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    MWC boarding while the wifes asleep-keeps me out of trouble.

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  1. But you put all three out....even dropping Hobo piss.. you let the cat out of the bag.
  2. Sometimes you can seem down right miserable... ..need a hug ?
  3. But doesn't the decision from the HC to allow the OC to go into 'sleep mode' fall on his shoulders?
  4. After doing some research we found out that in Texas, the Right of Survivorship, is in play. My mom will get ownership of her house in two weeks. Minus a $450 fee.........there's always a damn fee.
  5. You can now buy replacement pokers. When I broke mine back in the day you were screwed.
  6. My most humble apologizes @thelawlorfaithful.
  7. Sorry I didn't specify a state, didn't think about probate being state specific. My mother lives in Texas. Thanks Joe.
  8. My stepfather died recently. He and my mother were married for 27 years. Lived in the same house the whole time. Come to find out, my mom's name is not on the deed. The issue is going to probate. Any advice or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I might be wrong but I was thinking the same thing in the UNLV game, Raiders stadium, and the unis looked a little like the White raiders gear.
  10. They're just showing how good they are.....Will probably not make the shot again....but, had the skill to think it through and execute.
  11. They must not know Convert well. He thrives on people calling him out.
  12. Maybe NASCAR truck events are........more..........popular then potato Borg vs the Borg.
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