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  1. New Mexico at UNLV

    The season is already lost, the only thing that matters is the conference tournament now, so I could not care any less if we lose to the Lobos to preserve the streak.
  2. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    Matt Rhule already trying to get out of dodge is hilarious.
  3. UNLV at Air Force

    Not a great game, but a win is a win so I'll take it. Issues galore, but that can be discussed at a later date.
  4. Game Thread: Georgia vs Alabama

    Ohio State won the Big Ten in 2014 when they were National Champ if that's the season you mean. Edit: From what I can tell, they were referencing the 1951 Tennessee Volunteers. Though, the 1942 Ohio State Buckeyes and the 1936 Minnesota Golden Gophers also did it.
  5. Game Thread: Georgia vs Alabama

    The ESPN ticker said that Alabama was the third team to win the championship without winning the conference in the poll era. Obviously the 2011 Alabama team is another one, but what's the third?
  6. Game Thread: Georgia vs Alabama

    lol at the faces of the Alabama fans after the touchdown.
  7. Utah State at UNLV

    Chris Hansen: "Hello Marvin, why don't you take a seat right over there?" (and no, I don't think he's actually on the hot seat this year)
  8. Utah State at UNLV

    The D went on vacation with hookers after the Arizona game.
  9. Utah State at UNLV

    Yeah, this site. http://www.themwc.com/sports/2017/8/31/watch-live.aspx
  10. Utah State at UNLV

    Am I blind or something? Why isn't the UNLV game on the MW site?
  11. UCF National Champions -

    Georgia Tech would have added an extra P5 win to the resume potentially, but I think the biggest fault in their schedule was USF losing to Houston. If USF went into that game undefeated, UCF would have most likely made the playoffs with an extra top 15 win on their resume (they were ranked 17 at the time of the Houston loss, 22 at the time of the UCF game).
  12. Literally was just thinking about that as I read the espn article posted in the other thread. 10 teams went undefeated without a national championship since the start of the BCS era? Tulane has to be number 1, as in the first, not the best.
  13. No RichRod Thread?

  14. UNLV at SJSU

    You mean to tell me the thing I said two months ago and got laughed at for ended up being somewhat true? Go figure! *17 wins is low, I'm thinking 21.
  15. UNLV at SJSU