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  1. Coming into this thread, seeing it, and leaving. Arroyo sucks. Oregon's offense got better when he left.
  2. It's games like this that might make you think "Scott Frost can do it, he'll turn the corner" and then you realize Oklahoma almost lost to Tulane and they're just not that good.
  3. Boise just doesn't seem to understand...
  4. My favorite player growing up, still has the quickest release in NFL history, though Rodgers is up there. I can only imagine his stats in today's game.
  5. If they could get Stoops, that's a huge coup.
  6. Watching the Peyton and Eli show, Eli needs to lighten up. He's acting like Charles should know everything about football. I know he's trying to be playful, but he's a different mold than Peyton and Cooper. Though, he would probably be better as an analyst than Peyton.
  7. When was the last time USC was "truly" a contender? 2008? Before the rise of Oregon? And Oregon themselves have fallen from that precipice. I don't know, maybe it's a Pac 12 thing, where only one team can truly be a good team. Either way, Clay Helton being out isn't a surprise.
  8. I got to tell you, watching this OSU vs Oregon game, I don't think OSU is a top 5 team. Even if they come back and win this game, this first half hasn't shown them to be the same caliber they have been the last few years under Day.
  9. Yeah, this is a big miss, and does call into question his recruiting ability. Hopefully he can coach up lesser players. Well see where we are at in four or five years.
  10. Douchy fanbase? You mean, the fanbase that responds to posters like you that troll and then pretend you're not? UNLV thread, comes in and talks shit, gets someone to talk shit back, "you guys are a douchy fan base" surprised Pikachu face.
  11. From 2000 to 2007: 2000- No one 2001- Francisco Pena, Ruben Tejada 2002- No one 2003- Randall Grichuk, Brady Rodgers, Devon Travis, 2004: Jurickson Profar, Christian Bethancourt, Michael Conforto, Randall Grichuk, Jonathan Schoop. 2005- Max Moroff, Andrew Stevenson 2006- Gavin Cecchini, Jace Fry, Scott Kingery. 2007- Cody Bellinger So they average about one a year, give or take. From experience, the good players don't usually play little league, they find other leagues that are more challenging. Like the two best players in the tournament this
  12. Makes sense, considering he was playing with 14 year olds until the regionals. He's good. I usually pick one player a year that I "bet" on to make it, and this kid was the easy decision this year. His mirroring of Chris Sale is great. Though, I do think Hawaii is going to win the whole thing, considering their best player isn't even there with them in Williamsport and they're still great.
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