I did it' what are you going to about it.
  7. Could that be by design? Anecdotal comment: my wife's mother is German her father is American, he says 'tongue in check ' , never give a German a gun.
  8. DestinFlPackfan

    Lil' Kim Gives Dear Cheeto a....

    Negotiating for his best interests, You are correct. That's how they become billionaires.
  9. DestinFlPackfan

    We’re in a full blown trade war

    Remember the 'Golden Parachutes ' they had/have. They make more money getting fired than most will make in a lifetime.
  10. DestinFlPackfan

    Catch and Release....

    I haven't read anyone mentioning chastity belts. Keeps them from breeding.
  11. DestinFlPackfan

    We’re in a full blown trade war

    I know plenty of educated people who are total fools.
  12. DestinFlPackfan

    OT: Tour de France 2018

    Greg Lemond. I'll just leave that here.
  13. DestinFlPackfan

    Has there ever been a better MWC basketball team

    Wrastlin is fake basketball is real.
  14. DestinFlPackfan

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    People just arguing over the correct term for things we eat with four legs. Ya know, normal MWC boarding.
  15. DestinFlPackfan

    Ranking the Best MWC Game Each Week

    Yep. Must be a monetary agreement. Mugs all about the scrilla. 😊