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  1. Don't worry, the Rebs will collect another off season championship
  2. How'd you score the one and done with Whittier?
  3. Any word on KJ? Is he close to coming back?
  4. Baker has been solid tonight as well. Need a little more scoring from the bench.
  5. How many offensive fouls have been called?
  6. Is Tate healthy? I know he's not playing just haven't read anything on his status.
  7. Patterson was gone regardless of Bramah's availability. They are not related.
  8. Patterson had other issues. He ran himself off.
  9. Gilbert is going to be a good one. Plays with a lot of poise for a freshmen. The game is not too fast for him.
  10. Congrats Aztecs! Good game.
  11. He's been great but there has only been 1 other game.
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