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  1. Me ...insulting? You must be from the Donk country crowd. It oozes from your posts. Butt hurt when dissed is the usual sign. So, your bet is exactly what? That your game against ND will be one of the three highest rated non playoff games? Son, please....lets put your bravado on test here. If your game against ND is the HIGHEST rated non playoff game ever ....you have a bet. And to answer your question about who most of the nation will be rooting for......honestly.. neither of you. College football fans nationwide hate Notre Dame ( for a myriad of reasons) and really dislike Boise. Not because of their program...football fans respect winners...but fans like you rub the rest of the nation the wrong way......it's wasn't that long ago that your Donk country was as bad as the UCF fans now....keep that in mind.
  2. Jerry Palm at CBS Sports has ND playing Virginia. .....And Boise playing Georgia....... Boise fans Georgia over Notre Dame or vice-versa?
  3. Biggest surprise for me is my New Mexico State pick. I got them last. Couldn't believe they were not picked. Figured they'd get 6-7 wins easy. But what do they do so far.....nadda, zilch, nothing...
  4. Just a quick comment before i go on my beer run... (aka bathroom) isn't the non bolded part at the end ....whataboutism?
  5. Shepard just quit. And Trump is doubling his efforts on Wallace. There will soon be no voice on Fox other than those that are approved by trump.
  6. I'm being lazy. What's so good about Hulu?
  7. Whoa, wait a damn minute. I get the excuse to buy a cordless sawzall for (ummm) kitchen use? This spatchcocking is getting better and better
  8. I've always been of the opinion that there are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere between.
  9. No doubt. Procedures like you mentioned are in place for a reason. But poor old James Smith is going to have to question why he called the cops. No one should ever have to do that.
  10. The guys on this site have no idea how hard it is to get an alligator to use a beer bong.
  11. Not trying to get in the way of your argument. ...but why did James Smith call the cops? He saw door open and lights on..ummm....means someone was home and enjoying the cooler nighttime temps..maybe. Cops overreacted according to the article.but should they have ever been called in the first place. ......
  12. Guest my ass....if youre willing to post here and take a poke at someone ...get your lube cause you're getting initiated. And who the f**k are you? (Sock) Sorry, I forgot my manners. Welcome to the board. Your opinions and participation are valued and encouraged. Hope you enjoy your experience and please..be sure to tell all your friends . We have a generous happy hour menu on Tuesday's and the ever popular ...Trivia Night on Thursdays.
  13. "Ratings almost equal to the playoffs. ....most of the nation will be rooting for us"....sweet baby Jesus , I love it when the potato Borg show their ass this early in the season.
  14. Great job....gives me more fodder for smack talking the SEC fans here.