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  1. You mean Steve Fisher before he started winning? Sure.
  2. Thanks! Couldn't have done it with out since you contributed about 60 percent of the posts. You're awesome. Was the unemployment office closed this week or something?
  3. AJ Harris has a wide open lay up, decides to pass it for a three.
  4. Boosters that don't actually give a shit about the program, a program that is better than a mid-major in regards to history and facilities but not good enough for P5 so coaches use the school as a negotiation tactic for their current schools, a generally low budget, and incompetent administration create a confluence of factors that allow UNLV to UNLV. To be truthful, UNLV had one opportunity to get a coach that would elevate the program and the school blew it. If Ben Howland was here right now, things would most likely be different.
  5. A few of them are fine if they were coming from a bigger school, but unimpressed mostly. If all UNLV basketball can get is garbage, I'd rather we give ourselves the Death Penalty, give all the money to football and become a woman's volleyball school for a year. Edit: Also, MacMahon is barely above .500 without Ja Morant on the roster. Give him credit for being one of the few teams to offer Morant, but I think he might be a flash in the pan.
  6. That ain't Menzies-like, that's turdshit on a platter. I give credit where credit is due, that is a great run in 2018, but the body of work is just...it's not good. Menzies has a respectable body of work, it just wasn't going to work at UNLV.
  7. If she hires Porter +++++ing Moser, she has zero chance of getting a P5 gig. I'd rather take my +++++ing chances of the Miller bros than that shit platter. At least then I know they'll have the recruits that will be Genuine Drafted, and give us the chance at the High Life. The +++++ will Porter Moser do?
  8. Not really a shitshow. Just means the players didn't want to be at UNLV in the first place. Know who didn't transfer? Lon Kruger's guys.
  9. The appeal is his brother. If you can get Miller's recruits with even an ounce of ability to coach, they'll go far. Presumably.
  10. Nah, not even including myself in this, but Rebelbacker has the information.
  11. Next Thursday? I guess I have to amend my previous statement since I said her target would be signed by Monday. The information I got is that it would be done before the tournament started, I guess I just assumed Monday and the start of the play in games, but if that's the case, a week is kind of long.
  12. That might be where you're having an issue. It's not Wynn footing the bill for Matta, it's two boosters that are combining their money for Matta. One of the boosters is doing it so Pitino won't be at UNLV, purposefully, from what I know.
  13. Not odd at all when you put it into context of his motive, to try and be the smartest person in the room.