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  1. Married with Children is the GOAT.....mic drop....
  2. Sorry to see ya step down, you helped me in many ways over the years. If you're ever down my way...I've got you and yours covered.
  3. I wonder if privately owned companies should work better with the Feds on things like this. Look at the shutdown of that company in Texas that could not provide what people paid for during this winter's freeze. Not a big fan of Government in everything but a maybe a little relationship on things that directly affect our lives might be prudent.
  4. Had to get started at some point.
  5. Back in the day I thought it would be fun to go to one those all-inclusive clothing optional resorts in Jamaica. After the first few hours it wasn't what I had hoped it would be...spent 4 days trying to NOT look at people.
  6. The Patriot part of your post is why I'm posting. A few weeks ago I was walking out of a local grocery store and was taking off my mask. A dude walks up to me and said ' If you're a Patriot, you wouldn't have a mask'. I looked at him and said ' is the FBI looking for you?...he paused and asked why would they...I responded ' only Patriots stormed the Capitol ,right?.....he backed away with nothing to say. Stay the +++++ outta my business and I'll stay outta yours.
  7. What's the Pawn value? Asking for a friend.
  8. Hope the rest of you called your Mothers..if they are still alive. Luckily mine is still with me. Had Covid and now has fluid in her lungs....she's tough and I love her.
  9. I believe it was Nikita Krutshkev (sp?) Who wrote that had it not been for the military and food supplies the US provided ..Russia would have not been able to beat the Germans. Please do a quick Google search on the Lend-Lease act and its history. You'll see my point.
  10. The only thing Russia did was provide millions of soldiers. We gave them 11.3 billion dollars worth of military supplies ( planes, ships ammo,etc) in the Lend-Lease act . It was from 1941-1945. The idea was for us to lend them the military hardware and they'd give it back. Obviously, we jumped in full scale when Japan made their fatal mistake. Could the Soviets have beaten Germany without our Lend? Perhaps, but it would have taken alot longer. We, the US , defeated Hilter by ' Lending ' Russia the weapons it needed.
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