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  1. Very interesting. My experience with Nevada athletics was one of which sport I preferred to buy season tickets. It was football for me....the previous seasons results didn't matter. I loved Aults offensive schemes and hated his defense. But the games win or lose where fun to watch. Basketball and baseball were a game by game decision on tickets.
  2. Just a bit early....but it'll happen in second half
  3. Oh yes he'll be a hit in Starkvegas. I agree with your timeline as well. Leach will be the alter ego of Saban. SEC talk show honks are about to have endless sound bites.
  4. "Never get involved in a land war in Asia."
  5. Good job. I've got an Associate Degree in Business management, a diploma in Communications, numerous certifications and a Masters degree in life experience. I have a great job ...work for a very giving organization. Still, at age 52, I'm pursuing a degree in Emergency Management. Doesn't matter how long it takes or the 'degree title' but the fact you want to stay engaged.
  6. That's why experience is the key. Those with experience teach and mentor but culling that experience is foolhardy.
  7. "IN MOST CASES Replace with better younger employees. ...." LMAO.
  8. Happy New Year from Destin Florida MWC Board peeps. Remember, tonight's amateur night. ...Don't be an amateur!
  9. Yep...I guess he'd be working with superior offensive talent at Boise. Good move.
  10. Yep...my take is we sucked. ..then didn't suck.....then sucked again.......repeat.