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    MWC boarding while the wifes asleep-keeps me out of trouble.

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  1. I'll be damned. Like @mugtang how did I miss this....
  2. Hope no one tests positive. Curious as to why she would self-quarantine at a hotel?
  3. For some reason it won't let me. No biggie. And not repeating what you read is sound thinking. Too many sharks in these waters....no need to chum for them.­čśĚ
  4. I'm not a Post subscriber. Cliff Notes version, if you please?
  5. If that's you ....gotta spill on comments from the Boise side..know you heard some good stuff.
  6. That was fun...thanks Mug for the link. I was there and froze my happy ass off. ...as were many of you. Remember how the butthurt was off the charts. ..grannys getting pushed and spit on started because of this game. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Boise fans.
  7. And there will be much hand wrenching and gossip among those from Vegas as they try select a leader...
  8. This is how my brain is working right now......anti-maskers got me thinking about antifa.. which got me thinking about the masks they wear ...which got me thinking I wonder if those snoflakes are wearing the same masks out and about now....which got me thinking, if they are, they'll be easier to identify to law enforcement in those areas....
  9. Aaaaaaand he told the owners....' Find a way to get Brady and the Bucs in the gotdam playoffs'.....
  10. Paint/stain/treat the rest of your fence to match the one 4x4. It sticks out like a turd in a punch bowl.
  11. We just went to two team pods. Chief engineer, guest services manager, 2 maint techs and 2 guest service agents on one pod. Me ( engineering supv.), 2 maint techs and 2 guest service agents on the other. Each pod works separate days. Minimizes contact. All guests remaining at our properties have until April 1st to leave. Thankfully there are only a handful who've decided to stay. After April 1st....I don't know.
  12. That my friend is what we in hurricane country call 'the cone of uncertainty '.
  13. The Adult store here had more cars in the parking lot than I've ever seen.