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    Studying the patterns of our Alien visitors. To Serve Man ..is my guide book.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. What's your opinion of Prohibition?
  2. Will be in St.Augustine on Sunday and Monday. Any recommendations for restaurants that may have stone crab?
  3. Yep...but only one day. Latinos and Blacks get a month. Guess it's TRUE...the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Edit: LGBTQ gets a month as well. Natives are forgotten and ignored.
  4. We got an Indigenous Peoples day last week.
  5. I've never thought I hated slow people until now. Quite a mind slam. Thanks for helping my reformation. But, one question, do I NOT get pissed at cars going slow in the fast lane?
  6. Wait..what ? Please explain my wokeness, I've had a long stressful day at work. Much appreciated.
  7. Nope..slow is umm acceptable now a days.
  8. Hmm. Interesting. So the best odds according to the FPI of two losses is Nevada. Or am I reading this wrong.
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