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  1. Yup, was going to say the 2001-2008 Fordham logo is the best.
  2. Speak for yourself. You like Reno. That's something I cannot co-exist with, I'm sorry.* *Kidding, you can always buy some toilet paper from me at a discount, Mug.
  3. Indeed, the sub-.500 Tyrone Willingham, who couldn't even win at two schools with rich, good to great football history, and has had a grand total of four good seasons in 14 seasons of coaching is the answer to the perennial loser/underachiever UNLV.
  4. With what Quanis says throughout, I doubt he's actually changed his perspective all that much. I just think he doesn't quite have the +++++ You money anymore so he's probably not as flippant with it's usage.
  5. 1) November 26, 2011: UNLV beat #1 UNC 90-80. 2) 2014 Heart of Dallas Bowl berth. 3-5) All of the various Fremont Cannon wins. Honorable mention: Anthony Bennett going number 1 overall in the 2013 NBA Draft.
  6. Congrats. Also interesting topic of conversation, how many of us are actually alumni? Class of 2009 for me.
  7. Shit is super old. Skip Holtz is great at LA Tech. Six straight bowls, five straight bowl wins.