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    MWC boarding while the wifes asleep-keeps me out of trouble.

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  1. In my humble opinion it needs to be at least 24 hours. Also, I didn't even receive a notice this started @mugtang might want to look into it....I discovered it by chance.
  2. Trump money....it's raining Trump money. Just hold out your hand. I hope they give it back, like others have done.
  3. Wait....what?!.... @BSUTOP25 you've got some 'splainin to do.....
  4. Everyday makes me wonder more and more if we aren't part of a comedy/drama that's getting great ratings on a far off planets version of Netflix.
  5. I'd never intentionally run over some one just cause they were being assholes, I've wanted to on the highways maaaaaannnnnyyyy times. (but didn't obviously )....but in your scenario if a mob of people were damaging my Jeep intent on harming me just because I happened to be on the same street as them ...well..it's four wheel Rubicon time. Let's lawyer up. People have the right to defend themselves.
  6. Nope, not at all. Let his descendents decide his place in history.
  7. This seems so surreal. Any other year I'd have had research up the wazzoo by now.
  8. Agreed. But you are responsible for your caveman actions while MWC boarding now...I'd hate to see some great,great grandson of yours come here in the future and make the same proclamation. ☺
  9. I don't see Mickey Mouse in the title. He should be there....he's gotten lots of votes in the past....maybe it's his year.
  10. If I remember correctly. .the same could be said for our president. Didn't he threaten the republican committee with ' if you don't nominate me , I'll run as an independent '...or something along those lines?
  11. I used to be on the old CBS Sports message boards in the 90's. But, to your question: My girlfriend thinks I'm day trading on the stock market making bank and my wife thinks I'm talking to my girlfriend.
  12. I'm sitting on my balcony as I type this...I've got fireworks going off all along the beach to my right.....to my left I have lightening and thunder. Don't know how I should feel...... Grabs another beer and says God loves America, he's giving me a show too.
  13. Worked all freaking day.......but it's double time pay. Now, Enjoying some strong IPA's..and chili dogs.
  14. If he's from Niger he could probably give me some good tips on where to stay. If he's not, and ignorant on world geography ( such as you) , I'd duck on the first punch ...counter with an uppercut , all while pulling up the country of Niger and the proximity of the park. ..next to the Niger river on my handy mobile device. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  15. If you were a Viking chick I might like you more.