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  1. The big joke is David Ortiz going in on first ballot, while it took Edgar Martinez ten ballots. Martinez had a higher OBS, higher OPS, higher OPS+, and a higher WAR. Less hits, less RBIs, and less home runs, but higher BA. The power of the 500 home run club is alive and well.
  2. Ortiz getting in doesn't make any sense and is inconsistent with Bonds and Clemens not being in. Schilling not being in because he's an asshole is a travesty.
  3. I wonder if we could ever see a world where it's not the P5 that breaks away, but the SEC and some others that do. 32 teams: all 16 SEC teams, plus some teams in the Big12 (Houston, Oklahoma State, Baylor and Texas Tech are the ones that jump out the most), Clemson, (maybe, maybe, maybe) Ohio State and Michigan (depending, I could see them both denying the opportunity too), and a few others. SEC just says screw it and goes entirely NFL farm league. It won't happen, but would be curious if some are thinking it.
  4. He was dreadful on ESPN before he was hired by the Nets. He was then hired on ESPN again and was even worse before he was hired by Alabama. Now he's just terrible.
  5. Nothing. 9-6 12 minutes left in the third.
  6. Otzelberger? No, not really. 3 million pay day for a guy that probably wouldn't work long term is a good deal. Beard, however? Now that's a guy that I go...
  7. Yikes. Cincinnati's front are completely outmatched.
  8. LOL look at Baker Mayfield, carrying an "OU" flag. What a mental midget.
  9. Three days after his documentary, wow. RIP.
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