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    MWC boarding while the wifes asleep-keeps me out of trouble.

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  1. Yep been at work. Can't play much during work. My picks will probably all be around this time of night. Just a heads up. I'll take Texas Longhorns. @bigd your up.
  2. Guess they figured out that crop circles are to confusing for us. The star fleet symbol...we understand l
  3. Dude, don't start the time thing on day one, you're going to be one frustrated attention deficit whatever by the time we're done. Just chill bro. It'll all work out.­čśë
  4. Checking in...,glad we got a few days to get our 'research ' done.
  5. Guess this is a lesson going forward. No need to deify someone by making statues, etc.
  6. What's your take on Ancient Aliens?
  7. My two pesos. ...I liked not having Trump related topics dominating the OT board. I don't post a lot but I do visit frequently. Another board I frequent has a side politics board that gets nasty at times but it's all confined there. Mug, you've made good decisions in the past with this board ....go with your gut feeling.
  8. Good lord. VEGAS selling their soul (what's left of it ) to the devil again. Your city never ceases to bewilder me. Your own city shuns your school and conference with glee. Perplexing how a UNLV fan can be proud......
  9. Thanks for doing this. I appreciate it.
  10. Another clipboard carrying QB from Boise...whoooohoooo.