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    MWC boarding while the wifes asleep-keeps me out of trouble.

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  1. DestinFlPackfan

    John Wayne will not be hosting the Oscars

    Wayne was such an anti-communist that Stalin is rumoured to have thought about putting a hit on him. John Wayne was not a dick...he was a red blooded American.
  2. DestinFlPackfan

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    If the refs let it go this way I'm fine. Start busting the paint.
  3. DestinFlPackfan

    The Gun Debate....let's do this!

    Honest question blues...how does one identify eye dominance and how is it corrected? I'm ambidextrous. Can shoot the eye out of a squirrel from 100 yards with a .22 rifle but not super accurate with a pistol.
  4. DestinFlPackfan

    #6 Nevada @ San Diego State

    Not MWC but..... UNC taking a big dump on Duke right now and I'm loving it.
  5. DestinFlPackfan

    AOC with Probably Her Dumbest Statement Yet

    And ph starting a thread mocking dumb statements. Gotta be a full moon.
  6. DestinFlPackfan

    #7 Nevada @ Wyoming

    Can't agree with the announcer who said Nevada would be 5th if we were in the ACC.
  7. DestinFlPackfan

    #7 Nevada @ Wyoming

    Nasty elbow by Wyo.
  8. DestinFlPackfan

    OT: Babies!

    We're DINKs as well...And happy as hell.
  9. DestinFlPackfan

    #7 Nevada @ Wyoming

    I think the altitude is affecting Wyoming.
  10. DestinFlPackfan

    California’s a mess

    And to add to your list. I haven't bought a box of 'trash bags' in over 6 years.
  11. He's fat on top of muscle. No doubt. Our vet uses a tranq gun to put his ass out before getting his yearly shots. Ever heard a lion roar in the wild ? Me neither but next time I break out the carrier for a vet visit ...I'll tape it. It's the scariest damn thing I've ever heard from an animal that lays on your lap. ( until my legs go numb ). Google maine coon cat. You'll see its his natural size.
  12. That's only twice the size of my house cat. He's a cross between asshole and mountain lion. I think I'd be able to choke him out if it came to a death match. Wouldn't rank for bragging rights tho. The dude wasn't Chuck Norris for christsakes. 😊
  13. DestinFlPackfan

    Qatar “unwittingly” loans Jared Kushner a billion bucks

    Is it just me or ....is the address ...umm ...disconcerting?