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  1. Yes, UNLV has been a loser with one less sweet sixteen appearance since 1991 than Reno, we get it. Know who is else is a loser? You. Your desperate attempts of trolling are terrible. Seriously, let up and go outside. There's a difference between rivalry trolling, which is fine and worthwhile, and being an incessant +++++ing loser like you are.
  2. Riker in the "Best of Both Worlds" episodes. Fight me.
  3. Nah, man, he meant three more wins, yes, but he didn't explain where those three wins will be: in the tournament, when UNLV punches their ticket to the Elite 8!
  4. Only teams (rivals) I give a shit about in order of giving a shit: Football: UNR, BYU, and Hawaii. UNLV should play these teams every year. Basketball: UNR, BYU, SDSU, and Arizona. UNLV should play these teams every year. Everyone else can +++++ right off.
  5. Say no more. I'll reveal the name for you. WELCOME DAVE RICE!
  6. Man, Musselman moves quick. His twitter is already Razorback shit.
  7. Chris Beard going to the championship game.
  8. Wait, where is that? haha I haven't been on a campus tour since I graduated, I have no idea where that is.
  9. Billy Gillespie got fired at Kentucky under a memorandum of understanding.
  10. qwelish and BestintheWest going after each other.
  11. Nah, I think he'd still be here this year. Now after this year, assuming nothing catastrophic happened, I think he'd be out. UCLA would have come calling.