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  1. MWC Golf Championship

    Gonzaga of men's golf. Even if it's true, and indeed it is true, it sounds hilarious.
  2. the Portland A's?

    I don't think it needs contraction, but I would hate it if they do away with the differences between NL and AL. It's what makes the sport special in my opinion, as both leagues would be the oldest league out of the four major sports if they were independent of one another and I enjoy the different types of baseball needed to win in both leagues.
  3. OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Anybody hate the NBC play by play guy for the San Jose vs Anaheim series? No? Just me?
  4. Grand Canyon University

    Yes? Not really sure this is a debate...
  5. Grand Canyon University

    Sure, once they prove they can actually beat the New Mexico State and make the tournament for the first time.
  6. UNLV signs 7'4 Latvian.

    His name is Mihaels Lirpa Zalasloof. Let's zoom in an enhance that name. Lirpa Zalasloof. Let's mirror that name now. April Foolszala...
  7. Gonzaga to the MWC its offical

  8. If Reno loses Musselman to +++++ing San Diego, at this point I think we should all just pack it up and go home.
  9. UNLV signs 7'4 Latvian.

  10. MWC Draft Declarations (Basketball)

  11. Gonzaga vs current MWC teams (Few era)

    Fine, you pansies don't want to say it, I will. +++++ Gonzaga, this conference is going to make you its bitch. Bring it on. *Paid for by the People for the Return of Hollywood Hogan fund.
  12. Sweet 16/Elite 8 Game thread

    To be fair, they probably have the greatest recruiting class ever coming in.
  13. Ya gotta love it....

    Five. If you're hired before your kid gets to high school, I think at a certain point you have to just say "well, yeah, his father was there, so that makes sense."
  14. Sweet 16/Elite 8 Game thread

    It's funny how the break up of the original Big East conference, which many around where I live said would be the death of all the Catholic 7 programs, seems to have given Villanova and Jay Wright new life and made them even better than before. Edit: I did the math. From 2001, when Jay Wright was hired, to 2013, when the Big East folded, they went to two Sweet Sixteens, one Elite Eight, and one Final Four, winning a total of 12 games. Since 2013, their first under the new Big East, they've went to two Final Fours and have won 13 games. I'd say the new Big East is doing them well.
  15. Sweet 16/Elite 8 Game thread

    So John Beilein as a coach is...