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  1. Jersey Rebels

    Sorry guys

    I'd like a refund for the lost day. Should I expect it in the mail or do I have to speak to the manager?
  2. Jersey Rebels

    Question for Mugtang

    Damn straight, that's why I can say +++++ you without worry about you skimping me on my taxes. Hypothetically, of course.
  3. Jersey Rebels

    UTEP at UNLV

    Good game. One win down, five to go until UNLV is bowling.
  4. Jersey Rebels

    OT: LeSean McCoy - NSFW Warning!

    She's already changed the story to McCoy hiring people to beat the girlfriend, who is his ex-girlfriend, so stay skeptical until the facts are totally out there.
  5. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Not worth it, man, enjoy your day.
  6. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    I won't be moving anything. I expected 18-20 wins last year, said that in the first game thread last year and got lambasted by fans who said "I see more talent on this team than any other team in the league." So...nice try. And this year, I've already voiced my complaints about the schedule, again, so not moving shit. If he doesn't get 20 wins with this schedule, he should be fired, yes. Again, all I see is you spouting about moral victories. They played hard and he didn't lose the team! You don't want or can't handle people voicing their opinion and "be a detractor"? Then don't post. There's a reason why I didn't original quote you: because you're free to have and voice your opinion, just like I am, just like RR can, RoseGreen, just like PH can. See you in a year when you come up with the same tired out excuses. And your idiot emoji reactions has zero effect on me. You can literally go to everyone of my posts and leave it, I don't give a shit.
  7. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Literally the definition of moral victory. We lost, but they played their hearts out! 5 losses, four of which were by double digits, one of which by nearly 40 points. But they played hard...
  8. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Close this thread up, UNLV is now a school that only counts moral victories. Give Marvin his extension, he was 27-3 when it comes to moral victories last year.
  9. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Schedule sucks. If it's like this next year, Menzies needs to go for that reason alone.
  10. Jersey Rebels

    Updated the UNLV Logo

    Wait, did you change the color of the reds, too?
  11. Jersey Rebels

    Updated the UNLV Logo

    I like the logo. Perhaps a little too much black and not enough gray/silver for my taste, but I like how the hat sort of resembles mountains and the Las Vegas star doesn't seem too out of place. Do you have the one without the feather so I can compare them better? I remember it, but not too well.
  12. Jersey Rebels

    McCoy goes undrafted

    Dave Rice would have gotten him picked first overall.
  13. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV recruiting

    Right one. Mississippi State is the bulldogs.
  14. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV recruiting

    I was responding to the absurd idea that he deserves an extension for winning 20 games. He hasn't shown shit to deserve an extension except have the same problems that Rice did. Prove something, then talk about an extension. If he doesn't get 20 wins this year, what then, it's another learning year? But 2019's the year! Oh, we didn't win then either. 2020! 2021! 2022! Prove something, then get an extension. If you think he has proven something, that is fine, but I do not. And others do not, as well. No reason to insult people and call them retards for disagreeing with what you think. Understand what people are actually saying. I am not saying to fire him. He has five years to prove himself, that's fair. He's on year three.
  15. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV recruiting

    Funny how our standards have seemingly fallen. People wanted Rice out before he started losing, myself included, even though he was winning 20 games a season. And now 20 wins will be peachy enough to get an extension. Go figure.