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  1. Jersey Rebels

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

  2. Jersey Rebels

    Fire Sanchez

    HOW DARE YOU?!? Get out of here with this +++++ing bullshit. ...they beat Rice.
  3. Jersey Rebels

    Fire Sanchez

    Nah, he's thinking of UNLV's football program. ..Unfortunately. I wonder who the rumors are referencing. I think he's gone unless you wins out, but that's not happening.
  4. Jersey Rebels

    Fire Sanchez

    Blue and gold? Oh, man, I think we're going to do it! Finally get the real coach that we've been seeking all this time, with Sanchez being simply being a precursor. A man with Notre Dame prestige and an ability to build a program. Gerry Faust, come on down!
  5. Jersey Rebels

    UNLV is in the top 10!

  6. Jersey Rebels

    Las Vegas Stadium updates

    Nothing to laugh at, man. He meant Bob Stoopkid. Here he is reading the new playbook. The offense is going to be fire.
  7. Jersey Rebels

    First CFP Rankings

    So if all teams win out, LSU beating Alabama but Alabama not losing any other, Big 10 might be left out in the cold. Interesting.
  8. Jersey Rebels

    Bowl projections

    This is a serious bowl name? Cheesus Jesus Christ.
  9. Jersey Rebels

    Fire Sanchez

    Jesus Christ, dude, shut the +++++ up and go get laid. PH can give you some pointers on that.
  10. Jersey Rebels

    Week Nine Carnage

    1) Alabama, 2) Clemson, 3) Notre Dame, 4) Michigan, outside looking in: Oklahoma, if all teams win out.
  11. Jersey Rebels

    MLB Playoffs

    Fixed that for you.
  12. Jersey Rebels

    Week Nine Carnage

    Meh, nothing actually changes other than the G5 is basically out of it if USF isn't ranked when UCF beats them.
  13. Jersey Rebels

    MLB Playoffs

    It's been a record for time since like the 14th inning.
  14. Jersey Rebels

    MLB Playoffs

    At this point Eovaldi might not pitch again until game 7 in an all hands on deck situation. This is all but a start, Jesus.
  15. Jersey Rebels

    MLB Playoffs

    Red Sox need this game. Their pitching staff is a mess now.